The Law of Vibration

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The Law of Vibration is an important Universal Law

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The Law of Vibration explained


The Law of Vibration is of utmost importance as everything which we perceive and/or hear vibrates with a certain frequency. And each frequency of vibration has a certain radiation radius (this is how far it can influence its surrounding). Vibrations differ in its frequency, height and length. Frequency means how often something vibrates during a certain time and is measured in Hertz.

You can change the frequency in which you vibrate as the frequency in which you vibrate is induced by your feelings and you can change how you feel. The frequency of your vibration can also change if you get near something that has a specific frequency of vibration and if you are open to this other frequency.

We are relatively quickly influenced by the vibration of other people, the media, a movie, objects, sounds, whereby it depends who or what has the stronger vibration. It could be a friend you visit who is euphoric about something and draws you into his/her vibration. When his/her frequency of vibration is quite high in general, yours will rise a little. At the other hand, if your frequency of vibration is generally low and you meet someone who is depressed, your frequency will drop.

Have you heard the expression: He or she is on my wave length? This has somehow to do with the frequency of vibration. A wave has length and height and during a vibration the wave repeats a certain amount of time, which is the frequency.

Not only that the frequency of a person can change during a day, it can generally change several times in a life time. It happens that you have a friend for many years, but suddenly you can’t stand this person any more. His or your frequency of vibration will very probably have strongly changed.

Napoleon Hill mentions in his book “Think and Grow Rich” the vibration of thought. In the chapter Master Mind Groups, he says that Ford has met with people such as Edison who had likewise vibrations of thought.

To find people with whom you can build a Master Mind Group can be very beneficial as the vibration of thought of several people strengthens yours.

When your frequency is low, your thoughts will be rather negative. At the other hand, when you mostly entertain positive thoughts, you will feel good and therefore your frequency will be relatively high.

I repeat that everything has a certain frequency of vibration. Think of people who are sad and depressed. They have a low vibration. People who are happy vibrate with a much higher frequency. People who are successful vibrate on another frequency as poor people. If you want to become rich, you want to get into the frequency of rich people. I encourage you to watch videos with people who are successful and rich.

It is the frequency of vibration that draws certain things and situations toward you and this is called the Law of Attraction. The Power of Attraction would not exist without the Law of Vibration. Now you understand why the Law of Vibration is more important than the Law of Attraction.

Find out what the Law of Vibration can do to improve your life

You should test the Law of Vibration. I have already mentioned that the frequency of vibration is induced by feelings. Think of something that makes you feel happy and go to a party or a bar with this feeling. As you think of something that makes you happy you will smile. You will be surprised how you will attract other people who will surround you in a matter of moments. Of course, you can try to think of something that makes you sad and you will stand in this bar and far away from you will be the crowd.

You can also take advantage of the Law of Vibration. If you don’t feel so great, go near a person or something that has a high frequency of vibration. You could meet with someone who has this wonderful vibration that makes you feel good. You could go to a public park or forest and stand or sit near a tree with your back to its trunk. Some other ways to change your frequency of vibration is music. Different kind of music can get you into different kinds of vibration.

I have mentioned the radius of vibration. Some people don’t radiate very far as they have a low vibration. Other people radiate strongly and their radiation reaches far out.

Have you ever experienced sitting in a restaurant and suddenly all people turned toward the entrance? Most of those people haven’t seen who had entered. But some people have such a strong vibration that quickly a whole room is filled with it and everyone is drawn toward this person.

You can only perceive, meaning that you can only see, what is in the bandwidth of your frequency of vibration. If your frequency changes, you and your surrounding will change. When it drops everything will appear bleak. If your frequency rises, everything will appear better and you will perceive what you might have looked over before. People who are wealthy perceive their opportunities and they take action. The fact that these people take action, has also to do with their vibration.

The Law of Vibration is responsible for quite a bit which happens in our life

Following your joy and acting on your bliss is crucial, says Bashar. The feeling of joy, happiness and excitement is the vibratory energy that represents your true self. That frequency is who you are. Whenever you act on the highest degree of joy, passion, and excitement, then you live with the frequency that allows you to create your life with the least resistance. Then you are staying in alignment with your true self. When you are out of alignment with your true self, you can’t create your reality.

Become aware that everything vibrates and try to feel the difference of their frequency of vibration. Take advantage of vibration in being near to people and things with high frequency and manipulate your own frequency of vibration by thinking of things that make you feel happy.

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