The End Of One Thing Is The New Beginning Of Another

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Whatever Ends Is The Beginning Of Something New

Whatever ends in life is the beginning of something new. Anyone who understands this will never be in despair or even fall into depression. A partnership is over, a layoff or whatever else ends leaves room for a new beginning.

Many people mourn the past instead of enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. The past is over. It does not exist anymore. It makes no sense to blame yourself for earlier mistakes or to be sad because a few nice moments are over. What will be and happe in the future depends on your expectations. Imagine the best way possible of what is in front of you and look forward to it. Make plans and think big. It is important how you feel. If you mourn the past, you can‘ create a beautiful future. Enjoy the now to have a good frequency with which you create your future. Read below: Tips and methods to help you make the transition from the now into a better future.

What will happen in the future depends on your expectations. Imagine the best way possible of what is in front of you and look forward to it.


Every Season Has A Beginning And An End

The end of a season means the beginning of the next one. As the winter comes to an end, the days get warmer, the first spring plants awaken in wonderful colors. The variety of colors is also evident in spring fashion. Everything gets easier and you feel better. Some people think of the summer vacation and make first preparations for it. Spring is changing into the summer. You feel very good. You spend a lot outdoors. The clothes are light and colorful. If possible you go swimming and have evening barbecue with friends. And there is a lot of laughter.. Then autumn moves into the country with dazzling rusty colors. You spend more evenings at home. The food is heartier. Clothes have matt colors. In December there is a lot of electric light in the streets. After Christmas, you might go skiing, ice skating and or do other winter sports. There are parties and dances in the evening or you make yourself at home cozy. In the last cold and dull weeks of winter all are looking forward to spring, warmth and vivid colors. Thus the year takes its course with dying and reviving, its joys and pleasures.

The year takes its course with dying and reviving, its joys and pleasures as do our lives with its stages.


There Is A Lot In Life That Has An End To Make Room For Something New

A Partnership Is Over And Makes Room For A New One

After a partnership is over, a woman has to struggle with changes of hormones. This can even lead to physical pain. In such a case you have to keep moving. Think that the next partner will appreciate and love you and that you have a good time ahead of you. Do not lose a second to mourn the last partner. That’s useless. It hurts and it does not help. Do not call him and hang up quickly if he calls you. Having contact with him only prolongs the time of the pain and until the hormones have regained their balance. Write down what your new partner should be like. Loving, caring for you, pampering you, and more. And dream about what it will be like when you spend a happy time with him. Go out a lot to meet new people. Do not go to a place frequented by your ex. Do not talk with your friends about the old partnership, but about the present and the future.

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It was not always easy to accept when I sensed that a partnership was coming to an end. I always left before I was told to. It’s been many years since I made an appointment for dinner with an already sour relationship and during dinner I got a call from a friend. I was at the dessert when she called. “It was really nice to have dinner with you,” I said to the man. “I have to go now. I am urgently expected. ” Then I let him sit silly. My girlfriend was expecting me and was building me up.

Either way, it takes a few months to get over the end of a partnership. But instead of being sad, you can go out, have fun, and make new plans

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If You Lost Your Workt Think That The New Bob Will Be Better

Losing your job can have different reasons. Today, it often happens that a company dismisses employees because of savings. Think about what you could improve in yourself and do something for it. Write down what kind of work you want to have. While you are looking for work, take the time to learn, be it improving your skills or learning something new. You can search for a company where you can do the work you like and offer yourself as a summer intern or as a volunteer. You then have the opportunity to show what you can and maybe get a permanent job. If you do not want that, spend several hours a day looking for work. Look for job opportunities online and in newspapers. Call companies that could hire you.

,Note: If the new job will be better depends on you – your expectations, your thoughts, and how you feel.

I have never experienced dismissal. I have always had offers or even plans. That means, I never gave myself to fate, but was active.

If A Stage Of Life Ends A New One Begins

That a section of life ends can have several reasons. A failed relationship, a death, a new job, retirement, the transition from adolescence to adulthood, or that you find that you are no longer as fresh as you have been at the age of twenty or thirty, or that you can no longer hide a certain age.

Every stage of life has its good sides. Enjoy each stage. In my twenties and thirties I traveled a lot and lived abroad for several years. Today I’m over sixty and enjoy being older. I moved one last time. I live in the middle of an olive grove in the south of the Eternal City of Rome. I have become calmer and enjoy everything more. I’ve learned a lot of what I benefit from today. I do no longer let other take advantage of myself.

Example: An old acquaintance called, said she would come to visit me and if I can get her from the airport. I said: Certainly not. She: But how do I get to you then? I: That’s not my problem. By train, shuttle, taxi. Besides, I have no room for guests. You have to have a hotel room. And think that I live in the countryside and I do not have time to drive you around.

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Tips And Methods To Help You Make The Transition From A Past Section Of Life To A New One

Write down what you want. Ask yourself what you want instead of what has past. Make plans. Do it in writing. Search the Internet for photos that show or represent what you want. Make a wish video – Mind Movie

Make a Wish Video. A Wish Video helps to realize the expectations and imaginations. It should not be longer than three minutes. Look at it two or more times a day. The images you used in the wish video will work in the subconscious mind. It’s like an instruction to the subconscious, what it has to do. It will help you to create the future you desire.

Visualize: The wish video also helps with visualization. If you see repetitively what you want, it’s easy to see those pictures in your visualizations.

Use Subliminals to change your programming.

Whatever comes to an end in your life, look forward to a new beginning. Have high expectations, think positive, feel good.

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