Subliminal Recordings Change Your Programming

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Subliminal Recordings Change the Programming of Your Subconscious Mind, of You and Your Life

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The Affirmations in subliminal recordings help you change your programming. This information is programmed in every cell of your body.

To change a certain characteristic of you with your will is very difficult. If you say affirmations repeatedly, your conscious mind will block them, because your conscious mind is controlled by the present programming of your subconscious mind. If you send affirmations directly to the subconscious mind, the conscious mind can’t block it, you change the programming and your conscious mind will act accordingly,

Listen to Subliminals daily to change your programming. The information goes directly to the subconscious mind and is not blocked by consious thinking.

Compared with a computer the cell information is the software. Affirmations are an update of your software or is new software. With subliminal recordings not only the content of your cell information will change, but also your brain structure. With the change of your programming and the brain structure you will change and so your life will change. You can’t fully delete old information from your subconscious mind, but it can diminish by itself.

To change information of your subconscious mind it is best to bypass the conscious mind. The best tool doing that are subliminal recordings or simply called Subliminals.

Subliminal recordings consist of at least two tracks. One track is the recording with the affirmations and the second track is the mask. The mask has the purpose to make the affirmations not heard consciously or not understood.

Find Subliminals to change your programming

Subliminal Recordings change entire life


How a Subliminal is made

Affirmations are recorded. This recorded audio file can be changed. It can be that the frequency, is changed or an echo or beats are added, The second track is an audio file with soothing music or with a natural sound such as ocean waves or singing of birds. The first track is mixed with the music track.

In certain subliminals there are more than two audio tracks.This can be a track with low sounds which are similar to the healthy heart rate. And there  can be more than one track with spoken affirmations, which is the case in 3A Subliminals.

In a silent subliminal the voice with the affirmations should be still heard, but not understood by the conscious mind. My personal experience is that silent subliminal recordings work better, when you hear a mumbling of the voice that speaks the affirmations. Too often the volume of the track with the affirmations is put too low or the frequency is changed in a way that the human ear can’t hear anything. When the human ear can’t hear anything, how should the subconscious mind get the message?

The more relaxed you are while you listen to a subliminal recording, the better. But you can do anything, while the subliminals plays. You can work on your computer, you can workout and you can eat and drink. You can also watch tv or listen to music. I want to mention that when you are doing something, which you do with joy, you are in a high vibration and I believe that this is good while you listen to a subliminal. recording. It is best when you listen to a subliminal short before you fall asleep and short after you woke up.

The more relaxed you are while you listen to a subliminal recording, the better.

Subliminal recordings are offered in the form of mp3 downloads. Subliminal mp3s are low in price. You can easily download a subliminal recording mp3, which gives you the opportunity to listen to the subliminal recording of your choice any time.

Subliminal MP3s
Have Subliminal MP3s run on your electronic device, while you work, read emails, watch videos, communicate online, are waiting for your connection flight or bus, or whatever.

Find Subliminals to change your programming

Affirmations in subliminal recordings are not heard

Listening to a Subliminal

Listening to subliminal mp3s will reprogram your subconscious mind, which will support you to change your life.

The subconscious mind can be against you if not programmed right and it can be your genie, if the programming is in line with what you consciously want. This means that when you set goals, you reach them easily and relatively quickly. Listening to Subliminal MP3s is the easiest and a very effective way to get your subconscious mind in line with your consciously set goals, wants and desires.

Subliminal recordings are audio or video recordings with messages, called affirmations, which you don’t hear or understand consciously, but the subconscious mind does. A subliminal video has spoken and written messages. The spoken words you don’t hear and the written words you can barely see. This means that the messages (affirmations) are sent to the subconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind, which could be a barrier and the messages are then not changing your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotional patterns, which are holding you back to get what you want in life. Subliminals only work when they are listened to repetitively over a period of at least six weeks or until you notice the desired changes.

You can change the programming of your subconscious mind. Subliminal recordings help you very much with this.

Your subconscious mind was programmed during your childhood by your parents, teachers, friends, your environment and your experiences. In the programming of your subconscious mind are beliefs which are limiting you to reach your goals and live your life as you wish. If you change certain aspects of the programming of your subconscious mind, your life will change.

Example: If you want to earn more money and even you try hard, but your income level doesn’t change, you have a limting belief about money. If you listen to a subliminal such as the More Money 3A Subliminal, you will start to focus on making money and your mind and thinking about money will change gradually and subsequently you will earn more and more money. Of course you have to get active. The subliminal does not do any work for you. It changes your attitude, your focus, your beliefs and you will see opportunities that you might have overlooked before you began listening to the More Money 3A Subliminal.

How long it takes until a person is aware of the desired change differs from person to person. It can happen in a few days or it can take several months until you notice the desired change.

Find Subliminals to change your programming

Benefits of Subiminal Recordings

Subliminal Recordings Have Great Benefits

With Subliminal Recordings You Can Easily Change Your Life.

Subliminal recordings are an effective way to send positive messages to your subconscious mind.

In subliminal recordings relaxation suggestions as in hypnosis recordings are not needed.

In silent subliminals the audio with the suggestions has been changed, that you can’t hear the suggestions consciously. You can hear a mumbling. For the most part, you will not be consciously aware of the powerful suggestions on the recordings.

Subliminal recordings are a completely safe, straightforward and 100% natural way to make changes of you and your life.

They are effective and can help you change and improve. With subliminal recordings you empower your mind to be charged with encouragements for positive change.

Enjoy the affirming and reprogramming power of subliminal recordings anytime and anywhere.

3A Subliminal recordings are digital downloads. After your purchase you will be sent a download. You download the subliminal recording and you can then listen to it and start to make desired changes.

There is considerable research evidence indicating that your subconscious mind can understand the meaning of phrases which are played but not heard consciously. It is best that your conscious mind is not analyzing the spoken affirmations, so it can’t block them. This is the reason that you should not consciously hear the suggestions on the subliminal recordings.

You can hear more than one subliminal recording at a time. Your subconscious mind can take much more information than your conscious mind. And you can listen to subliminal recordings any time.

>If you want to change a habit, a thought or emotional pattern, and you try making changes with your will, you will not be very successful and you will soon have a relapse. The programming of your subconscious mind controls your will. This is why you should first make the change in your subconscious programming. More about subliminal programming.

So many people try hard to make certain changes in their life. For example many people try hard to lose weight, but after they lost a few pounds, those lost pounds are quickly back. This is because their overweight figure is programmed in their subconscious mind and this is why the weight is quickly back. Would they first make the weight loss change in their subconscious programming with the help of a subliminal recording, it would be much easier to lose weight.

Same goes with any kind of life change: stop fear, stop anger, stop smoking, increase self confidence, increase creativity, and much more.

Start to make changes in any aspect of your life with subliminal recordings. It will be easier, more effective and the change will last.

Choose Subliminals and what you want to change

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