How You Create Your Reality

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You Create Your Reality With How You Are Feeling

What and how you perceive your reality is affected by your frequency. Your frequency is a result of how you feel. Your thoughts and your expectations influence how you feel. That generates a certain frequency. And your frequency creates your perceived reality.

If an object can be seen from you depends on your frequency. What is withing the bandwidth of your frequencies, is and can be part of your reality. If you, for esample, change how you feel, your reality will change. The change of how you feel must be staying or further improved. You will not create a change of your reality, if you are feeling differently only a few hours.

If you compare your reality with the reality of your family and friends, there will not be much difference. If you compare your reality with the reality of people who live a very different life, ask yourself how they are feeling. How does a person who lives on the street feel? How does a person who is very wealthy feel? Think of those movies, where a young and poor man comes in contact with successful and wealthy people. Suddenly his life begins to change and he becomes successful and waalthy. People are radiating how they feel. The moment the young man came into contact with successful and wealthy people, how he felt, his frequency, and his reality began to change. The young man saw opportunities which he always had, but he did not see them. Since his frequency rose, he became aware of opportunities and got active. Would he have felt envy, which is a negative feeling and lets the frequency drop, his reality would not have changed.

Let us get further into the topic “How you create your reality“.



create your reality
What I am writing in this article is knowledge from higher developped extraterrestrial beings and this knowledge is supported by scientists in the field of quantum physics, quantum mechanics and some other scientists  There is evidence that the content of this article is true.

If, for example, two scientists make the same experiment, their expectations have a huge influence on the result of the experiment.

More experiments if consciousness can influence matter have been made, some over a period of several years. The result was always the same. Yes, we can influence matter and therefore we can change our reality.

Look at the results of an experiment of Dean Radin Ph.D..

an objective experiment?

Do what is written in this article, you will see that this information is true! You can change your reality.


Your thoughts are vibrating. They bring into your reality what you are sending out. If you think of what you do not want, you get what you do not want.

Are you struggling and still not getting what you want? Stop the struggling, stop doubting and focus on what you want with certainty that you already have it.

This concept is also caled Law of Attraction. The Law of Vibration is above the law of attraction. You can only attract what is in between the bandwidth of your vibrations.

There are people who read about the law of attraction and that they can get what they want wtith visualizing. They have been visualizing for several weeks, but nothing has changed. The reason that nothing has changed is that they have not changed how they are feeling. If you adjust how you feel to what you expect, your reality will change.

Feel as if you already have what you want and your reality will change.


Create Your Reality with How You Feel


You have to have the Right Frequency

Only asking for something you want, does not generate the right vibration. The vibration of wishing and the vibration of having what you want, and also the vibration of a problem and the vibration of a solution have different frequencies. The vibration of a question and the vibration of the answer to the question, have different frequencies.


Do not focus on what you do not want

In the wishing is usually some wishful thinking and doubts. In the problem is an awareness of what you do not want. If you have a problem, you have created it. Thinking of the problem is making it worse and can create one or more other problems. If your focus is on the problem, the solution can’t happen.


Focus on what you want and you will get the right frequency

If you want to get rid of the problem, you have to focus on the solution. Find the solution, put your focus on it and get into the feeling of the resolved problem. You can also focus on the moment after the problem has been solved.

The moment you are feeling certain that you have what you want and about the solution of a problem, you will perceive what you want and the problem will be resolved.

Focus your thoughts on what you want and you will get into the right frequency of vibration. The frequency changes your perception.


Your Expectations are fulfilled. Liev Your Dream.


Think and feel the way you expect things to be

Think, feel and talk about what you want as if it already is part of your reality. Expect with certainty that it will be as you want.
If you wish that your life changes and if you want something differently as it is, you have to think about it in a different way, which will also change how you feel and therefore change your frequency.
If you want to live in abundance, you have to feel the abundance.
If you want to earn more money, you have to feel as if you earn more money.
If you want new clothes, you have to feel as if you wear new clothes.
If you want to be more successful at work, feel as if you are successful at work.
If you want to find the right partner for life, feel as if this partner already is in your life.
As soon as you get into the right frequency of vibration, abundance, money, new clothes and whatever you desire is coming.


You have the saying in your life. You are the master – the boss of your reality. You have to know and to order what you want.

If you feel wonderful, your life will be wonderful.


You now understand how important it is how you feel.

Reality is information and energy. The information is your inner programming and your thoughts. The energy is how you feel.

You might have to change part of your inner programming. The rest goes with your thoughts and how you feel.


How are you dealing with Your Experiences

How are you dealing with experiences that you have to make?

Let me come back to the reason of your life. This is the experiences you planned to make. You have to face these experiences. The question is, how you deal with these experiences.

When you are facing a tough situation, you have the choice. You can despair or you can grow with it. This you do with your thoughts and feelings.

But we are not creating disasters, are we?

You might wonder and say that you did not think of a natural disaster and still it has happened. Or you have definitely not thought about getting ill. And you say that you have to do nothing with the economy, if good or bad.

You are consciousness and you are part of the universal consciousness. And there is more to it.


1. You choose to make experiences before birth

Reality, which is your life, is not real, but the experiences you make. Experiences make us learn and grow. The most important reason for your life is to make certain experiences. The harder things are, the more you learn.


2. You create your reality and you are part of a co-created global reality

Our news are filled with negative news. The more people focus their thoughts on those negative new, the worse things get.


3. Anything has the same possibility before you focus your thoughts on one

There are an infinite number of dimensions. In each one of them something is different. Most people stay in one dimension, because of their habits. The moment you change something with your thoughts and feelings, you jump into another dimension.


4. You must be aware of the fact that you are creating your reality

Most people are blaming someone else for what has happened to them. They blame the government, a group of people, a company, their boss, their parents or children.

Whatever happens in your life, the only one whom you shall blame, if you want to blame someone, is yourself. Stop blaming anyone. Take your life into your hands.

There are people who have a very bad accident and become paraplegic. It takes some time, but then they become very strong. I once have met one and I admired him for his inner strength.

You do not have to have a bad accident to get this inner strength. You are only a thought away.


5. We are only to 10 percent aware of our beliefs. 90% are embedded in our subconscious mind

You do not know all your wrong and disturbing beliefs. But you can do something to change them. You find wrong beliefs if you find something is not the way you want it. For example, if you want to live in abundance, but you don’t, it might be a wrong belief that is holding you back. You can listen to subliminals that help you change wrong beliefs.


6. Important is the inner world, not the outer one

Take some time each day and look inside. Meditate for a few minutes, visualize and imagine how you want to live. When you come out of your inner life, your outer life will not be the same as before. The difference might be so tiny that you can’t take notice of it. If you continue with your daily inner life, the differences will become noticeable.


If you want proof of how We Create Our Reality

Watch other people. Watch how they react to certain circumstance and what then happens.

Person A has lost his job. He now sleeps longer and once a week he reads job-ads. He chooses one and sends away his application together with his CV. Months go by and he still is without work. He blames the economy to have lost his job and says that he can’t find work.

Person B has also lost his job. He sends several job applications and his CV to companies where he can make a difference, which he has pointed out in his application. He also thinks about how he could make money. He researches in the internet and he talks with friends about it. He finds a way to offer one of his special skills online. Already a few days later he receives his first payment. A few months go by and he decides to become an entrepreneur offering his special skills online. Person B doesn’t blame anyone or circumstances. He gets active.

This is only one example. Watch people and you will find a lot more of these examples.

These two people have different beliefs, thoughts, feelings and they get active in different ways. Both had the same chance of changing their reality as they wanted.
Well, yes, we got one more factor into the process of creating your reality and this is getting active. But getting active is a result of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

If you are meditating and you imagine and visualize a certain object you want. You will come out of your meditation knowing what you have to do to get this object. If you feel joy knowing that you will soon acquire this object, you will do what it takes with euphoria.
Oh, I have not mentioned that there are a few special feelings that help you to get what you want. It is positive feelings that act like an engine.

These feelings are:

● Belief
● Love
● Romance
● Excitement
● Enthusiasm
● Hope


If you have a wish, use all these kinds of feelings. Belief, which means that you shall be certain to create your reality as you want, without doubts. Love this wish. Be romantic about this wish. Feel excitement about the wish and about what you have to do to create your reality. Be enthusiastic while you are active to make your wish be part of your reality. And last but not least, never lose hope.
Let us recap:

Our reality is a cocktail.

You create your reality with

Beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and the addition of special positive feelings will support you to create your reality.

Think about how you want to live in your reality. Imagine what you want. Do not set limits. Plan how to get what you want and get active. Meditate and visualize daily.

What are your experiences of creating your reality and what you want?


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