Positive Effects of More Spirituality

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More Spirituality Has Positive Effects at work and in your private life

More spirituality has a positive effect on you, your work and your private life

When you raise your level of spirituality, your frequency of vibration will rise. With a higher frequency you will perceive your life in brighter colors, what you begin will work out, you will reach your goals quicker and with ease, you will lose doubts, and your level of happiness will rise. When your frequency of vibration is high, you become aware that you are the creator of your reality, and you will be a great creator, which gives you the ability to create what you want.

effects of more spirituality

Spirituality is personal growth, love, joy, mindfulness, compassion, tolerance, contentment, harmony, and responsibility.

When you have increased your spirituality, you know how important it is that you love and highly respect yourself. Someone who is spiritual also feels responsible for himself, for the impact of what he does to his surrounding and other people. He is thoughtful. He understands that our essence comes from a oneness. He knows that what he is sending out is coming back to him.

When you are spiritual, you will understand that mind is more important than body or any other matter.
If your mind is healthy, your body will be healthy and your life will be good. This is the reason that spirituality is about the mind in the first place. It is about the subconscious mind, the universal mind, and the higher mind. The individual essence gives us some directions and we all are part of a universal essence.

If you want more peace in the world, focus on peace and do not watch news about war areas. If you watch bad news, you give energy to it. Yes, we should be informed about what happens in the world, But isn’t it enough when you read the headlines in an online newspaper? Do you really have to see atrocities? You can’t help people who are going through a hard time. If you become more spiritual and happier, you will live a better life and you will have the opportunity to donate that people who are in need are helped.

Same goes for the economy. If you focus on a decline, you will get it. If you focus on a strong economy, you will get it. If you focus on a higher lifestyle, you will get it. If you focus on making more money, you will make it. If you focus on being happy, you will become happier.

If you improve your spirituality, your life will improve and be better in all areas

Improving Your Spirituality means that you will
• live a better life
• feel better, happier and be healthy
• be joyful
• create what you want

Aren’t that great facts to raise your level of spirituality?

We are made of vibrating energy. Everything we perceive is made of vibrating energy, which some call Light Energy. The higher the frequency of your vibration, the lighter, better and more joyful you will feel. And this gives you the ability to create what you want. Only wish and focus on what is positive, good and joyful.


What can you do to become more spiritual?

+ control your thoughts and feelings
+ put your focus on what you want
+ control what you watch, hear, and read
+ meditate and
+ use Light Energy

Spiritual people meditate. They invest half an hour per day to raise thier frequency of vibration, become lighter and a better creator.

While you meditate, you can imagine Light Energy flowing from your crown chakra into your body. The crown chakra stands for spirituality. Using light energy you will become aware of the magic power of light energy and direct it to the crown chakra. You will raise your level of spirituality.

Light energy is there. Your body consists of light energy. And light energy enters your body through all pores. One day your body will turn into pure light energy. Some people can see it. It is powerful and magic.

Imagine pure white light. It will clean, regenerates, and energize body and mind. Your thoughts will become more positive and clear. Your thoughts generate feelings and they are responsible for your wellbeing and your frequency of vibrations.

The reason that you would wish to become more spiritual is feeling good and raising your frequency to become a better creator. With a higher vibration you will radiate wonderfully and this happiness will be felt positively by all matter that surrounds you. You will perceive what you could not perceive before you began to increase your level of spirituality.


If you want to use light energy to improve your spirituality

+ you can listen to the More Spirituality Guided Meditation.
+ You can imagine light energy flow into your body through your crown chakra while you are meditating.
+ You can also have the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal play while you are meditating.


more Spirituality 3A Subliminal

More Spirituality 3A Subliminal

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More Spirituality 3A Subliminal + Guided Meditation

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If you purchase a subliminal, combine it with a guided meditation or with imagination. A subliminal works, but it is only one part of the process of change.

Listen to one of the 30 minute versions of the subliminal once a day or to one of the 10 minute versions twice a day. The affirmations are the same on all tracks. Sometimes you might enjoy listening to the music and at other times you will prefer to play the silent version, where you hear some mumbling. While you play the silent version, you can additionally listen to music of your choice. But music only. No vocals.

I recommend that you listen to the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal for 3 months or even longer. You might notice a positive effect much earlier, but this might not be permanent. To increase the positive effects of the Spirituality subliminal, continue listening to it.

Think that with every subliminal you are changing part of your inner programming, with which you have lived many years, and that it takes some time until the change of the new programming is deeply set in your subconscious mind and stays without having a relapse.


This is what you get:

2 Versions of the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal
Silent Version and Version with Music
Length of Subliminal tracks: 30 minutes and 10 minutes
The More Spirituality Guided Meditation with focus on Light Energy
You receive the subliminals in the form of MP3s.


More Spirituality 3A Subliminal with Music Sample


More Spirituality 3A Silent Subliminal

Our Silent Subliminals are not inaudible. You hear a mumbling. Reduce the volume until you hardly hear the mumbling and it is not disturbing.

Affirmations in the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal

Your body is filled with a pleasantly bright white light.
It comes from above and flows through your crown chakra into your body.
It fills your head and your brain.
The light continues to flow into the upper part of your body and into your arms and hands.
It flows further down into your legs and fills your entire body.
This pure white light cleans your mind and your body.
With every exhalation you discharge what is dirty and old.
And new pure light flows constantly in through your crown chakra.
You feel very good, because all cells of your body are constantly cleaned and renewed.
The bright white light makes you feel happy and strong.
It gives you strong and positive energy.
And it has positive magic power over you and your life.
It fills you with positive thoughts.
Your mindset becomes and is positive and empowering.
You are open for positive changes and for improvements.

Your spirituality is growing.
You are a loving being.
You love yourself, you love others and you are loved.
Love supports you at any time.
You are surrounded by the energy of love.
Focus your mind to the good, the positive and to beauty.
You are at peace. It feels so good to be at peace.
You are open to the higher consciousness with all its knowledge.
The higher knowledge gives you clarity.

Your energy vibrates continually higher, which makes you feel lighter and more joyful.
With your frequency of vibration rising, your ability to create is improving.
You are a creator.
Your abilities to create are constantly improving.
Create all you want.
Yes, you can create all you want.
Your thoughts and your feelings create good things and good moments.
You create a great life.

Everything is wonderful in your life.
You feel light and happy and your vibration rises steadily.
You quickly achieve all your goals.
You easily fulfill all your desires.
The pure white light flows through your crown chakra into your body and radiates from you.
This light radiates from your body and brightens your aura.
It gives you a strong and powerful radiation.
People, who are near you, feel your radiation.
It is a very pleasant radiation. It makes others feel good.
Whoever is near you is happy with you.
The magic power of the pure white light transforms you and your life so wonderfully.
It enables you to live your dream.

With the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal you receive a PDF with all affirmations that are used in this Subliminal.
Agreement regarding purchase and use of Subliminals from this website: click here.


Listen to the More Spirituality 3A Sublilminal once or twice daily for several weeks. To change the programming of the subconscious mind repetitions are necessary.

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