Ups and Downs of Life

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Ups and Downs of Life and how to keep up


ups and downs in life

I have gone a long way, high up, then a little down, back up, down again and back up again. When I thought a situation is very bad, it got worse. After every bad situation, there followed a good one. Decades ago I despaired because of little things that have happened. Today I take a break and then fix whatever there is to solve. Often enough a problem is quickly solved, sometimes it takes a little longer and then I am back on my way.

When I got aware that my self confidence could be stronger, I did something about it. When I used Subliminals the first time, I did not know that you have to listen to it daily for several weeks and longer, that they become effective. I remember that I have thrown away subliminal recordings and subliminal videos and years later bought new ones.

The same happened with visualizing. I’ve read about visualizing with closed eyes. When you are feeling down, it is not easy to visualize the right images and scenes. Negative thoughts are sneaking in all the time. I had times when I gave up. Today I know that you have to re-start your visualizations over and over again, until positive thoughts overwrite the negative ones and you have to see images and scenes of your wishes and goals.

Well yes, there have been hills and high mountains on my way. I can say that I never gave up. I always got up and continued my way step by step. Several times in my life I asked myself who I am and a few times I have or had to change my lifestyle and with the new lifestyle my own style.

I enjoyed wearing business suits, silk blouses and high heels. When I left the business world for a few years, I got easy going dresses, jeans, shorts and t-shirts. This was a completely different feeling. It was more fun and easy going, which also changed my attitude toward life. I would say that earlier in life I took everything too serious and later in life I found out that being and feeling lighter is better. This has to do with the frequency in which you vibrate. The lighter you feel, the higher your emotional frequency of vibration. The higher your frequency, the better. Today I again wear business suits, but as I work from home, I only need to wear them for meetings and special events. Today I have “my way” of being dressed and of behaving.

Earlier in my life I somehow had a bigger vision that should be the triumph of my way and made one step after the other to reach it. I have reached major goals. But unexpectedly things have changed and I have lost sight of my bigger vision. I had a vision board, but did not look at the images that represented part of my big vision.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, when things got bad it got worse. Today I know that when you are in a bad situation, your frequency of vibration drops and this is the reason that things got worse. Would I have had all my today’s knowledge about what to do to get out of misery, my life would look differently today. Though I would miss the experiences I have made walking the stony way.

You have to write a life plan with the major points on the way. I had done that, though at one point I forgot about it. It did not come into my mind that you have to read your life plan daily. Today I have a visualization script and a wish video (as taught in the Visualization System).

I did find my way, just used some side streets, which made me experience what I would not have learned, would I not have lost my previously planned way.


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