New Technologies Are Changing Our Lives

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New Technologies Are Rapidly Changing Our Future

Our lives are changing faster and faster because of and thanks to new technologies. Some of them we welcome, others are difficult to understand and might even be frightening. Fear of an unknown future is no solution. We have more opportunities as ever before and shall learn to take advantage of them. This has to start at school. This means that teachers have to be taught how to prepare students for the new future. We have to stop to condition limitations in children. They shall be able to think freely, what enables and increases creativity.

Specialized education and creativity is more and more important in the workplace.


Advances in Technologies Change our Future
Advances in Technologies Change our Future


No More Impossibilities

It is said that all we can imagine is possible. But children are too often told that they shall stop dreaming. This is a way to avoid that children will later on become creative in art, engineering, and science. In his dreams and mental inspirations a child can recognize his special abilities and preferences. From this the professional direction can be recognized.

There are no limitations other than the self imposed.

It is said that there are no limitations other than the self imposed. Even though our education system has conditioned us with a number of limitations. We can re-learn to become limitless thinkers, let our imaginations go into all directions, and make incredible inventions and artwork.

If you are told that you are crazy, because you pursue your dream, this can put you down. Do not spend too much time with people who’s ability to imagine, that almost anything can be different, is at a low level. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you to realize your crazy ideas. An idea is only good, if it appears to be crazy at first. History has shown how true this is. Think of the first airplane and the problems to fly and how most people were amused about it. Today we can’t count how many planes are flying above our heads. The same has happened with all great inventions and this will not change. We need more people who make the nearly impossible possible. And this starts with the education of children.


No Limitations than the self imposed
No Limitations than the self imposed


Advances in Technologies Grow Fast

Our advances in all technologies are again and again breathtaking and they will grow exponentially.

A few examples of new technologies

In medicine stem cell treatment is already done successfully. Stem cells will play a big role in the longevity technology. Plastic surgeons will not operate anymore, but use stem cell treatments. There will be technologies to avoid and heal cancer. Many other diseases will also be healed by stem cell technology. We will become older and stay healthy.

I have read about mining on other planets and asteroids. It is called the Space Mining Industry. Rare and precious metals, such as platinum, will be mined in space by public and private companies. Who will sell the mining rights? Will there be wars about mining on certain planets or asteroids?

The tourist industry will offer travels through space. They might be called: Travel to neighboring solar systems or One week on an exo-planet. Even today you can fly with a spaceship so far that you can experience anti-gravity.

AI – artificial intelligence will solve many of our problems. It will, amongst other things, change the service industry. It is true that AI and robotics will cost many jobs.

Autonomous cars will cost professional drivers their jobs. There will be self driven cars in larger towns that you can rent to go wherever you want. There will be freeways where it will not be allowed to drive your car. You will have the opportunity to put your car onto a self driven vehicle. What will all the truck drivers and taxi drivers do?

There is a constant increase of solar and wind power systems which make electricity which you can store in batteries. The petroleum industry will be less and less important. Petroleum producing countries have been preparing for the big changes for many years.

There are little gadgets which you hang on to one ear, which read the lips of others and translate instantly from and into many languages.

Today you have to type a word or word combination into a browser or speak to Google to get more information about it. In the future you will immediately get the answer to your questions by thought thanks to a chip, which might be behind an ear or implanted.

You will not have to call a supermarket and order food that is soon delivered. In the future a kitchen computerized system will send the order.

Crypto Currencies will become more important and be a means of payment at all stores and companies.

If you need financing to realize an idea, you find organizations online, where you find funding opportunities. You do not need to make debts, but people who have the necessary means and believe in your idea.

These have been a few examples for future technological changes that will simplify our lives.


General and specialized educattion of importance
General and specialized educattion of importance


Is There A Solution For The Enormous Job Losses

The Answer Is: Learning and Living Your Passion

After all which will change in the coming years, it is expected that millions of people will lose their jobs. They are not prepared for that enormous change. Already in schools children should be prepared that they will not work a life long in one company, but rather have to be flexible. Many people will change the company for which they work every couple of years.

More than ever before education will be important. One must have a good general education and a specialized one.

Job losses in an industry is not a present-day phenomenon. In the 19th century weavers in England lost their jobs due to weave machines. For years more and more mines are closed and jobs are lost. Banks, shops, and department stores are restricting their branch system which goes with job losses. But not only lots of employees lose their jobs. Entrepreneurs, who are not going with the time and do not make necessary changes, have to close.

We all have to educate and in some areas re-educate ourselves constantly. Without continuous learning you will lose. If you continue to learn, you can advance your career.

We have to continuously learn. If someone stops learning, he will become a loser.

We don’t have to type an email or an article, we can dictate it and an app is typing it. We don’t need to read anything. An app is reading aloud for us. And still we may not become illiterate.

Global learning will make any kind of education available for free or at low cost. Already today children learn to read, write, and calculate online. A teacher is not necessary other than preparing the classes once in a certain language. Universities offer lectures by internet, some free of charge. There are websites that offer free online courses. Never before in the history of man have we had so many opportunities to learn.

One website which offers diverse opportunities to learn is It offers skills for the future and also career opportunities. People who are willing to learn are at an advantage, because companies like them.

The problem I see with the enormous job losses and the discussion of a universal basic income is that the corporations that make tons of money know how to avoid paying taxes and from where should the money for the basic income come from? It is always the little and middle sized companies who pay the heavy duties.

There is only one way out of the job dilemma and this is a specialized education and/or an absolute passion for a specific industry. The further one specializes and the more fun working is for him, the bigger is the chance for success.

No computer, robot, or artificial intelligence can be creative. This is a special characteristic of the human brain. Only we are creative in art, design, and making inventions.


Going With The Time Will Be Essential

Older people will not anymore be able to stay in a certain time of their lives, unless they go to a senior home. We will all have to learn to deal with new technologies of our every-day lives. It will be important to deal with new payment systems. Already a new TV set can be a challenge, a new laptop, smartphone, of course a new car with all its special features.

Until a few years ago I never read a manual. I switched a new device on and I knew how to make it work. Today I have to read the manuals.

At the other hand, the new technologies offer facilitations. I enjoy it not to have to look for the name of a person I want to call in a list, but only say who should be called. It is great to speak out questions and get the answer read.

Recently my navigation told me where to drive to reach my destination. But it did not know that driving on this square was not allowed at that time. I had to pay the punishment. My navi was speechless. I hope that navigation systems will soon know better!

I enjoy the wireless iron and that the stove switches off by itself, in case I am away for too long. The lipsticks that stay all day long, even during a meal, are fantastic.


People Will Become Freer

Today, many people live like machines. They are getting up to be at work at 8 or 9, having a short lunch break, after a few more hours of work they drive in heavy traffic home. Wherever possible, people work from home via the Internet and plan their work hours themselves.

The opportunity to become self-employed is greater today than ever before. It is much more fun working for yourself as for others. Though someone who becomes self-employed has to have learned to take responsibility for himself and not rely on a company and the state.

The school system has to prepare students to be more flexible in their job search and their choice of becoming self-employed. Young people have to learn to see their possibilities, how to choose one and pursue its realization. The belief in themselves and the abilities to make their dream come true has to be awakened from early childhood on.


Will We Ever Stop Wars

We are not very advanced as long as we have wars. Usually wars are about money and power. Instead of putting money into weapons, we could look for resources in space. And then I guess that the war-lovers will continue to fight in space and the weapons will be more destructive as ever before. There are wars in space. Fleets of spaceships are fighting against each other.


Get Yourself Into The New And Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a decision and a habit. It is your choice if you are negative and fearful or seeing the positive side of a wonderful future.

The difference between positive and negative thinking is the frequencies that are generated with thoughts and emotions. Negative thinking generates low frequencies which makes it impossible to perceive higher frequency objects and experience higher frequency events. Sicknesses have low frequencies. Positive thinking generates higher frequencies, which makes it possible to perceive great opportunities higher frequency objects, and events.

We are hammered by negative news. Almost daily something worse as the day before is happening. Do you need to know about all the bad and negative events? Why not get to know the positive things that also happen? What you watch and listen to is your choice. Choose well!

With positive thinking and higher frequencies you become aware of lots of opportunities. We are living in a great time that offers countless opportunities. Take advantage of one at a time.

Get a positive mindset and keep it. This gets you into a higher frequency which causes positive experiences.

Happiness is most important. You can only be happy and increase your level of happiness if you think positive.


a way to make the impossible possible
a way to make the impossible possible


There is nothing that is not possible

Our often “deadlocked” views will soon be thrown upside down. It will happen so fast that we will not have time to think about it. Anyone who manages to change with the changes is okay. If you can not do it, you will fall by the wayside. What you can do is, to have an open mind. Stop saying that something is impossible. That is a quick statement and false. There is almost nothing that is not possible. I forgot who said: If something seems to be impossible, there is always a way to make it possible.

If something seems to be impossible, there is always a way to make it possible.

Are you prepared or afraid of future changes? Some of them will be enormous.

Advances in Technologies Are Rapidly Changing Our Future

There are no limitations other than the self imposed.

More than ever before education will be of growing importance.

If something seems to be impossible, there is always a way to make it possible.


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