Watch and Control Your Inner Talk

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Is Your Inner Talk Positive?

inner talkInner talk, also called inner or mental conversation, is the way you talk to yourself and what you talk about.

What is going on in your mind? With watching your inner talk you can find that out.

It is very important if your inner talk is positive or negative.


With positive inner talk you can change your life positively.

If you can’t believe to achieve certain goals, you will not achieve them or it will not be easy to achieve them. What can you do? The answer is: Change your inner talk. Your inner talk influences the result of what you would like to achieve. Stop questioning yourself and doubting what you wish to achieve.

It is not so difficult to change your mental conversation.



Change Your Inner Talk

Change your inner talk from negative or not so good to POSITIVE. You will be surprised how much difference it will make in your life.

  1. Get into the habit of having a positive mental attitude. Believe in yourself!
  2. Do not say: “I can!” Say “I can” often and with conviction.
  3. Say: “Oh, yes, this will work out.”

You have to be convinced, if you say that things will be working out. And you can be convinced. Your inner talk can be orders to your subconscious mind, if it is positive and accompanied by conviction. Your plans will start to work out and more and more will change to the better. Whatever you need to achieve a certain goal, will come into your life. With every day of positive inner talk, you will become better in your ability to make things happen. Yes, you can!


Listen to yourself to find out how and what your inner talk is about.

Yes, again and again a negative thought is coming up. Suddenly you do not feel that good and you do not see the reason. As you do not feel so good, more negative thoughts are coming into your mind. It doesn’t take long and you are feeling a little depressed. That is the result of negative inner talk.

But you can turn negative thoughts and negative inner talk off! Instead, force yourself thinking positive. This is not as easy as written. But it is possible. If you are an optimist or a pessimist, if you are thinking positive or negative thoughts, if you are doubting or if you are convinced, is a habit. Start talking with yourself positively. After a few weeks you will have changed that bad habit.


Control the content of your inner talk

Put everything you say into a positive way.

The most important thoughts are:

• This is not easy, but I will figure it out and make it work.
• I will find ways to achieve my goals.
• I will turn my life around and live a wonderful and very happy life.
• I will fulfil myself any wish I have.
• I will make my dreams come true.


Your inner talk begins in your mind. Depending on what you repeat in your inner conversation with conviction, will change the programming of your subconscious mind. In your brain new dendrites and new connections, called synapses, will be formed That means that if you change your inner talk, your brain structure will change. Sounds weird, but this is what happens.

With positive mental conversation you and your life will change in a positive way.


What do you want in life? Talk about it with yourself and talk about it in a way as if it already is your reality. Everything is already there. You only have to perceive it. This you achieve with a higher frequency of vibration.

With positive self talk your frequency of vibration is rising.

In case you have a problem, speaking with yourself in a positive way, speak with an imagined person. It should be someone whom you respect and who awaits from you to be positive. In your inner talk you can speak to anyone.

If you have negative feelings toward a person, maybe someone care about, you can speak with that person in your self talk. You can tell him that you forgave him. It will definitely improve the relationship with this person. The reason is that your positive attitude toward this person radiates. This is because every thought has its genuine vibration. This is why ESP functions. ESP stands for extra sensory perception.

With ESP you can communicate with other people, no matter where they are. You are sending out thought waves directed to a certain person. Inner talk has the same principle, although it is directed toward yourself.

When you raise your vibration with your inner talk, your perception will change. You will start to perceive objects you want. This is what is called the law of attraction. The main force behind the law of attraction is the frequency of vibration.


It might take some time until you speak with yourself in a positive way and until you believe in yourself and your abilities. Practice controlling your inner talk. Stop doubting. Become convinced that you can and that things will work out.

At this point your life will change to the better and it will change more and more.
Keep your inner talk positive!


You can improve your inner talk with subliminals

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