Early Risers Are Successful and How To Become an Early Riser

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How You Can Become An Early Riser and Become Successful

In this article you will read about the advantages of being an early riser and how to easily become used to get up early and beome an early riser.

Successful People Are Early Risers

I have observed that early risers are successful and who is successful gets up early. During the early hours of the morning successful entrepreneurs are undisturbed and get important tasks done. Long sleepers come to work later and sleepily. They need time to fully wake up, to get started and to fully function. They get less done during working hours and are usually not successful. Early risers already got a lot done when long sleepers come to work. Long sleepers can‘t catch up with them. It is easy to see the difference and the reason why early risers are successful.

Watch and use the Success Imaginations. They will help you to become more successful.

The Advantages of Getting Up Early and Starting Work Early

  1. In the early morning you are undisturbed and therefore
  2. You do more during the early morning hours.
  3. Until the working day starts, your circulation is up and running
  4. The economic life takes place in the morning.

It pays off to be an early riser!

My Experiences With Early Risers

An acquaintance, who is a very successful businessman in Vienna, said: I get up at five o’clock. I like the morning. I can be reached by phone between 7 and 8. ” Anyone who wanted to speak to him personally had to be up and at the phone at 7 in the morning.

A few decades ago I have worked in Chicago during the summer, I worked on the Options Exchange in the Board of Trade Building. The brokerage office for which I worked also had a seat on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Both exchanges are about futures. The three partners lived about an hour north of the city center. They got up at five in the morning and met for breakfast at seven to discuss important actions of the day. Most of the diners around the exchanges had the ticker run all day long, with the latest quotes and news. When the exchanges opened the three men began immediately to buy and sell.

Whenever I read about a successful entrepreneur, it is often mentioned that he is an early riser. Early risers have done the most important tasks before long sleepers come to work. When early risers leave the company after a long day at work, the long sleepers are not anymore in the mood to do a lot more. So early risers work more than late risers.

I am an Early Riser Myself

Although I am not one of the super successful entrepreneurs, I am an early bird myself.

When I had to be at work in an office at nine o’clock, I got up at six, I worked out for half an hour, had a shower, did my makeup, had a good breakfast, and was fully functioning in the office at nine o’clock. I was asked how I do it to be in good mood in the early morning. I answered that I get up early, exercise, have plenty of time for morning care, and have a good breakfast. When you start to work, your engine must already be running well.

Today I sit down with a cup of coffee early in the morning and start to work. I get a lot done during the first hours of the morning. Reasons may be that it is quiet and I am well rested and fresh.

When you start to work, your engine must already be running well.

How do you become an early riser?

I describe how to get up early and stick to it. When to get up and when to go to bed is a habit. Get used to gradually getting up and going to bed earlier. It is not possible that you set the alarm for one or even two hours earlier. You can‘t make it.

If you are accustomed to getting up at eight in the morning to be at work or to start your working day at nine o’clock, but you would like to get up earlier, then do it gradually.

It is easier to get up earlier in spring and summer than during the months when it is still dark in the morning. Delete all excuses. It’s about your career and your future. If you want to achieve more in life, then get up tomorrow by 15 minutes earlier.

Here is how

Set your alarm clock fifteen minutes before you usually set it.. Let us assume this is eight o’clock. Getting up fifteen minutes earlier than usual is not difficult. Leave the new wakeup time for two weeks. Then set the alarm to 7:30 am. Leave it for at least two weeks. Then set the alarm clock to 7:15 am. Leave it for at least two weeks.

Then set the alarm to 7 o’clock. Keep it there until you are used to it. Remember that you need to go to bed a little earlier, because you need enough sleep. It may take you more than two weeks to get used to it. Then continue setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier. Keep it there until you get used to it.

Keep going until you wake up between five and six in the morning easily. You also have to go to bed earlier. Both – going to bed earlier and getting up earlier is just a habit. This is how to become an early riser.

It is a Mistake not to Take Enough Time for a Good Morning Routine

I remember a colleague who came to work with a sleepy face and he spread an unpleasant smell. I always kept myself aloof from him. One day he told me that he takes a shower in the evening and prepares his clothes for the next day. In the morning he quickly slips into pants, shirt and jacket and rushes to work. He came to work with the smell from the night. He has not considered that a shower takes only a few minutes and that his unpleasant smell could cost him his career. They kept him for the first six months which was probation, then they let him go and he was looking for a new job. No company needs a stinky morning grouch.

Long Sleepers Have To Choose A Job Where They Start Work Later

Those who prefer to sleep longer and become productive in the evenings should choose a job that suits them. Chef and waiter for restaurants that open in the evening. Bar owners and co-workers, musicians, actors and more.

In an office you have to work and fully function in the early morning, and those who climb up in management have to be able to negotiate already in the morning.

If you have your own company, you have even more reasons to become an early riser. Forget about sleeping longer and working longer. That doesn‘t work out. Besides you are not working as well in the evening as in the early morning hours.

Get Up Early Enough

  1. You have to find out how much sleep you need to be well rested.
  2. You need to know how long it takes you to wake up until you are fully functional and until you are at work.

How You Find Out How Much Sleep You Need

It’s good to have a few days off, so it does not matter how long you sleep. Go to bed at your usual bedtime without setting the alarm clock. Write down how many hours you slept. Do this for three to five days. Now you know how many hours you need sleep to be fully rested.

How Long Do You Need to be Fully Awake and Functional?

What does it take that you are fully awake and functional?

A good morning routine will take away all of your morning tiredness. You will not look sleepy, be in a good mood, and you will feel good. This is a good start of a successful working day.

What Is A Good Morning Routine

• Do you have a morning routine that will get you up and running?
     • Workout – Aerobics and Strechting
     • Shower and use deodorant
     • Men need to shave and women have to use some make-up
     • The right breakfast
     • Drive to work calmly

Morning Routine that gets you up

Exercise Starts Your Circulation

Exercise starts your circulation and is a great start for the day.

Half an hour or more of running is fantastic. Already 20 minutes make a big difference. I do not know if this is still the case today, but a few years ago I have read that the senior management of the Parisian jewelry store Cartier asked all office workers to run in the morning. Many doctors recommend that their patients go running in the morning.

The difference between running in the winter and the rest of the year is just the clothes. When temperatures are lpw, get leather running shoes.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I walked briskly up the Doheny Drive every two days. That is called power walking. The Doheny is partly steep and so the march was strenuous. After arriving at the top, the skyline of downtown Los Angeles rose from the morning mist. That was an impressive sight. Every morning I went swimming. The pool was above my apartment. When it was cooler, it was heated. I had a great view over Beverly Hills from there.

Running in the refreshing morning air will wake you up fully. Sometimes it takes a while to breathing deeper and taking in more oxygen than usual.

Tai Chi Chuan, as practiced in China in the morning, with slow, harmonious movements, is especially good for the health and for those who do not want to run and use up too much energy in the early morning.

If you have a stepper, a treadmill, or a home bike at home, you can get your circulation going with one of these devices.

Yoga is also a good pick-me-up, which you can do right after getting up on the floor of the bedroom.

If you have the opportunity to swim in the morning, do it. For a few months, I went to a public swimming pool every two days in the early morning to swim a few laps. There were quite a few people at six in the morning. It struck me that none of them were overweight. They all were slim and had a well toned body.

Do stretching exercises before and after the aerobics round. It is important to warm up before and cool down after workout, as the ligaments are stressed differently during running than during walking or resting.

When You Meditate You Need Less Sleep

Meditation Brings Order Into Your Thoughts

Meditating has many benefits, both healthily and in general.

Meditating is very relaxing, which is why, if you meditate regularly, you need less sleep. You can use the won time well.

A great thing is that while meditating your thoughts are organized and you will get great ideas and solutions. After meditating, you feel in harmony with yourself and the rest of the world. This is a good preparation for a hard working day with many challenges. Thanks to meditation, you will remain calm even in tough situations.

If you meditate daily you need less sleep.

Have a Refreshing Shower

Make sure that the shower is refreshing. The water should not be cold, but never hot. Have it pleasantly warm.

After showering and drying, be sure to use a deodorant that smells refreshing or is odorless.

Men have to shave. Then use an after-shave lotion or a cologne. Ask friends if the scent is refreshing and not intrusive.

Women should have make up

It does not have to be a big make up. Apply some eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, rouge and lipstick. A little make-up changes your look and the impression you make, and you feel more comfortable than having the classy paleness on your face.

Use a light and unobtrusive eau de toilette. It is lighter than parfum.

Early Risers Have a Good Morning Routine

Enjoy a Good Breakfast

Finally the morning coffee and something to eat. You need something in the stomach for energy. You should eat something every six hours during the day. During the night your body digests and needs nutrients and hydration in the morning.

Jam on butter bred raises your blood sugar level, which soon drops sharply. It is not good if you eat something sweet in the morning. Eggs, no matter how you prepare them, cheese, and sausages are better. This gives your body the most important nutrients and these are proteins and good fats. Try it! You will soon feel the difference. A green smoothy is good, but does not give you protein and fat. Forget about protein powder. It is dead matter that you do not really want to get not your body. It is only good for the industry that sells it. They make a lot of money and can afford all kinds of advertising.

Early Risers are successful

Watch and use the Success Imaginations. They will help you to become more successful.

Put Together Your Morning Routine

Put together your morning routine. Look at the clock to see how long you need to be ready for work.

Be careful not to rush. Hurry in the morning can spoil your whole morning. And the possibility of making mistakes at work is much greater.

If you have enough time for your morning routine, you will feel well and have a wonderful start to a successful day.

How Long Do You Need to Get to Work?

Think of the morning traffic! If you leave earlier there might be less traffic, you will quickly find a parking space, and the time you arrive earlier than others at work can be a benefit. This is good for your career and if you are self-employed, for your company.

If you work at home via the Internet, start early, have fixed working hours, and stick to them.

The Right Time When To Go To Bed And When To Get Up

Now you have all the numbers you need to know when to go to bed and when to get up and set your alarm clock.

When do you have to be at work?
How many hours do you need sleep?
How long does your morning routine take?
How long is your way to work?

That is a simple calculation and you know when to go to bed. It will take a few days, maybe 2 to 3 weeks, to get used to a new bedtime.

Recipe How To Get Up Early in The Morning

With this recipe, you will be at work early in the morning and you will be energetic and productive. It will definitely play an important role that you are more successful.

It will take a few weeks for you to get used to a new wake-up time and a new morning ritual. This may feel uncomfortable during the first few days. Once you get used to the new sleep-wake cycle and the morning ritual, it will be easy and you will feel great.

If you want to be more successful or have a great career, you should get up early and have a good morning ritual.

Also use the Success Imaginations, It shows you several Methods and how to program yourself for more success.

Early Risers are successful and who is successful, gets up early.

Early Risers have a Good Morning Routine. They work more and are full of energy throughout the day.

Have a Morning Routine that gets you up and running, so you function fully when you get to work.

Those who meditate daily need less sleep. You can use the won time well.

Do you have a morning ritual? Do you feel rested and refreshed in the early morning?

Are you an early or a late riser? What advantages do you see as an early riser?

I’m happy about your comment.

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