What is Visualization and How to Visualize

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What is the Difference Between Conscious and Unconscious Visualization

Everything was and is first a thought. We are thinking in pictures. The pictures produce feelings. The feelings are responsible for a certain frequency of vibration. It is this frequency which is responsible for what you perceive. The conclusion is that we somehow constantly visualize.

We are not conscious of all our thoughts and too often we think of situations and things which we do not want to draw into our lives. But that is what happens.

With your conscious thoughts you focus on something specific, generate pictures, they generate feelings and the feelings generate a specific frequency of vibration. If you repeat your thoughts, which are focused on something specific, you will as a result direct your actions toward what has to be done to bring this desire into your reality. This means that it is very important what you think and that you control your thoughts.


What is Visualization
What is Visualization


We visualize consciously and unconsciously. Though most of the time our visualizations are unconscious. To avoid unpleasant manifestations, stay happy and keep a positive feeling.


Repeat Visualizing What You Want

With thoughts that are repeated over a period of several weeks neural connections are created in your brain. The result is that you change thought and emotional patterns. Most interestingly, if you only think repetitively of something specific it will actually happen. For example, when you repeatedly visualize working out with weights, your muscles grow as if you have actually worked out.

This is what we experience with whatever we exercise. If you exercise maths, you become a good mathematician. It functions with whatever you exercise.

I remember an opera singer, who was very sick for several years. During this time he was unable to sing. He visualized singing arias and whole operas. After he was healed it did not take long until he was back on stage. But also athletes do quite a bit of visualizing during their training.


Be Relaxed while Visualizing

You get better results when you are relaxed while visualizing.

Make certain that you visualize something you really want. If you put your focus on something which is not your true desire, you will need effort and it might not work out.

Before you start to visualize something, ask yourself the questions: Do I really want that? Can this become part of my life? This has to do with belief. When you can believe that this specific something can become your reality, you strengthen your belief with your visualizations.

It is a natural law that what you can imagine and what you think often gets into its form. Focused thinking is conscious visualization.


Visualization Techniques
Learn all visualization techniques


Use All Visualization Techniques

Visualizing will be much more effective if you use several visualization techniques.

The conventional visualization technique, visualizing with closed eyes, is most known. There are several other visualization techniques. Some of them are practiced with open eyes, even though the images are seen with the inner eye. All visualization techniques have in common that you focus your thoughts on to something you want and then produce an image or inner movie of it which will bring results if repeated.

What visualization is should not be seen too narrow. If you want to get results, you have to control your thoughts, exercise seeing images with your inner eye clearly and practice visualizing images, until you are able to reproduce images onto your current reality. This is advanced visualization.


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Control What You Visualize

We are constantly visualizing but we seldom control what we visualize. This is why you often create what you do not want or not exactly what you want.

We think in pictures, which we see with our inner eyes. But we are not conscious of this. To change your life, you have to control your thoughts. Do not hang on to thoughts of what you do not want. Think positive thoughts and whenever possible of what you want.

Do you know what you want? Do you have a vision? This vision consists of all your goals, wishes and desires.

Learn creative visualization. Practice visualization and implement all eight creative visualization techniques that are taught in the visualization system course.

Visualizing with Closed Eyes and Meditation Visualization is done with your eyes closed. All other visualization techniques are done with your eyes open. You always see images with your inner eyes, even when your eyes are open.


Feel What You Visualize

When you visualize consciously, it is important that you feel joy about what you visualize. When you visualize of a specific wish, feel the emotion as if this wish is already fulfilled and part of your life. Feel joy and stay in this elevated emotional state as long as you possibly can. The emotion of joy will raise your frequency of vibration, which will enable you to perceive what you want.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking of something negative or having a negative emotion, think of something positive, something beautiful, something you want in your life and get yourself into the state of joy and happiness. In the visualization system course you will learn the happiness stimulus, which is like a button that you push to feel happiness instantly.

The more experienced you get with creative visualization the more you will live in your imaginations and in your dream life.


how to visualize
Learn how to visualize


How to Visualize

Use all creative visualization techniques to change your life and to live the way you want. When you visualize you see imagined images in front of your inner eyes. With visualization you will actually change the programming of your subconscious mind. And also the structure of your brain will change.

Visualization is a powerful mind power technique. Whatever techniques or helpful tools you use to visualize, visualization will change your perception and therefore your life.

Thoughts and feelings are very important in visualizing. Thoughts are energy, are generating feelings and a certain frequency of vibration. When desires are n line with the subconscious programming everything you want is quite easily achieved. Focus your thoughts on what you want.


Plan What You Will Visualize

As visualizing is so very powerful you should first plan what you want in your life, before you start visualizing.

In your imaginations you find what you really want in life. Take some time, sit down, relax, close your eyes and see what you want in life with lots of details. You then write your desires down. Give each of your goals and whishes a priority. Choose one to three. Look for images which represent these goals and wishes. These images will make it easier to visualize your desires.

Instead of visualizing all you want in your life at once, focus on one or just a few of your goals and wishes. After you have learned how to visualize, you will visualize these goals and wishes. You will be stunned how one wish after the other will materialize and become part of your reality.

You can make a wish video with all your goals and watch it twice daily. In the visualization system course is a video which will show you, how you make a wish video. In your wish video you use the images which representing your desires and you focus your visualizations on these desires.

When learning how to visualize you start visualizing with closed eyes and focus on one goal or wish at a time. You then exercise visualizing with open eyes. There are a number of visualization techniques, which are fun and effective if practiced daily.

When you change one aspect of your life, everything else in your life will change. So when you focus your thoughts and visualize one goal, until you have achieved it,, everything else will also change. When you start visualizing a next goal, it will be easier to reach it. The further down you get on your wish list, the easier and quicker it will be to manifest a next desire.


How to Visualize to Get Quick Results

What do you have to consider to get what you want?

If it is money

  1. Visualize what you want to do with the money.
  2. Also think what you could do to earn more money and put images representing this “additional goal” together with the images of the desired object into your wish video and visualize both.
  3. Look for images that show being successful in whatever you choose to do to make more money. These images will generate feelings in you, which are imperative to perceive success in your reality.

This is how to visualize successfully. The feelings while you visualize are very important.


What Happens if You Focus on a Desire and Visualize it

Let us take a car as example. You have to know exactly what car you want. You look for photos of the car you want. When you visualize, you see the car from different perspectives and you see yourself driving the car. During the day you will think of that car again and again. When you see a car on the street, you will feel joy that this is your dream car.

Your focus will be on the car, not on the lack money. You will become aware of opportunities to make the money you need to buy the car. Or you might be offered a higher salary or a better paid job. You might be offered this car for a lower price. Things will happen that you get what you visualize.

What you want must become part of your subconscious mind. This is achieved with repetitions. The moment your desires are stored in your subconscious mind, it will help you manifest them. This explains why you have to visualize once or better twice a day. If you visualize twice daily, you will keep the vision of your desires in your mind.

When you visualize daily, you reprogram your subconscious mind. You have some wrong programming in your subconscious mind. Depending on how much and how deep the wrong programming is, it will take a little longer until you life will change in a positive way.

The unconscious mind can’t see what is outside of you. It can see the images you visualize. It can’t know if these visualized things are real or not. If you feel that they are already part of your reality, your subconscious mind will believe it.

I mention it again and again how important it is how you feel. The Law of Attraction means that you draw into your life what has a frequency which is in the bandwidth of your frequencies. You tune the right frequency with how you feel. Visualizing will also change how you feel. But also be conscious about how you feel and control your feelings.

Everything you want to attract already exists. You have to match your frequency to what you want to attract and you will perceive it as part of your life.


Visualizing changes Your Programming and Your Frequency
Visualizing changes your programming


Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind with Visualizing

Your conscious thinking is based on your programming. Your conscious mind blocks what is not in line with your subconscious programming. Therefore you have to bypass the conscious mind to change your programming This is done with visualizing, wish video, and subliminals. This is also the reason why visualizing is a necessary part of the process of maniifesting.


Visualize Whatever You Want

Wellbing and health
A better life
A higher life style
A loving relationship
A happy family
Financial goals


Conscious Visualizing versus Unconscious Living

One reason why so many people are not successful in their lives, is, that they focus on problems instead of the solution and positive thoughts. Too many people do not realize how many wonderful things there are in their lives. They are constantly nagging about what they don’t have, instead of being grateful for what they do have. The power they possess to realize their dream life is lost as it is never fully used.

If you visualize consciously, which also means that you focus your thoughts on what you want, you will avoid problems and manifest your desires.


Wishful Thinking versus Certainty

Wishful thinking does not get you anywhere. Your believe to get what you want has to be strong. There may not be any doubts. What is the difference between wishful thinking and certainty? It is how you feel. How do you feel, if you want something and how do you feel if you just got it? If you wish to get something, there is a yearning for it. If you just got what you wanted, you feel joy. Think of Christmas when you unpack a gift and it turns out that it is exactly what you wished. This is the moment you feel an incredible joy. This joy makes all the difference.

Try to get yourself into this joy. Keep this feeling and if you lose it, visualize until you have it back. This elevated state has a high frequency. This frequency changes your perception.


My Experience with Visualizing

During the months I worked on my dissertation and prepared myself for the state examinations, I was looking forward to the party I would give after the doctoral ceremony at the university. While falling asleep I saw myself holding the dark red doctorate role and literally heard applause. The reality of that moment was much more powerful, the applause much louder as in my visualizations. I never lost the vision of the outcome of my hard work . This made me stick to working on my dissertation, studying for the exams and get things done, which were necessary to reach the desired outcome. Till the last examination I had the necessary energy, even though I have worked full time during most of that time.


Change Your Mindset with Visualizing

The direction your life depends on how your subconscious mind is programmed and on your mindset. If you try changing your mindset consciously and hope that you will be successful, you will get poor results. The programming of your subconscious mind has to be in line with what you wish to achieve. Your mindset actually shows the programming of your subconscious mind. You can change the programming fo your subconscious mind and your mindset with visualizing.


What are Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques are means helping to reprogram the subconscious mind more effectively. The more powerful a visualization technique is the faster you will get results. The subconscious mind will get in harmony with your goals with the help of visualizing with several visualization techniques.

The subconscious mind does not think, it acts. It can’t make a difference between right or wrong, truth or imagination. This is why you can reprogram it by showing it images of objects as if they belong to you even though they don’t, visualizing situations as if they have happened, even thought they have not occurred yet – the subconscious mind will believe it and will act upon it. It will believe that you own this dream car in which you sit in your visualizations and will get you all it takes to be able to buy it. This is why rich men are constantly getting richer. It is as if things are falling into their lap. They have a vision, the right mindset, a strong belief and their focus is on success.

The subconscious mind does not stop with your body, it reaches out far, connects you with people and things that you need to accomplish your goals. So do not take visualization and visualization techniques lightly. Our conscious and more so our subconscious mind think in pictures. And with pictures and feelings you correspond with your subconscious mind.

Visualization is creating an image of something you desire in your mind, hold it and repeat seeing it with your inner eyes. Seeing yourself already achieving your goal makes your subconscious mind believe that this is already part of your reality. Repeatedly seeing the image of what you desire will get it into form quicker.

Learn how to visualize with all isualization techniques


Apply all Creative Visualization Techniques


The first of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is the Classic Visualizing

Relax, close your eyes and focus on seeing what you want: Material things, situations, having accomplished a goal, having a wish fulfilled, a certain lifestyle. Do this in the morning right after you woke up and in the evening, after you went to bed. Of course you can apply this visualization technique any time during day time.


The second of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is called Day-Dreaming

During the day, if you don’t have to concentrate on a certain task, you can daydream. Daydreaming is seeing what you want without closing your eyes.


The third of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is the “to-do-as-if” Method

A very effective way to visualize is do as if. You visualize living the life as you want to live and as if you already have what you want. For example you sit in your old car and visualize driving and feeling as if you are sitting in that car of your dream. You hear the noise of its motor, smell and see that it is new. Even though you do all the household chores yourself, you visualize that servants are doing it. You might even give orders, speaking them out loud as if speaking to your servants. Even though you live in a little apartment, you visualize living in your dream home. You visualize yourself walking through large rooms even though you walk only a few steps.


The forth of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is the Actor’s Method

In this creative visualization technique you write down how you want to look, to behave and live. You then study your role as an actor does it. You then play your role as an actor on stage or on a movie set. It is a fun method to change yourself and it is very effective.
You can imagine that a camera is on and that you are observed. But as you use the Actor’s Method you are the script writer, the editor, the director and the actor all in one. Furthermore the camera is always on you. You can change your behavior very much and get into the habit of your new you.

While you practice the actor’s method, you have to visualize quite a bit of the surrounding and the behavior of other people toward you.


The 5th of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques uses a self-made Wish Video

It is a very effective visualization technique. You make a video with images, slides with affirmations and music you have chosen. You watch this video at least twice a day.
This visualization technique is very powerful. Even after you left your PC, you will easily continue to visualize the images of your desires. It will make it easier for you to apply other visualization techniques. When you go to bed and visualize with your closed eyes, while you daydream and while you do as if, you will easily recall the images of all you want.


The 6th of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is the Vision Board

A vision board is a visualization technique that you can combine with other visualization techniques. You look for images that represent your wishes, goals and desires and attach them on a wall you look at often, on a mirror, on a large picture frame that you hang on a wall.
You browse through magazines and cut out images of your choice, you can use your own photos or make photos. You could go to a car dealer who sells the car of your dream. Enter and ask if someone could make a photo with you sitting in the car and ask for a brochure.


The 7th of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is Mediation-Visualization

This visualization technique HH the Dalai Lama explains in his teachings. You meditate and when you are deep in the state of meditation, you visualize what you desire. This is a very effective visualization technique, because when you are in the state of meditation, you are in the theta state of mind, where you have access to your subconscious mind.
If you wish something which will also helps other people, it will be even more effective, says the Dalai Lama.

This visualization technique is a combination of visualizing with closed eyes and meditation.


The 8th of the 8 Creative Visualization Techniques is the Pocket Image

Put an image of something you want into your pocket or wallet. Look at it whenever you have some minutes for yourself. Imagine having what you desire and feel as you will feel when this wish was fulfilled.


The best Creative Visualization Technique is the Full-Time-Visualization

Imagine you live in your dream life. See more with your inner eyes no matter if your eyes are open or closed. Visualize what you want, visualize all wishes fulfilled and your goals achieved.

How does this feel? This is the right feeling, which you should keep during the day. You will smile and be happy during the whole day, no matter what. Your inner world is wonderful and great to live. Get a vision of it and live it. When you go to bed, feel gratitude for all the wonders of your life, all the wonderful moments each day has. Be and feel thankful for this wonderful life.

The secret about creative visualization with all visualization technique is that it does not give you any time to think of problems or doubts. It only lets you think of a wonderful life, of positive people, wonderful situations and objects you desire. You are filled with joy, which is the feeling, which generates a high vibration in you. This frequency is responsible that you perceive your dream life in your reality more and more.

Learn all 8 Visualization Techniques and how to implement them

Visualize Help if needed

You can visualize anyone who helps you. You can visualize sitting together with people who know what you have to do and asks them questions. You can also ask them to help you. The people you visualize can be people who are alive, who passed away or imagined people. Whenever needed visualize that you are helped.


Some last Tips on Visualizing

You can focus your visualization on every thing and every situation. To only visualize will not get you what you desire, you also have to get active.
With thoughts, feelings, visualizing, and action combined you will accomplish your goals and manifest what you want.

Be careful that not one goal is in conflict with another goal. Conflicts are leading to wars – It would be a war inside you, which ends in a disaster.

The better the images, that you have chosen, are representing a wish or goal, the more effective the visualization will be.

Visualizing is not easy. It has to be practiced, until you see clear images or movies with your inner eye.

Go shopping in your mind and buy all the beautiful clothes and shoes you wish to wear, the car you want to drive, and whatever you want. Go on vacation to the most exciting places in the world, live in the most beautiful hotels and see yourself be accompanied with the person or the people you care about most. Repeat this visualization daily for several weeks. Have fun and enjoy visualizing.

Start Visualizing all you want and use all Visualization Techniques.


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