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Find and Set Your Goals, Plan to Achieve them and Get Organized

If you set the right goals, plan how to reach them, and organize the necessary tasks, you will feel so much better, be happier, and most importantly, you will reach your goals.

Right goals are goals that are your true goals, that are right for you. Not goals that are expected from you. Stop following what parents, partners, other people, and the social system expect from you. Find Your true desires. If you are setting your true goals, it will be easy and almost affortless to accomplish them.

If you try to achieve goals that are not really yours and if you are not organized, you will become stressed out, feel unhappy and depressed. The result is that your emotional frequency decreases. It will take a lot off effort to achieve this goal and maybe you will not reach it. You find out that you have pursued a wrong goal after you have achieved it. It doesn’t mean anything to you. If you achieve a goal that is right for you, you feel great and delighted.


Find and Set Your Goals
Find and set your goals


It is worth the time to look for your true goals. This is about your life, your future, your happiness. Read further below, how to find your true goals. The moment you found your reuw goals, you will get this wonderful feeling of joyful peacefulness. The moment you start to plan how to reach your true goals, you will be filled with exhilarated energy.

Take some time and think about your true goals and wishes. It might take a few hours.
Think about the following questions to find Your True Goals.
What do you expect of life?
What do you really want to accomplish?
What do you wish for yourself?
This is about you. Not about anyone else. Just and only about you.


How to Find Your Real Goals and Wishes

  1. Step

Write down all you want and all you want to accomplish in life. This can be a certain job, learning something, a house, a car, moving to another town, wanting to meet a new partner, new furniture, being able to afford designer clothes, and so on. You can go into detail and explain what exactly you want.

The list of your desires must become long. If there are only a few items, wait a day and try again.

  1. Step
    Close your eyes, relax, and see yourself having accomplished the first goal on your list or owning what you want. What will change in your life? How does it feel? Is it this joyful peacefulness? If it doesn’t feel so great, put this goal or wish aside. What was the reason that you wanted it? Is it that a friend has it? A goal or wish that is right for you must come from inside you. After you have visualized one goal, make notes.

Follow step 1 and 2 with all items on your list of goals and wishes. During this process some of your goals might change.


Set the Right Goals
Set the Right Goals


Setting the Right Goals and Wishes

If you have a family and 4 kids, and you would like to drive a sports car, put it on your wish list. You need a family car and then a sports car. You can’t afford both cars. At least not for the time being. Still, put your sports car on your wish list. This is about setting Your real goals. Find a way to reach this goal. Do not put it aside.

You would love to move to another country, but it looks that everything is against it. You have a good job, but not in country X. You do not speak the language of country X, which makes it difficult, if not impossible to find a good job. Your wife and children do not want to move with you. Let me tell you, there are ways to make them go with you. You have to make them understood what is so great about country X. It will take some time, until they all will support you to make the great move. Be patient.


Wanting to Change Habits

You want to lose quite some weight, but you can’t get yourself eating less. And then there are foods, you shouldn’t eat, but you just can’t do without them.

This is about habits. It is much easier to change a habit, if you do it in little steps. This means that you eat a little less. The change must be so little, that you do not feel it too badly. Set one day per week, on which you do not eat that kind of food that you should stop eating. After a few weeks, eat again a little less and set two days per week on which you do not eat foods, you should not eat. Continue like that until you have made the necessary changes in your eating habits. Do the same with all habits.


Find and Set All Your True Goals

You got the idea how to find your real goals. But let us have a look at several areas of your life. Maybe you will find some other wishes that have been hidden somewhere in your brain. If it is wishes that you have forgotten and now remembered, and you set them on your wish list, you will feel better. Your face will lighten up. You will be surprised how wonderful this is. You will become excited in a very positive way. How could I have forgotten, you will say to yourself. I always wanted that. But can I really make it happen? Yes, you can. If you visualize this goal or wish, you will find a way how you can accomplish it.

For many years I had the wish to live in Italy. I did not speak the language and the EU did not exist. I have lived several years in California, but came back. I thought I was happy in Vienna. Somehow I felt that something was wrong. Out of the blue I remembered that I wanted to live in Italy. As I drove down the autostrada toward the South, my heart opened and I felt this joyful peacefulness. I knew that this was right.
Let us go through some areas of your life. There can be hidden goals and wishes or some that are new, that you have not thought of yet.


Find Goals in General Areas of Life

Physical Health Goals

Are you alright with your physical health?
Do you want to change anything about your physical health?
Are you getting sick in winter? You can change that. If you take a walk or go running several times a week the year round, you will not get sick any more.

What about your body? Do you want to get more in shape? Do you want to lose weight?
You might have to workout more or start a workout routine.

Eating Habits: What, when and how much do you eat? Do you enjoy foods that are not healthy? If you make the changes of your eating habits slowly, it will not be very difficult.

Do you get enough sleep daily?


Mental Well-Being Goals

Are you happy with your life? Is there anything that makes you unhappy?
Would you like to raise your consciousness and your emotional frequency?

To raise your mental well-being, you shall consider meditating daily. Meditation brings order into your brain. If you meditate regularly, you will get a higher level of inner calmness. Inner calmness will raise your productivity and you will have more time for things that matter to you.


Environmental Goals

Are you happy with your home? Are you happy in the town and country in which you live? Would you like to move to another country, town, apartment or house, but there are reasons that you can’t?

There are people who love to live in the North, some who love the mountains and others who enjoy the warmth of the South. Some people enjoy to live in a large town and others who prefer to live in the countryside. If you want to move somewhere else, plan it, and set one step after the other.

Are you okay with your office, with the place where you work? Would you like to change where you work, but there are reasons that you can’t make that step?

Think again. If you change things the way you really want to live, you will be happy and this happiness will help you achieve your real goals and wishes.


Wishes unfulfilled

Find your unfulfilled wishes and put them on your goal-list.

Do you have wishes, but you do not see that you are able to fulfill them? They are in your head and you push the thought of them away. Maybe sometime in the future, you say to yourself. This approach can make you sick. Stop pushing away your desires. Say to yourself that you will do something about it. Start today!

Start by writing these wishes down and include the reason that is holding you back to fulfill them. Think about what you have to do to get all you want in life. Make a plan. Divide the large steps into tiny ones. And go for it.

The moment you set the right goals, you have more energy and what you do seems to workout so easily, almost effortlessly.


Hobbies and Interests Goals

Do you have time for your personal interests? Have you maybe forgotten what those interests are? You never had any? Find one or more.

One of my grandmothers was a wonderful housewife and she did the bookkeeping of my grandfathers company. Still she found some time to read about history. She had beautiful books about the history of different countries. The smile on her face told me that this was her special time.

The interest of one of our neighbors is travelling. She reads books about the country to which she will travel next. She has been in many countries around the globe. She is now 82 and has so many plans.

A neighbor in Vienna went to the opera, to a concert or to ballet almost every night. She was always dressed elegantly and had a special aura.

One lady I know has learned languages. When she was 80 she spoke several languages perfectly.

To have a hobby or special interest is fulfilling you in a very special way.


Leisure Time and Joy Goals

Do you have enough time to enjoy life? Enough time to chill out? What is it that you enjoy?

For example, having a glass after work and not rushing home. I have a girlfriend who has 5 children. One evening per week she is going out and another her husband.
Or what about going out for dinner and having a romantic evening?
Or make a one-day trip on a Saturday.
Go to a shopping mall, think and buy things only for you.

Sometimes in the coming days write down all that you enjoy. You will have fun making this list.

Find each day some time to make one thing which you have written down on the list of things that you enjoy.


Partnership, Love and Friendship Goals

Is there love in your life? If it is that you enjoy living alone, you need enough time for yourself and you need to enjoy that time. If you have a partner, is there enough time for romance? And if you would like to have a partner, is there enough time to meet people? If you have a family, is there enough time to spend with your loved ones?
Do you have enough time that you spend with friends?

Think about this and find several times a week some time that you spend with people you care for.


Money Goals

Is there enough money in your life?

A certain amount of money is important to be happy. But if you engage yourself too much to make more and more money, you neglect happiness. You must find a balance between making money and enjoying it.

If you do not have and not make enough money, think what you could do to make more money. Ask for a rise of your salary. Get a second job for some time. Have a look in the internet. Lots of jobs are offered that you can do aside of your day-job. If you have your own company, you maybe have to make more advertisement or make changes of your products of the packaging.


Work and Career Goals

Do you enjoy your work?

Or would you like to make a career change?

Are you looking forward to start your workday? If not, think what kind of work you would enjoy. Then consider making a career change.


Learning and Knowledge Goals

Do you want to learn something specific?

This can be something which you enjoy or it can be something which gets you further in your career. Take some time per day or per week to learn what you enjoy.


Development of Your Consciousness Goals

Do you know and feel what life is really about? Do you have knowledge about the higher consciousness and take some time to develop yours? Have 10 to 20 minutes each day which you spend in quietness, listening into yourself and meditating.


Goal Setting Process
Start your Goal-Setting Process


How to start your Goal Setting Process

Go through the list of your real goals and desires and look for one to three goals that are easy to achieve. Once you have achieved one goal, your confidence that you will achieve all your goals, will rise. Then take the next goal, which is easy to reach. You will notice that with the achievement of each goal, to achieve a next goal will appear easier than it does now. Your confidence will increasingly rise and you will set ever greater goals and achieve them.

Take a look at big goals that are hard to reach. Can you split them into several smaller goals? Then follow one sub-goal after another. This way, you will achieve big goal with little effort.

Your first goal could be to practice enjoying life more. Do this until it becomes a habit that you  enjoy life more. You will feel happier in general. This increases your frequency. With a higher frequency everything is easier and you will achieve your goals easily and with little effort.

Of course you can put more than one goal on your agenda. But not too many. It is better to focus on one to three of your goals and wishes until they become part of your reality. If you try to make too many changes at once, you will be stressed and probably achieve nothing. If you make too many changes at once, you might quickly give up and fall back into your old trot. Do make a few changes and take your time. It happens that once you have achieved a few goals, others will be fulfilled by themselves.


Achieve Goals 3A Subliminal


Achieve Goals 3A Subliminal

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Have a look at what you have achieved

It can take more than 30 days to reach your first goal or then the next one. Every next goal, on which you put your focus, will be achieved faster. Only the first goals take somewhat longer to reach.

Have a look once a month how much you have done and achieved. You will recognize that you are on the way to achieving the goal you are currently focusing on. This gives you a wonderful feeling. This feeling will encourage you go on..

Be proud of what you have achieved. It is best if you celebrate what you have achieved. You can also buy yourself a small gift. You have earned it.


A last tip in achieving your goals

Believe in yourself and in achieving your goals. Stop doubt  Doubt is destructive If you doubt , your frequency falls. Your frequency is responsible for what you perceive. If your frequency is low, you can not perceive the great car you would like to have. Also not the extra money you would like to make. Therefore, do everything to feel comfortable and happy and strengthen your belief that you will reach one of your real goals after another. Belief can move mountains, bring success and much more.


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