Happiness should be your ultimate goal

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Happiness is extremely important

If you are happy, you will create and perceive what you believe you need to be happy

When you are happy, you create what you need to be happy
when you are happy

When you are happy, you create and perceive what you believe you need to be happy,
When you are happy, you achieve your goals and you get what you want.
When you are happy, all you begin will work out.
When you are happy, your frequency of vibration which is responsible for what you perceive, will rise
When you are happy, all appears in light colors.
When you are happy, you recognize how wonderful this life and this world is.
When you are happy, your self confidence is strong.
When you are happy, you radiate happiness and you are liked.


When you are unhappy, you achieve nothing what you believe you need to be happy.
When you are unhappy, anything in your life appears difficult.
When you are unhappy, all you start goes wrong.
When you are unhappy, you attract misfortune.
When you are unhappy, your frequency of vibration is very low.
When you are unhappy everything appears in dark colors.
When you are unhappy, your life and this world appear sad.


So why be unhappy, when happiness has so many benefits.


You need to be happy and feel happy without looking for a reason or impose conditions. If you are not happy, nothing can happen which makes you happy. If you are happy, all these wonderful things, which you are longing for, occure.


An examplfe for unhappiness:

Long into the night Jeff has been thinking of all his problems, has not slept well and got up late. Now he is late on his way to work. As usual he is in a bad mood. He dislikes his work and there is nothing good which he could be looking forward.

The day is gray. It is all bad, if not hopeless. He asks himself, if he will be able to pay the loan rate. And he thinks that he will not be able to afford anything till end of the month. Not even a few beers. „What a life!“ he says to himself with a sigh.

Also in the bus is all gray. The people are wearing dark jackets and trousers. On their face a gloomy gaze.

After Jeff left the bus, he is rushing to his work. In front of the elevator stands a coleague. A scarce „Morning“ comes from his mouth, but his eyes stay on the door of the elevator. Finally the door opens and the owner of the company comes out. As always with a radiant smile. His „Good Morning“ sounds cheeful.

„It is easy for him to laugh,“ Jeff thinks. He has everything. He sits in a large office in the last floor with a magnificent view over the city. With all the money he owns, he can do what he wants. A chauffeur is driving him in a long limousine. He would never go with a bus. And the limo is not his only car. He has a sinfully expensive sports car. Jeff envies him for it. To have such a car would make him happy. And all the freedoms his boss has. He travels whenever he likes. With internet he keeps contact with his company. Not long ago he was on an island where the sun shines the whole year. Jeff has forgotten the name of it. It does not matter, because he will never be able to afford going there.

“What a life!” Jeff thinks. He never has to lose a thought on paying back a loan. He is totally happy. Well, he has more than enough reason to be happy.

Would you want to live Jeff’s life?


If you know people like Jeff, go out their way. Go out of the way of people, who await compassion, who are constantly nagging, who want to discuss the terrible politiians, the poor economy, and all the misery of the world. These kind of people have the ability to draw you into their misfortune.


Observe happy and unhappy people and their life.
Happiness is the major difference.


How you feel, you radiate

When you are happy, you are radiating happiness and this is not the only reason that you are liked. You attract luck. And anything you wish, you manifest easily


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To be happy requires that you mostly think positive thoughts. Being happy makes it easy thinking positive. When you are having positive thoughts, you are happy. Being happy and thinking positive makes your frequency of vibration rise. With a high vibration you perceive what you have want. You realize possibilities that you use and that improve your life. Your life is brighter and better.


Happiness changes the programming of your subconscious mind positively

Not only other people react positively toward your happines, but also your subconsciousness. Your subconsciousness controls you and your life to 90 percent. In the subconscious mind are, aside of important information, thought and emotional patterns. To program a new information into your subconscious mind, you have to repeat it. If you often allow being unhappy, unhappiness will become part of your programming.

To upload positive emotional patterns into your programming, you have to be happy often. It is best if you get yourself being happy and stay happy.


You mean you have lots of reasons being unhappy;?

  1. If you are unhappy, all the reasons of unhappiness will stay. You subconscious mind fulfills your wishes. If you are unhappy, your frequency is low. Your subconscious mind understands the frequency. When your frequency is low, your subconscious mind will do anything that you stay unhappy.
  2. A universel law says that anything which is good is also bad. All has two edges. Look for the good side. You surely will find it.
  3. You can’t get yourself being happy? When you can be unhappy, you can also be happy. Think of something beautiful and cheerful. Think of all the wonderful things that you would love to have. All your wishes will be fulfilled the happier you are.
  4. You attract to what you focus your thoughts. Do you want reasons for being unhappy? Why don’t you think of your dream life instead? Isn’t thinking of your dreams better than unhappiness?
  5. You know many people, who are not doing better than you? Of course! Who is unhappy attracts people who are also unhappy. Do not meet these people. You can’t help them. We can only help ourselves.


Forget all reasons for being unhappy. If you decide to be happy, everything will turn to the good. Isn’t this reason enough, to practice happiness?


Happiness is a decision


Choose being happy. And the happiness must be unconditional. It does not cost more effort to spend the day with a long face than with a smiling face, but it makes an enormous difference.

Do it right now. Bring your face to smile. Your cheeks go up and so the corners of your mouth. You will look different and you will feel better and happier. Keep this smile all day long! You will soon discover that you will be treated by others differently and that you will attract people who are positive and happy.

If something happens which threatens to shatter your happiness, look for the brighter side of the situation. Each crisis is an opportunity in disguise. Every problem can be solved. It is often that something beautiful and good would not have happened, without a problem happening first.

When you wake up in the morning, expect something special to happen. Spend the day with this wonderful expectation. Do not await something specific. It shall be a surprise until it happens. Make this every day. Why you should do this every day? Why not? It is easy to get used to something good. And this habit will get programmed in your subconscious mind. Furthermore if every day something good happens in your life, your frequency will continuously rise. The higher your frequency the happier you are and the happier you are the higher your frequency.


Maintain Your Happiness with Small Pleasures

Make yourself little pleasures. They revive your feelings of happiness. For small joys there are hundreds and thousands of examples. Think, with what you could make yourself a little pleasures and write a list. Whenever necessary you can choose something from this list. With what will you make yourself a small pleasure today?

Do you have a special wish? Plan how to fulfill yourself that wish and believe that you will soon perceive it in your reality.


Let us summarize what you can do in order to feel happy and be happy. The more you try to be happy, the higher your degree of happiness.

  1. Decide to be happy.
  2. Put a smile on your face and keep it.
  3. Look for the good side.
  4. Think positive and about beauty.
  5. Expect something good to happen.
  6. Dream of your dream life as often as you can.
  7. Stay away from unfortunate people.
  8. Make yourself small pleasures.
  9. And there is a lot more you can do to be and stay happy.


Have you already decided to be and stay happy and radiate happiness in order to attract everything you wish?


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