What you should know about Subliminals is interesting. With the help of Subliminals you can change yourself and your life. They consist of subliminal messages. These are formulated simply and always in the present because they are intended for the subconscious, which only knows the present, but not the past or the future.

If you hear a subliminal every day, it will change your programming in a matter of weeks. This leads to changes in you and your life.


Subliminals Help You Change Your Inner Programming

Subliminas to Change your programming
Subliminals to Change your programming

Subliminal messages are used by advertisers who want you to buy their products. They change your subconscious mind which controls all of the decisions you make, and these messages are designed to specifically influence this part of your brain, without you even noticing

You can use Subliminals which will benefit you. Successful people, performers and athletes do it for many years to improve their self-esteem, their performance, their concentration abilities and so much more.


What do you wish to change

Subliminals will help you change any area of yourself and your life.

But attentions, Subliminals help you change your inner programming. I recommend to also visualize the wanted change and also to get active. Think that the best advertisement does not go shopping for you. It makes you want and choose a certain product if you go shopping.

Choose Subliminals in the right navigation or at the bottom and choose what you want to change about yourself.

Do not look for what you want to get rid of. Choose what you want instead. For example, if you are unhappy, do not look for how to stop unhappiness. Looks for how to become happy and for happiness.

Change Your Programming with Subliminals
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About Subliminals

Change your Subconscious Programming sending Affirmations directly to the Subconscious Mind with the help of Subliminals.

A Subliminal is a recording with positive affirmations targeted on one aspect of yourself that you want to change. Listening to a subliminal you can’t and you should not hear or understand the affirmations. In most Subliminals the frequency of the audio recording has been changed, so you do not hear it consciously. We believe that your ear should hear it, but you should not consciously understand it. In 3a Subliminals with music it is the music which is a mask of the audio recording with the affirmations. Without music, you would hear all the affirmations. That you don’t is advantages, because the subliminal messages are bypassing the conscious mind, which could be blocking the affirmation. Affirmations are also called subliminal messages. They are sent straight to the subconscious mind. A subliminal becomes effective if listened to daily for at least 30 days. But it is better if you listen to a subliminal until the changes are noticeable. These changes do not come suddenly. The way a subliminal works is a process. After a few weeks or in some cases after a few months the change will be noticeable.

What can you change with the help of Subliminal Recordings

Subliminals can help you change your beliefs, behaviour, limitations, habits, negative thought patterns and emotional patterns. Subliminals are a great help, but they do not do any work or necessary regular practice for you. A subliminal can make you enjoy your work or enjoy to practice.

My first great experience with a subliminal was about self-confidence. I have listened to the Self Confidence Subliminal for about two months or maybe even longer. It was others who first noticed the change. Then I noticed that my self-confidence has been a lot stronger.

When you choose a subliminal to lose weight, you have to change the food you eat and the quantity. The subliminal will give the subconscious mind the message that you are slim. Why is this message so important? When you have been overweight for a long time, your system is used to be overweight and you see yourself being overweight. Even after you have lost some weight, you still see yourself being overweight. When you lose a few pounds, it will quickly come back, because this is what your system is used to and it is your subconscious mind which controls your weight and how you perceive yourself. With the help of a subliminal you can change this. It gives the subconscious mind the message that you are slim, that you enjoy eating natural foods and the right quantity. The result is that it will be much easier to lose weight and it will be stay off.

Yes, you can learn foreign languages with the additional help of subliminal learning. The subliminal does not learn the language for you, but it makes it easier for you to learn a language. You have to practice consciously. Then play the subliminal recording with the language and listen to what you have learned while you sleep. This goes with every subject. While I prepared myself for the last state examinations for the PhD, I recorded what was difficult to remember and played it with low volume during lunch and dinner and while I slept.

What a Subliminal can’t do

There are marketers, who make you believe that you can change anything with Subliminals. This is not true.

A subliminal can’t make you become a beauty. It can make you feel beautiful and you will appear more beautiful to others.

A Subliminal can’t make you become a great guitar player. To play guitar you have to practice. A subliminal can make you enjoy practicing and so you will practice more often and with more joy.

The Subconscious Mind controls you to 90 percent. If you want to change anything about you, you have to change the programming of the subconscious mind. A subliminal can help you change the programming of your subconscious mind.

The subconsciousness can make you fail or succeed. It can help you to get what you want or avoid that you get what you desire. Whatever is holding you back to succeed or get what you want, if you overwrite the programming with positive beliefs, you will change your life. The easiest, most effective and inexpensive way doing this are Subliminals. Using Subliminals you do not need a therapist. All you need is an mp3 with the subliminal recording of your choice and listen to it daily for several weeks or months.

Subliminals versus Hypnosis

Subliminals are shorter as hypnosis Recordings, because the first phase, which has the purpose to bring the listener into a deep state of mind, is not needed. If you choose a hypnosis recording, you have to have one hour. During this time, you may not be disturbed. You have to lay down and relax. One does not have to take time for listening to a subliminal. One has not to lay down and stay still for an hour. A subliminal is 10 to 30 minutes long. To relax is good, but not essential. You can let a subliminal play any time.

Change Your Programming with Subliminals
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Why do some Subliminals work and others don’t

There are quite a number of Subliminals offered online. Many of them are good. But some just don’t work. The reason can be that the audio recording with the affirmations is changed in a way that the subconscious mind does not receive the messages. Another reason is that the affirmations are in the I-form. You are told from a stranger: I am happy. This means that this stranger is happy. When your mother wanted you to do your homework, she did not say: “I am now doing my homework.” She said: “Do your homework now.” This is the reason that affirmations in a subliminal have to be in the You-form.

When the frequency of the audio with the Subliminals is changed in a way that nothing can be heard, you might not get any results. It is true that the subconscious mind has a fine ear and hears what the conscious ear can’t hear. But there must be some sound which the subconscious mind hears. This means that when you hear some mumbling on a silent subliminal, you will achieve much better results.

As you have to listen to one subliminal quite a few times, the sound mask should not be disliked after you heard the recording thirty or more times. This is why a silent subliminal is great, where you only hear a mumbling in the Background.

Affirmations in Subliminals

Affirmations or suggestions used in Subliminals are also called Subliminal Messages. Affirmations are sent to the subconscious mind to change its programming. Listened repeatedly these affirmations can change wrong beliefs limiting thought and emotional patterns and more.

To recite several affirmations daily does not have any effect, unless you put feelings to it. But this is not at all easy. If you do not really believe in those affirmations, it is senseless to recite them. When they are sent straight to your subconscious mind with the help of a subliminal recording, false beliefs and limiting thought patterns and emotional patterns will be changed and you will start acting accordingly.

The affirmations of a subliminal are short sentences. They are kept in the present tense and have no negation, such as no or never. The more specific the affirmations are the better.

It is essential to find the right words for affirmations.

In some Subliminals you find affirmations which use one or more negative words such as: without doubt, stopping fear, unconditional. You have to avoid hearing negative words. You will not hear negative words in a 3A Subliminal. For example, in the stop doubt subliminal, the word “convinced” is used. You want to stop doubt and become convinced.

The affirmations should be in the form of YOU. It is the voice of a stranger who gives YOU important messages. Affirmations in the form of “I” don’t do anything to you.

Subliminal Messages Can Change Your Life

Subliminal messages change you and your life. They are very helpful, support you in what you want to accomplish and make everything easier. With the support of Subliminals you will change yourself and your life with ease.

How To Change Yourself and Your Life, Achieve Your Goals and Get What You Desire.

Listen to the subliminal of your choice daily. Is easier to achieve your goals with the support of Subliminal Messages.

1. Set clear goals. Determine what you want to achieve and what you want to change about yourself and your life. Have clear goals and write them down. Make plans about what you want to change about yourself, your life and what you have to do to achieve your goals. Then look for Subliminals which will support you to achieve your goals. Listen to them daily until you achieve what you want.

2. Expect Success. This can be difficult, if you had no big success in your life yet. Understand that all little successes you had in your life count. With the help of Subliminals you will gradually change and it will become easier to achieve a success. Even if you don’t fully believe in Subliminals, open up for possibilities, which are on the way to your success and which support you to achieve what you want.

Focus your mind on what you want to achieve and expect it to happen. Thoughts that are contrary to what you want are blocks and will hold you back. The more you assure yourself that you will reach your goals, the quicker you will reach them. Subliminals will support you to reach your goals with less effort and quicker.

3. Be Consistent. Listen to a subliminal recording at least once every day. Your mind has to receive the subliminal messages repetitively. It is not suggested to listen to a subliminal numerous times a day and then skip it for several days. Listen to it one or more times every day for several months.

4. Imagine and Visualize. See yourself as you want to be and see yourself living the life you want. If you visualize once or twice a day, it will strengthen the messages sent to your subconscious mind. Your mind will get used to your imaginations and you will develop the right frequency of vibration, which is essential to draw into your life what is needed to achieve your goals. To put the right feelings into your visualizations is important, because they are the trigger that you get into the right frequency of vibration.

5. Do not get side tracked. Stay with your goals. Continue listening to the subliminal of your choice, keep visualizing, and keep doing what is necessary to achieve your gaol. Be sure and assure yourself that you will get what you want and you will accomplish your goals When you have moments where you are relaxed, imagine how you will feel when all your wishes became your reality.


You have to listen to a Subliminal daily

Listening to Subliminals daily, combined with imagination, planning and action will help you achieve your goals and make the desired changes. Listening to a Subliminal will keep you focused on reaching your goals.

What are subliminal messages

A subliminal message (= affirmation) is any piece of information which you receive without consciously hearing or understanding it and which is sent to your subconscious mind. These messages can be images, written or spoken words. There are subliminal audio and subliminal video recordings.

Audio subliminal messages are recorded as a set of verbal suggestions. The audio recording is changed, so that the verbal commands are consciously not heard or not understood. In a subliminal video you also have written affirmations which are consciously barely seen from you, but perceived from your subconscious mind.

Why do Subliminals work

The reason why Subliminals work is that you do not consciously hear, understand and see the messages, but your subconscious mind does, and it stores it if it is sent repetitively. Your conscious mind acts based on the programming of the subconscious mind. With subliminal messages you change your belief system, thinking and emotional patterns, habits, and more.

When you change your inner programming, you and your life will change.

Change Your Programming with Subliminals
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What are Subliminals good for and why are Subliminals effective

If you repeat affirmations or use a recording with audible suggestions then your thinking patterns might block or reject the suggestions. For example, if you have self-esteem issues and someone tells you that “you are confident”, this will very probably get instantly dismissed as your conscious mind “knows” that the statement that you are confident is false.

I have a very beautiful girlfriend. One day I told her that she is beautiful. She shouted that she is not and got really furious and she said that I am giving her false compliments. I told her that I absolutely meant it. She began to cry and wanted to leave. I made her stay and talked with her, but I couldn’t make her understand, see and believe how beautiful she is. Her boyfriend has left her and she meant that other girls are prettier than she is. It turned out that the reason he has left her, had nothing to do with her looks, but with her confidence. It had to do with wrong inner programming. She listened to the Self Confidence 3A Subliminal once a day. Three months later she told me that she now understands what i’ve said. Another three months later the man she loved came back.

You can’t make yourself believe anything before your subconscious mind is programmed to believe it.

With subliminal recordings the conscious mind that often blocks affirmations, is bypassed and that is why it is possible to make changes, which you would not be able to do with your will or if the suggestions were sent via conscious ways.

How long do you have to listen to a Subliminal until you are aware of a desired Change

Some people experience the effects of subliminal messages after a few days. But what they actually quickly feel is being focused, more motivated and being more alive. When you listen to a subliminal for a few days and you notice a change, do not stop to listen to the subliminal, because the first effects quickly fade. It usually takes a few weeks, in some cases a few months until the messages of a subliminal become effective. If you regularly use Subliminals over a longer period of time you should notice a change in your attitude, and you will probably notice that you have different thoughts and beliefs in regard to the change you want to achieve with a particular subliminal. Subliminal messaging is the most effective, easiest and fastest way to change you and your life in one or more aspects.

How should you listen to Subliminals

Have the subliminal of your choice run once or twice a day. You can have it play before you go to sleep and while you sleep, short after you woke up, while you work, while you do sports and even during dinner. Listening to Subliminals will continuously refresh this burning desire and passion to succeed and it will multiply your chance to succeed in whatever you wish to accomplish. How much and in what areas of your life you want to change is upon you and it is your choice.

You can Increase the Effectiveness of Subliminals

When you are in the alpha or theta state of mind, the receptivity of the subconscious improves, especially for information that you want to direct to the subconscious mind. Meditating for several minutes will put you into the alpha state, and if you meditate until you are unaware of your body, you are in the theta state. When you meditate and you are in the alpha or theta state of mind, and listen to a subliminal, the effectiveness of the subliminal improves.

Subliminals make it easy to change yourself and your life

You choose the topic of your Subliminals in the area in which you want to achieve a change. There is a huge variety of subliminal audios to choose from. You can listen or watch a few Subliminals at a time and have them run several times a day for faster and more efficient results in whatever you wish to change or to achieve. I suggest that you do not hear more than 3 Subliminals at once. Listen to one subliminal after the other and do this for several months.

What do you have to consider before you buy a Subliminal

Do not buy a Subliminal blindly! They are not wonder pills.

Make sure that you read the affirmations. If you can’t find the affirmations which are on a certain subliminal, then look for another website with Subliminals.

Make sure that the affirmations are in present tense and that they have positive words.

  • Are there negative words or negations in an affirmation, then forget this Subliminal and continue looking for a better one.
  • Are the affirmations in the present tense? When you find the word “tomorrow” in an affirmation, forget the subliminal. When you read this affirmation tomorrow or next week, it will still say that you do or believe something tomorrow.
  • The word “now” is not necessary, because there is always now.

Make sure that the affirmations are in the form of YOU and not I.
Your parents have programmed you telling you what you should do or not. When your mother wanted you to first do your homework, she did not say: “I first make my homework and then play.” She said to you: “First make your homework!”

It is surprising how many Subliminals with affirmations in the form of “I” are offered. Subliminals with affirmations in the form of I only do something to the person who spoke the affirmations.

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