Mind Control with Subliminals

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Mind Control with Subliminals Introduction

Subliminals change your life for the better. With the help of Subliminals, you can get your mind under control to a high degree. I want to say that we will never be in full control of our mind, because we are constantly influenced by others and the media, also with subliminal messages.

It is proven that Mind Control with Subliminals is absolutely possible and it is effective. Use Subliminals to control your mind and to change your subconscious mind as you want.

I have changed my life significantly with Subliminals. Many years back I have listened to a Subliminal from now and then and it did not do anything. One day I read and understood that I have to listen to a Subliminal daily for several weeks. I did this and then things began to change. The longer I have listened to a Subliminal the more it got effective.

Further down I write about how Mind Control with Subliminals has changed my life very positively.

Mind Control with Subliminals

How does a Subliminal work

The important content of Subliminals are subliminal messages, also called suggestions or affirmations. When you listen to a Subliminal you don’t hear the affirmations. A Subliminal consists of 2 or more audio recordings. One of them is the mask, so that you do not hear the messages on the second track. Or the frequency is change, so that you do not understand the messages.

I then found out that a Subliminal is like hypnosis without the beginning and end part that make a hypnosis much longer. In a Subliminal you do not hear the suggestions, so you don’t have to be told to forget about them which is done in a hypnosis. A Hypnosis is always in the „You-Form“. A hypnotist will not say to you: „I feel great and I am happy“. Of course, he says: „You feel great and happy“. So, it was clear to me that the affirmations in a Subliminal have to be in the “you-form”. Although there are many Subliminals offered who are in the “me” form. It doesn’t help you if the person speaking in a Subliminal, feels great and happy, does it?

The effectiveness of Subliminals is proven

In a study at the Harvard University, it was proven that Subliminals do work, said Neil Sanders, an expert of Mind Control in a radio talk show called „Midnight in the Dessert“ with Art Bell in 2015. He mentions that subliminal messages work and as usual they work better when they are negative.

I wrote a blog post with the title Do Subliminals work which explains scientific research into the effectiveness of Subliminals.

Yes, Subliminals are effective if you listen to each Subliminal twice daily for several weeks.

How does Mind Control with Subliminals work

We are being programmed from an early age. When the programming is repeated it becomes part of the subconscious. Your conscious thinking is based on the programming of your subconscious.

In religions you are being programmed with repetition. Programming is daily in some religions and weekly in others. After a while, when you regularly visit a temple, church, or mosque, you will believe what has been said repeatedly without thinking about it.

So, the programming is done with repetitions which changes the subconscious. Subliminals do exactly this if listened to them repetitively and consistently. The longer you listen to Subliminals the more you will control your mind the way you want.

How does Mind Control with Subliminals work

Your mind is influenced and controlled

Your mind is being constantly controlled and influenced. You can only partially get it under your control. But it is not possible to do this with your conscious thinking.

Your thoughts are not your own. They are based on your programming. Since childhood your subconscious mind is programmed by parents, the school, friends, religions, news, and other media. By far not all is positive and helpful to live a good life. Well, it is that those who control us and benefit from our work try to influence us negatively, for example to arouse and stir up fear in us, because then we are ready to submit and function as those who control us expect us to.

Think that the news are almost entirely negative. That scares and destroys our wellbeing. But would you watch the news if it was reported that a woman gave birth to a healthy child and the whole family was happy? Isn’t it more interesting when you learn that a block of flats has collapsed and there are many dead? And you have to fear that the same can happen to the apartment building in which you live? This message will make your frequency go down which disturbs your well-being and your sleep. Negative news are harmful.

Advertising is based on a specific idea and on emotions. Propaganda is painting images in people’s mind, so that they follow the propaganda maker.

We are influenced by films. The movie industry has often enough an order by state organizations. For example, films are made before and during wars that have the task of recruiting soldiers. The life of a soldier is beautifully painted, heroized, and as a result, more young men and women sign up for the military. And that’s just one example of the tasks that the film industry performs in order to influence us.

Far less is demanded of you when it comes to consuming a specific drink or buying the latest fashion. However, it is the case that advertising has a huge impact on your purchasing decisions.

Try one or two Subliminals!
Listen to each subliminal twice a day for at least 6 weeks. It takes enough repetition to overwrite old and incorrect programming that is deep in your subconscious with new programming.

Think about how you are being mentally controlled

Think about why you are doing something specific or buying something. What is the underlying reason? Are you manipulated? How has your mind been controlled that you do or buy something specific?

  • Why are you going to this street festival? What would you do instead?
  • Why are you buying this product? Do you need it? Would another product serve the same purpose at a cheaper price?
  • Why are you going to church on Sunday? Most of your friends are going to a lake or to the mountains and are having a good time. Can you imagine doing anything else on Sundays as to go to the church which you do since early childhood
  • Why do you daily watch a certain television series? It might be better meeting with friends and having fun or going to the gym. After the series you watch something else and you are not anymore in the mood going out.

How much are you mentally controlled by your programming and by others and why? Think about it!

Other means of mind control

One way to control the mind of someone is with drugs. I wish you to never get drugs against your will, to tell someone a secret, or do something that you would not do without the drugs.

Your mind can be controlled with emotional influence. These can be positive and negative emotions. It can be done with words, images, scents, music, and colors.

When I am in a store where a certain kind of music plays, there is a good chance that I buy something. I often buy something because of the color, even if I don’t need it. Of course, also images can get me buy something specific. Think about what makes you buy something that you do not need.

Often fear is injected into our mind through negative news. This fear affects your life. Those who are afraid lean against authorities and are easily influenced. With the help of Subliminals you can stop fear.

Mind Control with Subliminals means

Governments and companies control your mind with Subliminals

To make people obey also subliminal messages are used. Subliminal messages change the programming of the subconscious mind on which the thinking and the actions of people are based.

Do you realize that since childhood you have been conditioned to think in a particular system of thought that differs slightly from country to country? This is reinforced by subliminal messages that governments spend a lot of money on. After just a few years, people can no longer think anything else than they should think, so that they stay in their little world and be happy with it.

If subliminal messages did not work, do you think companies and the government would spend millions of dollars per year on them? Writes Florido in Subliminal messages used to control your mind.
Written was the article by Pao Chang, who is the founder of EnergyFanatics.com

Yes, we are manipulated against our will and without knowing.

Today we are at the beginning where certain frequencies are used to manipulate our thinking and actions. The television can be switched off so as not to be manipulated. You cannot protect yourself against the emission of frequencies.

Why are we influenced by others with subliminal messages

The government wants you to function in a certain way. Companies want you to buy their products. Whatever entity it is which influences you subliminally, they want you to obey and function as they want and to their advantage.

You can change part of your controlled mind with Subliminals

What can you do to not get too much under the subliminal influence and manipulation of others is that you use Subliminals to your advantage, not watch too much TV and movies, and not listen to music that might be produced to manipulate you.

Choose Subliminals which are freeing you from old and unwanted programming. Mind Control with Subliminals is effective and will change your life to the better.

You want to influence and control your mind to your advantage which you can do with Subliminals.

  • Think that you want to be and feel happy and be positive.
  • You want to live in abundance.
  • You want to have a strong belief in yourself.
  • You want to improve your self-confidence.
  • You want to make right decisions.
  • You want to control your emotions and your mind.
  • You want to achieve your goals.
  • You want to create your reality as you want it.
  • You want to enjoy your life.
  • You can find Subliminals to accomplish all of that.

You can accomplish all of this by listening to Subliminals daily and continuously. You must think that you have been influenced and manipulated by others since you were a child. So, this programming goes deep.

This is why you have to listen to each Subliminal of your choice twice daily for several weeks or even longer. The new programming has to get deep which you can only achieve with enough repetitions.

Use Subliminals to your advantage

What is Subliminal Mind Control

How to use Mind Control with Subliminals to your advantage

What happens if you listen to Subliminals of your choice? Affirmations that are part of a Subliminal are sent to your subconscious mind. With the repetitions they overwrite the old and unwanted programming.

For example, if you are constantly doubting, which is very contra-productive, and you listen to the Stop Doubt and Become Convinced Subliminal, you will slowly change and become more and more convinced of yourself and that you will achieve your goals.

Some of the affirmations are
You are confident that anything in your life works out wonderfully.
You always make the right choices and you are certain about positive results.
You succeed in all areas of your life with certainty.

Read all affirmations that are used in the Stop Doubt Subliminals at the end of this page: Stop Doubt and Become Convinced Subliminal

These suggestions are sent to your subconscious mind. Listen to this Subliminal daily for several weeks or longer. It will overwrite the old programming and you will begin to act upon the new programming. I repeat: Your thoughts and actions are based on the programming of your subconscious.

You will have more and more control of your mind if you continuously listen to Subliminals. Choose 2 or 3 Subliminals at a time. Listen to each of them twice daily. After a few weeks choose 2 or 3 other Subliminals and listen to them twice daily.

Try one or two Subliminals!
Listen to each subliminal twice a day for at least 6 weeks. It takes enough repetition to overwrite old and incorrect programming that is deep in your subconscious with new programming.

Subliminals have changed me and my life significantly

My mind was very much controlled by the way I grew up. There was not very much education and that little bit was not good and has ruined my self-esteem. I have a brother, who always got everything, but made lots of debts. I did not get the money to buy the books I needed for the university. While my brother enjoyed life, I worked to buy books, clothes and food. But that didn’t build my self-confidence.

In short, my life has been a catastrophe for far too long. My thinking back then prevented me from changing my life. But somehow, I was looking for a solution. That’s how I found Self-help books and Subliminals.

Only from now and then I have listened to a Subliminal. Soon I gave it up. Self-help books did not also not help very much. I found the content to be incredible. I thought that it can’t be that you can change your life positively only with your thinking.

With the internet I have learned more about the mind and about Subliminals

Then came the internet. That gave me the opportunity to research. I was confronted with words like manifesting your desires, recreating your life as you want, and again Subliminals. I have read that you have to listen to a Subliminal daily for at least 6 weeks or longer.

That made the difference. I bought some Subliminals, listened to each twice a day for several weeks.

After a couple of weeks, I didn’t notice much of a difference. I thought that because of my age, the wrong programming was deep and I had to listen to the Subliminals longer.

The day came when I suddenly reacted very differently than usual. I appeared confident and others noticed that too. That inspired me to continue with Subliminals. They helped me to take over the control of my mind and as a result of my life.

With Subliminals you get your mind under control

My mind opened up to a better life

I then began to think about how I want to live. Out of the blue I remembered that most part of my life I wanted to live in Italy. My first reaction was that it was impossible. I’ve read many times that one shouldn’t think that something is impossible. Imagine what you want, do things that will lead to your goal, and believe that it will happen.

I listened to the Strong Belief Subliminal and I allowed myself to imagine living in Italy near the sea. In my imaginations I saw myself sitting in front of a café on a slightly sloping street. I’ve watched the people go by. Again and again, I heard laughter and the happy chatter of Italians.

The next step was that I began to pack. I have filled eighty something moving boxes. Then I sold my apartment in Vienna and drove south. It was not always easy. I kept going one step at a time.

And I’ve heard Subliminals all the time.

I have made my dream come true with Subliminals

Today I own an olive grove from where I can see the sea. I often go to this street that I had seen in my mind years ago, sit down at this coffee house and watch the people as I did in my imagination. I have lots of new friends. I live how I wanted to live. I have made my dream come true.

Still today I listen to Subliminals. They have done so very much for me. They will do it for you too. Subliminals are effective and they are great. Mind Control with Subliminals is absolutely possible.

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I am a New Thinker. I enjoy my work, shopping, going out and having fun, and more. I am writing about the process of creation and special knowledge. I have changed my life with the Visualization System. In this course you learn 8 visualization techniques and you learn breathing and mantra meditation. Subliminals are very helpful changing your programming and so easy, because you only have to let them play. Try it! You will be positively surprised.

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