How Long Does It Take For Subliminals To Work

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How long it takes for a Subliminal with its messages to work on the programming of the subconscious mind depends on several factors such as previous programming, age, attitude, and more.

Only a few people are able to change their programming with Subliminals in a short time. I had clients who wrote to me that they have discovered an incredible effect after 5 days of listening to 3 Subliminals. I have clients who buy a new Subliminal each months and they are writing that 3A Subliminals are very effective. And still this is unusual.

Many people expect measurable results after a certain period of time. But that’s not the case with Subliminals. You can’t measure these results. They might be quick and strong or they might work slowly.

Don’t expect Subliminals to produce noticeable results within a few days, although it is possible. Do not expect that a Subliminal works fully after 4 to 6 weeks of listening to it twice daily, although you will feel and see results. It can happen that friends say to you: What has happened, you are so different.

My experience was that if you work with Subliminals on a daily basis, you will change so very much that you will be surprised about yourself.

Work with Subliminals daily

What I mean with working with Subliminals daily is:
Listen to 1 or 2 Subliminals twice a day. Let us say in the morning and in the evening. You can have a Subliminal play while you have breakfast or on the way to work. And in the evening after you went to bed. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep and the Subliminal continues to play.
After 4 to 6 weeks you choose 1 or 2 other Subliminals and listen to them twice a day.
Continue like this. Listen to Subliminals that you have already used again from time to time.
After a few months you will be another person. You will have changed so much.

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This is how a Subliminal changes your programming

Let me explain how a Subliminal changes the subconscious programming. If you for example listen to the Lose Weight Subliminal, you will not wake up a few days later and be slim. When it comes to losing weight, you have to do a little more than only listening to a Subliminal. The Subliminal will make it easier for you to lose weight and to keep the weight loss permanent.

It is usual that when people lose weight, that it soon is back. The reason is that in your subconscious mind it is programmed that your body is overweighed. Your subconscious mind always does anything possible that things stay as they are programmed. Here a Subliminal can help.

The same is with making money. I had clients who told me that they have made quite a bit of money in a short time and as they have reached a certain amount they suddenly lost it all. One client has been programmed by his mother. When he grew up she has said often that rich people are bad. After a talk with his mother everything changed. She has said that she has changed her mind about money and rich people. After this talk things changed for the good for this client. Another client was told by his father as he was a child that having a lot of money is risky. The moment he understood why he has lost money when he made more and more, things also have changed for him.


Our Programming Doesn’t Change As Quick As We Would Want To

During the years of our childhood and adolescence we were programmed and then that programming is supposed to be changed within days or a few weeks. That is not possible. Give Subliminals some time. They will work and change you and your life.

Your age makes a difference. When you are younger, your false programming is not yet that deep and firm. So it will be easier to change it. When you are older and there is not a certain age that I could mention, you should be more patient. Just think that years of living with wrong programming need some time to be changed.

Changing the Programming of the Subconscious Mind is Complex

The programming of the subconscious mind is complex. Programming one part is related to several others. A change can only be a process. If you listen to a certain Subliminal daily for a few weeks, it will not only change one part of your programming, but also others that are connected with this one part that you change with a Subliminal.

It is great if you listen to one or two Subliminals daily for a few weeks. Then choose two other Subliminals and continue to listen to them for a few weeks. You will definitely get results.

How Long Does It Take That A Subliminal and It‘s Messages Takes Full Effect On The Subconscious Mind?

The short answer is that it can take a few days, a couple of weeks, but it could also take more than a few months.

How much time it takes that a Subliminal takes full effect on the programming of the subconscious mind, depends on several factors:

1 Your Age – The older you are the deeper the initial programming and the longer it takes to change it. The younger you are, the easier it will be to change your programming.

2 Your attitude towards life and towards changes – This attitude is part of your programming. Some people are open to changes, others struggle with it, again others stick to what they are used to.

Which attitude you have, does affect how long it takes for a Subliminal to work. If you are used to make changes, it will be easier.

For people who stick to the old and habitual things, it will take longer until a Subliminal becomes effective. People who are open for changes, will get results quicker.

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3 If you are part of a religious community and attend events regularly – You are programmed with regular repetitions through months and years. Depending on how many years you have been programmed a cetain way, it is difficult to change a part of this programming.

E.g.: Christians are told that a rich person can‘t get into heaven. It is difficult for them to make more than a certain amount of money monthly. When it comes to money they have to do more than only listen to a Subliminal for a few months to change this part of their programming.

So it depends on how and how long you have been programmed which you want to change with a Subliminal.

4 How parents and teachers have educated you – If your parents have been supporting you to believe in yourself and all you do, it will be easy to make further positive changes and it will not take long for Subliminals to work. When your parents put you down a lot, this became part of your programming, and it will take longer until a Subliminal becomes effective. Do not let this discourage you. Working on yourself always pays off.

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Is The Result Of A Subliminal Permanent?

Yes, the results of a Subliminal is permanent, unless you again change it with

  • another Subliminal
  • meditation
  • visualization
  • or other methods.

My Experience With Subliminals

I listen to one or two Subliminals daily for a few weeks. Then I choose 2 other Subliminals. I am doing this for several years. The result is: I am a different person and my life is very different as before I began using Subliminals.

I feel so much better about myself. I feel happier, am more self conscious, control my thoughts and emotions, and a lot more. My whole life is very different and much better.

My Tip for Subliminals

Listen to one or two Subliminals daily for several weeks and continue using other Subliminals. You will get great results. So much will change about you and your life.

Do not await to be rich after having listened to a „Make More Money Subliminal“. The Sublliminal will make changes in your subconscious mind. Only listeneing to a Subliminal is not enough to make more money. You have to get active. First, also visualize what you want to achieve with a Subliminal. Second, get active. Find ways to make more money and do something to make more money.

Think of advertisement. Some ads are really great. But you have to see this ad several times. And the best advertisement doesn‘t go shopping for you. You have to go to the grocery store to choose the washing powder or whatever it was that you saw advertised.

Self-Love 3A Subliminal
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In Summary

How long it takes for Subliminal messages to work is a complex question. It depends on many factors.

I really recommend that you listen to Subliminals daily. You will get results, not just in one area but in general. That means you and your life will continually change.

I also recommend that you read the affirmations before buying a Subliminal, so that you know what is being drummed into you. In other words, don’t buy a pig in a poke. On each page of our Subliminals you can read affirmations (= subliminal messages) which are used in the Subliminal that is offered on that page.

Working on yourself is a great investment and working with Subliminals is easy.

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