How Can You Develop Your Consciousness

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Consciousness Is Infinite And It Evlolves

All there is is part of the higher consciousness. Without consciousness there is nothing. What was first was consciousness. Consciousness is infinite. When we die, only our body dies, not our consciousness It continues to evolve.

Can our consciousness choose to be born again as an intelligent being and evolve in this world or on another inhabited planet? Do we have to become human in order to gain experience that makes us grow and become more conscious?

Will our life expectancy increase exponentially? Will we continue to evolve so much that we become pure consciousness and stay that way? That means that we become disembodied like some of the highly spiritually advanced aliens. As our consciousness evolves, the cells of our bodies will be healthy and flawless. We will never get ill and we will get much older than today?

Will we spiritually improve greatly? Will we learn to understand what life is about? Will we become conscious of consciousness? Will we ever stop fighting against each other, playing out their power to enrich themselves while others suffer? Will we learn to understand that happiness is not to be found in material possessions? Will we learn to materialize what we want and dematerialize what we do not need any longer? Only those who are not spiritually advanced will be poor.

Will we learn to materialize what we want and dematerialize what we do not need any longer?


Consciousness evolves
Consciousness evolves


More Questions Concerning Consciousness

How can we develop our consciousness?

What can we do to further develop our consciousness?

Will we all get a higher consciousness with the evolution of humanity or just a few people?

Will we one day become and remain pure consciousness forever?

Is our consciousness really infinite?


Can You Develop Your Consciousness And How?

Your consciousness will not develop by itself. You have to do something about it. You have to get a higher frequency. How you fell generates a certain frequency. How you feel is controlled by your thoughts. Your frequency creates. This means that what you think and how you feel is part of the creation process. Become conscious of what you think.

You have to learn and practice to control your thoughts. Think about what you think and think positive. Become aware of negative thoughts and eliminate them immediately. Stop the negative thought and think of something positive, beautiful, and joyful.

During the day thoughts are running through your mind. You are only conscious of a few of them. Though, the more you think positive thoughts the more positive will also the thoughts be that are unconscious. Whenever you can think positive thoughts consciouly.

Think about what you think and think positive.

What does it help us to live longer, if our world is so dirty that we can barely breathe? Therefore, think of the environment when you buy food or anything else. In the first place it is the industry that is to make responsible for the pollution. Though, each individual can participate in keeping the world clean insofar that he can minimizes his purchases, drive an electric car, walk more, eat natural food and not packaged, industrially processed food. Read about minimalism and its advantages. It is not about renunciation, but about deliberate purchase. Think consciously if you really need what you are on the way to buy.

Not only what surrounds you plays a big and important role in your life, but also the people around you, because everything has a certain frequency that radiates and influences you. Surround yourself with people who are positive about life in general and about their lives. Become aware and be conscious of the things and also the people that surround you.

Quite a few of my friends are out of my circle of friends. I do not meet with them and do not even talk with them. If someone is often nagging, he is out of my life. So are those you stay in yester-year and criticize the new technologies, do not change their eating habits and eats lighter, has something against fitness. In short, I avoid fat, lazy, mostly depressed, and negative thinking people. Quickly I have made new friends, who are fun to spend time with. They go with the time and are eager to take new challenges no matter their age.

With a higher consciousness your frequency increases. This means that you vibrate with a higher frequency. With a higher frequency you perceive anything differently and you perceive things which you could not see with a lower frequency.

Do we preserve our individuality as our consciousness increases? In the end, the consciousness of each one will merge with the all. Some call it the Source.

I have not mentioned meditation yet. Meditation is the most powerful method to develop your consciousness.


Can We Expand Our Consciousness?

Become more conscious by listening and looking inward and not only perceiving what you see in your outside world. Your consciousness that is the essence of you is not visible and yet it is there. Without it there is nothing

Your consciousness that is the essence of you is not visible and yet it is there. Without it there is nothing

What you perceive has been created vy your consciousness and what you perceive influences what you create next. You can control your reality with your thoughts. Become more conscious of your thoughts and do not let others, especially the mass media, control you. Do not let the media juggle you like a puppet. Unfortunately, most people do that. They hear the news daily or read a newspaper and buy into it instead of shaping their lives based on their goals and desires. Also, ask yourself if you need to do everything that society standards dictate and what is expected of you.

Consciousness is what we are. It is the essence. It does not change. But we can become more conscious and spiritual. When you become more spiritual, you become more aware of your consciousness and of all there is outside of the material world.


Change and develop your consciousness
Change and develop your consciousness


Do You Need To Fulfill The Expectations Of Others?

You have to learn a decent job. You need a good job to make your living and get a pension later in life. You have to marry and you have to have children. You have to dress appropriately. You have to do this and you have to do that. And that goes on and on. Have you ever wondered if you really want to live the way you are expect? Do you really have to? I have answered this question for me and the answer is a smooth no. At least not fully.

It is no wonder that many people are not happy with themselves and their lives. They set goals according to the expectations of others. Most people do not dare to set bigger goals. They do not want attract attention! They do not dare to be different as others They believe that staying with the old ways is safe. It’s been done for generations, they are told from their parent and that is what they say to their children. As things were always done that way, they think that’s why it has to be right. But it’s wrong. You do not have to live the way society and probably your parents expect from you. Become more conscious of what you want. Find your way and go for it. There may be stones on that way. If it is your way, you will master all challenges.

Rethink everything you do and why you do it. Do you do it because you want it or because you think you have to do it because it is expected of you? Ask yourself this question and think about it.

Are you conscious of your goals and wishes? Are the goals you have set really your goals? Or are they goals set were set by the expectation of others? Do you admit your true goals or do you think you have to settle for less and what others expect from you? Could it be that you are not fully conscious of your true goals? You might feel unhappy, not knowing the reason. Find your true goals and find a way to reach them.

Become conscious of yourself. Who are you? What do you want to achieve in your life? How would you like to live? What are your goals and desires? Do you know the answer to these questions?


90% of Consciousness is subconscious
90% of Consciousness is subconscious


90 Percent of Your Consciousness Is Subconscious

The more you learn about consciousness, the more interesting and shocking the topic becomes. More than 90 percent of your thinking and your decisions is controlled by the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has been programmed since birth. It is hard to do something against your programming. They would like to do something differently as usual, but you do not get yourself do it. The reason for this is that your consciousness works on the basis of your programming which is subconscious. If you want to change something, you must first change the programming of your subconscious mind.

People who are successful are programmed differently as the majority of people. They might have been educated differently and they work on their programming. These people do what is necessary to be successful. No false programming is in their way. They are in control of their thinking and of what they do. On the other hand, most people are not in control of themselves. They are forced to go to work to earn money. They do not go to work with joy. As a profession they have not chosen an activity that they love to do. They are not conscious of the fact that nothing is written in stone.

If you make a decision and think you made a conscious choice, you’re wrong. Not you, but your subconscious mind has made that decision based on your programming Seven seconds before you have made a decision, it was made by your subconscious mind. It is your programming that controls you. Rethink your decisions. Become conscious of why you have made a specific decision. Ask yourself what other alternatives you have. Ask yourself why you did not go for another decision. Also think about the consequences of other alternatives. Stretch to be able to look beyond the hitherto known limits. These limits are part of your programming. You can blow them up and go further and in any direction you wish to.

I had two very different parents. My father was successful and he was open to everything new. My mother all too often pointed out that he should be careful and that he should better not do this or that. To this day, she lives in an old world that still exists for you. When I have learned about the connection between consciousness, subconscious and its programming, I realized how I lived between the worlds of my parents. In the past, the way my mother has programmed me had too often the upper hand. Since I am aware of this, I more and more take my way, even if it involves risks, challenges, and hard work. I feel much better as I did on the previous save way.

Have you been programmed to go the path of least resistance? Or have you been taught to do what you like best? Someone who follows his passion is great in what he does and constantly improves. He works more, because he enjoys his work. That’s why he is successful.

If you go your very own way, you feel that it’s right. You are motivated. You know what has to be done next to reach your destination, which is your big goal. You don’t mind hard work, because it doesn’t seem hard. You are fully focused on what you do. These are reasons that you reach your goals. When you are fully focused on the now, you live more consciously.

We can become more conscious. But we have to work on it. Do not just think about your choices, but ask yourself after you have made a choice, why you chose that one. Sit down, relax and think about how you really want to live. What is your big goal? Become conscious of yourself and your wishes. That way, you can raise your consciousness.


Is Our Consciousness Changing?

• Under what conditions does our consciousness change?
• Is there a major change in our consciousness due to changes in the environment, changes of technologies, changes of what we learn?
• To what extent can each individual change his consciousness?
• Should we be interested in the topic “changing our consciousness”?
• How can you change your consciousness to live better?
• Does our consciousness evolve if we practice meditation?

Induced by the sun, the Earth’s magnetic field and the electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields are influenced. Dr. Dieter Broer, biophysicist, researches electromagnetic frequencies and the biological effects on humans. There are effects and there are special phenomena. With electromagnetic frequencies actually moods can be influenced

Hans-Peter Dürr, Nobel laureate for physics, said: that he spent 50 years asking what is matter. The end result is quite simple. There is no matter! ” Dieter Broer asks questions: What is there then, if it is not matter? Something is there. We can see each other. We can touch things and feel it. And he says: There is something which appears to be firm. But there should not be matter. The deeper one penetrates into the elementary sphere, the more matter in wave nature dissolves.

When your consciousness changes, also your frequency and therefore your perception changes. As mentioned above, you perceive thngs differently and you perceive certain things only with a certain frequency. If you want to be happier and live a better life, you have to increase your frequency. The higher the frequency the more you perceive things as they really are. You see that nothing is firm and maybe you see that reality is only an illusion.

What is left if matter does not exist? Is that all just an illusion? Does it correspond to what Plato meant by his cave parable? We all live in a cave whose shadow we interpret as reality. If you could walk out of the cave, you would see what there is reality out there. = Everything we perceive is only illusion. Or is this just a hologram? Do we someday have the chance to see what there really is? Also Einstein said that reality is an illusion, though, a persistent one.


Is There An Answer To The Question: What Is Consciousness?

Can one change one’s consciousness?

The brain is like the hardware of a computer. Without consciousness, nothing happens. What you think depends on your programming which is part of your subconscious mind. If you practice certain thoughts, many dendrites and synapses are formed in the brain. You become a good thinker. If it is calcified, you can not think well. If it is dead, it can not think anymore. The big difference is the consciousness. Thanks to your consciousness, you are capable of thinking. Consciousness is kind of a software. It can’t be seen and not measured. It is.

You are now aware that you are reading this article. That you came to this page was basically guided by your subconscious, as well as being interested in reading it. As you read the article you will have many thoughts that are mostly unconscious. Some of these thoughts will be activated on the basis of what you have read, and many of the thoughts will arise from your life situation, such as having to do something important that you have been pushing for days. I have looked up for a moment and thought that it is a wonderful sunny day. Immediately I thought of a moment where I felt good on a sunny day a few weeks back. A friend was with me that day and I asked myself if she is doing fine. I might send her a message a little later. You see that one thought that has nothing to do with what you do right now, triggers several others.

With modern technology, scientists can observe which areas in the brain are active during a particular thought process. Scientists in the field of neurology have found that over 90 percent of our conscious thinking and doing is controlled by the programming of our subconscious. For example, the subconscious mind has already made that decision seven before you think you’ve made it.

If you want to change your consciousness, you must change the programming of your subconscious mind.

If you want to change your consciousness, you must change the programming of your subconscious mind. This can not be done with the consciousness because the consciousness is based on the programming of the subconscious mind. You can become aware that you are guided by negative emotions. Only when the attitude to negative emotions has been changed in your programming will your reactions change.


Meditation changes the consciousness
Meditation changes the consciousness


In the Westerm neuro sciences, we distinguish a few layers of consciousness, such as alpha, beta, theta, delta. In the Buddhist sciences, thirteen layers of consciousness are distinguished. Some universities work in collaboration with Buddhist monks. One reason for this is that Buddhist monks meditate daily for up to several hours a day, thereby greatly changing their consciousness. The point here is that these monks, using a type of meditation called one-point meditation, can turn off thinking. With this type of meditation hey mentally reach deeper layers of consciousness. They also use a type of meditation that is called analytic meditation. By contrast, most people think about what we perceive as our reality. They take their reality for real and firm, which it is not. Reality is changeable. I again mention that Einstein explained that reality is an illusion, albeit a stubborn one.

The brain activity of Buddhist monks is measured and observed
+ while they are awake, this is Beta state of consciousness
+ while practicing one-point meditation – a deeper state
+ while practicing analytical meditation – deeper as Beta

The scientists also examine the brain activity of monks who have been meditating for a few years with the brain activity of monks who meditate for many years, which is also compared to non-meditating subjects.
The results are amazing. To meditate absolutely helps to develop his consciousness.

To meditate absolutely helps to develop his consciousness.

If you see a landscape, a city or a building again after years, it seems different. This is because your consciousness has changed and with it your perception. Does that mean that your consciousness changes over the years without conscious actions? The answer to that is simple. Everything changes with time.

An interesting question would be: How does a monk meditating for many years look at the same thing in comparison to a non-meditator? I do not know the answer, but I have a guess. I think he no longer sees the thing as something solid, but perceives the building blocks, the individual subatomic particles. As I wrote above, reality dissolves.


What Happens To The Consciousness If A Person Gets Ill

Can the consciousness get sick? When consciousness becomes ill, what happens? What happens to the consciousness when a person becomes mentally or physically ill? What happens to consciousness, for example, in dementia? With illness, especially mental illnesses, hanges in consciousness happen. That is clear. But to what extent, is not well enough researched. By taking drugs, it also leads to changes in consciousness which are temporary in short-term intake, but often leads to damage after prolonged ingestion.

What happens to perception when consciousness becomes ill? These are questions that I can not answer and, to my knowledge, this is an area that needs to be explored.


You Can Change Your Consciousness And Develop It Further

Back to the actual topic. Yes, one can change one’s consciousness, which changes one’s perception and thereby the whole life.


Methods To Change Your Consciousness

  1. Meditation
  2. Visualization and Imagination
  3. Changing thought and feeling patterns
  4. Changing the programming of the subconscious
    with hypnosis and subliminals


1. Change Of Consciousness Through Meditation

By now, it should be clear that meditating can positively change your consciousness. It is best if you use several types of meditation. Those who meditate regularly also change their emotional world and thus their perception. Meditation helps to calm you down, which also improves your health.

In the Visualization System I teach 3 types of meditation and how to practice one after the other during one meditation session.


This is one way of meditating

It takes a few minutes. Of course you can practice this kind of meditation longer.

Make a point with a pen on a wall you are looking at or on a piece of paper which you place in a way that you look at it. Write down the time, especially the minutes when you start. Your breaths should be regular and longer as usual. Give your full attention on the point until you become aware of a thought. Look at the clock. How many minutes have you been able to be fully focused on the do, before a thought interrupted you? If you can concentrate for less than five minutes, you are suffering from a lack of concentration. If you are fully concentrated for more than thirty minutes, that is pretty good.


2. Change Of Consciousness Through Visualization

There are several techniques of visualization. The classic way of visualizing is with your eyes closed and in a relaxed state. In the Visualization System I teach meditation, because the more you are relaxed and the deeper your state of consciousness the better. You sit or lie down, close your eyes, relax and then begin to see yourself and your life as you would like it to be. If you do this daily, your life will change within a few weeks. As already mentioned, reality is not as solid as it seems. It can be changed by changing the perception. Perception changes with thoughts that trigger emotions.


3. Change of Thought And Feeling Patterns

A) Find negative emotional patterns

Watch your thoughts and how you feel for three days. Whenever you feel a negative emotion such as anger, fear, envy, jealousy, inferiority, or other negative emotions, make a note of it. Also note what has triggered the negative emotion. Where have you been? What kind of people have been near you? What have you thought? Was there a specific reason for what you thought?
Do the same with positive emotions.

After three days, look at the notes. How many hours per day are you in a positive mood? How often in a negative one? How can you prevent negative emotions? For example, not meeting with certain people. Not going to certain places. If it was the news, stop reading them. Only read the headlines.


B) How to eliminate negative emotional patterns

You now have a list of situations in which you react with a negative emotion. You can eliminate the negative emotional pattern.

Phase 1
Find out what has caused you to have a negative emotion. Then think about when you felt similar in the past Think back as long as you can. Do this in writing. Make a few notes.

Phase 2
When you have been in a similar situation the first time, there was something which has made you feel bad. Ever since you feel bad in similar situations without knowing the reason. The starting point might have been in your childhood.

Phase 3
Imagine the situation of your childhood. Become aware of the experience you made. As a child the incidence was serious for you. Today you see it from another point of view. Then erase it in your mind. Imagine that the imagination is on a piece of paper. Take it into your hands, tear it and through it into the air. Or find another method of getting rid of it.

Phase 4
Think of moments when you have been in a similar situation and felt a negative emotion. See yourself now react differently. Hear yourself say that this is not true. Or see yourself smile. Or turn around and leave. Have a neutral or a positive feeling

This way, you get to know your emotional patterns and how you can eliminate them.


C) Eliminate negative thought patterns

Do the same with your thoughts for three days. Observe how often you think a negative thought, how often useless thoughts and how often positive and constructive thoughts.

When do you think negative thoughts? What are the reasons? Eliminate them if possible.


D) Become aware that thoughts and feelings are connected

Feeling patterns have to do with thought patterns. Every thought is accompanied by a certain feeling. Your perception depends on how you feel. How you feel shows how high your frequency is. Become conscious of this fact.

If you change your emotional patterns your consciousness will change

Thought and emotional patterns are part of the programming of the subconscious mind. If you manage to change your emotional patterns, your life will change. Stop negative thoughts and feelings and your life will become better and more enjoyable. Remember that being angry does not do any good to you, no matter the reason for your anger. It is your attitude to what made you angry.

You can control yourself and your life if you manage to control your thoughts. With your thoughts you can control how you feel. Stop negative and useless thoughts as soon as you become aware of them and direct your thoughts to something positive and constructive. If you control your thoughts and feelings you control your life.

Controlling your life means that you live the way you want, achieve your goals and fulfill your desires. You manifests with your thoughts and feelings. If you focus your thoughts on what you want, you will achieve it faster.


4. Change Of Consciousness With Subliminals And Hypnosis

Subliminals are shorter as a hypnosis session, because the first and last phase as in hypnosis is not needed. The first phase is the relaxation phase and during the last you are told that you should not remember consciously what you have been told during the hypnosis.

When you listen to a subliminal you do not consciously hear the affirmations. All you have to do is to have a subliminal play.
Read more about subliminals.


What Else Can You Do To Change Your Consciousness?

To feel well and to be happy is most important. Think about what you can do to feel good and happy. Good nutrition and exercise are part of it. But also that you feel comfortable in your clothes and in your apartment and when you are surrounded by people, leisure activities and what you do for a living.

Is there anything you dislike about your life? If yes, do something about it.

Do you enjoy your work? Your home? Your clothes? Your family? Your circle of friends? Other people you often meet? Places you go? Whenever you say no, you got to change something about it.

No matter what happens in your life, look for the positive. Eliminate negative thought and emotional patterns. Eliminate what you do not enjoy about your life. Start a meditation practice.


Ir you want to read more about consciousness in the New Scientist online

If you prefer to read a book about consciousness of the brain and the new science of consciousness (Amazon affiliate link)

If you want to change the programming of your subconscious mind, listen to some subliminal recordings.


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