Do Not Set Goals But Have Fun

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You Do Not Need A Goal To Live A Happy Life

With the frequency that fun generates, you create a wonderful and happy life which enables you to have a lot of fun. This is why it is very important that you have fun and that you enjoy life. You must not set any goals and try hard to pursue them. To pursue a goal is not fun. And if you do not enjoy what you do, you do not generate the frequency which enables you to enjoy life. If you set a goal that ytou enjoy, it’s okay. However, a goal is linked to an expectation and the result is in the future. But you should have fun now. Not sometime in the future. There is only the now. Live now and enjoy life now.

You have to practice letting go and not chasing a goal with dogged determination. If you let go, have fun now and are happy, then you have a nice frequency. Then what we call reality = that which we perceive becomes more malleable.

I watch this with me. When I’m in a good mood, things get done faster and easier. When I let someone or something influence me, it causes unnecessary problems. As soon as I am beyond the influence of others, problems dissolve into nothingness and ieverything goes on well.

The worst scenario: If you set a goal to impress others, it is not your true goal. You will not have a good frequency and you will most likely not achieve it. You might put a lot of effort to achieve it. But effort is not fun and does not make a good frequency. Therefore do never set a goal that is not really yours. And if you set a goal that is your true goal, do not put effort to achieve it. Imagine that you have achieved it and enjoy.

Neither purpose nor goals are necessary for a good life.

I often read that you have to have a purpose or a meaning in life and that you have to set goals. That is not true. What we really want, is a happy life with fun and joy. Wouldn’t you rather like to do what you enjoy as going to work day by day, doing womthing you don’t like? You mean that you have to make money to pay bills. You can make money with what you enjoy doing. If you are one of those who enjoys his work, you are fine.

What we really want, is a happy life with fun and joy.

A girlfriend asked me why I am not retiring. I said: And what would I do then? Well, she said, you can then do what you like. And I said that I do what I like. She has worked in a large company where she was responsible that the computers function. She likes to be with children. She should have looked for a job where she is with children.


Do not set goals but have fun
Do not set goals but have fun


Do not set goals, but have fun. To set a goal or to seek meaning in life is not fun. You have to have fun. Fun creates a wonderful frequency with which you create. You do not really want to work hard to reach a goal. You want to create a happy life.

Attillies. channeled by Roxanne, says that you get a great frequency when you have fun and when what you do is fun. With this frequency you create what you need to continue to have fun. Think about that!

You create fun in life when you have fun.

You create more fun with fun. You create more joy with joy. You create more troubles with thinking of troubles. You create more lack with thinking of lack.

You do not have to search for meaning or purpose in what you do. When choosing a profession, look for your passion. Ask yourself what you enjoy most.


Reality adapts to what you love
Reality adapts to what you love


There is no objection if you want to be wealthy. The prerequisite is that you have fun. You should not focus on making a lot of money, but on what you do with the money and what is enjoyable and fun. If you want to live in top class hotels and want to be treated like a famous person, then give yourself the necessary aura. This includes the whole appearance and what you radiate. Your radiation includes your frequency. Having a great aura would be a nice goal.

What happens in your life has to do with your vibration and frequency. Changing your vibrational frequency changes your life. If you follow what you love and enjoy, recognize yourself in this life, your reality will adapt to that.


Unfortunately already as childhood we are told that after school the seriousness of life begins. After leaving school we have to learn a profession with which we earn money on a regular basis. Some people are forcing themselves to learn a profession which they don’t like. They do so in the hope to make a lot of money or they want to please their parents. This is wrong and it is not easy to change this wrong thinking. Taking life serious makes life difficult.

We have to re-learn to have fun during the whole day as we did as children. Playfully they try different professions and have fun. We should do it like children and take life playfully.

An acquaintance of mine educates his daughter having fun with work. She is currently ten years old. She cheers when she is allowed to cook. She also takes care of the dishes. She was very proud when she built her new bed according to a plan under the supervision of her father. It may be that later in live she might not enjoy cooking, cleaning, ironing and doing manual work. But a little of it will get stuck in her programming: that work can be fun.


Do what you enjoy and you will be fine
Do what you enjoy and you will be fine


There are people who do what they enjoy doing and make money with it. They do not work that much and yet they are doing fine. Most importantly they are happy with their lives. With the fun they have, they create the frequency that creates everything necessary for them. And they have more and more fun.

If you tell yourself, you’ll try this thingy with having fun. You make a plan, think that you first quit your job and then travel the world. The next thought is usually: And what if things go wrong? If you still quit your job. You have savings that last for several months. You give up your apartment and you store your belongings in a warehouse. The first trip is booked. But you can’t fully enjoy it, because no day goes by that you do not somehow wonder how things will go on and what if the spare money is used up. This will put you in a bad frequency and things will go wrong. You must be absolutely convinced that everything will be fine. And then having fun does not mean to be flippantly. So you may not rush things.

Young people who like to travel, usually have an online business that they set up before their first trip.  They have income and they work while they are travelling. It is important that working at the online company is fun. Example: A travel blog and you are financially supported by airlines, hotels and travel companies. If you drop anchor at a place that you love, you could organize excursions for tourists. You think you will not become a millionaire with these activities? That’s not what a good life is about. It’s about having fun and enjoying life.

I know people who have made what they enjoy a profession. A cook, an actress, a director, an art painter, a cleaning lady, a realtor, a merchant, a winemaker, and more. These people get up in the morning and enjoy going to work. They are mostly in a good mood and so success does not wait.


with having fun you create a great life
with having fun you create a great life


With your choice, your focus, your thoughts and what you do you create your reality

Choose what you enjoy. Decide today to do something that you enjoy. Decide to do something long term is fun.

You should not set goals, but choose a profession and activities that you enjoy. No, no, it is not living into the day doing nothing. This is boring. Doing something you enjoy is fulfilling. Yes, work can be fun.

Let’s say you like to bake and make the choice to bake pastries that you offer in pastry shops and online. Do not think about success and whether you can live on it, Tthink about the fun you will have with your sweet creations. You can start with your pastries aside of your current work, so you must not be afraid about how life goes on. You should enjoy life and have fun.

You like to eat? You could become a restaurant critic. You could offer your reviews to newspapers and magazines in your area and write a blog about it. Do not set the goal to how many restaurants you will go this or next week. Go eat if you feel like it.

Whatever you choose to do, watch how you feel. If you have decided on something that you currently enjoy, but in a few weeks or months you don’t enjoy it anymore, then look for another activity that you enjoy.

I like to eat and to write, but do not like going out too often. So I would not enjoy being a restaurant crittic. Years ago I had a blog about foods to lose weight. I posted pictures and videos and explained the ingredients of the dishes. That was fun for a few months. I soon gave up the blog and the YouTube channel. During the same time I began writing about the topic of how to create a better life. I enjoy this topic more and more. I enjoy researching and writing about it. But I do not constantly work on my articles and videos. There are times when I enjoy something else more. I have fun going out for a glas in the afternoon or for dinner in the evening. I love to go shopping from time to time. It happens that I stop in the middle of writing an article and brows online stores. I never force myself writing an article or finishing it. Whenever I am in the mood of doing something else, I follow my inner guide.

If you decide to become a tour operator and you enjoy the work, things will work out beautifully. As long as you enjoy being a tour operator, everything will be fine. You should not waste any thought that something could go wrong or that there are activities within the company that you do not like. You can find someone who likes to do it. But if you more and more dislike your work as a tour operator, you should liquidate the company quickly.

Passion is something you do not have to force yourself to do. It’s something you like to do.


Reality adapts to what you love
Reality adapts to what you love


You have to be convinced

You certainly remember the words of Jesus: And if your faith were only as big as a mustard seed, and you would speak to the mountain here, lift yourself and move in the sea, he would obey you. If you are convinced that your wish will be fulfilled, then the mountain will shift of its own accord. Without you having to work hard. The prerequisite is that you are absolutely convinced that it will happen this way and not otherwise. Important is faith, in the sense of conviction. And remember that if your frequency is right the reality is more plyable.

Your focus must be on fun and the conviction that everything is fine. Both generate a wonderful frequency. Trust yourself and your project.

Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka, says that of all that you can do now, choose what you like best. This morning I have ironed the pants which I have bought yesterday toI  try them again. I had my focus on the new pants, so ironing was fun. Then I felt like continueing to write this article. And now I’m looking forward to have lunch. I have a new notebook and had to transfer a few apps from the old to the new one. It took a few days until I was in the mood to get this done.


Being a Millionaire or Having Fun
Being a Millionaire or Having Fun


Do Not Think About Lack

Attilies stresses that one should not strive to fulfill himself a wish or plan to reach a goal. When you think about how to achieve something, you also think about what’s missing. This includes the thought of money. That means you think of lack. Deficiency is a limitation that stops or prevents the materialization of what you desire. Put your focus on what you want out of the many opportunities you have. But make sure that you enjoy what you are doing at any given moment. Have fun and you will have the frequency you need to be happy.

Put your focus on what you want out of the many opportunities you have.

Many people can not imagine that their big wishes can be fulfilled. Their imaginations are very limited. They do not believe that even more than they wish is possible. It seems too far away from where they are at the moment. If you believe that anything is possible, things look different. Read about how important a strong believe is.

You are worth living the life that you hardly dare to dream. Do not have doubts but be convinced that you can have what you want in the now. It takes a certain frequency that a specific wish materializes. Visualizing does help, because with visualizing you put your focus on your wishes and your frequency changes. In the Visualization System 8 visualization techniques are explained.


My Goals Are Fun

I love to travel, but I dislike packing bags. And then I enjoy having with me what I am used to. Whom Roxy is channeling says that you shall just go where ever you want and you will have what you need. That wouldn’t work out for me. I enjoy shopping in stores and online and I want to have the clothing that I have chosen with me. I love makeup stuff. I always have lots of it with me. No, I could not travel with only my handbag.

I set my travel goals a couple of days in advance. Usually, but not always, I am booking rooms a couple of days in advance. It has happened that I have been looking for a room in the night and did not find one. My plan was to drive as long as I am in the mood to. And then there was a beautiful town, but it seemed that all was closed. I guess that Attillies would say that I was not convinced to find a hotel room. Anyway, I am looking at the map, planning stops, and booking hotel rooms in advance.

And then I have to add that things have always worked out. Couple of years ago I was driving through mountains. It was night and there was no gas station. I was concerned not to have enough gas to get to the next town. I even got lost a little in the mountains. I thought that in case I am out of gas, something will happen. I arrived at the next town, quickly found a gas station, and all was fine.,

I never was really desparate. I have always kept my mind positive. Today I understand how important that is.  If you stay positive things will work out fine. Therefore it is better to take life from a playful perspective. Most people think about what could go wrong and are surprised that things do go wrong. They are creating the problems and troubles themselves.

Life has to be fun and if you have fun, things will work out and you will be fine.

Conclusion: Do not take life seriously. Have fun in the present and with everything you are doing and everything is easier.


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