Stop Wanting to Have and you will get more you want

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Stop Wanting and the Neediness for More in order to Get More



Whatever you want, stop the wanting and the neediness. I mean the thought: to want something so very much.

Be happy and assured about the fact that you will soon have what you want. It is actually there. You only have to perceive it, which you will with the right frequency of vibration. This frequency is generated by your emotional well-being, your belief system and your focus.


Don’t do this

If you want more money and you try hard to earn it, and you sometimes doubt that you will make it, you get yourself into a frequency, which is not supportive on the way to make more money.


Do this instead

Do something which is fulfilling und which you are passionate about. The money and the opportunity to get all you want will come by itself.

Think of people, who had an idea and spend all their time with making that idea work out. And then they get rich. The money and getting rich was not their prime goal.
Think of people, who do a lot to stay young, versus people, who live a happy life and stay naturally young.

But isn’t there anything you could do to accelerate the process of getting what you desire?

Yes, there is.

We are so sure that we have to work hard to make money and live a better life. Would we be sure that we can have what we desire in a matter of a second, we would instantly manifest it. You can read about this in the bible. Jesus explained how instant manifestation works. He said that it has to do with our belief.


Would you belief that you have what you desire, you would have and perceive it!

Watch how you feel! Have inner calmness, keep a smile on your face and be happy without having to have a reason for it. Be certain that you will soon have what you want. Stop the neediness and any doubts.

Look for a video in which you can see a tribe in Africa or in South America; people who live in harmony with nature. Their day is filled with doing a craft, hunting, and cooking. And when there is a reason, they sing and dance. Look at their faces. They mostly smile. Then look at people in large towns in the developed world. Most people are in a hurry. They all want more of what they already have. Look at their faces! Almost none of them smiles.


Raise your emotional frequency and keep it high

Life is good! Become aware of that. What is it that you are missing, which is holding you back living this life with joy, being in peace and in harmony, and feeling good.

Find a way to feel good. And if you keep your feel-good attitude from the early morning into the night day by day, your life will change in a way that you will feel better and better. Things will be working out and you will perceive more and more of what you want in life.


This is holding you back to get what you want

If you focus on what you want with the thought: Would I have this, I would be so much happier! – you are holding yourself in a low frequency. This feeling of wanting, but not having, keeps you from getting it.

Instead, feel the joy of having it. With this feeling, the process of creation will be ignited. Well, it actually is a process of perceiving. This is instant manifestation.

The law of vibration is superior to the law of attraction. It is about changing your frequency to perceive what you want.


Do something to improve your well-being and to be happy, smile and feel joy about all the good things in your life. That way you will perceive all you desire.



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