Feelings Create and Change

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Feelings Create You, Your Life and Your Reality

Your emotions and feelings have and emit a certain frequency that creates and is responsible for changes. It produces an energy field that surrounds you. It is influenced by frequencies and energy fields from other individuals, communities and globally. It seems that it communicates with your environment.

Too many people believe that things happen to them. Only a few know that we make things happen.

Each of us creates his reality which overlaps with the reality of others and is influenced by other individuals, communities, and also globally.

Most important in the process of creating your reality and all you want are your feelings. Often the word emotion is used instead of the word feelings. There are differences between feelings and emotions. Emotions are the affect of a certain event. Feelings can consciously be controlled. When it comes to creating, it can only be about feelings. You can control how you feel and therefore you can control what you create.

Elevate How You Feel
Elevate How You Feel

How You Generally Feel

You feel a certain way in your everyday life. There are moments in which you are feeling a little better or worse. When you are out of your everyday routine, you are feeling differently. For example if you are going out, while you are on vacation, during festivities, you are feeling better as usual. After the reason for your elevated feeling is over, it sinks slowly until it is back where it generally is. And then there are moments in which you feel worse as usual. There are lots of reasons that get your general feeling down. Become aware that your feeling sank and do something which makes you feel better. If you always react with the same feeling to a certain event, you have an emotional pattern, which is part of your programming..

Listen to the Control Your Emotions 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks. It will make a difference in your life. The repetitions are necessary, because it takes time that the programming of the subconscious has to be repeated.

Elevate how you generally feel and your life will change to the better.

When you change how you generally feel, your whole life will change. When you have a vision about how you want to live and would you be able to feel as if your vision is already reality, it would be very easy to make the necessary steps to create your vision.

You can observe and determine how you feel. But it is not so easy to change how you feel. How are you feeling right now? What could you be doing to feel better? When you do not feel good, do something to feel better.

If you want to reach a certain goal, it will be much easier to reach it, if you  feel as if your goal is already reached. It is not easy to know how you will then feel and to get yourself to feel that way now. You can try to get how you feel as near as possible to the right feeling.

Often there are emotional patterns in the way. This means that in certain situations, you feel a certain way. It is not easy to change emotional patterns, because they are part of your programming. If you change one or more negative emotional patterns, your life will change.

If something quite bad happens in your life, it is on you how you react and how you feel. If you lose your job, you can feel depressed and be afraid of not quickly getting another employment. Or you can see an opportunity to look for a better paid job or start your own company. This will generate a posiitive feeling with a high frequency with which you create what you want.

A circle of friends, who are meeting each other from time to time, live the same kind of life. This is because their frequencies and energy fields are influencing each other’s lives. They all feel more or less the same way.  If you want to change your life and your reality significantly, you shall not meet with your friends for a while.

If possible, meet with people who live the life you want to live. They emit their frequencies and energies, from which you will profit.

No Influence of How You Feel
No Influence of How You Feel

Observe How You Feel in Certain Situations

When you become aware that you are not feeling good in a certain situation, change it. You now know that when you are not feeling good, things are getting worse. And if you do something that you are feeling better, you might turn an unfortunate situation around.

There are situations where you just can’t quickly control how you feel. For example if you lose a loved one, you will be very sad. I believe that it is best to feel the sadness. But keep feeling sad in a certain time frame. There are people who are sad for too long and get into the habit of being sad. If you feel anger, feel it for a little, but then do something to stop the anger and get yourself back into your general feeling or better.

Do not let what is outside of your reality influence too much how you feel.

If you hear in the news that somewhere in the world is a hunger catastrophe, atrocities, an epidemic or a war, you can’t help anyone if you feel depressed about it. You only harm yourself. Think about that! Do not put feelings to something which is outside of your reach. If one of he members of your family or a friend has a reason to be depressed, do not be depressed with him. Rather try to cheer him up. Do not allow others influence negatively how you feel.

No matter what happens, there are always several perspectives. Focus on the one which is of advantage to you and your life. You can always find something positive. Think that what is really important is your inner world and how you feel. Both is under your control and can be changed.

Expect the Best and Feel Like It
Expect the Best and Feel Like It

Choose Joy Not Misery

The past is not important. If you think that it was not so joyful, forget it. Most important is the here and now. Enjoy this very moment as good as possible. Choose to feel joy and happiness. And think of the future in the most favorable way. Start with the next moment. Feel joy and whatever has to be done, do it with joy. Smile. It is easy to put a smile onto your face. A smile is miraculous. It makes you feel better no matter what. Be certain that anything will work out fine. Your life will make a turn to the better. If it was already good, it will get even better. Feel it! It is this feeling which creates your life and your reality.

Too many people ask to often the “what-if” questions. What if this does not work out? What if I lose my job? What if I do not make enough money? What if I am getting sick? This is risk and problem thinking and creates negative feelings. These feelings are responsible that all these negative events happen. It is not your destiny. It is your choice.

The moment you become aware of one of these what-if questions, say to yourself that things will work out wonderfully. Add a smile and say: Absolutely, yes. Listen to Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks and Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka. They will give you the same message over and over again. Be certain of a positive outcome and you get a positive outcome. You give the order with how you feel. The feeling of a positive expectation is a great feeling which produces a great result.

If you ask for a hot soup, you can’t get an ice cream. Too many people are asking for a hot soup and have a difficulty to understand that they get what they have asked for. If you get yourself into the feeling of a bad outcome, you will get it. Get yourself instead into the feeling of the best outcome possible and you will get it. It is your choice.

Always give the order for a positive outcome with feeling great. Expect the best and be certain that you get it.

Know the Positive Outcome and You Will Know How to Feel

Do not go through your life without plans. Know your vision and how to attain it. To reach your vision, lots of steps will be necessary. Focus on the next one. Be certain to reach it. And then continue with the next step.

There is one nice method which is very helpful and this is writing down the story of your future. What happens starting with today until you have reached your dream life? Explain in writing how easy and fun it was to do all that was necessary. And then live your story like an actor in a movie. You are the script writer, the director, and the actor. You are responsible for the outcome of this movie, which is your life. What a wonderful life! Plan it, live it and stay joyful.

You are the script writer, the director and the main actor of the film of your life.

Feelings Create and Change
Feelings Create and Change

You Must Feel the Right Feeling that it works

You must get the right feeling, otherwise it doesn’t work out. You need to feel what it would be like to live your dream life, to have a monthly income and a high amount of savings, drive that car you so much wish to own, live in that beautiful house which is surrounded by a picturesque garden and be able to afford anything you want.

Listen to the Control Your Emotions 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks. It will make a difference in your life. The repetitions are necessary, because it takes time that the programming of the subconscious has to be repeated.

You need to think positive and add the right feeling that will generate the right frequency. The methods that help you create, visualizing, vision-board, wish video, and other visualization techniques, are not doing anything without the right feelings. While you are visualizing you need to feel as if the imagined scenes are already your reality. It feels great to live as you really want to live. This feeling will generate the right frequency, which will draw what is needed to create your dream life toward you and you will soon perceive it.

Do Not Let Outside Events Influence How You Feel

Avoid receiving negative energy from outside your reality. Anything that comes into your reality from the outside can influence how you feel, your frequency and hence also your reality. All which you think, see, hear, read, touch smell, people you meet, your clothes, colors, your beliefs, your actions, but also the weather, the temperature, and more are influencing how you feel.

Choose well what you think, see, hear, read, touch, smell, people you meet, your clothes, colors, and your actions. With your choices you can control how you feel. There are influencing factors that are outside of your control. These can be the weather and the temperature. News and information from family, friends, and from the media are factors that do not belong to your reality, but are overlapping yours..

Focus on your choices and do not let the outside world influence you and your plans for a better life. If you change how you feel and therefore your frequency which emits a certain energy and produces a certain energy field, your reality and your perceived world will change.

You have to understand that if you change how you generally feel, a lot more will change. Your routine, habits, and all that surrounds you. This, because your perception changes. Some of your friends will change with you. Those who don’t will be out of your life because of different reasons and you will make new friends. You might move to another town and have less contact with your parents and siblings. You might meet people who are very helpful and some might help you change your life further in a way you are not able to think of now.

One of my students told me that his friends are disturbed by his changes that he has made during and after he has attended a course from me. During the time he attended the course he had no time meeting his friends and was apart of their frequencies and energy fields with which friends influence each other. While my student has found his vision, made a plan to reach it and got active, his friends did not make any changes. I told him that he is going into another world which has another energy field. His old friends are not part of it. He will make new friends who, like him, wish to achieve more in life.

I have lived seven years in Southern California. I have met my friends at least twice a year. This was not enough to be influenced by their frequencies and energy fields. The rest of the year I have lived a different life. I have been surrounded by other people, by another landscape, the weather was different, I ate different foods, got new habits and another routine. When I moved back to Vienna, my life had been changed, not the life of my friends. Only a few have stayed in the circle of my friends. And I have made new friends.

When I have moved from Vienna, Austria to Rome, Italy, which is 1.200 km (= 750 miles) apart, again quite everything has changed. The landscape, the food, the weather, the way people look, their mentality. Also my routine and habits have change. I kind of built a new life from scratch. I then realized that even how I look had changed.

The Right Programming Can Lead You Straight Into Your Desired Life

Your emotional patterns and beliefs play a role in all of this. Negative emotional patterns and wrong beliefs can hold you back in a life in which you are unhappy. Negative emotional patterns and wrong beliefs are part of your programming.

In certain situations your system automatically shifts to a feel good mode and in other situations to an unpleasant down mode. Sometimes you are suddenly not feeling good without knowing the reason. Not all which happens in your life is conscious. Still you can do something about these unpleasant emotions. Usually emotional patterns are combined with thought patterns. Observe them and try to get them under your control. If you are able to control your emotional patterns, be it with changing your programming or with your will, you are a big step further in reaching your vision.

Grouchy or Cheerful Has Consequences

If you are a grouch, you will not draw beautiful things and situations toward you and cheerful people will get out of your way. You will have more and more reasons to be grouchy. You might say: How could I be in a good mood, if this and that happens? Well, unpleasant things happen, if you are most of the time in a bad mood. If you are in a good mood most of the time, lots of beautiful things and events will happen and people will enjoy being near you. You will have more and more reasons to be in a good mood.

Look at the face of older people. You will immediately detect whether this person was mostly in a good mood or grouchy. And if you get to know one of these older people a little, you will understand why his or her life was wonderful or not.

All Can Be Influenced Emotionally

What you send out emotionally, changes your surroundings.

When you have seen the film The Secret, you will remember Masaru Emoto’s water crystals
He has had water in bottles and played each a different type of music, had a Buddhist monk meditate next to a water bottle, he spoke the word love repeatedly to one of the water bottles  and next to another the word hate. Then he froze the water and made photographies of the water crystals. All that was positive and beautiful has made beautiful formations and all that was negative ugly formations.

Think that we consist of about 80 percent of water. You can be influenced and changed by what is send toward you. And you can change yourself and your surroundings with how you feel. This feeling generates a certain frequency, which has energy and forms an energy field around you. Give attention to all that can influence your energy field and choose what is best for you.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally for Success
Prepare Yourself Emotionally for Success

Most People React Instead of Taking Control

There are no problems yet, but if you imagine all kinds of problems that could occur and you prepare yourself for them emotionally, they will happen.

Just think about that for a moment. How often do you prepare yourself emotionally tor an absolutely smooth way of what you plan to do and be happy beforehand about celebrating your success? No, the success is not here yet. The problems have also not been there, before you began to imagine them.

Always prepare yourself emotionally for a successful outcome.

How often before a trip are you told to consider possible risks? Drive carefully! Be careful that no one steels your money! Be careful with what you eat. You might get sick.
And how often are you given just and only positive wishes? Enjoy your holiday! Have a lot of fun!

Instead of nice things and joy, we are too often fed with negative information, which we do not quickly realize and so it has time to work in us and influence our life negatively.

Watch your own language and listen to what others say to you! Stop the negative information immediately and think of something positive.

On Facebook I have read a story about two boys, Kurt and Max. They climbed up a tree and were not aware how high they have climbed. Suddenly there was a strong wind. Kurt’s father called: “Hold tight! I come to get you.” The mother of Max called: “Don’t fall!” Max fall from the tree and got injured. Kurt’s father said: “I have told my sun to hold on, what he has done. You have told your sun not to fall. He had his focus on falling from the tree and so he fall.”

Avoid negations. “Do not fall” has a negation. The right phrase is “Hold on”. “Do not doubt” has a negation. The right phrase is “Be convinced”. Listen to your language and correct yourself it you detect a negation.

Say to yourself what you expect from life. “Life is wonderful”. And this is what it is – wonderul.

Stay in the Feel-Good Mode
Stay in the Feel-Good Mode

On Which Side Are Your Convictions

Are you mostly convinced of a positive or a negative outcome? Or do you let things happen and then you believe that the negative result is destiny?

It is your choice. It would be quite stupid to await a negative outcome. But this is exactly what too many do. Get used to be convinced of a positive outcome. You create the emotional basis for a positive or a negative outcome. It is your choice. Coose the positive outcome and preprare yourself emotionally for it. Your positive expectation will create the frequency for the positive result.

Be conscious of how you feel. Stay in the feel-good mode and elevate it. Get used to be convinced of positive results.

If this does not work out the first time, do not give up. To get rid of the emotional pattern of awaiting problems takes some time to be changed. To change your programming it is very helpful to use the Strong Belief Subliminal and / or the Stop Doubts and Become Convinced Subliminal. Listen to one or both Subliminals at least once a day for six weeks.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally to Get What You Want

Let us summarize how to create  a better life, a great reality and all you want.

• Know what you want to create.
• Plan to achieve your goals and wishes.
• Get active and follow your plan.
• Feel as if you already have what you want
• Stay in this feel-good mode.
• Be convinced that you get what you want.

Attend the video-course: The Visualization System. After you have learned all visualization techniques, they will accompany you all your life and help you get all you desire.

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