Inner Silence Creates Clarity and Happiness

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Inner Silence Gives Clarity And More Energy

Condition inner silence and stillness. That will be very helpful in your life. Inner silence also called inner calmness gives you more energy, more happiness, and enables clear thinking. You will make good decisions, prevent problems or solve them quickly. You will have a beautiful and pleasant radiation which will make you more likeable and above all you will be successful.

Inner silence enables clear thinking and you will have more energy.

Inner Silence enables clear thinking
Inner Silence enables clear thinking

With Inner Silence you create a better life.

Definition Of Silence

Silence is a quality of being. It has to do with inner peace and inner stillness. You can be in a loud restaurant and stay in wonderful inner silence. What really matters is your inner world and not what is going on around you.

Regardless of what happens in the outside world, you can be calm or restless inside. If you have conditioned inner silence, you will stay calm, even with noise and excitement. I will explain how you reach inner stillness and how you keep it at any time.

If you are in a city with lots of noise from cars, machines, and people, you can stay with inner peace and inner stillness. When you come home, you can enjoy silence in your inner and outer world. If noise is awaiting you at home, you are still in inner silence and not be disturbed by the outside world. Inner Calmness throught subliminal messages.

Listen to the Inner Calmness 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks. It will change your programming which takes lots of repetitions.

With practice, you can maintain inner silence, which is beneficial in work and private life.

How You Can Deal With Noise And Excitement

If you are on a street or in a place where it is very loud, you can create inner calmness with open-eyed breathing meditation.

If necessary, create inner silence with breathing meditation.

Here’s how it works: Take long breaths and be aware of your breaths. Breathe in for several seconds and out for several seconds. Then watch the noisy and restless scenery as if you were in a nice and quiet atmosphere, watching the action on a large screen. You thereby change the perspective from which you observe the happenings.

In other words: You are in your calm inside world, watch what is happening in the outside world and you keep your inner stillness.

With inner stillness you can get control over how you feel in different situations. This will also minimize stress caused by noise and anxiety. So it does not matter what you perceive and experience, but how you evaluae a situation for yourself. You can walk through a noisy street, staying completely relaxed and still while watching the hustle and bustle like a movie. The happening is outside of your being, that is, in the outer world.

When there is restlessness and noise at home, breathing meditation can help you deal with the matter much better than getting loud yourself and losing your temper and your nerves. In addition, your inner silence radiates, which can calm other family members.

Lots of problems can be solved from the perspective of inner stillness. From the point of inner stillness you are thinking clear, you see what is essential, and you will not perceive the situation as a problem, but a challenge and it will be obvious what has to be done to have it solved.

With inner silence you change your perspective in a positive way.

Inner Silence changes your perspective
Inner Silence changes your perspective

Inner Silence solves problems quickly.

Act From The Focused Inner Silence

Focused inner silence means that your focus is on inner silence. You are in a state of inner silence. In this realm and this state are answers to many questions. They are simply there. You can think clearly and you are not distracted by others in your decision-making.

When you are in stress and at work, you might not be thinking clearly and you might make a not so good decision. At work decision-making is complex, because there are lots of facts and data to be considered. This can only be done with concentrated clear thinking. When you are in the state of inner stillness, you are thinking clearly, you are considering all important facts, and you are open to your inner voice, also called the sixth sense, which makes you act deliberately.

Inner Silence brings great benefits
Inner Silence brings great benefits

Inner Silence has only advantages.

The State Of Inner Silence Has A Number Of Advantages

  1. When you are in the state of inner silence, you will think clearly and thereby make good decisions and respond well.
  2. You will be easier for you to be concentrated.
  3. If you live in the state of inner stillness, you will use less energy and no longer be stressed.
  4. Noise and restlessness will be perceived differently and it will not bother you.
  5. You will not have any problems, because you will see everything from a different perspective. And if you are confronted with a problem, you will solve it quickly and easily.
  6. You will enjoy life more and be happier.

Practice To Maintain Inner Silence

Take a few minutes each day and practice breathing meditation. During and long after each meditation session you will experience inner silence. You can meditate in the early morning, during lunch break, or in the evening.

This is what you do: Sit down and relax. Take long deep breaths. Focus on your breaths. You can keep your eyes open or have them closed. You will get to know an extraordinary peaceful inner stillness.

If you do this for a few weeks each day, you are conditioning inner silence. You can recall this inner silence whenever needed. This will be situations when it is noisy, restless, or exciting, when you have a lot of work, when you have to make an important decision, during an important meeting, and also in certain situations at home.

Learn to maintain Inner Silence.

Inner Silence vs Silence in Outer World
Inner Silence vs Silence in Outer World

Inner Stillness In A Troubled World

Do not let the outside world influence you too much. Stay in your inner world, where there is peace, silence, and everything is in perfect order. Whatever happens in your inside world is your choice. It is also your choice how you perceive the outer world.

Your outer world is somehow a reflection of your inner world. If you keep silence and peace in your inner world, it will also be quiet and peaceful in your outer world. Yes, you co-create the outer world with others. But think that it is your choice with what kind of people you meet and where you spend your time.

What qualities do you expect from your outer world? Calmness, peace, happiness, clarity, freedom, no problems, …… Create this wonderful world in your inner world, which will then be reflected on the outside.

If you have conditioned inner stillness, you will take the action in a loud restaurant easily and with a smile. The noise will not disturb you very much. You will have fun shopping in a noisy street. You will have be in your stillness, while work colleagues and employees are stressed out. When stuck in traffic, you can meditate or listen to music. The traffic jam will dissolve sooner if you stay calm than if you are complaining loudly. Remember that you influence your outside world with how you feel.

Inner Silence during and after meditation.

Inner Silence through medtation
Inner Silence through medtation

Creating Silence With Meditation

During meditation you can create a peaceful silence. This inner silence will remain for some time after the meditation session. The more often you meditate, the longer you will stay with the inner silence, until one day it will be permanent. Try it!

People who meditate regularly have a wonderful aura of inner balance and silence. This inner silence is part of the charisma of great personalities.

Scientists have found, with the help of Buddhist monks, that meditation brings many positive changes in the brain and the whole body. When you meditate, you will soon notice that your brainwaves are changing. Thanks to the inner silence, your brainwaves are reduced. You will feel better and concentrate better, especially on the essence.

Condition the State of Inner Silence.

The States of Consciousness

When you are awake, you are mostly in the beta state of consciousness that has a particular brainwave pattern.
You are in alpha consciousness when you are very relaxed and while you are meditating.
Theta is a very deeply relaxed state of consciousness. You are in Theta when you are asleep during the dream phase. Some hypnotherapists bring people into this condition. Anyone who meditates for many years can also get himself into this very deeply relaxed state during meditation.
In dreamless sleep, you are in the delta phase.
In each of these states of consciousness, brainwave patterns change.

When you meditate regularly and for a few months or more, as soon as you start meditating you will go from beta to alpha. If you are awake and taking deep breaths, which is relaxing, you will quickly enter the alpha state. In this state it is getting quieter around you. It may seem to others as if you were above things. And that is also the case. In this state you will think clearly, be focused, make good decisions, and have a beautiful radiation that is felt by others.

Inner Stillness During Meditation

I like silence and sounds of nature. These include the twittering of birds, the quiet rustle of leaves, the gentle clapping of the drops of the rain, and when I am near the ocean, the regularly recurring noise of the waves in calm weather. As you meditate, all these sounds soften until you can not hear them anymore. Then you are in the inner silence. It is an absolute silence. It may happen that sounds from a memory can be heard briefly.

As you meditate, the sounds soften until you no longer hear them and you are in inner silence.

If you feel that you have lost control of your day’s agendas, meditating for a few minutes will bring order back to your mind. You think you have no time for that? It is worth it to meditate for a few minutes. But if you are in a rush, you have to shop for groceries after work, pick up children from school, and then the traffic is heavy and slow. You sit in the car and cook inside. – Drive to the side. Turn off the engine. Close your eyes. Take long breaths and focus on breathing in and breathing out. – No, no, you say, there really is no time for that. Good! Then just take longer breaths and focus on your breathing. Try to make your face smile. Both will improve your well-being. You can’t change the heavy traffic, but how you feel about it. You can also listen to the Inner Calmness Subliminal.

When you finally come home, there might be a lot of noise from children and music. Whatever is awaiting you, sit down and relax. Take long breaths. Enjoy all the beauty in your life. Enjoy this very moment. When a family member comes and asks questions – whatever it is, say, “Sit down and realize how wonderful life is. Only for a few minutes. You can also wish something. Do it in your imagination.” You can travel in your imagination. This can be a mountain trip and you lie down in the warm meadow and dream. Or you see yourself on a beach. Only you. You feel the warm sand and the sun that warms your skin.

Relax for a few minutes before you start preparing your dinner. A few minutes make a big difference. You will enjoy the evening better.

Living with Inner Silence.

Inner silence provides clarity, peace and happiness
Inner silence provides clarity, peace and happiness

You Benefit From Inner Silence

When you practice inner silence, you will benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually. Inner stillness provides clarity, calmness, happiness, inner balance and counteracts everyday stress.

Inner silence provides clarity, peace, happiness, inner balance and counteracts everyday stress.

People are seldom seeking silence. We are surrounded by many impressions snf different kinds of noise, also in our home. When there’s silence, it feels strange. You must first get used to silence, to feel and recognize the benefits of it.

You must first get used to silence to feel and recognize the benefits of it.

Does there always have to be some noise around you? Spending some time in silence will certainly do you good.

Spend some minutes in silence daily

Take 10 to 30 minutes once a day that you spend in silence. Then observe what is going on in your inner world. Let happen what you observe. Do not think about the individual occurrences and thoughts that you become aware of. You do not always have to analyze everything. There will be a lot of what you should just wipe away, like a few crumbs off the table. There may also be stones. Drive around them. Leave inconvenient moments, the bad and the negative behind. They are from the past. Leave them there. Entertain pleasant thoughts. They make you feel good, which increases your frequency. Remember that you create your reality with your frequency.

Let go of unpleasant memories! It’s your choice what you think about. Think of something pleasant and beautiful. Express this idea aloud. That gives it emphasis. Say aloud: “Life is wonderful!”

The more often you create silence, you will find that fear dissolves. You will feel liberated. We create fear ourselves. But there is no reason for fear. When it is gone, many things in life are easier. You will then realize why some people are successful and others are not. And why some people are sick and others healthy. This inner silence that I am writing about, will make a huge difference in your life.

I have already emphasized that the inner silence differs from the silence in the outside world. You need to experience inner silence to recognize, understand and feel the difference to the silence in the outer world.

You need to experience inner silence to recognize, understand and feel the difference to the silence in the outer world.

Once you have experienced inner silence, you will wish to experience it again and again. The more often you bathe in inner silence, the faster your life will change for the better.

You will experience a fulfilling joy. The joy that fulfills you is the result of your inner silence. You find real joy in your inner world.

Experiene the wonderful State of Inner Silence.

“Once you know yourself in your living stillness there is nothing in this world that is greater than you.”
Serge Benhayon – from Unimedliving

In your inner world is peace and harmony
In your inner world is peace and harmony

How I Experienced A Very Special Peaceful Silence

Many years ago I experienced an extraordinary peaceful silence created by the inner silence of several Buddhist monks. I mentioned that you radiate inner silence. How strong this wonderful radiation of inner silence can be, I experienced in a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, Thailand.

I was in Bangkok to identify my then boss after a plane crash together with his younger brother. At first I was booked on that flight. Two days before departure, I changed the booking to my boss, for which there had been reasons. Seeing the corpses of 324 people who fell 3,300 feet from the sky was not a pretty sight. I think everyone involved in the identifications has been in shock.

During the days in Bangkok there have been several special moments. One incident was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. After five days of searching, my boss’s brother and I found my boss’s body. We had not taken any time for sightseeing until then. That afternoon I ordered a limousine with a driver, who would drive us through Bangkok, and I had the hotel book a table for dinner on the terrace of a very nice restaurant.

It was already late afternoon. The driver drove us to a famous temple, where we saw a large golden Buddha. He told us that we had to be quick as the temple would close soon. Then he drove on through a very nice part of Bangkok. After about 15 or 20 minutes he stopped, pointed to an open gate and said, “Go through that gate. Take your time. I wait for you!” My boss’s brother and I went through the gate and entered another world. It was a world of wonderful silence that was by no means empty.

We entered a courtyard surrounded by closed wooden doors. The walls in between were of concrete colors. It was not large. Above all, it was completely quiet. It was a very special silence. This silence can not be described. You would have to experience it yourself. And I think that everyone would experiences this silence differently.

There was nobody in the yard except us. There were stairs to an entrance that was open. We could see that it was a small temple.

We stood in this courtyard, which was filled with a beautiful silence.

For 5 days we had both been so strong. Suddenly tears came from our eyes. The emotions that had built up within us in the last few days broke out of us. I do not know how long we stood there crying and holding each other. But that was not all that was special. There was something that was very strong and very good.

The essential can not be seen, but felt.

I assume that the monastery had been informed by the hotel that two relaties of the crash victims would come to the monastery. They had opened the gate for us and withdrew. In my imagination there was behind each of the wooden doors at least one monk meditating. The yard seemed to me to have been filled with the radiation of the meditating monks.

The air was filled with beautiful emotions and this indescribable silence. It was something that I had never experienced before. It was something so great and wonderful. The essential can not be seen, but felt. You may find words for it. But I think there are no words that would be good enough for that.

At the steps of the temple we took off our shoes, as our driver had explained. We went to the temple where there was more of this absolutely wonderful thing – this silence and the beautiful radiation. It was an indescribable emotional silence. On the floor was a nice large carpet. To the altar led three stone stairs, which were covered with a carpet. We went to the knees of the first step and lingered in the wonderful silence.

As we walked back through the gate to the limousine, my boss’s brother and I were changed. From the moment we entered the monastery and while driving to the restaurant, we did not speak a word.

In the restaurant they welcomed us in a friendly way and led us to the terrace, where a table was set, as I had ordered. It was an exclusive restaurant on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. I knew there was a particularly nice view of the Bangkok skyline from the terrace of the restaurant. We arrived in daylight. When it was dark later, we saw the lights of Bangkok’s business district above the river.

We sat down, ordered to eat and began to talk. About the silent monastery we said that it was a very special experience and an extraordinary experience to have been there. The choice of restaurant, Thai food and the lights of Bangkok’s skyline were the right ending to the day.

When I think back to this day today, I realize that it was the most extraordinary day of my life so far. I’ve experienced a lot and seen a lot, but never had I been faced with such strong and diverse feelings. Never before and never since have I experienced this indescribable silence that has changed my thinking and being.

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