Reverse Negative Beliefs in Positive Ones

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Dissolve Negative and Blocking Beliefs

Negative and blocking beliefs can hinder you to achieve your goals and live a better life. It happens that I catch myself having a negative thought that comes from an old negative belief. I quickly say to myself that things will work out wonderfully and I get myself to smile. This makes me feel better and things are always working out fine. When I speak with people who have negative beliefs, I am telling them to change them. Usually they look at me as if I am crazy. They are so sure that their negative beliefs are right. Mind you, they have been given these negative beliefs from their parents, from teachers, read or heard about it in a mass media. They do not understand that these false beliefs are blocking them to live a better life, that they can change these beliefs, and that with a positive mindset their life would take another direction.

During our childhood we have been repetitively told sentences that became beliefs. Some of these beliefs are negative and blocking us to achieve our goals. Few know that we see what we believe. Often I hear the words: I can only believe what I see. This is the worst negative and blocking belief. It’s wrong.


A few of the negative and blocking beliefs.

• The thought of not being intelligent or beautiful enough is a false belief.
• Constant doubting, prevents any progress.
• Fears are a terrible habit.
• One has to work hard to achieve something in life is a wrong belief.
• And so on


overwrite negative and blocking beliefs with positive ones
overwrite negative and blocking beliefs with positive ones


Some people are looking for blocking and negative beliefs to then dissolve them. It is better to overwrite them with positive ones. The negative beliefs will be dissolved by themselves.

The more you focus your thoughts on something specific, the stronger it becomes. If you are looking for negative beliefs, you reinforce them. Instead, ask yourself what you want to achieve and work on positive beliefs. Subliminal recordings can be very helpful in improving positive beliefs.

If you go through your wardrobe, you do not take an old piece of clothing, turn it over and over and try to remember when you carried it, but put it in a sack, which you then give away. After you have sorted out old clothes, there is space for new ones and soon you will buy some new clothes. Do the same with your beliefs.

Do not waste your time with old beliefs that have blocked you to achieve your goals for years. Get used to new beliefs that will help you create your life and reality according to your desires.


Beliefs can change
Beliefs can change


The brain is constantly changing and so can your beliefs change

Your brain adapts to your focus. If you were good at math, but for years you have been using a calculator, you will have lost your ability to calculate. If you exercise calculating for a few days, this ability will return.

The brain changes with what we think. If you focus is often on a certain topic, connections between dendrites, called synapses, are formed and the dendrites become stronger. Dendrites look like trees with many branches.

In the example of your math skills, the dendrites that are responsible for math, have intensified during the school years, and synapses have been formed. In the years that you have used a calculator, synapses have been dissolved and dendrites have shrunk.

There are people who do not focus their thoughts on specific topics. They do not work with their head. Their brain must look rather boring. People who work with their head, have many new dendrites, form new dendrites and synapses, which are becoming stronger.

It is a wrong belief that one becomes forgetful with age and that no interesting conversation is possible with an elderly person. This applies to people who have learned nothing new after they have left school and have not read any books. These people entertain themselves passively watching movies on TV.. They are not doing or entertaining themselves with anything that could provoke thoughts. For people who are often actively thinking, professionally and / or privately, it is quite different. They read a lot, learn something new daily, think about everything and research a lot. A talk with this kind of people is even more interesting when they are older.

In the face of every older person one can see how much he was mentally active. One can even see if a person has primarily dealt with positive or negative thoughts. And this has to do with beliefs and habits.

That the content of the brain is constantly changing is called neuroplasticity. With this explained I return to beliefs. Beliefs are part of the programming of the subconscious mind and they can be changed.


Change Negative and Blocking Beliefs

How can you change some of your negative and blocking beliefs and have a positive mindset?

Let us begin with the negative belief: “I am not as intelligent as many others.”
How intelligent others are is of no importance to you. The intelligence of others has nothing to do with your reality. You also must not think about the many less intelligent people. There are many people who are less intelligent than me and have mastered their lives wonderfully. There are people who are highly intelligent and fail in many areas of life. What really counts is not intelligence, but how happy you are. The most important person in your life is you. No other person counts as much as you. You are the boss of your life and only you have the say. This also means – and listen carefully, that you are the most intelligent person in your reality.

Look at the life of very intelligent people. Some have great ideas and implement them with much profit. Great! But are they happier than you? Steven Jobs was a creative thinker and earned a lot of money. He died of cancer too early. I like to listen to interesting lectures in the evening. It happens that I can not quite follow the lecture. There are people I admire because they are so very intelligent. But they are not happier.

Delete the belief that others are more intelligent than you are. Tell yourself that you are the smartest person in your reality. This is a fact.


Another negative belief is that you are not as beautiful as others

When I look at photos of very beautiful women or men, I enjoy it, but I know that these beautiful people have to deal with a series of problems. It has all its advantages and disadvantages.

Remember this sentence: There are no ugly people. But there are some who are unkempt.

If you are happy, it radiates and that makes beautiful. But could you make yourself look prettier? Are you overweight? If so, start a diet. Lose weight slowly. Listen daily to the Lose Weight Subliminal. Change your eating habits. As soon as you are satisfied with your body, buy piece by piece new clothes. You will feel great. What about your hair. Is it time for a new haircut? Maybe a new hair color? Make daily facial gymnastics and if you are a woman invest in some make up. Soon you will be beautiful. If you become aware that you are beautiful, it makes a big difference.

You can now say, “I am beautiful.” Or “I am attractive.” That feels good. You can forget the wrong belief that you are not beautiful enough.


Doubting is a false belief and a bad habit

Watch yourself for a few days. When and why do you doubt? Do you know that when you stop doubting, your life will change in a positive way? If you are convinced that everything works out wonderfully, you are far better off. Doubts stop any plan and any progress.

How often do you say:
“This is not going to work out!”
“What if something goes wrong?”
“There can still happen something against it!”
“I do not think I can do it!”
“And what if …?”
“I can never afford it.”
And so on.

You cook your own soup. Whoever doubts is doing nothing good. Whoever is positive and convinced will succeed in doing what he does. So why doubt? It is so much better if you are positive. To be certain has only advantages. Stop doubts and be certain.

If you become aware of a doubtful phrase, turn the sentence into a positive one.

This is definitely going well.
This will work out.
Perhaps something is happening that accelerates the realization of my project.
I can do it!
I will succeed!
Everything will run smoothly. And if a problem occurs, I will quickly find a solution.


These sentences sound so much better. Make it a habit to speak positively with yourself and being certain will become your new and positive belief.


Fear is a negative and blocking belief

Fear is actually stupid. Especially some women are so frightened and pass on their manifold fears to their children.

Drive carefully! Take care that nothing happens to you! And so on. Instead of wishing a good trip and wonderful days, which would be much better.

I have an acquaintance who reads an internet magazine, in which they daily warn of something. Either a warning is given to a food that is or could be harmful to health for some reason or they are warning of the many dangers of the new technologies. A conversation with him is unpleasant. He says, “You have to throw away all wireless devices. They are causing radiation damage. “It is not as bad as you think,” I tell him, after doing some research. He then sais, “You have read this on pages financed by the industry. Of course they do not write anything against the wireless devices. “I should not eat fish from the sea, because they have lead and plastic content. That’s true and yet I eat fish from the sea. And that goes on and on. I have finished these conversations.

There are natural fears, such as fear of snakes and spiders. We do not meet these animals often, so we can put this kind of fear aside.

Other fears can and should be deleted. They are only blocking you. Be positive and more courageous. When you are facing a fear, laugh. I do not mean you should laugh at yourself. Just laugh. Laughing is good and helps against fear. Be confident that everything will go well and enjoy life.


To have to take life serious is also a stupid negative belief

As we leave school we are told that the seriousness of life begins. Most people take life way too serious. Look at how people live who have a lot of fun and laughter. These people have a job they enjoy. They love their work and are therefore successful. Isn’t this reason enough not to take life too seriously? Laugh more and have fun whenever possible.


The belief that one must work hard to achieve something in life is wrong

Look around! You will quickly realize that those who work hard earn little and those who enjoy their work and have fun, earn more.


Think of Positive Beliefs
Think of Positive Beliefs


Which negative and blocking beliefs are opposed

Do you have a number of goals which, despite much effort, you do not reach? There are false and blocking beliefs that hold you back and avoid that you reach your goals. How can you turn these blocking beliefs into positive ones?

A few examples of goals that are difficult to achieve when false beliefs stand in the way.

• Get rid of overweight
• Find work with a good salary
• Find a partner
• Earn more money

Let us look at the seemingly hard to reach goals.


How are you going to lose weight? Is there a blocking belief?

You wonder what the blocking belief might be when it comes to losing weight. Remember the phrase “You see what you believe!” If you have more than one year over 10 percent overweight, your body has got used to it and this is part of the programming. You believe that you are overweight. You say you are. How could you believe that you are not?

You can do the following:

  1. See yourself with the figure you want to have. This is called visualizing with open eyes. I teach eight visualization techniques in the course The Visualization Sysem. With seeing yourself slim you get rid of the belief that you are overweight.
  2. Get a new body feeling. Imagine you have to carry all day your excess weight in your hands. Now imagine how much easier you will feel when you have lost it. Watch slim people. They move differently. Move as if you already have your dream figure.
  3. Listen to the Lose Weight Subliminal once or twice daily until you are satisfied with your figure.
  4. Change your diet. Eat raw. To digest raw foods, the body consumes more energy. This energy is measured in calories.
  5. Find out how many calories your body needs. If you eat more, get used to less. Do this slowly.
  6. Do not go on a strict diet. If you eat too little for a few days, the metabolism will slow down. If you eat something more, this more is saved as fat reserve and you gain weight. You should eat less, but do not allow your body to get used to it. Eat different amounts of food each day. At the end of a week you should have consumed less calories than usual.
  7. Some exercise is good for your body. Lean people train almost every day up to an hour.
  8. After you have lost some weight, stop your diet until the body becomes accustomed to the new feeling of weighing less. Then continue dieting until you are happy with your figure.


Finding a well-paid job and which negative beliefs is opposed to it

  1. Do you think you are not suitable for most jobs because you are too young or your education is not enough? Dare more! Send application letters to all offers that are somehow suitable for you.I was still studying when I saw a one-page advertisement with a job offer in one of the large-format daily newspapers. An international stock analyst was wanted and the list of job requirements was long. I had only a faint idea what a stock analyst is doing. I had four months of stock exchange experience as a trainee. I applied. The worst thing that could happen would be a negative answer, I told myself. But it came differently. A few days later, I received a letter from the then largest Austrian bank and was invited to a meeting. Soon after, I sat in an office and did stock analysis.
  2. Do not give up too fast. After you have sent out a few hundred job application letters and still have no work, you can become self-employed. There is enough work with which one can make money.
  3. Lose the wrong and blocking belief: “I can’t!” Sure, you can. You must want and get active. When you go to a job interview, one has to see that you are really interested in the job you are applying for.

I recently saw a young man sitting on the street, who had a handwritten poster in front of him. It said: “Looking for work – I can cook well – I do any work.” I liked that he had told what he could do well.


Finding a Partner and which negative beliefs are opposed to it

What negative beliefs can be opposed to finding a partner? Examples: I’m not good enough. Nobody likes me. I do not have enough to offer. I am not beautiful enough. And more.

  1. In order to get to know a potential partner, you have to go out and meet people or become a member of one of the social platforms on the Internet and add new friends.A very good way to get to know people is sport. Choose a sport and become a member of a club. Go to a fitness center.
    Go to cafes and look around and maybe someone will come to your table.
    Go out alone and talk to people.
  2. Every pot finds its lid, they say. Anyone looking for a partner will find one. There are always people for whom you are more than good enough. There are always people who like you. Love is more than enough to offer to a partner. Not everyone is looking for beauty.
  3. Imagine a partner and visualize him or her. What should your partner look like and how should he or she behave towards you? Write down the description. You can search for a photo of a person who looks similar to your dream partner. Then visualize this person. This time visualize with eyes closed. Do this once or twice a day. Be confident that you are drawing this person into your life. We see what we believe. With our thoughts, feelings and with beliefs we create.

Do you still believe that a belief is opposed to finding a nice partner? I would like to draw your attention to the words you are using. If you say: I am looking for a partner, then you can look for a long time. You would like to find a partner. You must look for him to find him.


Make more money and which blocking beliefs are opposed to this

There can be false and blocking beliefs that you are not making more money.

I had a reader who told me as a child his mother said several times that people who earn a lot of money were bad. This is completely wrong, when we take out fraud and theft. There are many sayings which with the years become negative and blocking beliefs. Without entrepreneurs there are no employees and then all would be unemployed. Every entrepreneur is going through a build-up phase, which is not easy and he has many risks to bear.

When it comes to making more money, one of the negative and blocking beliefs is the sentence, “I can not.” Or “I can not do that!” Think about different options to make more money and choose one or several. Make a plan and get active.


To earn money, you have to give something for it. This may be time, borrow something, or a product. If you are employed, you can make more money if you offer more skills, more knowledge, or you are willing to take more responsibility. You can also earn money with a second job. There are many possibilities to make more money.

You can become rich with multiple sources of income.

  1. Only spend as much money as necessary and save the rest. Starting with a certain amount you buy a stock fund. Each share is a share of a company. Here you borrow your money to stock corporations and receive dividends annually. For bonds you receive interest. Do not spend the money. Leave it to continue to work for you. Over the years you will own more and more money.
  2. Beside your day job you could start with a blog. Write about a topic that interests you. Monetize with affiliate products such as from Amazon.
  3. Find out how other people earn money, either actively or passively.

Do this to get started earning more money:

  1. Think about how much money you want to earn. You need to know how you want to live. Then you can determine how much money you need monthly.
  2. Once again, you can visualize. Visualize your dream life, not the money.
  3. Then you need to make a plan about how to earn more. No one has grown rich by dreaming alone. You must get active.


Let us look at a few more false and blocking beliefs

Often something is going wrong, is a negative and false belief

Successful entrepreneurs say that there are always ups and downs. Trump has lost everything and soon afterwards he was more prosperous than before his bankruptcy.

If something goes wrong, the next time it goes well. Make this your new belief. And be aware that everything is going well. Just that sometimes you have to give it another try.


Bring Your Beliefs in Line With Your Goals
Bring Your Beliefs in Line With Your Goals


Are you aware of negative and blocking beliefs?

If so, turn the wrong belief into a positive one. Do this whenever you are aware of a negative belief. Have a positive mindset.

Think often of positive beliefs. Say to yourself: Yes, I can. Yes, this will work out fine. Make positive self-talk your habit. It will change your life positively and wonderfully.

Inner calmness can protect you against false and blocking beliefs.

Laugh more! Find reasons to enjoy life. This will keep your mindset positive.


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Overwrite negative and blocking beliefs with positive and supportive ones. Keep your focus on positive beliefs.

The brain is constantly changing, and beliefs can change as well.

We create with our thoughts, feelings and what we believe.
Bring your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in harmony with your goals.

Think often of positive beliefs.
Yes, I can. Yes, this will work out.


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