Self Discipline Methods and Tips

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Improve your Self Discipline Methods and Tips

Self Discipline Is An Important Trait Of Successful People

Self discipline means to have control over your thoughts, behavior, actions, even over your habits.

Self discipline is an important trait. It is needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy and high life style, to be successful, and to achieve more in life.

There are many qualities that contribut to a fulfilled and happy life. The most important of these qualities is self discipline.

It’s important to have self discipline to start a task and stick to it until it’s done.

People with a high degree of self control are much better off and happier as those who can‘t control themselves.

Self discipline is a behavior that someone has gotten used to.


Self Discipline is a habit

Self discipline is a behavior that someone has gotten used to. There are methos that help you to get better control of yourself. Stick to your good habits and change bad for good ones. These are little changes of your everyday routine. Choose habits that support you to achieve your goals and be healthy. You will feel great about yourself, be more successful, and generally happier.


Self Discipline is practiced behavior

Self-discipline is not easy. It is a path that leads you further, but is long, stony and steep.

No one is born with self discipline. It is partly education of parents and the rest done by yourself. Self discipline must be practised until it is strong. It asks for some effort, and the pay off is high,


Table of Content of Self Discipline Methods and Tips

Self discipline is an important trait of successful people
Self discipline is required to achieve goals
This is how you get used to fixed working hours
With self discipline you achieve every goal
What is necessary to achieve goals
1. Self discipline
2. Good and helpful habits
3. The time when you start with a new project and with the necessary activities is now. Set a time when you want to have finished a project or reach a goal.
4. Make a plan of how to reach the current goal. Divide the goal into subgoals and note what you need to do to achieve each of the subgoals.
5. Have a plan and follow it strictly. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you and get you pff track.


Methods and tips on how you develop self discipline

Important Tips to enhance self discipline

You need to have willpower to condition habits that promote self discipline
1. You are recreating your life every moment
2. Meditate daily
3. Set goals
4. Work out a plan how to achieve your goals
5. Acquire important habits
6. Set work and leisure time
7. Do not give up either a project or a goal
8. Be organized
9. Eat energy-promoting foods
10. Get sufficient sleep

More tips to enhance Self Discipline

Prevent Temptations
Telephone, email, SMS, social media
Avoid to be tempted by others
Aboid to be tempted by foods that promote obesity
To exercise regularly you must be disciplined
Stand up against you inner villain
Do not wait for the right time
Schedule breaks and rewords
Remember your vision every day
Raise your standards
Have Savings
Look for an Idol
Obstacles on your planned path
What can you do to stay disciplined
How do you strengthen self discipline
Have a self disciplined mindset
Throw everything for one or a few days and forget about being self disciplined
Am I self disciplined?


Self Discipline Is Required To Achieve Goals

Self-discipline is required to achieve goals, to be successful, to stay healthy, and to improve your lifestyle.

Only you are responsible for your success, your wealth, your health and your life. For all that self-discipline is necessary. Everyone knows he has to change his diet to lose weight. But only a few do it. Everyone knows what to do to succeed. However, few give more effort. Only you can make the necessary decisions and take action to be successful and increase your lifestyle.

Only you are responsible for your success, your wealth, your health, for which self discipline is necessary.

Successful people have fixed working hours and strictly follow them. People who do not get very far in life will always find excuses not to work or to leave earlier.

Disciplined people have a daily and weekly routine, of which they deviate only in exceptional cases. They get up early and start work soon. They get important tasks done first, even if it is something that is unpleasant. If they have not completed important tasks by the end of their regular working hours, they stay at work longer.

This Is How You Get Used To Fixed Working Hours

If you are self-employed and you start a new project, you are motivated. Make a fixed working time a habit during the initial phase. If you are tempted, stay disciplined, give yourself a jolt and stay at work until your working hours are over. Tell friends that you are working on a project and that you do not want to be disturbed during your working hours. Stay strictly at work during your working hours. If you meet up with friends instead, it certainly will not stay this once and you could not finish your project on time or go bankrupt.

Have fixed working hours and stay strictly at work during your working hours, no matter what.

When I started working at home, many thought that I always had time. There was a lot of discussion. I was told that I could do the work later or tomorrow. I answered that my office is in my apartment and that I’m working during office hours. I threatened a friend with an ad because she tore me out of work several times a day, despite explanations and requests.


Self-Discipline Tips to Achieve Every Goal

What is necessary to achieve goals

  1. Self discipline
  2. Good and helpful habits
  3. The time when you start with a new project and with the necessary activities is now. Set a time when you want to have finished a project or reach a goal.
  4. Make a plan of how to reach the current goal. Divide the goal into sub-goals and note what you need to do to achieve each of the sub-goals.
  5. Have a plan and follow it strictly. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you and get you off track.

1. Self discipline to reach your goals

The first necessary element to reach your goals is self discipline, which you need for all other elements. Few people are born with a high degree of self discipline. Some practice self-discipline already during childhood. A little bit of discipline has to do with education. Parents who tell their children that they first have to do their homework and then they are allowed to play, help that discipline becomes a habit. The next necessary element are good and helpful habits.

2. Have good and helpful habits

Those who lack self-discipline need to acquire good and helpful habits. Let us say you are used to meeting friends or colleagues in the morning or in the afternoon for a coffee, which costs you at least half an hour of working time. Now you have to drink your coffee at your desk and stay at work. You must make it clear to your friends and colleagues that you will not be coming to the coffee meeting during working hours. Stay strictly at your work. It will not be easy during the first few days. After a few days, it will be easier and after a few weeks, you have become used to it.

3. Start a new project right away

The right time to start a new project is now. Too many people say they will start a new project on Monday. And every week there is a new Monday. And so starting a new project is moved on and on. Make it a habit to start a new project right away. What do you want to wait for? The sooner you start, the sooner you have fiinished the project or reached a goal. Ask yourself what the achievement of a goal brings and how important it is for you.

4. Make a plan how to reach your goal

Devide your goal into many subgoals that are easy to reach. Make a detailed plan what you have to do to reach each subgoal and finally the bigger goal and stick with it. With a detailed plan you always know what you have to do next,

5. Follow your plan strictly

Follow your plan strictly. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you and get you off track..

Do not let anything or anyone disturb you and get you off track.


Develop Self Discipline Methods and Tips



How Do You Develop Self Discipline with Tips and Methods

Self-discipline is the control over oneself and one’s behavior and consists of a set of good and helpful habits. To be disciplined is a matter of practice of good habits.

Much of what you do every day is based on habits. With the development of good and helpful habits, you form self-discipline.

When you replace a bad habit with a good one, the memory of the bad habit does not disappear. It is only covered by the new one. At any time you can return to the old bad habit. I do not know how long you have to keep the good habit that the old one disappears and does not return.

I observed elderly people returning to the habits of their childhood. My grandmother was over 90 when she returned to the dialect spoken iwhere she crew up. For more than 60 years she spoke an almost dialect free German and quite suddenly the dialect from her childhood came to light. Even with my mother, who is now in her 90s, I recognize more and more habits that must be from her childhood.

With the change of habits, the brain structure changes. Though this takes weeks and months. And then nothing is getting lost. Every memory, every knowledge, you have acquired during your life, even all habits can come to the surface at any time.

The habit of self discipline is formed by repetitions

It is important to know for parents that acquiring and practicing good habits from an early age will make a big difference in the life of their children. Have your children grow up with discipline and they will be self disciplined all their life,

Habits are formed with constant repetition of a certain behavior. When habits are practiced over a certain period of time, they become part of the subconscious, and neural paths are formed in the brain that automate the practice of behavior so that you no longer have to consciously think about what to do and what not. Instead, you can focus on other things.

Get used to one or two new habits at a time. Do not try to change several habits at once. You can‘t make it. It is better you change one habit and it will be permanent.

The longer you keep a habit, the harder it is to replace it with another. If you are not self-disciplined, you need to hear the Self Discipline 3A Subliminal for a few weeks or longer.

You need to have some willpower

When your willpower is strong, it is easy to be self disciplined. You strengthen your willpower by choosing a goal that is relatively large and means a lot to you. With the right goal, a sluggish person can become strong-willed and disciplined.

Self Discipline is necessary for success

Condition Habits That Promote Self-Discipline with these methods and tips

1. You are recreating your life every moment

Become aware that you are creating your life in every moment anew. Leave everything negative behind and put your focus on the positive. That also applies to habits..

Meditate daily

When you meditate in the morning, you think more clearly and you can better concentrate on your work. Meditation also helps to replace negative feelings with positive ones, to recognize the positive things in your life, to gain new energy, and to concentrate better on your tasks.

´2. Set goals

It is important to set goals and write them down. If you only have in mind what you want to accomplish, you will quickly forget it. If you record in writing what your goals are and plan how to reach them, likewise in writing, you will know what you have to do and you will reach your goals quickly..

3. Work out a plan how to achieve your goals

When you work out a detailed plan in writing, how you reach a goal, you are a big step closer to achieving it. If you have a written plan, you know what to do to reach the goal. That makes a big difference, in contrast, to have it vague in the head.

If the goal is very large, divide it into subgoals. If you work out a plan with subgoals and what you have to do to achieve the subgoals, you will always know what you need to do next in order to reach the respective subgoal with certainty.

Write down every night what you will do the next day. Make a list. When you get to work in the morning, start with the first item on the list. Focus fully on this task. Once done, move on to the next item on your list. If you do that day by day, you are a big step further in terms of discipline.

Having plans and following them leads to discipline

Doing what is explained in 1. to 4. you develop discipline. If you realize what you have and what you want to accomplish, knowing what to do daily, thanks to your detailed plan, discipline becomes automatically.

4. Acquire imprtant habits

Observe people who succeed, to whom you look up. What habits do these people have who are responsible for their success? Let’s call this person idol

Is it that your idol has a very good demeanor? This includes posture and clothing,, Buy similar clothing, keep the clothes clean and practice the posture of your idol in front of a full body mirror. They are not expensive and can be bought in furniture stores.

Is it how your idol speaks and expresses him or herself? Listen carefully as your idol speaks. Now you speak and record it. Listen again as your idol speaks. Speak again. Practice for several days or longer. As for the vocabulary, you have to read more. Successful people are well read. Read daily in a book and on the Internet. Reading makes for a larger vocabulary. Be disciplined and read daily for at least half an hour. People who read a lot are eloquent.

If you learn that your idol gets up at 5:30, try to get up earlier. That’s just a matter of habit. I know successful men, who get up early.

5. How do you get used to get up early?

Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier. Then meditate for ten minutes or do gymnastics. Reset your alarm clock after one to two weeks by 10 minutes earlier. Give yourself two to three weeks to get used to it. Continue to set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier, until you are an early riser.

6. Set work and leisure time.

Set work and leisure time. Minimize or avoid what is time consuming, but not necessary. Set a time during which you can be reached by phone. Otherwise turn off the phone. Keep conversations short, Chatting is part of your free time. If you have a business, post regularly on social media platforms. You do not have to spend your time for social media privately. See more temptations and what you can do against it below in this article.

7. Have a plan for your daily routine
  • Do every morning first what’s important. Then move on to the less important tasks.
  • In the evening write down what you should get done next day. After you went to bed, imagine how you get all that done. Time then adapts to your plan and your tasks. Time is a construct that you can turn into your subject.
  • Timing also includes punctuality. With punctuality you show respect for others. Punctuality is part of discipline. Who is disciplined, is punctual.
8. Do not give up either a project or a goal

Failure to reach a goal by the time you specified does not mean you have failed. Look for a new path or what you could do differently until you reach the goal.

9. Be organized

Self-discipline requires being organized. This is true on both sides. Who is organized, is disciplined and who is disciplined, is organized. This includes having your workplace, office, home and your thinking organized.

In case it is necessary to clean up your office and home, I have recommended until recently toorganize one room and one cupboard after another. Since getting to know the principle of Marie Kondo, I recommend to do one category after another.
Categories are:
     • Clothing
     • Books
     • Paper
     • All sorts of things

This means you have to put all your clothes in one place and then decide which garments will come back into the closet and which will be disposed of. You do the same with books, paper and all sorts of things.

When your environment is organized, your thinking will become clearer, more focused, you will be less stressed and your self disciplined will be improved.

10. Eat energy-promoting foods

Avoid fat roasts, fatty meats, hamburgers, sausages, potatoes, rice, pasta, pies, biscuits, ready meals and more. The digestion of these foods costs a lot of energy and that makes you tired. Eat a lot of raw salads, vegetables and fruits, as well as fat-free meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, cream cheese. These are foods that are easy to digest and use little energy. You can then concentrate better and have more energy available for your work. That way it is easier to be disciplined. Observe overweight people. They are not disciplined when it comes to food, when it comes to be organized and not when it comes to work.

11. Get sufficient sleep

You must have slept enough to work with concentration and discipline. Go to bed early enough to get sufficient sleep.


With Self Control life is better


12. Prevent Temptations

Prevent temptations. It is not easy to always resist the many temptations. Prevent temptations whenever possible.

Set times for work and leisure and strictly adhere to it. If you do that for a few weeks, it will become a habit. After one to two months, you can not help but work during working hours and then enjoy your free time.

Games are a big temptation

Do not waste your time playing games. Why not play a round of solitaire, may you say after lunch? If you look at the clock, one or more hours have been lost. How much could you have done during that time and come closer to your current goal?

To avoid being seduced by a game on your notebook, remove all games. When I set up a new notebook, I remove all the games. Then I load all apps that I need for my work, but not in the start menu. In the start menu is only what I use every day. This is how my notebook starts up fast and is ready for work.

Telephone, email, SMS, and social media are time-consuming. To prevent useless time wasting, do the following:

The Phone, SMS, notifications can be a temptations

Phone: Have a message on your smartphone in which you let the caller know at what times you are available by phone. Turn off the phone outside of this time. Get used to viewing and answering emails at a certain time. In case you have a business and therefore the calls have to be taken, make sure that this is done by your secretary or other employee. If you have a one-man operation, look for a company that answers calls. Specify that you may only be disturbed in urgent cases. Ask at a certain time for news and notifications.

Emails, SMS, notifications. Set a maximum time for emails and stick to it. Write short answers. Disable all notification sounds on your smartphone. Answer SMSs at the end of your workday.

Social Media is a special temptation

Social media also has good sides. But too many know nothing better than to spend their time with it. You can keep in touch with friends thanks to social media and you can promote your company and its products.

I have friends on Facebook who make countless posts during a day. None of it is personal. They are looking for short videos that awaken emotions and hope they get likes for it. Do not waste your and your friend‘s time for not more than a like. Post what is going on in your life, which is meant as a message for your friends. The worst time consumer on social media is chatting. Disable chatting. It costs a lot of time for nothing. Once you’ve contacted your friends, that they should send you messages instead of chatting, you will hardly hear from them.

If you have a business, you have a Facebook page that you set up from your private wall. Set specific times when you post something. If you see that you have private messages, get used to not clicking on them. Reading and answering these messages is part of your free time. Right after you’ve posted for your company, click away the Facebook window and continue with your work.

Being tempted by others

Avoid to be tempted by others. You need free time to meet friends for coffee or a glass. But avoid chatting with friends during working hours. The phone is switched off during working hours. If you meet a dear friend after having had a meeting, ask him if you can meet after office hours and rush to your office. If you have a glass right away, you might not want to go back to your office and several hours of your working time is lost.

Tempted by foods

Avoid to be tempted by Foods that promote obesity and make you fat, also nake you tired. If you indulge in a high calorie snack from time to time you pay double for it. You are tired, you gain body fat and you become sluggish. Be disciplined and eat a piece of fruit inbetween meals.

Eat regularly and sufficiently. When you are hungry, you struggle to focus on your work. You need energy to work for a few hours. Foods that have been prepared with natural foods are good. Avoid fattening foods such as potatoes, French fries, pasta, rice, cakes and biscuits, convenience foods and other industrially manufactured foods. Eat plenty of protein rich food and good fats. Protein rich are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products and lentils. Good fats are: olives, avocado, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil. Then come salads, vegetables and fruits.

13. To Exercise Regularly You Must Be Disciplined

To exercise regularly you must be disciplined until daily training became a habit. Start with ten minutes a day. Be aware that you feel better after training. After 15 days, increase to 15 minutes. Once you get used to it, increase to twenty minutes. Keep doing this until you work out for about an hour, five days a week.

14. Stand Up against You Inner Villain

Your inner villain wants to keep you from work and whispers to you that you will not reach your big goal anyway. One of his pet names is sloth. He want to seduce you to give up your self discipline. Do not let this happen. In order to arrive against him, you have to admonish yourself, give yourself a jerk and continue with your work. Tell him loud and clear that he should get lost. Do not be squeamish with the words. He also is not.

15. Do Not Wait For The Right Time

Do not think about an excuse to postpone a project. Some people procratinate and set conditions to start a new project sometimes in the future. They say that it is not the right time to start now. They want to wait until the time is right and come with a few excuses. Many procrastinate because of quite a number of reasons. Postponing makes a bad feeling. Get things started right now no matter what.

There is no right or wrong time to start a task, a project or whatever. Once you have started a task, it is almost done. Once you have started to reach a goal, it is soon reached. Not much self disciplin is needed. You have to make the decision to start now and get active.

16. Schedule Breaks And Rewards

Rewards are so important, because you need a reason to work hard. Reward yourself after having been disciplined for a week or after you have achieved a subgoal. You can make a note on your detailed plan, what reward you get after having reached a goal.

17. Remember Your Vision Every Day

Your vision is your dream life. It consists of several big and many small goals. On the way to success there are ups and downs. That is why it is important that you do not lose sight of your vision. It reminds you why you work hard and calls for discipline.

Make a wish video. Also called mind movie. You watch your wish video twice daily. It will refresh your vision and will motivate you to continue with your work. As a desktop wallpaper, give a photo that represents your vision or one of your greater desires.

Record your vision and bigger goals in writing. Take a very nice piece of paper for that. It should not be longer than one page or shorter. Read what you wrote in the morning, before you start working and in the evening, before you go to bed.. It will motivate you, strengthen your willpower, and self discipline, and everything that you have to do will be easier.

18. Raise Your Standards

Expect a little more from yourself. It can be done with discipline. Professionally, you will be rewarded for it. If you are an employee, you can get promoted and earn more. If you’re self-employed, you can increase your sales and profits with better presentations and better products.

With a higher monthly income you can raise your lifestyle. But even with no income, you can improve your lifestyle. Have your home organized and cleaned and your clothes clean and ironed.

Improve your behavior professionally and privately. What can you improve on your appearance? If you need to lose weight, follow dietary guidelines. You could buy some new clothes.

Think about all areas in which you can raise your standards. Make a list in writing. Make sure that you adhere to what you have noted on the list. By doing so, you commit to being more disciplined. You might not be able to raise your standards in all areas that you have listed. Set priorities and focus on a few items on your list.

To raise your standards, you need to be disciplined. The more disciplined you are, the easier it becomes. The reason is that this way discipline becomes habitual. Your new behaviors will be automated and being disciplined will cost you less and less effort.

19. Having Savings needs discipline

To avoid the many temptations to empty your account month after month, you need to be disciplined. Before each purchase, consider whether you need this something. If you go out often, stay home from time to time and read or learn something. Put some money from your checking account into a savings account every month. Do this right after your salary or commission has been credited to your checking account. Think about what you will do with your savings. This is an incentive and helps you to be disciplined with your expenses.

20. Look For An Idol

Emulating an idol can be very helpful, especially when it comes to self-discipline. Look for someone who has already achieved the goals that you have set. Watch and observe your idol and follow him/her. It can be fun sometimes and you do not feel like you need to pull yourself together and be disciplined. Doing that once will not do the trick. You have to repeat emulating your idol and practice it.

21. Obstacles On Your Planned Path

Think about where and when you find it difficult to be disciplined.

  • Stay at work during the fixed working hours?
  • Staying focused on a task during working hours?
  • Staying with the chosen diet and not to snack?

Make your own list,
This will show you exactly in what areas you lack self discipline.

Keep this list and check after a month. You will see if you got more disciplined.

Methods and Tips on what You Can Do To Stay Disciplined On Your Way Across Obstacles?

Again and again you will have to force yourself to behave in a certain way and be disciplined, even though you do not feel like it. Work instead of driving to the beach! Preparing for the next working day instead of meeting friends for a glass. That means discipline. If you think about your ultimate goal, which is the big reward, you will succeed.

A young man said in a video about self-discipline: I do not like doing that, but I do it anyway. I like that. Quite often in my life I was highly self disciplined, even thouth I was not at all in the mood to.

I do not like doing that, but I do it anyway.

Imagine, you have a companion who whispers to you to be disciplined, to persevere and complete a task. I have a person I came up with, who tells me to go on and not to give up! You can do it! You are on the right path to profile yourself, he says.

Methods and Tips on how to Strengthen Your Self-Discipline

Commit yourself to achieving your goals. Make a contract with yourself. Write that you will do everything necessary to achieve your goals. Sign the agreement. Leave it on the desktop. This way you see it and you are reminded again and again.

What feelings do you associate with attaining your current goal? Try to awaken this feeling. If you succeed, it will not take much effort to be disciplined and you will reach one goal after another quickly.

Have A Self-Disciplined Mindset

You may initially have to force yourself to stay at work and get your daily tasks done. Practice being disciplined. If you do that for a few weeks, you will develop a self-disciplined mindset.

Throw Everything For One or A Few Days

Even in the life of a self-disciplined person are ups and downs and sometimes there comes a moment when he/she wants to throw everything. When you get into that state, make sure everything that is urgently is done. Even before you leave work, determine when you will come back. It might be enough to turn your back on your work for a few hours or the rest of the day. Sometimes you need one to three days rest. Once or twice a year you should go on a holiday for two or three weeks. It is said that only after three weeks of vacation you are fully rested. However, you should check your e-mails daily during the holidays, unless you have a reliable employee or a colleague who will do it for you. Also you should be available for urgent cases.


Am I Self Disciplined?

When the word “discipline” or even “self-discipline” is used, almost everyone cringes. Sometimes unpleasant memories from childhood are awakened. But you need to be disciplined to be successful. And then, if you make discipline a habit, it is not difficult to be and stay disciplined.

I was a good student, so it did not matter if I did not show up at school from now and then. Already in the spring I preferred to drive to our house at a nearby lake. I was lucky that none of our neighbors had told my parents. When I had a car, I often went to Italy for a day. When I was at school, I was focused. So I graduated from high school, although I have enjoyed enough free time. During my time at the university, I gave up “additional” free time. And when I was working as an employee, I never missed a day of work.

In my early 20’s, I was 55 pound overwight. I have tried several diets to lose weight. At that time, I did not know how to do it right and did not stick to a diet for a day. During the years at the university, I lost fthe excess pounds almost autimatically. If I have to lose two or three pounds today, I eat for a few days enough red meat and hard-boiled eggs. Others can eat everything next to me, I stay disciplined.

When it comes to work, I am and remain disciplined. I have a work routine that has become a habit. From time to time I treat myself to a day off or reward myself with purchases on the Internet.

My Self Discipline today

In some areas of my life I was always very self disciplined, but not in all. During my university studies I was the fastest of all my colleagues. While I have finished with a dotorate, only a few did. I start work right after breakfast and am diligent,. But there are tasks that I put off to myself until I feel like it. These include writing contracts, completing monthly bookkeeping, and more. I trained regularly for twenty years. This is no longer the case for amost ten years. I have decided to change that as soon as possible. All in all, I am satisfied with my self-discipline.

I hope this article will help you develop self discipline and stay disciplined. I appreciate your comment.

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