Maximalism In All Beautiful Things of Life

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Maximalism In Everything that You Enjoy

Maximalism in everything that is important to you, above all joy and happiness. If you are not happy and if you do not enjoy your life, a maximum of possessions and assets will not help. Therefore, first maximize joy, happiness, and health. Maximumism has to be done with consideration, because every area of maximalism comes with several factors. For example, more success and more money come along with more responsibility.

I like the word maximalism more than the word minimalism But I understand that I benefit from minimizing all that is unpleasant. And then I am partly a minimalist. And then some of the areas of minimalism bring maximalism in some way. I wrote in the article on minimalism that minimalism is maximalism in simplification, clarity, freedom and independence, leisure, quality of things and happiness.

When iit comes to do not limit yourself unnecessarily. Do and get as much as you enjoy. As I wrote in minimalism, you should not exaggerate anything. The same counts for maximalism.

I did not say maximumism was easy. A maximalist does not worry about money, because money is a form of energy. Right, that’s a way of thinking that few people grew up with. With maximalistm comes a lot of responsibility. One of the reasons is that a maximalist is self-employed or has a very high position in a large company. He delegates work to employees in order to have sufficient time for important tasks and for leisure. That employees receive their monthly salary is one of his responsibilities.

What is maximalism about
What is maximalism about

How To Become A Maximalist

Maximalimt begins with a certain mental attitude. Either your parents have taught you to be the maximalist or you can condition to become a masimalist mindset. This takes several weeks to a few months. Subliminals are helpful

Live in Abundance

Think Big

Wealth Thinking

The maximalistic mindset alone does not do it. You also have to be active. But it is not the possession you might want, but enjoying life. You have to understand what life really is about. You maximize the beautiful moments, feelings of happiness, joy, good use of time, and the beautiful things of life.

Maximize beautiful moments, feelings of happiness, joy, and the beautiful things of life

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Maximalism of joy
Maximalism of joy

Areas In Which You Can Become A Maximalist

Maximalism when it comes to joy of life and happiness

What if you have all material things you wished for, but you are unhappy? The joy having a new material wish fulfilled is soon gone. You need some material things to live acceptable and feel good. Happiness, however, has little to do with material things. Happiness is a decision that generates a specific frequency. Joy comes with an activity that is fun. It can be work, an evening with friends or something else. If you fully focus on what you are doing, the task that has to be done seems to be pleasant. Not the possession of a car, but the ride is fun. Not the possession of a pool is great, but swimming is. Enjoy this one moment.

If you have a vision of your future and a plan about how to reach your big goal, you will be fulfilled and happy. If you know what you work for, you will enjoy your work. Someone who has a job only because he has to earn money, forces himself to go to work and is not very happy. If you passionately love your work, you will forget about the time and do your best. People who earn money with their hobby or special interest, have fun with their work. That’s maximizing work and fun.

A maximalist has turned his passion into a career. He loves his work and he likes to work and is therefore successful. The success does not have to be a big financial one. When the work that is done with passion is recognized, it creates a sense of joy. Actors and musicians get and enjoy applause. For a businessman, of course, profit is of importance. If you do something with passion, you enjoy it. And if you enjoy doing something, you stick to it. That is important to be successful. To be successful makes you happy and raises your frequency. The higher frequency brings even more success into your life. Success can not be forced. It often is the result of enjoying an activity.

Maximum health physically and mentally

A maximalist pays attention to his health. He trains up to an hour several times a week. This includes jogging or swimming and lifting weights. He often does a martial art. He might also do mountaineering, horse riding, and skiing in winter.

Healthy food is also important for physical health. Fatty roasts with dumplings are not found on the table of a maximalist, but steaks, fish, lightly steamed vegetables, a large variety of salads and fruit. That is maximalism when it comes to healthy nutrition.

A maximalist knows how important spirituality and the development of consciousness is. This is why many of the successful men and women meditate daily. They also keep learning which is training the brain. A maximalist has mentally progressed with the years.

Physical and mental health contributes to well-being and happiness. Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy can not be happy. Therefore become a maximalist when it comes to physical and mental health.

Maximalism in life in general

For a maximalist joie de vivre, happiness and health come first. Health and part of happiness was discussed above. It is also important to have enough time for yourself. The next important area is to have enough money to cover running costs and fulfill your wishes. Important to the maximalist is his work. He works seven days a week, from early morning into the night. Work makes him happy. Though, he understands to combine work and pleasure. You can also find him on an exotic beach or on a yacht. No, he does not sit in the blazing sun, but under a parasol, a desktop in front of him and a smartphone in his hand. He pursues his goals and achieves them with certainty.

Maximalism in everyday life

Maximumism is to really enjoy everyday life. You already know, a maximalist enjoys to work. He also likes to live, eat, and be dressed well. Not everyone wants to live in a lavish palace which is surrounded by a large park. Where and how a maximalist lives, he determines himself. His home can also be a beach house or a luxurious yacht. I remember a maximalist who lived in a palace. Several years later he had a new house build, which he liked much more. I go for the newly build house. Everyone has his own idea of where he wants to live and what a pleasurable everyday life is for him.

A maximalist gets up early. Quickly after breakfast he is at work. I like the morning and like to get up early. But if I sleep longer, the world does not go down. Many people who are maximalists like to work. They sit in the early morning behind their desk and leave it late in the evening. I as well. Whenever I want to go shopping, meeting friends, or whatever, I do it. I do not have anyone over me to dictate what I have to do and I am not a working machine. All in all, I work more in terms of time than someone who is employed. A real maximalist works even more. Though, maximalism is not about work, but about the effective use of time and enjoying what he does. A maximalist has a big goal which he pursues to reach and which motivates him.

Maximalism is not about work, but about the effective use of time and enjoying what he does. A maximalist has a big goal which he pursues to reach and which motivates him.

Maximalists have house staff. They do not deal with daily chores. I have a maid once a week for half a day. If there is more to do, she stays a little longer. My home help loves her work. She is fast and does a lot more in the same time as would I do it myself. Time is money and a maximalist knows how to maximize both.

Even at maximalism sometimes less is better. A maximalist prevents making unnecessary work for himself or his staff. For example, I do not weed in the garden. Well, my garden has a few thousand square meters. In the spring, I have someone spread litter, which is chopped cereal half over the weeds. Together with the weed it becomes organic fertilizer. The garden of my parents’ house is fertilized in the spring and during summer almost daily weeds are weeded. What a waste of time and money.

If a maximalist is on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, he will not be wasting much time. His company has an FB page where a co-worker or an SEO company posts regularly, as well as on other social platforms.

A maximalist has a large circle of acquaintances. His friends are well chosen. Maximalists like to invite friends to dinner and are also often invited. I like to meet with friends for dinner or a glass, but not too often.

Some of the maximalists have a room with a large screen where they sometimes watch selected films. I search the internet, especially on Youtube, for documentations that interest me.

A maximalist has the swimming pool in the house, which he uses all year round and also has a workout room. Most maximalists train daily because they know how important training is for physical health.

A maximalist is picky in all areas of life. He wants maximum pleasure and minimum problems and inconveniences.

Do not exxagerate maximalism
Do not exxagerate maximalism

Maximalist lifestyle

A maximalist has several residences. This includes a large apartment in the center of the capital, a large house in the vicinity of the city and one to several vacation homes. I grew up like that. This means packing your bags every weekend, packing for the whole the summer and packing your bags for a few weeks in the winter. I have always missed something which was in another house. Today I prefer to have one home, which has lots of benefits.

The residences of a maximalist are furnished by an interior designer to his taste, which can be between straight lines and excessive pomp. On the walls are paintings by respected painters. You can also see sculptures by famous sculptors. No room in which there is not a vase of cut flowers that are renewed often enough. The flowers come from a large garden and there might also be a glass house with exotic plants. All the residencies are taken care of by house staff, which includes cleaning staff, a cook and a gardener.

If a maximalist is traveling he goes by private jet or first class. He lives in 5-star hotels, where he gets spoiled, as he is accustomed to.

A maximalist follows his desires and yet he is disciplined. Work comes first. He takes his work seriously. He is on his way to work early. He is usually driven by a chauffeur, while he makes the first phone calls and gets news via the Internet. Working and eating times are fixed. At noon he goes to a restaurant or the food is delivered to the office. He often eats lunch with a negotiating partner or an important employee. The meals are prepared from fresh food. There are maximalists who do not drink alcohol. Some have a glass of wine for dinner. A maximalist has a properly tempered wine cellar. Wines are delivered directly from the manufacturers. A maximalist offers his guests an aperitif and digestif, even though he might only have some water.

A maximalist follows his desires and yet he is disciplined. Work comes first.

Maximalism in job opportunities

A maximalist turns his passion into his work. As he enjoys what he does, he has a high frequency, which lets him see the many opportunities he has. Life consists of innumerable possibilities, of which one can choose only one at a given time. A maximalist has a good sense of which of the many options is right for him. If he has made a decision, he sticks to it.

Maximalism when it comes to professional success

Professional success is important to the maximalist. He has at least one goal at a time, which is always big. Most people have no or little goals. A maximalist knows that A maximalist knows that it takes as much energy and time to reach a big goal as any other goal.

He strategically plans to reach his goals and follows his plans step by step. Most people, who have a goal, do not plan and not think about how to reach it. They might work hard, but do not reach their goals and wonder about why they are not successful. This lowers their frequency, which makes it impossible to be successful.

Even before a maximalist has reached one goal, he has already sat another. One professional and financial success joins the next. That is because he is convinced that he is successful. So he mentally adjusts to the frequency that brings success. Most people are not successful because they doubt that things will work out, they are afraid that things will not work out, or they are afraid what will happen if they are successful. Doubts and fear lower their frequency. If you want to prevent doubts try the Stop Doubts 3A Subliminal.

In completing his tasks, a maximalist proceeds systematically. He delegates tasks that he does not like or does not do well to experts. He has employees who do the running tasks. He himself focuses on corporate governance and important tasks that only he can accomplish.

Maximalism when it comes to more corporate profits

A Maximalist constantly strives for more profits. He ensures good marketing to increase sales. He buys at a low and sells at a high price. If he sells at a low price, he sells large quantities. If a product or service no longer finds enough sales, it is eliminated and a new product is added. A maximalist is constantly working on how he can achieve the best results. If he ever fails, he might look at the reason to learn from it and he then is quickly and fully dedicated to a next project. Of course, he is convinced that it will be a great success.

Maximalism when shopping

Maximalism when shopping does not mean to buy lots of stuff. It is about deliberate purchase of high quality products. A maximalist, he or she, does not take the time and has no desire to go shopping often. He renews parts of his wardrobe twice a year. He buys what he needs or sends someone buy it for him. His work gives him fulfillment that he does not have to improve his mood with purchases of unnecessary things. An enjoyable shopping spree is not often on his agenda.

When a maximalist goes shopping he wants to get a good price. This means that a he often negotiates the price. Price and performance must be right, otherwise he will not buy.

Maximalistic possession

The maximalist has a lot of possessions. Each larger possession is also an investment. Of course, he owns a portfolio of securities, that includes only part of his assets. He owns a main house, several apartments, and vacation homes. He also owns apartments or one or more apartment complexes which he rents. He owns several cars. Some are in the garage of a secondary residence. He also likes to own a yacht or a sailboat. He loves works of art and everything that has value and can be exchanged for money.

I grew up with 5 houses and 8 cars. I thought, why this effort? You can only drive one car and sleep in one bed. My dad had a car for longer trips, one for hunting, one for the city, a company car, and a transport combo. I understand the need for different kinds of cars. I, my mother and my brother had each a car. There was the townhouse, a weekend house next to a forest, a house build in a lake, a house in a ski resort and a house on a mountain. Today one house is left. I am not a maximalist, when it comes to possessions. I prefer to own one house. For many years I have lived in an apartment and enjoyed it. And one car is enough for me. If I need a tractor or a dolly, I rent it. If I have a problem with parking, I leave my car little bit further away and call a taxi.

Maximalism in the distribution of investments

Who invests money should not throw everything in a basket. In other words, do not put everything on the same horse. You have to diversify your investments, that is, invest in different types of investments. Types of investments are fonds, stocks, fixed income securities, investment in a company as a silent partner, real estate, works of art, precious metals in the form of bullion, coins that have a value and are traded. When choosing an investment it is also important how fast you can change it into money.

If you do not have a large amount to invest, it is good to invest in a mixed fund. As soon as you have a higher amount to invest, invest a part in the stock market, part in real estate = buy an apartment you rent and a part in crypto-currencies.

You can also invest in art. If you buy a painting by a young artist, you have to have a good nose for art and then wait a couple of years. Or you buy a painting by a famous artist, which you can always offer in an auction. See what is auctioned in the well-known auction houses and compare the starting price with the selling price. It happens that auction items will not find a buyer at the first auction and will then be re-auctioned at a lower starting price. In the news we hear only about the auction of old artists, jewelry and clothes of personalities. So I pointed out that you should research before you invest in art.

Maximalism when it comes to saving time

A Maximalist saves time where he can. He is organized, and is in control of his business and private environment.

When it comes to time savings, I am rigorous. I save time where I can. When it comes to enjoying, I’m generous with my time. I am well organized, have everything under control. I have a daily routine and write down in the evening what I will do next day. In the morning I start immediately with important tasks. I delegate some work. This is an exchange of time for money. Although there are other reasons that I am a raw eater, it saves daily time for cooking and washing dishes. My clothes are simple and quickly washed and ironed. Even if someone else does that for me, saving time here is a win. I buy groceries every 7 to 10 days around lunchtime, because at that time there is no waiting line at the cash point. I watch social platforms every other day and do not stay long. I rarely post. I answer important emails quickly, the rest during the day. When talking by phone, I am brief.

Maximalism when it comes to less work

I wrote about that in the paragraph on saving time. I save work and time simplifying daily chores. And I repeat that a maximalist likes to work but delegates work if possible.

Maximalism when it comes to freedom and independence

Getting rid of society’s expectations as much as possible is good. You do not have to if you do not want to. But total freedom and independence is not possible.

There are people who buy land in Alaska, far from the nearest settlement and live there with their family in freedom and independence. But even these people have to drive to the next city to sell some of what they have produced. With the proceeds they buy what they can not make themselves.

The daughter of a dear friend did not want to marry. She eventually got married, has two children, and divorced after a few years. Since then, she lives according to her desires.

I always wanted to be independent in terms of time and location. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, I can live where I want and I can organize my working hours myself.

I am going to buy a farm in southern Italy, with its own water, electricity from solar energy, and I will have fruits and vegetables. I will be largely independent.

Is your freedom of thought restricted

Too many people are programmed to be severely restricted in their freedom of thought. They can only think the way they are programmed and not otherwise. These people are not very creative either. For example, there are a variety of extraterrestrials. There is sufficient evidence for it. An amazingly large number of people are so limited in their freedom of thought that they insist that we humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe. A maximalist, on the other hand, is spiritually free and considers everything possible that he can imagine.

Maximalism when it comes to leisure and pleasure

A maximalist saves time and delegates work where he can and uses his time well for work and pleasure.

Maximalism when it comes to beautiful things of life

What comes to your mind when you think of beautiful things of life? Beautiful things of life are different for everyone. For me it is: Having fun and being happy, beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry, beautiful decor, a shopping spree, good food, art, excursions, vacations, meeting friends, swimming in thermal water, and much more.

You have to take care of the beautiful things in life. This is part of maximizing it. You have to pay attention to your health with natural food and enough exercise. You have to take care of your clothes and, if necessary, renew some. You have to clean your home and have it painted every couple of years. You have to take care of your friends. And so on.

Maximalism when it comes to enjoyment

Fully enjoy this one moment. Enjoy a meal. Enjoy time with family or friends. Enjoy a holiday. Enjoy shopping. I am a pleasure person. I enjoy my life. I even enjoy my work. I enjoy the shower in the morning and then the morning coffee, If there is something I do not enjoy, but it must be done, I quickly do it. I enjoy every meal. I enjoy meeting friends. I enjoy going for a glass and for a walk in the city. I enjoy walking along the beach. And so on and so forth. What do you enjoy?

To maximize enjoyment, I think, it’s about being fully focused on what you’re doing right now. For example, when I write an article, I have fully focused my thinking on the topic. When I eat, I enjoy every bite. When Buddhist monks scrub a floor, they do not think about the hard work, but about the regular movements, and so it becomes a meditation. Focus on the now and enjoy what you are doing right now.

If I do not like doing something and can delegate it to someone else, I do so. For example: I have a home help for cleaning and ironing. My annual tax report makes a tax accountant. If I do not feel like going grocery shopping, I have the groceries delivered. This is part of maximalism when it comes to enjoyment.

Maximalism when it comes to quality

What a maximalist possesses is of high quality. The closets of maximalists are not stuffed. He may have a few tailored suits, ladies have outfits made by designers, a couple of custom made shoes, and accessories of high quality. The cars are a special class. His home has large rooms with not much high quality furniture and valuable carpets.

Maximalism in clothing and fashion

The fashion style of maximalists is a classic style that is adapted to the fashion. In the wardrobe of a maximalist, is no worn out garment. He gets new outfits twice a year and if needed. Maximalist women may buy new clothes several times a year. With new clothes, a few older pieces are disposed of. So his wardrobe is never filled to the brim. For a maximalist it is always about high quality over quantity.

Maximalism is about making the most of everything and choosing the best.

Mental attitude of maximalism
Mental attitude of maximalism

If you want to become a maximalist, you have to condition the mindset of a maximalit. Learn how to condition success: Visit the course Condition Success with Imaginations and NLP

What else would you maximize to live the lifestyle of a maximalist?

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