Personal Development is Improving Your Personality

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Why Should You Deal With Personal Development

Your Personal Development is so very important for all your life. On it’s all about personal development. On pages and in articles on the blog, individual aspects of personal development are discussed, which is summarized in this article.

Every person is constantly changing. Control your development and make changes according to your ideal. Concentrate on one aspect of personal development and shape it according to your wishes. Then continue with the next aspect.

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What ist Personal Development
Introducing Personal Development
Your potentiall is far greater than you currently believe
You personality is constantly changing
Only you are responsible for you and your life
Get to know yourself better

Aspects of Personal Development
Goals of Personal Development

General Aspects of Personal Development
Strengthen Self-Love
Increase Self-Discipline
Develop Charisma
Increase Your Energy
Improve Self-Confidence
Optimize Your Self-Worth
Believe in You and be Convinced of You
Increase Your Spirituality
Changing Your Thinking
Change How You Feel
Dissolve Negative Beliefs
Lift Blockages
Break Limits and Limitations

Aspects of Personal Development in the Private Sector
Occupational Aspects of Personal Development
Professional Progress thanks to Personal Development
Observe the Progress of Your Personal Development
Those who work on themselves develop personally
Changing Habits is part of Personal Development

Methods of Personal Development
Have a Vision
Develop a Plan for important steps of Your Personal Development
Visualizing and Wish Video
Observe yourself regularly
Learn to listen to Your Inner Voice
Stay positiv when talking to yourself
Read books
Get more knowledge
Learn new skills and attend courses
Strengthen your Self-Discipline
Right nutrition
Do sports regualrly
Learn an Asian Martial Art
Imrprove your Concentration
Ask how others see you
Traveling and longer stays abroad
Have a Personal Journal
Have an Agenda for the day
You can also work on these aspects

If you do not fully meet the Expectations of Your Personal Development Goals

What Is Personal Development

Personal development is a process concerned with specific aspects of the individual. It is the result of continuous efforts to improve mentally, physically and spiritually. It includes to find and use one‘s potential better. An improvement of your personality affects all areas of your life. Personal growth, on the other hand, is a more general process that relates to the totality of the individual.

Personal development means continually improving mentally, physically and spiritually.

Personal growth and personal development is a lifelong process. It starts with getting to know oneself better, setting life goals, working towards realizing goals, and maximizing one‘s potential. Those who work on themselves steadily will increase their personal standard, their quality of life and lead a fulfilling and happy life.

Personal development is a process that deals with certain aspects of a person. Anyone who chooses to work on his personal development will choose one or more of these aspects, where he works regularly and for which he has a variety of options and methods to help him achieve his goal of personal development.

As you develop and grow personally, your entire life changes. You can recreate yourself and everything around you. As you change, your perception of you and your environment changes. It is that your frequency changes and this changes what you create.

As you change, your frequency changes and so does your perception of you and your environment.

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What is Personal Development

Introducing Personal Development

Personal growth and personal development begins with a vision that consists of one or more large and many smaller goals. The vision is the ideal image of you and your dream life.

On top of life goals is a minimum of financial security, having a home, clothing and food. From this point on, people want a better life. Those who do nothing develop themselves and their lives are dissatisfied and unhappy.

Happiness requires a minimum of monthly income. If the income rises sharply, it does not mean that the barometer of happpiness rises equally. Dissatisfaction is an engine to achieve more. Read more about it in the article Satisfaction is Stagnation

Further development, private and professional, goes hand in hand with personal development and vice versa. Personal development and personal growth is only possible if you are constantly working on yourself, practicing and focusing on improving several aspects of you.

The next step is planning how to achieve your goals. This is followed by the gradual implementation of this plan and the necessary actions.

When you work on your personal development, a lot in your life will change positively. This also includes your professional success and therefore an increase in the quality of your life, your lifestyle, and thus of your private life.

If you have realized your current vision and your big wishes are fulfilled, you will already have a new vision and new wishes. And you will continue to evolve. It can also happen that you change a chosen vision. The reason for this is that changing and improving your personality changes your perception, which is why you get a different idea of your ideal and your dream life.

Your Potential Is Far Greater Than You Currently Believe

There is far more in you than you have ever gotten out of you and you can do much more than you currently dare. If you get to know yourself better, trust yourself a little more, dare a little more, you will be amazed what you are capable of.

When you reach your limits, always try to get over it a bit. Your limits will expand. Your confidence and belief in yourself will increase. Again and again you will be able cross one of your limits. Practice those aspects that are important to you, and you will leave your old boundaries far behind.

Expand Your Limits

You are capable of far more than you currently believe.
Your limits will expand again and again.

Your Personality Is Constantly Changing

In the course of your life your personality is constantly changing without that you do anything. If you let things happen, you surely will not become your ideal you and you will not live as you really want. But if you plan your changes and work on yourself, you can evolve the way you want and live your dream life. Your personal development is never complete.

Only You Are Responsible For You And Your Life

Only you are responsible for you, your development, and the course of your life. Do not blame others for everything that has not happened to your liking. Always, and I repeat: always, even at a point of a mishap, you have done something wrong and so you yourself are responsible for the outcome.

Only you are responsible for yourself, your development, and the course of your life.

Get To Know Yourself Better

Self-knowledge is the first step in dealing with your personal development.

Watch how you react and act in different situations. Where are your strengths and where do you spot weaknesses? It’s strange that in many situations you can behave incredibly self-confidently and then you get into a situation where it seems you have lost all your self confidence

Take notes while watching yourself. Take time to think about what you have written down. Which moments in childhood could be crucial for a weak point? Which aspects of you were promoted in your childhood, which were not. What has happened in your life which makes you act somehow strange in a certain situation.

Have you been able to fulfill your career aspirations or have you been forced to learn or practice a profession that you do not like?

Now you have identified some points that you should change or improve about yourself and your life. These points become goals for your personal development.

Self-acceptance – Accept yourself as you are now with all your strengths and weaknesses and make plans how you want to change.

Aspects Of Personal Development

Personal development is something personal. Only you know what you want to change, improve, and develop about yourself.

Personal development is something personal. Only you know what you want to improve and develop.

You want to personally improve and develop and profile yourself professionally. To profile yourself means, to have a strong will to become the best in your professional field.

How would you like to be and how to appear? What kind of work do you enjoy most? How would you like to live? What do you want to achieve professionally and what in your private life?

Describe the personality you want to become. Which aspects are important to you? Which of these aspects do you need to improve and develop?

Determine where your strengths and where your weaknesses lie. Maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Focus on your strenghts!

Improve the control over your thoughts and feelings. With your thoughts and feelings you create your reality. That’s why working on your personal development is so very important.

Read more about Control mind and thoughts and you control your life
and the article Control Your Emtions 3A Subliminal and there is a subliminal.
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Regardless of which aspects of personal development you want to improve, it is necessary to work on yourself daily.

Goals Of Personal Development

You have written down a number of personal development goals. Do not think about tackling the implementation of all goals at once. Nobody can do that. As you work to achieve a personal development goal, much more about you and your life will also improve. So focus on one to three aspects of your personal development at a time.

Give priorities to the individual goals you want to improve on. Start with the aspect that has the highest priority. Choose a way to approach the first goal of your personal development. Make a plan and get active.

Every aspect of personal development can become one of your goals.

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General Aspects Of Personal Development

  • Strengthen self-love
  • Increase self-discipline
  • Develop charisma
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Optimize self-esteem
  • Believe in yourself and be convinced of yourself
  • Increase spirituality
  • Change ways of your thinking
  • Change how you feel
  • Dissolve negative beliefs
  • Lift blockages
  • Break boundaries and limitations

General Aspects Of Personal Development In Detail

Strenghten Self-Love

To love other people you have to love yourself first. That’s why self-love should be high on your list of priorities. Love, respect. and appreciate yourself.
Read the article Love yourself and be wisely selfish
and the article here and use the Subliminal Self Love 3A Subliminal.

Increase Self-Discipline

Read about self-discipline and how to increase it in the article: Self-discipline methods and tips
and use the Self-Discipline 3A Subliminal

Develop Charisma

Read more about it in the article and about the Subliminal Develop Charisma with a Sublliminal
How to get charisma

Increase Your Energy

Read more about it in the article and try the Subliminal More Energy 3A Subliminal

Improve Self-Confidence

Read the article and boost self-confidence thanks to the Improve Self Confidence 3A Subliminal

Optimize Your Self-Worth

What is your value from your point of view? Evaluate yourself. Forget about what others say about you. You are the most important and most valuable person in your life.
Read the article Feel worthy for what you want

Believe In You And Be Convinced Of You

Get a strong belief. As you increase your self-worth and your self-esteem, your belief in yourself will also increase. Practice being convinced of yourself. Stop doubting. Dare to do more and you will be able to do more.

If you work on yourself, these aspects will constantly improve.
Read the articles and use the Subliminals.
Strong Belief 3A Subliminal
Stop Doubt and become convinced 3A Subliminal

Dare to do more and you will be able to do more.

Increase Your Spirituality

Spirituality means to develop spiritually. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion and religiosity. In the Asian religions meditation is taught and practiced. Nonetheless, spirituality is independent of religions.

Read the article and try the Subliminal with the Guided Meditation More Spirituality 3A Subliminal

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Changing Your Thinking

Observe your mindset and that of other family members, friends and acquaintances. If you live with or close to your family, your mindset is unlikely to be different from that of other family members. The way of thinking is shaped by parents during childhood.

If you live in the same area if a city as your friends, you grew up in the same social group as your friends, your thinking will hardly be very different from that of your friends.

If your social status changes as a result of your efforts, if you move to another part of the city or study or because you have been offered a job in another city or abroad, your mindset will differentiate from that of your old friends.

If, thanks to personal development or for whatever reason, you change your way of thinking, your life will change and so will your circle of friends and acquaintances. If your mindset changes, you will attract people whose mindset is similar to your new one.

Also read the article Positive and negative thought patterns

Change How You Feel

Emotional patterns are related to your way of thinking. When you change one, also the other changes.

If you make major changes thanks to your efforts to develop your personality, your mindset will change and so will the emotional patterns associated with it.

Watch how you feel in individual situations. If it’s a good and positive feeling, you do not have to do anything about it. If it is a bad feeling, then think about what you can do to have a good feeling in that particular situation. It is also possible that your feeling tells you to avoid this particular situation. In your emotional life also your sixth sense, also called inner voices, plays a role. Be aware of this and react accordingly.

Dissolve Negative Beliefs

Read more about how to Reverse negative beliefs in positive ones

Lift Blockages

If you recognize blockages, you must leave your comfort zone to overcome them. Blockages are your own limits. Blockages and personal boundaries are often instilled. They can be eliminated.
Read the article: Remove internal blocks

Break Limits And Limitations

Personal limits are not fixed. If you practice personal development and change the areas that are important to you you will expand and break llimits.

If you practice personal development and change the areas that are important to you you will expand and break llimits.

Where are your limits? What do you want to achieve, but you see a limit that holds you back?

As soon as you tackle something, for example to achieve a goal, you’ve already crossed the first line. As you continue and practice, your limits will vanish or be further away.

Aspects Of Personal Development In Private Life

Do you have a happy private life? Do you like where you live? Are you happy with your partner? Do you have enough time for your private life?

Are you in harmony with yourself? Only then, you can have a happy private life.

What is your understanding of others, especially family members and friends?

Ensure healthy, natural food and exercise. Both are important to be healthy and to stay healthy. If you are healthy you feel good.

Think about what you want to change about yourself and your life in your private sphere. Add these aspects to your goals.

Some important Personality Development Goals:
become happier
become neater and more organized
become more understanding

Career Aspects Of Personal Development

Do you have career goals? A career goal or sales and profit targets? Can you turn one of your interests into a profession?

Write down your career goals and make a plan how to achieve those goals. Share larger goals into subgoals. Set working hours and get involved.

Do not postpone anything, but tackle necessary activities immediately.
Use your potential better. Believe that you can improve and dare more.

Use your time well. In the evening, write down your agenda for the next day, After you went to bed visualize how you do these tasks. With this method, you should be able to complete all projects next day. Do this every day.

As you progress you life will change

Professional Progress Thanks To Personal Development

If you want to be successful in your career, you have to make a name in your professional field and constantly improve your skills. I also think of artists who practice not just during their training but daily. The challenge of artists is a very big competition.

I recently watched videos about Freddie Mercury from the pop and rock group Queen. In an interview Freddie said, he could remember that he once had not worked for two days. Many people do not work for two days once a week. Freddie Mercury and many other great artists have proven that practice makes a master.

You too can become a master in your professional field by making every effort to continuously improve.

Observe The Progress Of Your Personal Development

As you watch your progress, it will keep you motivated to continue working on yourself on a daily basis.

You will certainly notice improvements over time. Keeping track of changes as you progress in your personal development will motivate you to identify which aspects of your personal development you should work on. You can then search for methods of personal development to improve important aspects of your personality.

Determine the now state and describe it. It suffice keywords or short sentences. Repeat this every few months and compare with previous observations of yourself that you have written down.

Those Who Work On Themselves Develop Personally

For years, I have been watching some people on the Internet and how much they have developed. Some of them explain what they have done to improve. All these people are successful, which does not happen by chance, but by the work itself and thus by constant personal development.

Changing Habits Is Part Of Personal Development

Whoever changes, changes habits. Get used to doing something differently again and again. This makes it easier to change habits.

Anyone who stays within the scope of the familiar, also called comfort zone, can not develop further. Be willing to leave your comfort zone often. You will feel unpleasant if you do. This will make a positive change and you will develop. If you repeat this, the unpleasant feeling will pass.

Methods Of Personal Development

There are many ways and methods of improving and developing. At first you do not know which way and which method is right for you. Avoid prejudice against personal development methods and try several. You then choose one or more methods that you use regularly and that you work with in order to evolve.

For example, far too many people have no idea what meditation is and what it is about. Your parents might have been amused about the word meditation and so do you too. Read some articles about meditation and watch videos. Then try it meditating. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Here are some Methods that will help you improve your personality and your life

• Meditate – meditate first. It takes about ten to twenty minutes once or twice a day.
• Have a vision – Your vision is the life you want to live and how you want to develop personally.
• Make a plan how to realize your vision
• Visualize and watch your own wish video – A wish video contains images of your important wishes and affirmations. You watch it in the morning and in the evening. This helps with visualization. You can visualize while falling asleep or while meditating. Meditate about ten minutes and then visualize.
• Subliminals are very helpful in changing and improving. In particular, they help to change you programming which makes a big difference in the development of your personality.
• Observe yourself
• Listen to your inner voice
• Have positive self-talks
• Read books
• constantly expand your knowledge
• Learn new things and attend courses
• Strengthen self-discipline
• Right nutrition
• Do sports regularly
• Learn an Asian martial arts
• Improve your concentration
• Travel and stay abroad for longer
• Search on the Internet for how to improve individual aspects
• Attend coaching courses
• Hire a coach for a few hours
• Have a daily journal
• Write an agenda daily

Methods Of Personal Development In Detail


Many people think meditation has something to do with Asian religions, especially Buddhism. But that is not right. Meditation has nothing to do with religions.

Meditation is the best way to come to terms with yourself, to deal with difficult memories, to clean up the contents of your short and long term memory, to become and stay calm even in difficult situations, to become resistant to stress, to improve your health, and much more.

Thanks to meditation, you will have better control over thoughts and feelings, which is an important aspect in personal development.

If you want to develop further, meditation should be on top of all methods of personal development.

You learn two types of meditation in the Visualization System.

Have A Vision

Do you have a vision of your ideal you and your dream life, that is, how you want develop personally, and how you want to live.

Think about your vision and write it down into detail. Search for photos that represent your vision.

Ask yourself what you need to change and improve in order to achieve your vision.

I have written the article: A vision of your dream life

Practice to shape your personality

Develop A Plan For Important Steps Of Your Personal Development

You have written down what you want to achieve and what you have to change or improve. You have prioritized aspects that you need to change. Now, it’s about creating a plan about how to achieve your personal development and all other goals and realize your desires. Make first a rough plan, then devide it into short term plans. Go into detail until it is easy to reach a step of your plan. With this method you can reach even large goals that appear difficult.

Having partial plans is necessary to always know what to do next, what you should visualize, and for writing your daily agenda.

Read the article: Short and long time life plans

Visualizing And Wish Video

Visualization means to imagine your goals and desires as if they are already part of your life. When you see a goal achieved repeatedly, your subconscious mind will assist you in achieving it.

In a wish video you use pictures that represent your goals and wishes. Watch your wish video in the morning and in the evening. It will help you to visualize.

Read more in the article: What is visualization and how to visualize

In the course The Visualization System
you learn all about visualization and the 8 visualization techniques


Repeating affirmations does not bring much. The reason for this is that you conscious thinking is based on the programming of the subconscious mind. If you want to change something about you and your life, you must first change your programming. Subliminals are very helpful to change your programming. Listening to subliminals you do not hear or understand the affirmations, because one of the audio recordings is music or changed, so you do not consciously hear or understand the audio recordings with the affirmations and the conscious mind can not block them. Thus, the subconscious mind absorbs the affirmations. With enough repetitions your programming will change.

Read more about subliminals and try one or more.

The Personal Development 3A Subliminal will help you.
Listen to this Subliminal once or twice daily for several weeks.
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Observe Yourself Regularly

Observe yourself. Be aware of what you think and how you feel. Stop a negative thought immediately and replace it with a positive one. If you do not feel well, it often depends on your thoughts or this bad feeling is telling you that something is wrong. In this case think about what it could be and make changes quickly.

To feel better it can help if you do something that is really fun for you or if you watch your wish video.

Learn to Listen To Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice whispers the right advice to you. Trust it!

The more you listen to your inner voice the bestter it will function. You can prevent problems if you do what your inner voice is telling you. If you have a bad feeling about something, don’t do it or stop doing it. How you are feeling about something is telling you if it is right or wrong.

Read the article and use the Increase Your Intuition 3A Subliminal

Stay Positive When Talking To Yourself

With positive self-talk you can achieve a lot and improve your personality. Say to yourself often: Life is wonderful. I can do it. I can and will learn that. I certainly will achieve this goal. I will solve this problem.

Read the article and try the Positive Self Talk 3A Subliminal

Read the article: Watch and control your inner talk

Read Books

These can be novels, biographies and nonfiction. As you read books, you expand your horizon, get new persepctives, and new knowledge. Of course you can read books online. To listen to audio books is not the same as reading them, but it is better than nothing. You might prefer listening to audio books after you have used your eyes looking on a screen the whole day.

I am searching on the internet for whatever interests me. I then read more than one article about it. When I go to bed I can’t read anymore. I listen to radio shows with secific content or watch videos with for me new knowledge.

Get More Knowledge

Knowledge means more power. Never stop getting more knowledge and learning something new. You gain more knowledge when you read a lot, listen to talk shows, watch documentaries, biographies and the like. Visit courses with different content. Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to gain more knowledge.

It is very good for your brain if you learn foreign languages. It is about practicing your brain. If you wish that your brain functions well into high age, you have to practice it.

During school, university and years after, I have read tons of books and I have learned several foreign languages. There have been languages with different writing, as in Russian or Arabic.

Very good for the brain is learning to play a music instrument. I have learned a bit playing the piano. I am sad that I have stopped after a few years.

Learn New Skills And Attend Courses

You can learn foreign languages, a musical instrument, painting, cooking, sewing, or whatever interests you. It can help you professionally or in your private life.

If you for example learn cooking or just start cooking, you can be creative. This will improve your creativity. Also if you learn to play a musical instrument, you can play melodies that come out of you. This is very good for creativity.

Strengthen Your Self-Discipline

Without discipline you can not succeed and achieve your goals. I’ve written an article about it and there is a Subliminal you can use.

Read the article and try the Subliminal Self Discipline 3A Subliminal

So many people say that they dislike nobles and royals. These people are educated starting with early years to be very disciplined. They do not say that they dislike or don’t want to do something they should. They do it.

I have met noblemen who have always worked hard. I saw one, who has restored a castle from the 9th century, wearing working clothes and rubber boots. He had workers who helped him and still you could tell that he is a nobleman.

When there was a problem with Tesla cars, Elon Musk worked around the clock, until the problem was fixed. He slepped whenever he needed, even on the floor. There were people who laughed about him. But he did it and then nobody laughed anymore.

Do not say that you do not want or that you can’t do anything. Learn to do what has to be done to reach your goals and do it.

Right Nutrition

Proper nutrition is important to staying healthy. It gives you energy to work on to achieve your goals.

Few people know what human nutrition means. If you are in nature, see something edible, and would you reach for it and you can eat it, then it is suitable for human consumption. This is not the case with cereals. Grain products such as bread, pastries, pasta, pizza, cakes and biscuits are very processed until they become edible. And yet man can not fully digest them. Residues that mix with fat cause health problems, such as a heart attack.

Humans up to 10,000 years ago were far healthier than humans today. Scientists have discovered that people in ancient Egypt had the same diseases that are now called industrial diseases. They then discovered that we humans have become ill with agriculture, especially the cultivation of grain. Find out more about it yourself.

The important nutrients are the macronutrients. In the first place this is protein, then fat and finally carbohydrates, which I devide into vitamin-rich and fattening carbohydrates. Vitamin-rich carbohydrates are salads, vegetables and fruit. Fattening carbohydrates are noodels, rice, potatoes, and all grain products. Read more about nutrients yourself.

Protein is the most important nutrient. It is important for the body and the brain . Among other parts of the body it is important for the maintenance of the muscles. Remember that the heart is a muscle. People who in the long term do not regularly eat enough protein, shrink, lose energy, collapse in old age and die earlier.

Protein rich food are meat, poltry, fish, othere sea animals, eggs, cheese, mushrooms.

Good fats you find in nuts, nut oils, olives, olive oil, avocado, eggs.

If you eat properly, you will naturally reach your dream figure.

Do Sports Regularly

Personal development involves physical and mental development and health. What is good for the body is good for the mind, and vice versa. Do sports five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes, or at least twicea week for longer. Your body needs enough exercise to keep you healthy, fit and active.

Learn An Asian Martial Art

Your personality will be strengthened with practicing an Asian Martial Art. Your stamina, willpower, energy in general, concentration, and more will improve. With an Asian Martial Art you also meditate. As body and mind are trained, not only your health, but also your spirituality increases.

Improve Your Concentration

To improve your concentration there are simple exercises. I explain one of them. Look for a point that is straight ahead of you. You can paint a dot on a sheet of paper and glue the paper to a surface in front of you. Look at the clock, then fix your gaze on the point. Once your thoughts are away from the point, look at the watch. Then put your focus again on to the point. Do this several times over the coming days and weeks. Keeping your focus on the point for five minutes is minimum. You can also stop how long you can read in a book with concentration on the content. The moment you become aware that your thoughts wander off, look at the watch. You should be able to keep your focus on the content of the book for at least 30 minutes. During my university studies I was able to stay concentrated up to ten hours. Though, I have made notes at least one for each page.

Read Improve Your Concentration

Ask How Others See You

Talk to family, friends and acquaintances and ask how they see you, what distinguishes you, what they think that you should improve and what you should change. Learning how to look at you from other perspectives can help you further.

Traveling And Longer Stays Abroad

On weekend trips, two week holiday trips and longer stays abroad you will be challenged and gain personally. Abroad, you come into contact with people you do not know and who see you and the rest of the world differently. That feels different and changes a person. When traveling for several days or weeks, you will get to know other countries. But only when you live longer in another country, you really get to know other cultures. When you return home after years, your old friends will see a big difference in your personality.


Others make you aware of other perspectives of you that you don‘t see. A professional coach can help you with your personal development in a way you by yourself are not able to.

There are coaching courses and you can choose one or more sessions with a coach. This can be done via the Internet with video telephony.

Read the article What is Coaching

Have A Personal Journal

In your personal journal, also known as a diary, you can write about what has happened during a day, explain how you have changed, and you can see the progress of your personal development. That can be very motivating.

It is recommended to write your journal early in the morning or late in the evening. You need some time without being disturbed. Of course you can always add something during the day. It should be better to write a journal by hand. If you write by hand or into an electronic device is everyone’s own decision.

Have An Agenda For The Day

It’s good if you write down an agenda for the day ahead before leaving work in the evening. You can do this in a calendar, online notebook, a new file, but also on a notebook. You can set priorities. Look at your short-term goals, to see what needs to be done next. A few points in the agenda are repeated day after day. You can transfer these from one to the next day.

It is important to read your agenda for the day in the monring, start and focus fully on the first item. When it is done, continue with the next. Do this point by point of your agenda.

I think it’s good to keep a personal and professional agenda and to look at the agenda early in the morning. Once you get used to doing a bit of exercise in the morning and then meditating, you do not have to put that on the agenda anymore.

You can keep the personal and the professional agenda apart or together in one file.

You Can Also Work On These Aspects To Improve And Strengthen Your Personality

Set your own goals and not those that are expected of others. Read the article Create your true desires

Work more on your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

Improve Your Communication Skills – Practice speaking and listening. What can you improve?

If you want to give lectures or speeches use the Subliminal „Be a Brilliant Public Speaker”.

Read a lot. This enlarges your vocabulary and your idiom. Listen attentively to other lectures. On YouTube you find many lectures. Look for topics that interest you and also listen to for you new topics.

Learn to understand body language. You can improve your body language and better assess other people. Buy a book or attend a course (online or offline) to understand body language.
What every body is saying. An FBI agent’s Guide. (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Charisma is composed of several aspects of your personality. These include self concsiousness, self esteem, self assurance, positive thinking, usually feeling very good, having a strong belief in yourself, and more. Who has a very good and strong charisma, is popular and successful. Work on the individual aspects that lead to a strong charisma.

You learn from mistakes. Therefore,do not be afraid to make mistakes. If you do one, be aware that it will teach you something that is important for your progress and that is good.

If You Do Not Fully Meet The Expectations Of Your Personal Development Goals

From time to time it will happen that you do not fully meet your expectations of improving an aspect of your personal development. Do not blame yourself. Work harder to build on your strengths. Do not despair over your weaknesses. Very successful people in all professions have vulnerabilities. Give yourself more time to reach a specific goal.

Think of Edison, who found the element that lit the light bulb only after 1000 attempts. So do not give up until you have achieved all your goals. Also, think of concert pianists who practice eight hours a day since childhood until they are virtuoso and they then continue to practice several hours daily. Also practice daily to shape your personality to your liking until you are the person you want to be, that is, have achieved your ideal you and until you live your ideal life.

How I Have Improved My Personality

When I left my parents’ home, I had very little self-confidence, was a scared, very overweight and inconspicuous being. Education was important to me until graduation.

During the first few months after I left my parents home, I lost those 55 pounds that my body weight too much. I did this with eating more protein. That was a big difference. I felt much better and it helped my self-confidence.

Very often, I did exactly what I was afraid of. I’ve noticed that fears only keep you from missing the many opportunities that life offers. I have made wonderful experiences thanks to crossing borders of fear. And I have crossed quite a few.

I have learn transcendental meditation. With meditating, I got a different charisma, which was one reason that I got very good job offers already during my studies. During sommer vacation I have worked in Chicago at the Options Exchange and in Paris at the Stock Exchange. So I was offered to work as a stock analyst in an Austrian bank. A few months later I was offered a much better paid job in a company in Vienna that did hedging for the Austrian Industry over the London Metal Exchange.

In the late evening I did a series of spiritual exercises. I used subliminals, but at the time I did not know that you have to hear them daily for several weeks that they take effect. After completing my studies, I continued reading a lot of books.

I have made beautiful and traumatic experiences. Above all, the traumatic experiences have shaped me.

One of these experiences was a plane crash, where I have been to help find the body of a person. I literally stepped over dead bodies. It was 234. I came back with a trauma. I then moved to California. At that time, I started reading self-help books and applied many of the self-help tips as well.

After returning to Vienna, I attended a coaching course via the Internet for about two years. It consisted of daily lectures and tips. I already had a website, but it was the coaching course that gave me the idea to put my knowledge and experience into a course. The result was the course More Success in Life, which is only available in German. I have discovered again subliminals and have learned how to use them. Since then, I have been working to change my programming to my liking with the help of subliminals.

With the timid, scared nature that I was at the beginning of my university studies, I have nothing in common today.

Work to change your personality, your programming, and your life according to your specifications and wishes. And make your dream come true.

Practice daily to shape your personality to your liking until you achieve your ideal you.

Work on a daily basis on you and to achieve all your goals.

What do you think about personal development? Which aspects of your personality are important to you? What methods do you use to improve yourself?

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I am a New Thinker. I enjoy my work, shopping, going out and having fun, and more. I am writing about the process of creation and special knowledge. I have changed my life with the Visualization System. In this course you learn 8 visualization techniques and you learn breathing and mantra meditation. Subliminals are very helpful changing your programming and so easy, because you only have to let them play. Try it! You will be positively surprised.