How to Visualize What You Want

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Learn How to Visualize Exactly What You Want in Life

know what you visualize

Scientists found out that our perception in imagining is only accurate, if we know well what we imagine. So, if you want to imagine a specific change in your life, you need a clear picture of this change. If you continuously and clearly see what you want, your imagination will have more power.

It does not matter if you see something with your eyes open or closed, whereby visualizations with your inner eye is more powerful. When you see with your inner eye, you must not see what you perceive in your reality. Pictures seen with your inner eye are held in your mind and become part of your cellular programming (subconscious programming). So, seeing pictures of what you want with your inner eye is more effective.

With mental imagery (mental visualization) you can rehearse your future life. When repeated often your visualizations can become your reality, which means that you perceive it as your reality. Because of the repetitions of seeing certain images or scenes, the wiring (dendrites) and the connections (synapsis) in your brain change. Dendrites and synapsis, which have to do with a certain image which is not or less soften seen, decrease and dendrites and synapsis, connected with a certain image which is seen often, become stronger and new connection are built.

What Should You Visualize

We are constantly visualizing. Mental visualization is seeing with the inner eye. As we see in pictures, we are visualizing, but often enough we manifest what we do not want.

How does this happen? Thoughts, which are actually pictures and scenes are transformed into feelings and they generate a certain emotional frequency of vibration in which one vibrates, which is radiating and attracts what is in line with that frequency.<(p>

Imperative in the manifesting process is how you feel. The fastest way to get what you want is getting yourself into the feeling in which you will be after you have reached that goal or have what you want.

This starts with positive thinking and focusing your thoughts on what you want. When you feel good and happy, you think positive and when you don’t feel good, you think  negative. This is because thoughts generate a certain feeling in you. Imagine you increase your degree of happiness. It will trigger the whole process of a positive life change. Consciously visualizing what you want as you learn in this course, will increase the effectiveness and the speed of the manifesting process.

What actually happens with regualar visualization is that positive thinking and feeling good and happy most of the time, will change your brain structure.
In neuron cells in your brain are dendrites, which look like trees with branches, and synapses, see them as connections of the end of some of the branches. When you do not use a certain skill or not think a specific thought for some time, the wires and connections of the part of your brain, where that skill or that thought is embedded, decline. When you focus your thoughts on something specific, new wires will develop. They will get stronger and make new connections.. This happens with any knowledge or skill and any characteristic about you.

Let us say you have been very good in math at school, but for many years you did not exercise math, because you used a calculator. One day you have no calculator with you and you try calculating in your head. You are shocked that you do not even remember the little multiplications. What has happened is, that the wiring and connections, which were responsible for your math knowledge and skill, has declined. To get better in math you would have to practice math for a few months.

Let us assume you are a sceptic and you see in everything something negative. Because of this characteristic your life is a mess and you are not very liked by other people. So you start looking for the positive side in everything and whenever you have a negative thought you whisk it away and think of something positive. Day by day you become more optimistic. In your brain cells the wiring and the connections change. And your life changes continually to the better. Whatever you begin, works out well. You are more and more successful in all areas of your life and people like you, because of your optimism and your cheerfulness and you are admired because of your successes.

What has happened? Your brain structure has changed thanks to the change of your thinking, especially the focusing of your thoughts onto the positive side of anything.

During the first few weeks you had to put some effort into looking for the positive side and focusing your thoughts to beauty and joy and you visualized beauty and joy. It was not always easy to stop thinking a negative thought, but you whisked it away immediately after you got aware of it. With the weeks it got easier to control your thoughts. Your perception changed and you saw how beautiful this world and this life is. You met wonderful people who became your friends. Some old friends vanished. And now great ideas come into your mind, you take advantage of opportunities which seem to come out of the blue, your income rises, you move to a bigger apartment into a beautiful part of the town and more and more good things happen in your life.

This scenario is the result of creative visualization, which you have prepared well and practiced daily. How you prepare for visualization, how you raise your wellbeing factor and the degree of your happiness, how you exercise visualization techniques and how you implement them during your daily routine, you learn in the Creative Visualization System.

Thinking is Visualizing

We think in pictures and see these pictures with our inner eye no matter if the eyes are open or closed. This is visualizing. This means that we are constantly visualizing. This explains that when you often entertain negative thoughts negative situations happen. For example, if you are afraid that something might happen, it very probably will. If you are filled with joy and you are certain that you will achieve a specific goal, you will achieve it.

What is creative visualization? Creative visualization is when you control your thoughts, consciously choose images you see with your inner eye and add the corresponding emotion. Of course you also have to get active. If you visualize what has to be done to achieve a certain goal and that it is easily done, you will get it done with less effort.

I saw a documentation about how Austrian skiers train. 1. They are regularly training with weights, they train their legs and do balance training. 2. Preparation for the Actual Training: They go to the slope, go slowly down with their skies to get to know the downhill into detail. 3. Actual Training: While they then go down the slope fast as in the competition, they are filmed. 4. After Actual Training: Afterwards they watch the video with their trainer. They often stop the video and discuss details. 5. Visualizing: The skier lies on a comfortable bed and visualizes going down the slope as fast as possible and without any faults. They see themselves win and I would guess that they hear the cheers of the spectators. 5. Actual Training: They again go down the slope as in a competition and are again filmed. – In this documentation they explained that at least a third of the training of professional athletes is visualizing.

Understand the importance of creative visualization. Whatever you plan to do, visualize it first and visualize it a few times, before you actually do it. See yourself do it better as you believe you can. In visualization everything is possible. Visualizing absolutely prepares you for the actual performance.

With the Video Course “Creative Visualization System” you will change your life. You will learn how to control your thoughts, what images you choose to see, how to increase your wellbeing in general, how to increase the degree of your happiness and how often you shall visualize. You will also learn that you can visualize not only with your eyes closed, but also with your eyes open and that you can permanently live in your consciously chosen visualized world.

I wish you get great results, success in all you plan to accomplish, become your ideal you and soon live the life of your dreams.

Individual results will vary greatly according to input, determination, hard work, ability to follow directions, and some other factors.

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