Shift to a Parallel Reality Your Life Will Change

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Shift To A Parallel Reality Where You Live A Better Life

Shift to a parallel reality where everything is better. There are countless realities, each a little different as the other. They are called parallel realities. Each fraction of a second you shift from one parallel reality to another. In one and the same moment there are countless possibilities that can be different from the reality in which you are and into which you shift. Into which parallel reality you shift is navigated by your thoughts.

I have explained in an earlier post that life is made of lots of shifts to other realities. Bashar says that it is Billions per second that you shift from one to another. Every fraction of a second exists now. It is like a movie which is made with lots of images. With changing of the images you get the impression of movement. The same is with life. As you constantly shift from one into another parallel reality, you have the impression of movement. There is not motion in a parallel reality. The impression of movement happens when you go through a series of parallel realities.

Shift to the parallel reality you want

Most of the content of this article I got from listening to Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka and from listening to Joe Dispenza. Take it serious, because it absolutely is. It will change your life.

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How Much Can Your Reality Change

You shift to a parallel reality every fraction of a second. The change has to be bigger that you realize the move.

All that you can imagine exists. There are parallel realities where you are sick and others where you are healthy. There are parallel realities where you are poor and others where you are rich. There are some in which you are not aware of your talents and those where you use your talents.

I believe that it is possible to shift to a very different reality quickly, but usually it takes some time and many shifts from one to quite a few other parallel realities until you are in a completely different one. One of the reasons for this is that different realities have different frequencies. It is not easy to change your frequency drastically in a short time, because you have to get used to a different frequency. I think that we have to make little changes, until we live our dream life and have what we desired.

Direct your thoughts and imaginations to make a next step and then the next one. This way your frequency will change slowly and you will constantly and easily adapt to it, until you live your dream life and have what you wanted. You will shift through lots of parallel reality on the way to your target reality.

But attention, when you live in your dream life, things continue to change every split of a second. You will continue to shift from one to another parallel reality. You have to keep your frequency high or get it higher. But if you are thinking negatively, your frequency will drop and your life will worsen. Often enough people had it all and lost it.

Remember that the trigger for which parallel reality you are switching to is your thoughts. You have to control your thoughts, keep them positive, and focus your thoughts on what you want.

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That your programming is changed takes lots of repetitions.

How Do You Shift To A Different Reality?

You shift to a different reality with a different frequency. Your frequency has to do with how you feel. You can change how you feel with your thoughts, imaginations, and actions.
Read more about How you manage your emotions and how you feel

You have to learn to shift into a parallel reality in which you are happy and all is as you want it. This reality has a very different frequency as the one you are in now. Changing your frequency is actually all you have to do. Sounds easy. What is against it is your wrong thinking, your wrong beliefs, your constant doubting and fears. You can forget wrong beliefs, doubts, and fears. They are holding you back to live in peace and happiness. But all this is deeply programmed in your subconscious mind and not easy to change.

In a very different reality you do not think wrong, you do not have wrong beliefs, you don‘t doubt and have no fears. To get there you have to make a few changes. As it is not easy to change your frequency drastically in a short time, you need to make a few changes to the programming of your subconscious mind.

You First Need To Change The Programming of Your Subconscious Mind

You first need to change the programming of your subconscious mind. It will then be easier to shift into a parallel reality that offers you the life you want to live.

We get up in the morning and perceive the same room in which we went to sleep. We follow the same routine day by day. Therefore nothing can change. In the morning we slip into the next parallel reality in which almost all is the same, just that we and all around us got a little older.

Imagine repetitively that you wake up in a totally different reality, one that you enjoy. Fall asleep and get up with the imagination of the reality in which you want to live.

You Can Change The Programming of Your Subconscious Mind With Subliminals

Read more about Subliminals and choose some Subliminals. Listen to each subliminals twice daily for several weeks. The subconscious mind needs repetitions that it‘s programming changes.

Shift to parallel realities till you live your dream

You Can Change Your Reality With Meditation

Joe Dispenza recommends that you meditate. While you meditate you leave your body and free yourself from all that his holding you back to live a happy life in abundance. At the end of the meditation you move back into a new body and a new reality.

Some people change their lives in a few hours or days. Others need a few months and some even longer. It depends how deep the wrong programming is. And how much you are holding on to the life you are used to live.

There are a few people who change their reality in a few days. They do not hold on to what they are used to. They are open to changes, to feel differently, and they understand what meditation can do. They meditate and get back to a different reality. This is a reality in which they want to live, filled with happiness, health, wealth, and bliss.

You Create Your Reality

The only person that counts in your reality is you. All other people around you are part of your reality, created by you with a certain frequency. If you are bitter, you will be in a reality where you have reasons to be bitter and the people around you will fit this imagination. If you are happy and joyful, you will be in a reality where you have reasons to be happy and joyful and the people around you will fit into this reality.

Listen to the Create Your Reality 3A Subliminal twice a day for several weeks.

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How Do You Need to Feel To Shift Into A Better Parallel Reality?

Think of days when you don‘t feel well. The weather seems to be making you sick. A problem arises, but you can‘t see the solution, and you can‘t get your thoughts away from this problem. People you are meeting upset you. There are more and more reasons that you don‘t feel well. Whatever you do doesn‘t work out. A glass slips out of your hands and breaks into thousand fragments. The rest of the day is desastrous. Everything looks bleak and dark.

Then think of days when you feel great. No matter how the weather is, things are light and joyous. You are in the mood to sing and dance. Problems are solved almost immediately or you see how to solve them. People you meet are also in a good mood. Whatever you do is done easily and quickly. Joyful things happen out of the blue. Your thoughts are filled with joy. All the day is great and fun. Everyting looks light and joyful.

With how you feel that has a certain frequency, you control which parallel reality you are moving into.

Shift Into Different Parallel Realities

How do you choose and shift into a different parallel reality? You have to get yourself into the frequency that you will have if you, for example, live in your dream life and / or already got what you want.

You have to get yourself into the frequency that you will be in if you already got what you want.

You have first to change your frequency. Each frequency, and there are countless different frequencies, represents another reality

  • There is one reality where you have a wish.
  • There is another reality where you have the means to get what you want.
  • There is again another reality where you already have what you want.
    All these realities exist. The way you feel in each of these parallel realities makes the big difference.

Shift Your Reality With Feelings

Here Is What You Have To Do To Get Into The Parallel Reality In Which You Want To Be

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, make a few deep breaths, and then imagine each of these 3 different realities.
Start with the first. Here you have a wish. You don‘t have what you want and you don‘t have the means to get it. This is not a good state to be in. There is hopelessness which is not a good feeling. How do you feel?
The second: You do not have what you want, but you have the means to get it. You could order it or go to buy it the next day. Here comes certainty that you will soon have what you want and anticipation into the game. But you don‘t have what you want yet. How do you feel?
The third reality is best. It generates the best feeling and the highest frequency. Here you have what you want. You can grap, use, and enjoy it. How do you feel? You must feel good and happy. Try to stay with this feeling and do what has to be done to really get it.

This is the quickest way to shift into the reality you want to be in.
Whatever you want, feel as if you already have it. This way you get yourself into the right frequency which makes you perceive it quickly.

Everything you are able to imagine is possible. Depending to where you focus your thoughts to, you will be shifting to the parallel reality where this object or environment exists.

Can You Shift Into a Reality Which Is Very Different From Where You Are Now

A couple of years back I read a book where the author explained that you can‘t immediately get from the bottom to the top of a matrix. Each square of the matrix represented a parallel reality that you have to go to on the way to your target. He said that you have to do the shift in stages, a little each time. I have believed that. But it is wrong.

Today I believe that you can make enormous shifts in a few days, What does it take? An enormous shift needs an enormous belief that you can make it. The difficullty is, to get yourself into a very different frequency which you are not used to and you have to stay with it.

You make big jumps if you are in the frequency in which you will be if you have what you want. You get yourself into this specific frequency if you imagine that you already have what you want, as explained above.

Example: During the time when I prepared myself for the last examinations to get my PhD, I imagined daily before sleeping the festivity after I got the doctor‘s role.

Control into which Parallel Reality you are Moving

Consciously Control In Which Reality You Are And Into Which Parallel Reality You Shift

Everything is frequency of energy. One thing is different from another, because it is another frequency, says Bashar through Darryl Anka. I say that it has another frequency. If it is wrong to say that it has another frequency instead of it is another frequency, I don‘t know.

You control into which reality you move if you control your frequency which you control with how you feel.

Raise Your Frequency

You have to raise your frequency again and again a bit to live a better life, achieve your goals, and get what you want. Consciously check if your frequency is in alignment with what you want. Do you live as you really want? Are you happy? Does what you have to get done usually work out easily? If your answers are yes, your frequency is in alignment with what you want. If this is not the case, you have to continue working on your frequency. This means how you feel. You do this with your thoughts, imaginations, and actions.

How do you Raise Your Frequency To Shift Into Other Realities

You are raising your frequency by

  • Following your passion.
  • Being certain and without any doubt that you will achieve what you want.
  • Knowing that what you want already exists. You only have to perceive it.
  • You have to love yourself.
  • Read more about How to Raise Your Frequency

Take Responsibility For Your Life

Take responsibility for your life, for every single moment, for everything you have created. It is your choice to be sad and unhappy or joyful and happy. Make your choice! Whatever happens to you is self imposed. Stop blaming anyone else but yourself.

Whatever happens to you is self imposed. Stop blaming anyone else but yourself.

Better as blaming yourself for anything, is to shift into a parallel reality where there is no reason to blame yourself. If you shift into another reality, your past is also different. You will not remember your past from the other reality.

Build Positive Beliefs

Do not buy into negative beliefs. If someone is telling you that you can‘t do or get something you want, you must not listen and not believe it. Those who say: Oh, yes, I can do it and I will prove it, make it happen. Whatever you want to be able to do, you can learn it. Believe and be assured that you can. Believe that you can live the life you want.

Imagine to shift to the reality you want

Your Reality Is A Reflection Of Your Conscious Thoughts

Your reality and the series of parallel realities to which you shift are a reflection of your conscious thoughts. With your thoughts you control how you feel and your frequency.

You create your reality in your inside world. There is nothing at the outside. It is all a reflection of your conscious thoughts and imaginations. Whatever there is in your life, you have consciously or unconsciously created. We have no problem with positive creations. But what about creations that we do not want and which are negative from our point of view? These are created unconsciously, with conscious doubts or false beliefs.

Lots of people do not really want to live a better life, because they are used to their poor life. They are afraid of changes. If you want to make drastic changes, you have to be prepared to go through a time of discomfort. It takes a few weeks until you are used to the changes. Then you will be okay and you can enjoy your better life. The moment you got used to feel differently and have a different frequency the discomfort will be gone.

Sometimes you create difficult moments in order to learn and to grow. That is why you should look at what happens in your life from the point of view that you have created it for a reason. You have to ask: How can this incident serve me? It might be a necessary step to shift to the parallel reality in which you want to be.

If you raise your frequency continuously, quite a bit about you and your life will change. I have explained that you shift to a better reality with conscious thoughts and with how you feel. This way wrong beliefs, doubts, and fears will be gone by itself.

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