Are You Unlucky?

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Are You Unlucky? Turn It Around!

Are you asking yourself: “Why am I so unlucky?


Are you constantly unlucky? Is there one bad circumstance after the other happening to you? Are you feeling drawn down? Have you lost all hopes? Are you despaired? You can’t imagine that you could turn things around?

I know this situation. It is like a roller coaster going downward and it seems to get worse quicker and quicker. Your friends do not want to meet with you anymore as you are constantly in a bad mood and others can see and feel it. It is not fun to be with you and frankly, you can’t stand yourself.



You are in a so called vicious circle. It is a downward spiral, where things are getting worse and worse. Is this the end of the world for you? No! You can turn things around and change your unlucky phase of life into a lucky future with happy circumstances and constant goal achievements. How? Read on!


You have to see things in a better light, think positively and suddenly things will start to work out and your being unlucky would stop. But you already have tried to think positive and imagine positive things happening to you, but nothing has happened and you dropped back into hopelessness. You have tried this positive thinking again and again. You wrote down affirmations and repeated them often enough. You attached photographs and images from magazines of happy looking people on your refrigerator door and on the mirror in your bathroom. But all this did not bring any change.


You have seen The Secret, a movie which has shown that you have to imagine to live in the world in which you would like to live and after some time your world would change and you would live the life of your dreams. You have tried that, but nothing has changed.


And here is the reason why you were not able to turn around your unluck into luck:
Do you know that the programming of your subconscious mind has a lot to do with what happens in your life? Your programming has given you wrong directions. When you tried to achieve a given goal, you could try hard and do whatever was necessary, but nothing worked out.


The Reason for being Unlucky is Wrong Programming

What has happened is that your subconscious mind got programmed wrongly. Maybe you were unlucky once in your early life, sometimes before the unlucky phase began. May someone has said something about being unlucky or you might have had a thought about being unlucky and this got deep into your subconscious mind. That is the cause that you are constantly unlucky. It is not your fault or the fault of the person, who said something, which has kind of haunted you. It was a bad coincidence.

You can turn things around and that is not so difficult as you might think. You have to change the wrong programming of your subconscious mind. This means that you get the programming of your subconscious mind into balance with what you want. The subconscious mind controls the conscious mind to 90 percent. If the subconscious mind is programmed right, things will work out fine. It actually is as simple as that. In How to get the subconscious mind in balance with your wishes

Getting the subconscious mind in balance with your goals and wishes and have positive outcomes, can be done with subliminals, hypnosis and methods such as imaginations and nlp.


Prepare yourself for a lucky future

What has not worked out in the past, which got you think that you are unlucky?

Let us call the lucky outcome a goal. It does not matter if you want a happy relationship, a better or a new job or turn the minus on your bank account into a huge plus or whatever you want. You can think of one or more goals which you want to achieve. You might than say that you have been lucky. But this is not right. It is that you have made your subconscious mind be your partner.


You need for each goal one or more images and you shall know how you will feel when things work out.

Think about which image could represent the lucky outcome of the first goal on your list of goals. Then look for one or more images online. Also think about how you will feel when you have achieved this goal. Will you breathe a sigh of relief, smile, laugh, dance or jump, call some friends and tell them, celebrate with a special dinner?

Also think about the long term feeling. When you have achieved one goal, your belief that you will achieve your next goal will rise. When you achieve your next goal, your subconscious mind will get the message. Now you can be certain that you will reach your next goal.

I am saying it again: You are not unlucky, if things do not work out. It is only a wrong programming of your subconscious mind which controls you and your life.



Okay, you might say, but how do I reprogram my subconscious mind? What are subliminals and what are imaginations and nlp-methods?

You can’t change your programming with your will. The reason is that your conscious mind acts based on the programming of your subconscious mind. You have to send information to the subconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind. This means that the conscious mind should not hear or not understand the information, which is send to the subconscious mind and which shall change its programming.

The moment your subconscious mind is reprogrammed, it will give your conscious thinking the right directions. For example, to reach a certain goal, you will make the right decisions and therefore reach that goal.
Which methods are best to change the programming of your subconscious mind?

I suggest that you combine more than one method. Start with one or more subliminals. They are the easiest way to change.

You have to listen to one subliminal at least once daily for at least 4 weeks or until you notice the desired changes. Listen to the subliminal once while you are relaxed and one more time while you work, watch tv or do whatever you want.

The subliminal does change the programming of your subconscious mind, but it doesn’t do any work for you. If you are also using imaginations and maybe nlp-methods, you are deepening the new programming.


Of course, one or several parts of your programming can be the cause for unlucky accidents. You have to find out in which areas you have had mishaps. Then look for a subliminal which will change your programming and also use imaginations. With the help of imaginations you will condition positive results. Conditioning something means that it becomes part of your programming.

You might need some patience, because you can’t change all of your programming at once. You have to do it step by step. It is absolutely worth the time and effort.

You will stop being unlucky and you will understand that there actually is no misfortune. With the right programming, you will become lucky and happy.


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