Develop Charisma and be successful, respected, liked and admired

Develop Charisma and benefit in your professional and private life


Charisma will make you become a winner

Charisma is a personal characteristic or better a set of characteristics that successful people possess. It consists of inner strength, a strong belief in oneself, a significant self confidence and a powerful radiation. Charismatic people are respected, likeable and other people love to be around them. Charisma is above all a radiation, deriving from several characteristics, which is felt by others. It has to be practiced and can b perfected.

Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal
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For some professions having charisma is a must and for other professions it is advantageous. Political leaders must have it. Successful business people, actors and other celebrities who are under the sport light have it. You must not be an important person to have an advantage of being charismatic. It helps you climb the leather of any career. In negotiations charisma can make you the winner. In a conversation you will be the leader, by asking questions and listening well. You will have no problem sharing your opinion.

You can be born with charisma. You can develop charisma by practicing how you behave, how you talk and converse, how you walk, how you move, and this means how you appear in the eyes of others. You can watch charismatic people and emulate their behaviour.


What makes a person charismatic?

  • To be charismatic is not one single characteristic. It is a set of characteristics and these characteristics are interconnected.
  • Charismatic people have a smile on their face. This smile shows that they feel good about themselves and that they are confident.
  • Charismatic people have a strong personality with emotional and physical power. They act and speak with conviction. And they are unusually captivating, which depends on the intensity of their charisma.
  • Charismatic people have a strong self confidence and a strong self esteem. If one is highly self confident, then also the inner calmness is high. This inner calmness gives them a beautiful aura.
  • Charismatic people are good actors. Aren’t we all acting in some way? Charismatic people are very good in acting what they want others to believe.
  • Charismatic people are optimistic. They believe in themselves and they believe in their projects. And they are certain to be successful in all they do.
  • Charismatic people have a vision of a large aim. They act purpose-oriented and are focused to reach their goals.
  • Charismatic people are intelligent. They have a good education. This can be self- education or school and university education. They have general knowledge and they are well informed in their field and in general.
  • Charismatic people have something to say and they listen to what others say. They have good communication skills. They are informed, to know what to say, what questions to ask, and they listen attentively.
  • Charismatic people are treating others very well and make people feel good. They have mostly positive influence on people. They can be inspiring, motivating and encouraging. And they are making people excited about them and about what they do.
  • Charismatic people have a strong radiation. When they enter a room, people turn their head. Their strong and captivating radiation is a result of all their special characteristics.

Develop charisma and be successful, respected, liked and admired by people who surround you and who you drawn toward you as a result of your charisma.

The Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal will help you to develop charisma, become a charismatic person<(strong> and see changes in the way people react to you. Listen to this sublimnal once or twice a day for 6 weeks or longer.


Follow this advice

Buy and download the Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal Package. If you want with the guided meditation. Unzip it and save it on your desktop.

Listen toone of the versions of the Develop Charisma Subliminal twice a day. The affirmations are the same on all tracks. Sometimes you might enjoy listening to the music and at other times you will prefer to play a silent version. While you play the silent version, you can listen to music of your choice.

I recommend that you listen to the Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal for 6 weeks or longer.  You will notice the positive effects after 2 to 3 weeks. To increase the positive effects, you have to continue listening to this Subliminal.

Think that with every subliminal you are changing part of your inner programming, with which you have lived many years, and that it takes some time until the change of the new programming is deeply set in your subconscious mind and stays, without having a relapse.


This is what you get:

3 Versions of the Develop Charisa Subliminal
+ 3A Subliminal with Music
+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible

Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes
You receive the Subliminals in the form of MP3s
A Pdf with all affirmations used in these Subliminals

Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal
Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax
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Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal With Music Sample


Develop Charisma Silent Subliminals

+ 3A Silent Subliminal with murmur
+ 2A Silent Subliminal inaudible
If you listen to the 3A Silent Subliminal you hear a mumbling,.Reduce the volume until the mumbling is almost not heard.


About 3A Subliminals and Affirmations

In a 3A Subliminal are 3 audio recordings. One recording has simple affirmations in the form of “You are happy.” The second recording has the affirmations you can read below. The third recording is in the form of “You and I, we are happy.”

Of course the affirmations are in the You-form. When someone says to you or ro your subconscious mind: “I am happy!” or “I am thinking big.” this is great for that person. When one of your parents wanted you to come home,, they did not shout: I am now coming home! – They called you with the words: Come home! That is why the affirmations in 3A Subliminals are for exxample: “Be happy! Yes, you are happy. and Think big! Yes, you think big.


Affirmations in the Develop Charisma 3A Subliminals

You enter a life where all thoughts are positive, all words are positive, all behaviors are positive. Positive messages and experiences from your earlier life are also here.
You feel good about yourself.
You feel good in this positive world in which you are.
Your life energy becomes more powerful in your new life and your reality.
Your life energy helps you to reach your full potential in your professional and in your private life.
Your life energy is increased by light energy, which continually flows through your third eye into your body.
Light energy radiates from you.
It is a pleasant and strong radiation.
You are aware of your wonderfully pleasant and strong radiation.
This radiation is felt by anyone who is near you.
The light energy gives you power. It is a magic power.
This magic power gives you charisma.
Charisma lies in your radiation, which draws positive and special people toward you.
Yes, you are charismatic.
Your charisma becomes stronger with the continuous flow of light energy of pure white light.
This pure white light cleans, renews and strengthens your body and mind, and it gives you energy, strengthens your self confidence, increases your inner calmness and gives you magic power.
Feel the positive energy! Feel your magic power!
It feels good.
Your mindset is positive and strong.
Your self-confidence is strong and continually stronger.
Your belief in yourself and that you are successful is high and rises further.
From this magic power, your positive mindset and your strong confidence your charisma develops.
Yes, your charisma comes from this magic power.
With your charisma you draw attention on you.
It feels good that others recognize your charisma.
Your magic power together with your charisma lets only positive people come near you.
Part of your charisma is your life energy, which is strong and powerful.
Your life energy is energy of your body and mind.
You feel good about yourself.
You believe in yourself.
You know that you are special and other people recognize that you are special.
You radiate charisma and this special you.
You love and respect yourself and you are loved and respected by others.
You are happy and you radiate happiness.
This radiation of happiness makes also people who are near you happy.
Yes, other people can feel that you are happy.
The constant flow of light energy through your third eye into your body strengthens you and your charisma.
Your charisma becomes steadily stronger.
You easily get used to have an increasingly strong charisma.
To have a strong charisma feels good.
Yes, you appreciate to have a strong charisma.
You are using your charisma for positive purposes.
You are using your charisma in all areas of your life.
And you can use it any time.
Your charisma is part of your essence. It belongs to you.
Having charisma is wonderful and positive.
Your charisma radiates from you and can influence other people.
Your charisma increases the opportunity to get what you want.
You are using your charisma well.
You feel better and happier and you perceive more and more positive changes in your life.
Enjoy having a strong charisma.

With the Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal Package you get a pdf with all affirmations.
Agreement regarding purchase and use of Subliminals from this website: click here.


Develop Charisma 3A Subliminal Package $15.90 + Tax

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