How to get Charisma

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What You Can Do to Get Charisma

Some say that you can’t learn to get Charisma. I admit that a potential for charisma must be existent. But most of what is the result to be seen as a charismatic person can be learned, practiced and conditioned. Read on to find out what characteristics have to be improved to get charisma.

The word Charisma has several meanings. For me it means a special radiation which makes a charismatic person appear sovereign. It is a special aura that surrounds a charismatic person and is perceived by others as extraordinary. I will explain in this article what you shall do to become charismatic.

When someone is charismatic in my opinion, must not necessarily be charismatic for others. There are people who are celebrities and it is said about some of them that they have charisma, where I do not see or feel charisma. At least not enough that I wouldn’t call that person charismatic.

I do not share the opinion of some psychoanalysts who are studying the phenomenon of charisma , that charisma can only be observed when a person with charismatic potential has taken a leadership position or appears often in the media, and they assume that one can lose it. I think that you do not need a higher position or a large audience to be charismatic and if you have charisma you can not lose it.

If you have Charisma, you can’t lose it.

When a charismatic man enters a restaurant, everyone in the room turns to look at him. You can feel his radiance without seeing him. And when this charismatic person is alone and not being observed from anyone, he still has this radiation which is called charisma.

A charismatic person knows how to adjust to any type of people. This means he knows how to speak with any kind of people, regardless of whether he is the doorkeeper or a celebrity. Anyone who meets a charismatic person again, is delighted

Charismatic people have the gift of being able to inspire many people for a certain cause.


Carisma is a souvereign aura
Charisma is a souvereign aura



Requirements for Charisma

The basic prerequisite for Charisma is that you have to have a number of characteristics well developed. However, not one of these should be far stronger than others. They must be kind of a balance. There are, fr example, people who have a strong self-consciousness, but are unable to control themselves and therefore do not appear charismatic.


These characteristics include

• a strong self-consciousness
• good self-esteem
• sufficient self-confidence
• having oneself and one’s thinking under control
• conviction of oneself and one’s actions
• good social skills
• a positive mindset
• beinf optimistic
• love and respect for oneself and others
• knowing oneself well and one’s strengths and weaknesses
• being in harmony with oneself, one’s life and world
• being ready to take responsibility
• having developed an inner and mental greatness
• having inner peace and radiate it
• having sufficient Intelligence and educating oneself further
• having good rhetorical abilities and security in one’s expressions
• being secure in one’s demeanor


A charismatic person has a vision, knows his goals, is active to reach them and is convinced that he will certainly reach them.

Charismatic people have their own style and always stick to it. This style is evident in their appearance, their clothes, their language, the way they speak, their face expression and their body language.

Charisma has nothing to do with look. And it does not matter if the charismatic person is wearing a suit or jeans and T-shirt. It is about a few personal characteristics that you have to improve to become charismatic.



How to Get Charisma

One must have reached a certain age to develop Charisma. I think, however, that a certain maturity is necessary. You can teach a child the qualities characteristics that are necessary for charisma, and yet it is not certain that he or she will develop charisma. A charismatic potential must be present from birth.

Charisma can not be learned. You can work on the necessary characteristics and requirements. The fact that one is perceived by other people as charismatic depends on many factors and is, as already mentioned above, subjectively different.

Let us look at the characteristics that are necessary for charisma a bit in detail and what one has to do, so that the combination of these qualities results in charisma.



Charismatic person and their radiation
Charismatic person and their radiation


To become charismatic you need a strong self-consciousness

Having a strong self-consciousness is essential for charisma, but you may not play it out against others. Maybe I shall mention here that a charismatic person is not arrogant. A charismatic person often has a high position and is aware of his position in society. He approaches people, looks at them directly and gives them a good feeling, but by no means the feeling of superiority.

You can condition a stronger self-consciousness if you imagine it in visualizations. You can visit the Visualization System Course to learn several visualization techniques.


Having Strong Self-Confidence is necessary for Charisma

Trusting in yourself and in doing what you do, is not easy. Not having doubts in yourself, your abilities and, that you can accomplish your goals, can be practiced and conditioned. Stop doubts. Doubts are counterproductive. Be confident that you are going the right way, reaching your goals, and manifesting your vision. A charismatic person trusts in himself and gives others the feeling that they can trust in themselves. “You will accomplish your goal,” he says quietly to someone who talks about one of his goals, allthough without sufficient confidence.

Have confidence in yourself, in the success of your plans and in the achievement of your goals. Say to yourself, “I can do it! This will be a success! ”
Read more about Self-Confidence.


A Person who is Charismatic Knows His Value

Someone who is charismatic has a high self-esteem. He appreciates himself and gives other people the feeling of being appreciated. This is a characteristic that is part of social skills and has something to do with self-love. Someone who values himself highly and loves himself is valued by others.

Do you have a high self-esteem? Do you value yourself highly? And how do you value other people? Improve your self-esteem and let other people feel that you value and appreciate them.


Social Skills are Important for Charisma

You need to be able to communicate well with others and give them a feeling that they are appreciated by you. You need to be able to listen to others, keep the conversation going asking questions, and show interest to the person you talk with..

How good are your social skills? Are you attentive and listening to people or are you more talking about yourself? Look at the person with whom you speak, listen to him and encourage him with questions to talk. Work on your social skills.


A Charismatic Person Has Himself and His Thinking Under Control

A charismatic person is in balance. He keeps his temper in check. You will never see him very distressed and also not in a heaven high mood. He knows what he wants and has his thinking focused on it. Negative feelings like anger and fear are alien to him. This has to do with the control of his thinking. He thinks positively and thus creates positive feelings. Whoever controls his thinking has also his life under control.

Do you have your thinking and feeling under control? Is your thinking focused on your goals and desires? Or do you often doubt or have fears? Practice the control of your thoughts. Exhort yourself whenever necessary doing the next step to reach your current goal. Read more about Control Your Mind.


Charismatic People are Convinced of Themselves and Their Actions

I have already mentioned under self-confidence that charismatic people are convinced of themselves and their actions. This point is very important that I write more about it. Charismatic people are convinced of everything they do, and they know it is right. They do not think they could make a mistake because then mistakes happen. They act sovereignly. They do not allow any doubt. Having doubts is so senseless. They know that conviction is the direction for the right action and the key for a positive result. They behave with sovereign assuredness. One can tell that they are convinced to do the right thing.

Do you have goals and are you convinced that you will reach them? Are you convinced that your doing is right? Are you convinced that your behavior is correct? Do not think about these questions, but recognize that conviction is the right way. Plan the achievement of your goals, stop doubts and get active with conviction that you do the right thing.


Charismatic People have a Positive Way of Thinking

With positive thinking one reaches more in life and is therefore successful. Positive thinking conveys a general sense of well-being and increases the frequency. This is felt in the radiation of positive thinking people. Positive thinking has positive results professionally and privately. Charismatic people have the ability to motivate others with their positive thinking.

Are you a positive thinker? This also includes how you speak with yourself. People who think positively have a high chance to achieve their goals. There is no place for doubts. They are convinced that everything is going well. Watch your thoughts to find out if they are mostly positive.


A Charismatic Person is an Optimist

Charismatic People are Optimists. Optimism is associated with a positive way of thinking. A charismatic person is a positive thinker and an optimist. If you are optimistic, you are mostly in a good mood in sunshine and rain. An optimist is convinced of good results and of success. If he meets a man with a depressed, sad look, he gives him courage and hope. Optimists are not lucky, but the result of an optimistic attitude towards life makes him a winner.

Are you an optimist? Always think optimistically. When doubts or hopelessness arise, say quickly: “This will work out wonderfully. Why waste a thought on something else?


A Charismatic Person Loves and Respects Himself and Other People

Here self-love plays an important role. To love someone, you have to love yourself. Anyone who wants to be respected must respect others. You can not really love a person you do not respect. Love and respect go hand in hand. A charismatic person conveys to other people that he loves and respects them.

Do you love and respect yourself and others? Read more about Self-Love


Charismatic People Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses

A charismatic person knows his strengths and uses them. He might admits his weaknesses humorously. He has a strong personality and knows that he can allow himself some weaknesses. To have weaknesses is human and makes sympathetic.

How well do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Take some time and think about what your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie. Be proud of your strengths and don’t mind to have some weaknesses.


A Charismatic Person is in Harmony With Himself, His Life and His World

A result of positive thinking is that you are in harmony with yourself, your life, and your reality. With positive thinking and the resulting well-being, one creates a beautiful life. To know and accept yourself also plays a role to be in harmony with yourself and your life. If you meet or see a charismatic person, you can feel that he or she is in harmony with himself. It is part of his beautiful radiation.

Are you in harmony with yourself and your reality? Get to know yourself better, recognize your good sides, think positively, and you will be in a position to be in harmony with yourself and your life.


A Charismatic Person Takes Responsibility for Himself and His Agenda

Whoever is in control is also willing to take responsibility for himself, his life and his tasks. Most people give the responsibility for their lives to the company they work for and the state. Anyone who wants to be successful must be willing to take responsibilities. A charismatic person is aware that he must bear the responsibility for his life and his actions, which is part of his success.

Are you aware of the responsibilities for yourself, your life and your family? The more you are willing to take responsibility at your workplace, the higher your salary will rise.


A Charismatic Person Has Developed an Inner and mental Greatness

A charismatic person has confidence in himself. He knows himself very well and knows his strengths and weaknesses. He is a positive thinker and thereby creates a beautiful reality. He has his thoughts and feelings under control. He looks optimistically into the future. From all this and other qualities, he has developed an inner greatness, which is part of his sovereign charismatic radiation.

When you work on the characteristics necessary for Charisma, develop and strengthen them, you will also develop mental greatness and radiate it.


A Charismatic person Radiates Inner Calmness

Someone who is in harmony with himself and his life and who thinks positively, has inner calmness. As a positive thinker, he is solution thinker. Negative feelings are not his thing. When he feels anger, he quickly gets himself under control and calm. There is hardly anything that brings a charismatic person out of his serenity. He radiates inner calmness, which is part of its sovereign charismatic radiation.

To get more inner calmness, meditation is very helpful. But also with the work to strengthen positive qualities, you will achieve more inner calmness and radiate it. The radiance of inner calmness is really beautiful. Read more about Inner Calmness.


A Charismatic Person Has a Good Quantum of Intelligence

Before neuro-scientists have recognized the plasticity of the brain, it was thought that a certain intelligence with whom a person is born would be unchangeable. Today we know that the brain is constantly changing. You can improve your intelligence by constantly learning, being regularly informed, and being open to new knowledge and change. For Charisma, schooling is not so very important. But a charismatic person is constantly learning something new, is well-read, generally well-informed and open to new things. He or she easily adapts to changed situations.

Have you been learning something new since leaving school and your further professional education? How often do you read a book or articles on the internet? Do you also look for information outside the mass media? Is it easy for you to adapt to any kind of changes, also to changed situations?


A Charismatic Person Has Very Good Rhetorical Skills

Whoever is well-read has usually good rhetorical abilities. Reading a lot enlarges the vocabulary. Charismatic people are very well read and have very good rhetorical abilities.

How many books have you read since your last school year? Have you learned anything new since? How many books, magazines and articles did you read last month? Turn off the TV more often and have a book at hand or search for articles on the topic of your choice on the Internet. Rhetorical skills improve with exercise. Give a speech being alone. Do this until your rhetorical skills have improved.


Charismatic People Keep Themselves Fit Mentally and Physically

Charismatic people know that mind and body are related. They do not only read regularly and learn new things, but they are also working out regularly. Their diet is usually healthy and balanced. Yes, there were and are charismatic people who are overweight. But that is rare. They usually have a lean, well-trained body.

If you read a lot, learn something new, and if you are informed, I have already asked. What about exercise and a healthy diet? Thirty minutes of physical activity five times a week, is minimum.


A Charismatic Person Has Clear Facial Expressions and Body Language

A charismatic person understands not only how to express himself with words, but also with his mimic and his body. His gestures and body language are clear. His movements are deliberate and rather slow.

Watch your facial expressions and how you move. Are your movements hasty or deliberate and slow?


A Charismatic Person Has Style

For Charisma the type of clothing is not important. A charismatic person knows in which clothing he feels most comfortable. There are charismatic people wearing a suit, respectively a dress and then there are others who appear in jeans and T-shirt. The fact is that he has a certain style, to which he remains faithful. Think about Steve Jobs, who was always dressed in black. He wore a suit only when it was necessary for an occasion.

Do you usually wear the clothes in which you feel comfortable? What is your style? Are you more of a sports or a career type?


A Charismatic Person Has an Assured Appearance

A number of characteristics play a part to have an assured appearance. This begins with self-confidence, positive thinking, includes conviction to do the right thing, and more. Someone who is charismatic has good manners. His appearance is assured and right even in exceptional situations.

When it comes to good manners, you can look how others behave, or read a book about it. If you have improved and strengthened some of the qualities that are important to become charismatic, you will be more confident and get a more assured appearance.


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Souvereign radiation of a charismatic person
The souvereign radiation of a charismatic person


Become Charismatic

This is what you have to do to get charisma and become charismatic.

Many of the characteristics that are necessary for Charisma have to do with each other and are interlocked. If one works on the improvement of one personal quality, several others will also improve. If you do not have enough self-esteem, you will also lack self-confidence. Without positive thinking, no conviction or optimism.

You got quite a few suggestions on what you can do to get charisma and develop it further. Improve and strengthening one of Charisma’s necessary qualities after another. Think that practice makes perfect. Watch your qualities and become more aware of them. For example, watch how a charismatic person walks and practice this kind of a walk.

Find charismatic people. Look at celebrities on TV or on YouTube. You decide for yourself who is charismatic. Choose one who will be your idol. Watch this person how he moves, his gestures, his appearance and imitate him or her.

Listen to the Develop Charisma Subliminal one or twice daily for several weeks. It will help you to develop and improve Charisma.

If you have the sovereign radiation of a charismatic person, you will notice it in the way others behave toward you.

To become more charismatic listen to the Develop Charisma Subliminal once or twice daily for several weeks. This subliminal will support you to get more charismatic.


Charisma is a special radiation and aura, which makes a charismatic person appear sovereign.

When a charismatic person enters a restaurant, everyone in the room turns to look at him. You can feel his radiation without seeing him.

If you have the sovereign radiation of a charismatic person, you will notice it in the way others behave toward you.


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