Life Is About Fun

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Life Is About Fun And What You Make Of It

Life is about fun. It is not to be taken seriously. You can have fun around the clock. And you don’t have to force yourself to have fun. Fun is what you make of it. But we are used to dealing with problems. And so we create new problems again and again. You can interrupt this cycle. How? Have fun with what you do. Choose doing what is fun as often as possible Find and realize the solution if a problem occurs with fun. I will explain that better.

As a kid, my father told me the school was not fun. I mostly liked and enjoyed to go to school. I wanted to hear more about geography, history, physics, chemistry and I wanted to learn foreign languages. For me the school was funnier than staying at home and playing. After completing school, my father said that now the seriousness of life begins. But it got more interesting and I enjoyed my work. I was in a great mood all day long. My father had to force me that I went on vacation. Monte Carlo was fun, but after three days it got boring. After three days of shopping in Paris or London, I had enough. I got through sightseeing trips for a week. I need variety. Where I live now offers a lot variety.

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How Can You Have Fun With Work?

How to have fun with work? Find a way that work is fun.

Think of women who are working on a field and are singing, talking, and laughing Their work is hard and still they have fun. When I helped harvesting olives, there have been three other women. They were chatting and laughing. I could not speak Italian very well and they spoke a dialect which I couldn’t understand and still their happy chatting and laughing made the work fun. I know of an author who listens to rock music while he works.

If you do not need to think during work, meditate. Make long breaths and focus on the breaths. When you need to be focused on your work, have your full attention on it.

When I am researching for and writing an article, I am so focused that I am not aware that I work. I know why I have a website with a blog. I often smile. You do not need a reason to smile. You can choose if you let your face hang or smile. Smiling changes how you feel and it is good for your face muscles. When I am working in the garden, I am thinking that it is good to move and I think of the vegetables and fruits I produce, that I will eat. I have fun researching and writing and I have fun working outside. Without my garden I would be sitting too much.

Do not think of the past or the future while you work. Have your focus on your work. I already mentioned that I sometimes am thinking of the future while I work. I do that to make me smile, otherwise I’m too serious at work. The reason that you should not think of the past or the future while you work is that your thoughts might go too far away from your work. If you are focused, your work is done much faster.

Find A Way To Have Fun With Your Work Or Look For Another Job

Are you one of those people who looks forward to the weekend, have fun over the weekend, and get up on Monday morning with a long face and force yourself to go to work till Friday?

Find a way to have fun with your work. Or look for another kind of work or another job. Make it a rule that work should be fun.

If you are a sales person, enjoy meeting people. If you work in an office, be focused on your work. When you practice a craft, you meet people and do something good for your customers.

Be aware of the importance of your work. Whatever you do, it is important. For example: How would streets look without street cleaners. Whenever I see some, they are chatting and seem to have fun.

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Life is about fun

Choose Doing Something That Is Fun

Whenever you have the choice of what you do next, choose something that you enjoy and that is fun.

Choose doing something that you enjoy and that is fun.

Whenever I feel that I do not enjoy my work, I stop and do something differently. I can work for several hours, but then need to get away for a bit and do something I else that I enjoy. That can be that I work out for a few minutes, go to a nearby café for an Espresso or a glass of Prosecco, to a shopping street or a mall, drive down to the beach and go for a walk or invite a friend for an aperitivo or for dinner. When I am back, I am refreshed, continue with my work, and again enjoy it.

The moment you do not enjoy your work anymore, do something else that you enjoy. When you come back to work, it will be fun again.

Nothing is fun if you overdo it. Have you ever been on a long vacation and after two or three weeks you had enough? There is nothing that is fun if you do it too long.

Fun is what you make of it

Changes Make Life Fun

We humans need variety. Most people have a problem with changes. But changes make life fun.

We need variety and changes make life fun.

Think about what you could change. You could change your daily routine. Have something for dinner which you do not know. Have a picnic on the floor instead of sitting at the table. In summer you could go for a picnic in a nearby park or to the country side. There are countless ideas of what changes you could make and what you could do to have fun.

I used to have one morning ritual. I had breakfast first and then went under the shower. One day I began to bring variety to my morning ritual. I first go under the shower, then I have breakfast in different places of my property or go to a cafè. It has changed how I feel the rest of the day. Same with lunch and dinner. Short before lunch or dinner time I decide what I eat and where I am going.

Think about what changes you can make. Already little changes make a difference and make life more fun.

Already little changes make a difference and make life more fun.

Have your focus on this moment.

How You Perceive This Moment Is Your Decision

It is up to you to decide if you enjoy life and work or not and be crushed by problems and feel unhappy. I prefer to have fun.

It is up to you if you enjoy life and have fun or not.

It’s up to you to quickly solve problems or not even let them arise.

You can choose how you perceive this one moment. It is your decision whether you are angry about something or enjoy life. It is your free will if you are happy or unhappy.

There are people who say that I have no idea what reasons they have to be unhappy. Wrong! If you choose to be happy the reasons that makes you feel unhappy will vanish.

If you choose to be happy the reasons that makes you feel unhappy will vanish.

If you stay in that moment with your thinking, not thinking about the past and not about the future, you do not think that something is missing. This one moment is perfect.

Do What You Want And Stay Away From Those Who Are Problem-Thinkers

From an early age we are told what we are not allowed to do and what we can not do. Borders were imposed on us which discourages many from having fun in life.

Borders were imposed on us which discourages many from having fun in life.

Before I moved to California and years later to Rome, many acquaintances told me: You can’t give up everything here and move to a foreign country. So much can happen. My answer was: I can because I do it. And soon my new home will not be foreign anymore. They wanted to pump me full of their fears and inadequacies. They wanted to put problems in to my way which I did not have and did not want to have. Yes, it happens that something does not go smoothly right away. In such a case its a challenge to make things turn out my way. Only a few acquaintances thought positively about my plans. I was always happy doing what I wanted.

I was always happy doing what I wanted. Having fun is so much better than having problems.

When I think back to one type of person and then the other, I find that those who have found my plans great are having a work that they enjoy and they are happy with their lives. Those who wanted to talk me out of my plans, have a rather unhappy and boring life full of problems. It must bother them that someone else is fulfilling his dreams, but they are not. I have no contact anymore with the problem-thinkers. They are stuck in their old thinking. They look old and unhappy.

It is your decision what to do next. If you think of problems, you will get them. Think of the fun you will have and you will have fun.

My father said that only what you have not done you will reproach yourself later. All the things that have maybe been crazy will be a nice memory. He was a hard worker, but during morning hours he went for a sandwich with a coffee, for lunch he came home or went to a little restaurant, and in the evening he loved to have fun. Sometimes we went to see a show after dinner. Or he got a bottle of fine wine or champagne from the cellar, cooked something special, and meant that we will be celebrating. Today, he said, is only once. It will never come back. Such a special day has to be celebrated and so we celebrated countless days.

Right now I’m writing this article, have an aperitivo and nibbles next to me. In about an hour I will have dinner. I will decide a bit later if I will have dinner at home or if I go to a restaurant. I love to have something that I can be looking forward to. It is good to have something in front of you that enhances your well-being. Tomorrow I meet a friend for lunch in a restaurant near the sea. I love everything about it – the friend, good food, the restaurant, and the sea.

I love to have something that I can be looking forward to. It is good to have something in front of you that enhances your well-being.

Stop problem-cycle having fun

And If Problems Occur, Solve Them

At any moment problems can occur. We do not create our whole lives ourselves and above all we create our environment together with others.

Suppose something unpleasant happens. At this moment it depends on you how you feel about it and how you react. It depends on your thinking and your focus. Its a big difference if you think that the problem is big and difficult to solve or if you think that it will be resolved quickly. It depends on how you perceive the problem. Maybe it is not a problem but an interesting challenge or something that you can overlook and forget.

Some people see problems in anything. Do not make problems where there are none.

Do not make problems where there are none. Some people see problems in anything. If you ask what the problem is, they come up with explanations that only make you raise your eyebrows and grin.

Are you one of those who see a problem in everything? If so, think again. Life is better without problems. If you think of problems, you get them. If you have fun, you get fun.

If you think of problems, you get them. If you have fun, you get fun.

Bashar said in a Video that when you are looking into a mirror and you see a long face, you will not try to change something about your mirror. You have to change something about yourself. The change starts with your thoughts and how you perceive things. Enjoy and have fun and when you look into the mirror next time, you will see a smiling face.

Having Goals Is Fun

No one has goals that are not enjoyable. Goals are something that make you happy when you have achieved them. And even more fun is the way to achieve them.

Quite a few people do not set goals, and if they do, they are not getting active to achieve them. That is depressing. And that is what those people are: depressed.

Setting goals and being active to achieve them, is fun.

Make goals. Choose one with which you start. Plan how to achieve it and get active. The fun part is while you are active and looking forward to achieve the goal. The moment you have achieved it, your level of happiness rises. But it doesn’t take long and all the special enjoyment is gone. What can you then do? Set a next goal, plan how to achieve it, and get active.

It is fun to set little goals from now and then.

It must not be big goals. Set yourself a little goal from now and then. It is fun when it is easy to reach them quickly. For example, you could look for a new lipstick or a new tie. I have fun looking for little things that I enjoy. It is the little things that make a big difference. Yesterday I chose to watch a concert with the rock group “Queen” together with a friend. We enjoyed it very much and we had fun. The goal was to spend the evening in a fun way. Today I found an eyeshadow stick in an incredibly wonderful green color with touch of glitter.

My next goal is having dinner and tomorrow lunch near the beach. I will enjoy to work a little in the morning and in the evening. Sure, I also have bigger goals. There are still a few things missing until my vision is complete.

Listen to Roxanne while she is channeling, what she has to say about fun in life. The idea for my article is from a note I have made after I have seen this vdeo.

Fun Has Another Frequency As Problems

If you have fun, you are lively and you are feeling light. Problems drag you down and you are feeling heavy. The difference is the frequency. The frequency you have with fun will create more fun. Problems create a lower frequency that can make you feel more uncomfortable. Living with many problems and a low frequency is a habit. Changing a habit is not easy. You have to force yourself to feel different. It takes at least three to several weeks to get used to another frequency.

Start by seeing problems differently. If it really is a problem then look for a solution. My tip: Do something fun. When you come back, you will see the problem from a different perspective, if it has not by now resolved itself. When you have fun, your frequency changes, which can change your life noticeably, and so, what you saw as a problem has vanished. If the problem persists, think about what you need to do to solve it. Get active right away to solve the problem. There is always a solution, also for bigger problems.

Fun Changes The Structure of Your Brain

If you enjoy life and have a lot of fun, something happens in your brain. Whatever you keep doing repetitively changes the structure of your brain and of course also the programming of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind loves to keep a certain standard. If you make it your standard to enjoy your life and have a lot of fun, your subconscious mind will do anything that it can to keep up this standard.

It is the same the other way: If you choose unhappiness and problems, then that is your standard, part of your programming, and your subconscious mind does whatever it can to keep up this standard.

Fun or not is your choice

It is your choice: problems or fun? unhappiness or happiness?

After you made your choice, behave accordingly.

Have fun! Life is about fun.

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