Get And Stay Motivated To Get All You Want

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How To Get And Stay Motivated To Attain All You Desire

Become Motivated And Increase Your Motivation Further

If you are highly motivated to achieve a specific goal, any activity which has to be done, will be easy and quickly done. You will forget the time while you work and you will therefore achieve more. If you are motivated, you dare more, which is a rare trait that sets you apart from others. If you are highly motivated, you become better in everything you do. As a result you become more successful. Motivation is an engine to achieve more and more in life.


Motivation is like a drug


What is Motivation – Definition

Motivation means to have a motive and to get active in order to achieve what the motive represents. That can be a goal or a wish. For example, if you want a slim body, this can be motivating you to eat less and exercise daily. The motive may be to accomplish more in life, which could motivate you to go to college or learn a profession, learn and work diligently.

Motivation is more than just the willpower to achieve one or more specific goals. Motivation is like a drug that flows through your body and causes you to take action and it gives you the feeling of joy while you work.

Motivation is like a drug that flows through your body and causes you to take action and it gives you the feeling of joy while you work.

Motivation is the reason for a certain behavior. It gives strength and endurance to soon reach the goal, which is the motive.

Motivation is a powerful engine that gives enhanced drive to reach a goal or fulfill a wish.

Motivation is the burning desire that leads to action. It is associated with intrinsic values that make a person make a decision and act with excessive diligence to meet a desire.


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What You Need To Awaken Motivation

To awaken motivation you must have one or more goals or desires. You can have goals or wishes in every area of your life. Goals and wishes that are motivating should not be too easy to be attained, but not too big that you can‘t imagine to attain them. The bigger the goal, the higher the motivation.

To awaken motivation you must have one or more goals or desires.

A goal that is easy to achieve is hardly motivating. A goal that is very difficult to achieve within a specific period of time can destroy motivation. If you set a very large goal, you must divide it into subgoals. Always focus on the next subgoal. The achievement of each subgoal motivates anew and the conviction to be able to achieve the big goal becomes stronger and stronger.

The moment you have set a goal, you create the feeling that drives you to reach the goal as soon as possible. The drive is the motivation.

If you are unable to motivate yourself and awake motivation, a physical or psychological problem can be the reason. Get examined to see if you have a nutritional deficiency or maybe a mental health problem.


Motivation is a burning desire


Motivation From The Inside Or From The Outside World

Motivation from the inside may be that you want to feel better and happier, that you wish to reach a specific goal, want to fulfill yourself a specific wish, or that you wish to become more successful.

Motivation through the outside world can be to keep up with others, to be better than others, or to get something that someone else has. Some of the motifs of the outside world are socially and geographically shaped.

Types Of Motives

The primary motives are to have a roof over your head and to have enough to eat, which is for some people the reason to find a way to make money.

Secondary motives are safety and health.

Tertiary motives are contentment and social status in the family, at work and socially. This category also includes educational goals.

The highest motives are spiritual.

The motives may have originated in the inner world of a person or have been influenced by the environment = the outer world.


Causes Of Motives

Motivation can be caused
a) by the desire to achieve a positive and pleasant state or a specific goal
b) by the desire to prevent a negative state.
Physical, social and economic motives

  • Primary physical motives include eating, living, sleeping, moving and security.
  • Primary social motives include: acceptance, affiliation, friendships, and love.
  • Personal social motives include: independence, achievement, competence and knowledge, as well as status, recognition and respect.
  • Belonging to a group and being respected within the group and finding recognition are stronger motives than financial incentives.

Being Motivated Is A Habit

I read on the internet that motivation is a kind of muscle. Motivation is a habit. You must first get yourself motivated. Then you have to maintain it day after day until it becomes a habit.

Make Motivation A Habit

Laziness is also a habit that you can get rid of. You can motivate yourself to achieve something specific by setting one or more goals. This can tear you out of the state of laziness. It must be interesting for you to break the inertia resistance.

If you are motivated to attain a goal quickly, you will get up early in the morning, hurry up to complete your morning ritual, knowing that you need to get done a series of tasks.

How To Make Motivation A Habit

This is how motivation becomes habitual. Add your working time to your daily rituals. Set exact working hours. Do work that requires a lot of concentration in the morning. Turn off your phone and all the signals for messages, so you will not be disturbed. Say in your phone message at what time you are available by phone. Only turn on your phone during this time. Follow your daily work ritual. This way you make your work a habit and you do not have to motivate yourself for it.

For many years I was motivated to train for 30 minutes to two hours five times a week. One of the movitves was that I am convinced that physical flexibility into old age is only possible with regular training. I always felt very well after training. To maintain the well-being was a second motivation. The training time was regular and has become a Habit.

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Become Motivated To Be Massively Active

I have already mentioned that you need a goal or wish to become motivated. No matter what your goal or wish is, it must be something that gets you to take action. A goal that means a lot to you motivates you to be massively active.

Lazy people have goals, but do nothing to achieve them. They are not motivated and do nothing to become motivated. They do not expect much from their lives and so motivation does not come up. These kind of people say that they are content with their lives the way it is. Basically, that’s an excuse not to work too much. That’s why I am against contentmen and satisfaction. Who is satisfied, sets no goals and remains unmotivated.

If there are tasks that you need to do often, maybe even daily, but do not like, make it a habit. Until something becomes a habit, it feels uncomfortable. If you repeat a certain task regularly during a period of several weeks, it becomes a habit. Brushing your teeth is a good example. Brushing your teeth twice a day is a habit. You do it without thinking much about whether you feel like it or not. In the same way you can make motivation to get something done a habit.

Motivation And Passion

Make motivation a habit and a passion. Passion is a very positive feeling for something or someone. Be passionate to reach your goal.

If you have achieved some of your goals, you will be happy about it. Reaching one goal strengthens your conviction that you will reach your next goal. This is motivating. As you reach one goal after the other, your motivation grows and you can become passionate setting new and bigger goals.

I wake up in the morning motivated. I hurry to continue my work. Since I work diligently, I see results that continue to motivate me which became a passion. My passion is my website and I am motivated to continue my work every day.

It’s easy to be motivated for a passion. Therefore, look for a passion. This is something that you enjoy and with which you can connect a goal. A passion can be writing, painting, playing a musical instrument, acting, negotiating, investing and more. The motivation can be to get better and improve continually until you are a master in what is your passion. It can be to become a famous author, to get a famous painter, musician, or actor, to become known as a great investor, etc.

You are motivated to succeed in the field of your passion. This may mean that you are motivated to get up early to spend several hours learning, practicing, or working. This way, motivation absolutely leads to the achievement of your goals.

Motivation is a powerful energy


Having Fun Is Always Motivating

You can have fun in your private and professional life. If you are expecting a nice evening at an event, this might motivate you to dress nicely and use make-up for women. The anticipation of a nice evening, motivates to have a good mood.

I do not like packing bags, but like to travel. The joy of traveling motivates me to pack my suitcase.

I have many friends who only speak Italian. I would like to be able to have better conversations, which I would enjoy and which motivates me to learn some Italian from time to time.

I love shopping clothes and electronic gadgets. While I work I sometimes think that I can go shopping or do some shopping in the internet little later.

What do you enjoy? How could this be motivating you?


How To Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation can only be achieved with goals and wishes that mean something to you. You must have a strong desire to attain your goal or goals respectively get and own what you wish. Self or inner motivation is a force that comes from within to reach a goal. You want a great bikini figure. You want a washboard ab. You so much want to earn more money. You want to conquer this woman or this man. You want to live in a house with a garden. You want to travel more often.

People who are very self-motivated have a number of specific traits and habits. The traits are above all a high self-confidence. Self-motivated people are usually organized in terms of location and time and are disciplined above average. They are largely in control of themselves and their lives.

Highly self-motivated people get up early, work hard and long hours, do not let anything or anyone get in their way to reach their goals.

If you are really highly motivated, you are in a very positive way excited, full of energy and driven to get all done that is necessary to fulfill your desires. You are in a good mood, radiatet positive vibes, and therefore have a high frequency with which you create what you desire.

4 Basic Steps To Motivate Yourself

  1. Set one or more goals. If a goal is big, divide it into subgoals. Make a note of how each subgoal changes your life and how you will feel when you have reached it. Do that in writing.
  2. You can motivate yourself by visualizing that your goal or wish has already been realized. Look at the great bikini figure you want and feel how wonderful it is. That’s motivating. Look at the washboard av. Feel how great that is. That’s motivating. See how your life changes when you make more money. great That’s motivating.
  3. Make a plan how to achieve each of your goals and follow the plan.
  4. Maintain your motivation by visualizing daily.

How To Stay Motivated

  1. Set goals
    Set one or more goals that are big and imptove your life. That iss motivating. The bigger a goal, the higher the motivation. If you set a bigger goal, you will also increase your performance, your energy and your stamina.
  2. Reward yourself for attaining subgoals.
  3. Visualize how you will feel after you reach one or all goals. That helps to stay motivated.
  4. Set a daily and a weekly routine
    Set a daily and a weekly routine. Make sure that besides your work you have sufficient free time during which you workout, have fun, and have enough rest. No one is able to only work only. You lose energy and that can cost you motivation. You also need to have fun.
  5. Make sure you have enough sleep and refresh your motivation daily with meditation and visualization (= imagination).
  6. Reward yourself with one day off per week and do something you really enjoy.

How Do You Motivate Others

When leading a group, you must motivate the members. A teacher has to motivate his students to enjoy learning. In a company, managers has to motivate employees to achieve their goals.

I think that you can motivate others only during a short period of time. The motivation must come from oneself to be strong and long term. If memebers of a group find reasons that are motivating them, the motivation can be strong and stay as long as a person is member of the group.


Motives With Which You Can Motivate Others

Basic Motives: Incentives And Punishment

Incentive can be a reward. The reward may be, for example, a higher salary or a higher position with a title.

Lack Of Motivation

Lack of motivation has several reasons.

  • Lack of confidence
  • Low expectations
  • Lazyness

People who are not confident that they can achieve their goals, who have low expectations, and those who are just too lazy to do more.

A student may believe that colleagues are smarter than he is and therefore he does not get better grades. Here it is up to parents and teachers to build and motivate a child.

Many people lack motivation in general. They let their life pass without having special goals.

Overweight people are usually motivated to follow a diet in the spring. They see diets in magazines and on the internet However, the motivation to lose weight is short and soon subsides. There is a lack of self-motivation. The reason to lose weight should not be spring time, but a strong wish to lose weight permanently. This is a goal that should be followed by making a plan.

Irepeat: To be motivated, you need a goal that means something to you. Visualize the reached goal and while you visualize you find out how you will feel after you have attained the goal. Become aware of the difference of how you are feeling now and how you will feel after you have reached your goal.

How To Win Lost Motivation Back

  1. Remember the reasons that initially motivated you to take action to achieve a specific goal.
  2. Imagine and visualize that you have already reached the goal, how it will change your life, and how you will feel.

  3. Reward yourself for attaining partial goals. Imagine how you do everything you need to do to attain your goal. Watch in your visualization how easy the necessary tasks are and how wonderful you feel after having accomplished your day‘s work.
  4. Think of the emotional reward after you have reached the Goal


After I went to bed, I think of the tasks that I have and want to have done the following day. Next morning I immediately start with the first task and usually get all done that I have imagined in the night.

It does happen that I lose motivation. I take a few hours off, go shopping, meet friends for an aperitivo or a meal, and come home motivated to continue with my work.


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How To Get On With Your Work Without Motivation

When you are going from one town to another, a distance of several hundred miles, and after a few hundred miles you have enough of driving, you will not stop and say to yourself that you do not want to drive anymore. This is what many people too often do.

There is nowhere you can go. You are stuck. And if you stay where you are, you stay stuck.

If you have been driving for a few hours, you need a break and something to eat to refuel your energy. But you will certainly not stay for good in the middle of the way. You will want to reach your destination, which is your goal for the day. In case you are tired, you will want to look for a hotel and stay a night. Next morning you will be refreshed and continue driving.

If you have a goal in mind, you want to reach it and not keep standing somewhere. Think about that.


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