What Influences You And Your Life

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What can you control what you are influenced by?

Everything you come in contact with influences you. The influence has to do with the respective frequency. It can have a positive or negative effect. Of all that affects you and your life, you have little control over it. Learn which influences you can control and what you can do to get yourself and your life under control as much as possible.

Influence and Manipulation

Influence is a broader term. It is the effect on someone or something. The term manipulation is narrower. Manipulation is psychological indirect influence. You are influenced by countless factors. They can be positive or negative.

With the words influence and manipulation you will immediately think of advertising. You are influenced even more by the general media with manipulative intentions. The deliberately bad news on television and in newspapers affect your well-being, which is intentional. The tactic of the media is: create a problem, propose a solution and set actions. (See David Icke).

Prevent being manipulated

More and more people refrain from reading the newspaper or watching news on television daily, which is a good decision. Exposing yourself to negative information worsens your frequency. Your frequency is responsible for how your life evolves. It’s a lot of what’s happening in the world every day. You don‘t need to know all of it. And then there are many nice things to do instead that improves your frequency.

When it comes to movies on TV, in the Internet and in the cinema, the film industry, with Hollywood in the lead, gets involved. The point is to condition the thinking and behavior of people according to the dictates of the influencers given by the influencers who own the media. See how most people live, what they are engaged in and what they talk about.

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We are influenced by the education

The school system prepares us humans to listen to and be subject to the media. Stay well behaved, learn a profession that is needed, and work diligently for so much money to pay the necessary bills and survive reasonably well.

The amount of your monthly income affects you and your life. What is your monthly income going for? How much money is available to you after paying the necessary expenses? We spend quite a bit on energy every month, which could be free and we would only have to pay a connection fee. Most people today still drive a gasoline-powered car as they did over a hundred years ago. The oil industry is trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.

We are influenced

We are influenced by the pharmaceutical industry

When we get sick, we are usually prescribed one to several medications that we need to take in the long term. The pharmaceutical industry has not in mind that you get well. They make drugs that only temporarily minimize the symptoms of a disease. In front of the doctors’ offices there are snakes of people who only get prescriptions. The powerful pharmaceutical industry makes money with sick people as do doctors. Dolores Cannon says that every person has the ability to heal himself. I think there are diseases that can only be managed with the help of a doctor. Above all, surgeons are important. Think of accidents and injuries that require immediate surgery. And if you get a bad virus and get seriously ill, you need the help of a doctor. But I still come back to the self-healing powers. How often and how well are we told by the media that we can heal ourselves?

We are influenced by religions

The extent to which people are influenced and manipulated by religions is obvious only to those who do not belong to a religious community. The influence is passed on from one generation to the next. Due to the regularity of the influence, be it weekly or daily, it goes deep into the subconscious. These people cannot think otherwise than they are repeatedly told. Anyone who belongs to a religious community is convinced that his religion is the best and the only right one. They can hardly understand that there are people who believe in God as a higher power but do not want to belong to a religious community.

The media and religions use intimidation. “God looks down on you and if you are not good, you will go to hell after death.” People are being taught that they come into the world sinful and must repent. The media overwhelms us with negative news. In almost every movie something bad happens. This is why many conversations are about negatives. It is mind control that keeps the frequency of people down.

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There are numerous other factors that influence you

You are influenced by

• News in the media
• Advertising in all media
• The program of mass media
• School system, school education and teachers
• Amount of your monthly income
• Parents and education
• Your job
• The new technologies
• The social media
• Seasons and weather
• People you meet
• Colors and materials
• Information and impressions
• What you see, read and hear
• Music
• The landscape in which you live
• The country in which you live, the mentality of the people, the customs
• As you spend the day, work and leisure
• Your experiences that you have made so far
• Your attitude to life
• whether you are satisfied or expect more from life
• A life plan
• Goals and expectations
• What you have achieved so far
• Your intelligence and what you make of it
• Your appearance and what you make of it
• Whether you groom yourself and your clothes or let go
• Your manners
• What you eat and drink
• How much you move
• Your financial possibilities
• How you handle money
• If you continue your education
• How much you control your thinking
• How far you have control over yourself and your life
• and more factors

You are influenced by many factors

You are influenced by advertising in all media

Even if you change the TV channel during an ad block, you can‘t get rid of advertising. You see advertisements while you drive or go, on the internet almost on every website, in newspapers and magazines. If you do not know which brand to choose for a product, the ad will make that decision without you being aware. When you are in a store, the presentation of the goods, colors, music and friendliness of the staff influences your buying behavior.

Your parents have influenced you since birth

You and how your life has gone so far has been influenced by your parents and maybe your grandparents. How parents behave, how they behave towards their children, what they tell them several times, what they talk about with them, the day and week schedule, the leisure activities, what parents give their children to eat and much more, affects the whole life of a person.

The profession of parents also influences a person. Very often, a child chooses the profession of a parent. The lawyer’s child will hardly become a construction worker. Rarely that a child of a construction worker becomes a lawyer or a doctor.

Think about how you grew up, what your parents said to you repeatedly, and what you can remember from your childhood. Compare your childhood with that of friends and acquaintances and how these people’s lives have developed in comparison to yours.

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Your education and your teachers have influenced you

Which schools did you visit? What did you learn? Remember individual teachers. In what ways did they influence your life? Were you sponsored by one or more teachers? Did you start an apprenticeship or did you attend university? What profession did you learn? Which study did you choose? You and your life have been influenced by school, apprenticeship, and universitystudy, teachers and colleagues.

There are people who have completed an apprenticeship, became entrepreneurs, and are very successful, while others who have also learned a handycraft, remained in the same company as employees. There are people who have finished their studies and are unemployed for years while colleagues are very successful. What has made each person be successful or not? The influence of a parent, a teacher, they themselves?

What influences you has to do with frequency

Your job influences you and your life

It is clear that the profession you are practicing, influences you and your life. With every job, you get in contact with people in a different way. Colleagues and employees also differ. The lives of lawyers, doctors, salesmen, car mechanics, etc. are quite different.

We are influenced

You are influenced by all media

You are influenced by all media such as television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines.

News media influence you

News medi influence and manipulate you in the first place negatively. Live without television and newspapers for a few days, and refrain from reading news on the Internet. You will feel better. I scan the headlines of the top news on the Internet. That’s enough for me. Details are not important and to see atrocities documented with video, would ruin my well-being for days or longer. But that’s exactly what the news media aim for.

The content of the TV shows is cut to manipulate the masses

I gave twice an interview on television. It was discussed in advance exactly what I am going to say on a specific topic and I was dictated, about which I cannot talk and that I should not use foreign words. Sentences in which I used a foreign word were cut out, even though the sentence was missing. No one noticed it, except me.

In the meantime, I realize that a lot of information, even important information, does not come on TV. Friends of mine say they cannot believe anything if they have not seen it on TV or read it in a newspaper. That’s narrow-minded. The reason, however, is that these people, and that is the majority, have been conditioned to believe only what they see or read in the mass media. Quite a bit of that is false news.

Media program to kill time

I know few people who know what to do with their time in the evening than to sit in front of the TV. Many have something to nibble and wonder about their increasing overweight. Not only the news, also the content of many films conditions the audience, influences and manipulates. Are there so many people in a certain country as are killed in TV thrillers? How are people affected who watch a lot of TV? The life of the individual viewer is by no means positively influenced.

The new technologies are influencing you

The new technologies affect the lives of people worldwide. People spend a lot of time on the internet. Important messages are spread quickly. Alternative media had previously little opportunity to inform and educate.

The internet is immensely helpful. We can inform ourselves better. Hardly a question that we do not find answered on the internet. We find training, work, life coaching, the latest fashion, the new car models, addresses and phone numbers and much more. We get in contact with people worldwide, whom we would have never met without the internet,

But what has advantages also has disadvantages. Many drivers and passer-bys are more concerned with the internet than focusing on the street. We talk less with family and friends. If someone want to reload his frustration, he does so anonymously and looks for people he actually envies. People who travel the Internet anonymously are called trolls. Sometimes they succeed and a person they attack, commits suicide. Removing hate writing from the Internet is a challenge for the operators of social platforms.

Social media influences you

Social media, such as Facebook, Instagramm, Twitter and others, affect you and your life. On the social platforms we make new friends around the world, share and exchange information and ideas. They expand our reality. Absolutely keeping away from social media, I personally think, is not a solution. Those who stay abstinent stay in their little world.

Users of social media are influenced by what others post and by advertising. But it depends very much on how much you deal with the postings of others and what you post yourself. Be careful what you post. Keep your presence under control on social media platforms.

You can't control all what influences you

Seasons and weather affect everyone

In autumn and winter, when the day light is spare, some people suffer from depression. In spring and summer, we all feel good. We enjoy the many colors of plants and spend more time outside. Lower pressure lowers the mood. People in warm climates are generally in a better mood and easy to make friends with, while people in cold climates are more serious and more reserved to other people.

People with whom you spend time influence you

People with whom you spend a lot of time, those you often meet, but also passers-by influence you and your life. Negative people can be poison. Positive people can be helpful and motivating.

The more time we spend with one person, the more we are influenced by him or her. This group of people includes family members, relatives, friends, and work colleagues. We are influenced not only by the radiation of them but by the conversation with them.

If I’m negatively influenced by friends or family members, I’ll stay away and avoid them. I do not want the radiation of feelings like envy, jealousy or other negative emotions near me.

Even people passing you by can influence your well-being.
If you are sitting in a café or restaurant and wondering why you suddenly feel uncomfortable or tense, the reason may be that someone at the next table is in a bad mood and exudes that awkward mental state. It can also be the other way around, that you feel better, because the people at a neighboring table are enjoying themselves and their exhilaration radiates toward you. When some people have a good time in a bar, the mood is generally good.

Colors of the clothes you wear and the colors that surround you affect you

Each color has a different effect on your well-being and your mood. The effect is partially different individually. The colors of the clothes you wear on the body have a stronger affect than the colors of the walls and the floor of a room in which you spend some time. The colors of clothing of people around you also affects you, though not as strong as your own clothes. People who wear mostly dark, but never brightly colored clothes, are usually not in a good mood. It’s better to avoid these people. People who wear bright or vivid colors are mostly in a good mood.

It is a pity that especially in winter the fashion colors are dark and dull. Sometimes there is also a creamy white and rarely red. The street scene is black, dark gray and dark brown. It does not come as a surprise that many people are depressed during that season.

I recently had a date with a friend who wore a bright red coat and a same-colored, very fashionable pullover. She sprayed with joy of life and the evening with her was a pleasure.

I notice for myself that my mood changes with the color of my clothes. On dark days I like to wear red, pink, orange or yellow.

The materials of your clothing and what you are surrounded by are influencing you

The materials of your clothing and what is surrounding you affects your well-being. It makes a difference whether you wear clothing made from man-made or from natural materials. The same applies to the interior decoration of your home. In natural fibers you feel better. It feels different whether you live in a house made of wood or concrete. In a wooden house you feel better.

We are influenced

Information and impressions that you experience in your everyday life influences you

You are influenced by information and impressions that you are exposed to in your everyday life often enough without being aware of it. We take on much more unconsciously. The amount of information and impressions in a big city is incredibly high. People who live in rural areas and come to a big city for the first time are overwhelmed. People living in a big city tire faster than those who live in a small town or in the countryside. When I moved from Vienna, which has almost two million inhabitants, to the south of Rome and to the proximity of a small town, I felt the difference When I drive to the center of Rome, I quickly get tired. My house is surrounded by nature where I recover quickly.

Information and impressions can be: the traffic, the number of buildings, architectural styles, posters, neon signs, the many voices, laughter, music in a shop, music on the street, passers-by, and so much more.

What you see, read and hear affects you

What you see, read and hear in the media, be it on TV, radio, internet, newspaper, magazine, books influence you and your life. Many people spend afternoons and evenings watching TV. That’s passive entertainment. Most broadcasts have a specific purpose, as described above. And it’s about keeping the frequency of the audience down. The same is the case with the daily newspapers.

On the Internet you can choose which topic you want to deal with. There are also posts, photos and videos. The topics you find on the internet are inexhaustible. Even on the Internet you can indulge in the muse or educate yourself further or even change part of what has influenced you with Subliminals. So, you can choose what influences you. This is not the case with most other influencing factors.

Music that you hear influences you

Music has a very strong effect on your well-being. Many pieces of music by Mozart and Haydn have a calming effect that people, animals and plants like. Latin music has lively rhythms, stands for joie de vivre and makes a happy mood. There is metallic sounding music that is not good for our well-being. Many pieces of New Age music are good for relaxing. In many shops pop music plays a role in stimulating consumer mood. I like it. Which music is best, has to do with the mood in which you are? If you do not like a certain kind of music, select another one or turn off the electronic device.

Landscapes, especially those in which you live, influence you

You are influenced by the landscape in which you live. Do you live in a mountainous or flat landscape? Inside a country or near a sea? In a city or in the countryside? Make sure you feel comfortable in the landscape you live in. I have always felt good close to a sea, surrounded by mountains not very good, and in a flat landscape it was acceptable. When I was younger, I enjoyed living in a big city. Today I prefer to live in the countryside. I have acquaintances who prefer to be surrounded by high mountains and others who enjoy living near a beach.

You are influenced by the country in which you live, by the mentality of the people, by customs, and more

In every country and landscape, people have their own mentality. In the south of the northern hemisphere people are warmer, more sociable, more joyful, and happier than in the north. Each country has its own customs, other laws, and in Europe also other languages.

I felt different in every country where I lived. I always adapted from the beginning, which was not always easy. In the south of Italy the mealtimes are much later than I was used to most of my life. I suffered during the first weeks. There is no dinner before 8 pm and it can also be 9 or later. Shops are open from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm. Also in the south of Italy, coffee is offered at any time of day or night. It is not always advisable to say no and so you have to put up with a sleepless night. Breakfast in Central to Southern Europe can not compete with the variety offered for breakfast in Scandinavia.

In the United States, there are country-specific areas in major cities, such as Chinese, Korean and Italian districts, where the customs of each country are maintained.

I finish this topic, because one could write books about the differences of the countries of this world. And this article is about being influenced.

How you spend the day affects you

How you spend the day, how much you have work and how much free time, and how you shape your leisure time affects you and your life.

A job that you enjoy will positively affect you and your life. If you have a job that you have to force yourself to do, it can make you depressed. Make sure you enjoy your work. After all we spend most of our lives working.

Leisure as you wish or a family member or friend affects you. You decide what is done during your leisure time? Is it what you want to do or the wish of another family member? You cannot live exclusively according to the wishes of others. At least part of the leisure time should be to your liking.

Plan your daily and weekly routine. If you do not live alone, you need to involve the other family members in your planning. What is important to you should not (always) suffer.

How much you control your thinking affects your life

Keep control of yourself and your life as much as possible

How far you are in control of yourself and your life begins with controlling your thoughts. What you think affects how you feel. How you feel controls the progress of your life. Control Your Mind.

We are influenced

Your experiences influence you and your life

All the experiences you have made in life are stored in your subconscious and some of the experience affects you without you being aware. Here, controlling your thoughts helps, which can change the conditioning of the past.

Your attitude to life influences you and your life

The attitude you have to life can be controlled with your thoughts. Are you usually positive and in a good mood, or are you often in a bad mood, nagging a lot and not expecting much from your future? Positive or negativ, it is on you.

Whether you are satisfied or expect more from life influences your life

Who is satisfied with the state of his life is getting stuck? Those who expect more from life will find ways to achieve more.

Life planning influences your future life

Most people do not plan much, except for their next vacation. Some are planning their education, then it’s over. Anyone who has a life plan, which of course you can change anytime, is better off. Start planning your life with your vision, your big goal, and plan back from there. This will help you achieve your big goal. It is on you if you stay where you are or if you plan a better future.

Your goals and expectations affect your life

Your goals and expectations, but also the goals and expectations of your friends, influence your life. You have a vision, that’s an imagination of how you really want to live. On the way to achieving your vision, you have many smaller goals and expectations. Write down all your wishes and fulfill one after the other. You have to plan the fulfillment of some wishes and have to get active in order to achieve them. Even your friends have desires and expectations. Do not be tempted to imitate one of these wishes. It is the wish of a friend, not yours.

What you achieved so far affects your life

Be proud of everything you have achieved in your life so far. Expect to achieve much more, and that depends largely on you. From those of your friends who have achieved more in life so far, you should not be jealous. This is not just about property and fortune, but also about a happy life and spirituality. From friends who have not achieved much so far and have no plans to achieve anything, you should keep away. People who are planless and aimlessly going through life, have a low frequency and can keep you from achieving more.

Your intelligence and what you make of it affects your life

Your intelligence and even more what you make of it, has a profound impact on your professional life and thus the amount of your monthly income. Acquaintances of mine who are on average intelligent have become very successful with what they have learned. Think about the possibilities you have professionally with your abilities.

Your appearance and what you make of it influences your life

It is up to each individual what he / she makes of his / her appearance. There are people who are not pretty at all, but they know how to make of themselves an interesting and attractive person. Others are beautiful but do not care about how they look.

Whether you take care of yourself or let go, affects your life

Caring for yourself and your clothes makes a big difference. I know people who have cared well for themselves and are dressed neatly all their life into old age. In my circle of acquaintances are also people who let themselves go way too much. Some look so disconcerting that I refuse to meet them. A friend said she did not care what she looks like. But I do care what I have to look at.

I’m well dressed all day long, even when I’m at home, and I take care of myself every day, which affects my well-being. You can improve your well-being when you are well groomed and nicely dressed.

You do not have to be dressed fashionably. But clothing that looks at age, whether it is washed out or the style makes you think of the last century, should be caried to the clothing collection.

Your manners affect your life

If your general manners and your table manners are not really acceptable, look for information about how to behave on the Internet or buy and read a book about good manners. Be friendly to other people, even if it is not mutual. Who is friendly is popular.

What you eat and drink affects you and your life

You are what you eat, is a saying. What and how much you eat and drink affects your well-being, your figure, your health and ultimately your thinking. Get information about healthy food and drinks.

How and how much you move affects you and your life

Too many people sit during their working hours, at the table and then on the couch, wondering why their physical ailments start early and get worse and worse. If you move sufficiently, this is good for your well-being, for your bone structure and helps with damaged discs.

I’ve had a lot of pain from disc damage for many years. One day I told myself it could not get any worse and I trained with friends. On the third day I was free of pain and continued to exercise regularly. When I asked my orthopedic surgeon why he did not tell me that exercise helps against my pain, he replied nonchalantly: “We doctors live on sick people, not healthy ones. “

The financial opportunities that you had as a child and your financial options today affect your life

If you grew up with sufficient financial resources, if money was not an issue and many of your wishes could be fulfilled or not, makes a difference in your life today Either your life goes on as you used to during your childhood or you found ways to earn more than your parents is on you. With sufficient financial resources, you can fulfill many wishes immediately and you can focus on larger goals. The bottom line is that your financial options are having a strong impact on you, your life and that of your family.

How you handle money affects your life

If you earn well, but at the end of the month nothing is left in your bank account, then you cannot handle money well. On the other hand, saving some of your income to invest creates a financial cushion, which is reassuring and makes you feel better.

Whether you continue your education or not influences your life

If you learn another language or learn to play a musical instrument or learn something that will further your professional life, will positively affect your life. Never stop learning something new.

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We are influenced

How much you are in control of your thinking affects you and your llfe

How much you are in control of your thinking can change your well-being that affects you and your life.

If you are in control of your thinking, you will be able to focus on your goals and therefore achieve them. You will also be able to improve your well-being which is of imprtance to create a better life.

If you are in control of your thinking, you can eliminate a large part of the influence from the outside.

The topic of what influences you and your life is by far not exhausted. The points I mentioned in this paper are meant to show you what you can do to minimize outside influence and take control of your life as much as possible.

There are influences on us that we do not know anything about. We can maybe feel it. Maybe meditation can help a bit. But I am not certain.

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What do you think about the influence from the outside? Do you have suggestions on how to escape negative influences?

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