How to Think Positive Thoughts and Why

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Positive Thoughts are a Matter of Habit

With positive thoughts you create positive outcomes, beautiful things, and a better life. With negative thoughts you create nothing good. Like almost everything in life, positive thinking is a matter of practice. By consciously shaping and having positive thoughts, you condition positive thinking. This makes positive thinking a habit. What is a habit is easy and done automatically. If you made positive thinking a habit, you are and stay a positive thinker.

Positive Thoughts are a habit.

Content of How to Think Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts are a matter of habit
How to create a better life with positive thoughts
Start the day with a positive thought
Replace negative thought with positive onces
We are programmed to think negative
You can change your programming and become a positive thinker
It is your decision whether you have positive thoughts or not
How can you always think positively
Examples of how to turn bad circumstances around with positive thoughts
Your life is formed in your head
Decide to think positive
Thoughts and feelings are interdependent
To feel good and happy think positive thoughts
How I manage positive thinking
I have changed my life by controlling my thoughts and keeping them positive

If you change your thinking positively, ie “always” think positive thoughts, your frequency rises. You have to get used to a higher frequency. It is not possible to rise your frequency substantial high in a matter of a moment and stay with this much higher frequency, because you are not used to it. It is best to do this step by step. Rise you frequency a bit. As soon as you are used to this new fequency, rise it again a bit.

Positive Thoughts raise your frequency.

Control Your Frequency With Your Thoughts

Your frequency is reflected in how you feel. This higher frequency, which is changed by positive thoughts, is a new emotional state. Your everyday state is a certain feeling that you are used to and that has a certain frequency. You have to change the frequency and how you are feeling slowly, and get used it.

I recommend the Control Your Mind 3A Subliminal.
Listen to a Subliminal twice a day for several weeks. A Subliminal has a supportive effect. Control your thoughts consciously and direct them to what you want and the beautiful part of life.

Think of moments when you felt very happy. Examples: During an afternoon of hiking. You felt great in the pure nature and you were in the now, without thinking about before or after. When you passed an exam and then celebrated. A particularly nice evening with family or friends. When you first drove your new car. When you saw the first salary in your account. Imagine yourself in one of the beautiful moments of your life and become aware of how you feel.

If you are completely happy, you are in the now. During this time, you do not lose any thoughts about before or after. If you are in the now, it is easy to have positive thoughts.

Positive toughts in the now

But can you maintain the state of feeling completely happy and positive for long? As described above, this is a matter of practice. The more often and the longer you feel good and happy and think positive, the longer you will be able to stay in this state. You will get used to the feeling caused by the higher frequency.

I recommend the Be Positive 3A Subliminal.
Listen to this Subliminal twice a day for several weeks. This is necessary that your programming is changed permanently.

You have Positive Thoughts if you are feeling good and happy.

Let’s go into details to better understand positive thinking.

How to Create a Better Life With Positive Thoughts

Start the Day With a Positive Thought

When you wake up, say to yourself: This will be a wonderful day. And be curious what beautful moments will happen. This way you steer the day in the right direction. Before you open your eyes, imagine your home, your life and the world the way you want them to. In this world all your problems are solved, you are happy and healthy and your desires are fulfilled.

Positive Thoughts create a great day.

Joe Dispenza, who uses meditation to improve and optimize the life and health of his clients, explains that most people renew their previous reality, including problems and illnesses, every morning. They wake up with their thoughts on one of their problems, create their familiar environment, become aware of their illness and pain, and create a new bad day.

It is imperative to start the day with positive thoughts. As you fall asleep, imagine your life as beautiful as possible. While you sleep this will be on your mind and you will dream of it. You will wake up feeling good and have good vibrations. Before you open your eyes in the morning, visualize your dream life again. Also imagine that you can do all the tasks you have planned for the day quickly, easily, and well. Also think about fun you will have during and after work.

Positive thoughts have a high frequency

Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones

What to think to think positive and to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
    • Find out in which situations you have negative thoughts.
    • What would have to change to think positively at these moments?
    • Put the positive thought ahead and visualize the ideal situation.
    • Remember that you shape your life in your inner world and then perceive it in the outer world. Think that your life is a projection of your thoughts. I will explain that better.

When you have negative thoughts that fuel negative feelings like fear of the future, you create exactly what you are afraid of. Doubt belongs to the same category. What if I can’t do it? What if this or that happens? With these thoughts you direct your life where you don’t want it to be.

Think of a car ride. You look in the direction you are driving. If you look where you don’t want to go, you will end up there. You drive wherever you look.

So: In which direction should your life go? Focus your thoughts on what you want. Express yourself positively, whether you’re talking to yourself or someone else. Expect a positive outcome from each of your plans. Think of it, visualize it, dream of it!

Think, visualize, dream of what you want. Have positive thoughts of all areas of your life.

Focus on Positive Thoughts.

We are Programmed to Think Negative

We are raised incorrectly by our parents and programmed incorrectly: Usually one parent says: Don’t do this! Instead of explaining how to do it better, doing it that way is better. The subconscious mind knows no negation. It understands: do that! And the child does it wrong again and again. He wasn’t told how to do it right. If a child is constantly told what it should not do, negative thoughts build up. There are conflicts between parents and child. Parents don’t understand why their children are doing what they shouldn’t be doing.

Parents say: Life is difficult. You will see! They educate their children to have a difficult life, to create problems and to grow them bigger. We must not hold our parents responsible for this, because they too were raised wrongly by their parents. This has been going on for many generations. The only way to change that, is to change your thinking and educate your children to think positive.

„Life is difficult“ with „Life is wonderful!“
„I have big problems“ with „I‘ll have this problem solved soon.“
„Making a lot of money is difficult and bad“ with „Making a lot of money is easy and wonderful!”

You Can Change Your Programming and Become a Positive Thinker

Make the sentence: Life is difficult! to Life is beautiful. Convince yourself that life is beautiful! You were persuaded that life was difficult. You can persuade yourself that life is beautiful, wonderful, great and whatever you desire. Replace negative with positive thoughts. – Doesn‘t cost anything. Doesn‘t take much energy. If you do so, your life will change to the positive in unexpected ways.

With your thoughts you create yourself, your life, your state of health and everything you want. You can control your thoughts consciously. Steer them in the right direction. To do this, you need to know how you want to live.

Positive thoughts create positive

Write down how you want to live, so that you know which direction your thoughts should take you. Yes, your thoughts take you in a certain direction. Below you can read what I wrote down when I planned my future life and what happened to it.

Positive Thoughts create positive things and good outcomes.

It is Your Decision Whether You Have Positive Thoughts or Not

Positive thoughts generate positive and pleasant feelings and thus a higher frequency with which you create or perceive beautiful and positive things. Negative thoughts result in negative feelings and a low frequency, which creates problems and a difficult life.

Whether you think positive or negative thoughts is your decision.

You decide whether you think of a problem or of the solution. Or better yet, remember that the problematic issue is already resolved.
You decide whether you think of a house with all amenities or a small, dark apartment.
You decide whether you are thinking of a new great car or a rickety used car.
You decide whether your family life is happy or whether there are constant disputes.
You decide whether you are happy about everything or complain about everything and don’t stop complaining.
You decide whether you are in a good mood or a grim person.
You decide whether you smile or make a serious face.
You decide whether you think about success or failure.

It is up to you what you focus your thoughts on and in which direction you steer your life. Positive thoughts lead to a better life. Negative thoughts lead to desaster.

Decide to have Positive Thoughts!

How Can You Always Think Positively?

How can you always have positive thoughts? Are you saying that that’s not possible? Or how should you understand and think about positive thinking? You can always bring yourself to see things from the positive side. Find solutions to problems and look forward to a positive outcome. And replace negative with positive thoughts.

Listen to the Be Positive 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks. It will make a difference in your life.

Examples of How to Turn Bad Circumstances Around With Positive Thoughts

When you are fed up with learning, think about a better future!
Let’s say, you go to high school and prepare for your graduation. But you would like to throw everything. Learning – learning! You have so enough of learning. You can’t think positively. When you think about what will become of your life when you have passed the exams, it is a wonderfully positive thought. Remember that after successfully graduating you will receive gifts, which is another positive thought. Then a trip with your school friends comes and that is another positive thought. Maybe you would like to go to college then and you could look forward to your student days – another positive thought.

If you are in debt, think of more money
If you have debts that are difficult and slow to pay off, how can you think positively?

Well, well, you say, I understand positive thinking. But what if I have debts but I don’t earn enough to pay them off soon? You need either a second job or a higher paid job. The fact is that you can only turn your situation around if you think of a lot of money. Imagine yourself receiving a letter from a notary and expecting a pretty legacy. Or imagine that you are offered a very well paid job. See yourself jumping for joy and get up and jump expressing joy. It is of course helpful to send out application letters to get a better paid job. Always think positive, visualize what you want, and get active.

Have Positive Thoughts when it comes to money and wealth.

If you are overweight, think of losing weight
In case you are overweight, if not obese, you can say that starving hurts and exercise is hardly be possible with being overweight. You feel completely uncomfortable and you are unhappy. How should you think positively? Look forward to losing weight and feeling better and better. It is a wonderful positive thought if you imagine what your life will look like when you have achieved your dream figure. You will feel great. You will get compliments. If you are looking for a partner, it will be easier. If you have a partner, he will love it if you lose weight.
Start eating a little less until you get used to eating a little less. When your stomach shrinks, eating less doesn’t hurt anymore. Then reduce your food intake a little again. Eat a lot of vegetables, this is filling. Meat is satiating. Change your diet – cut out what makes fat. You don’t have to do without it entirely, but rarely eat it.

When you are alone a lot and you feel unhappy, use the time well
If you are alone a lot, you have time to change your life. Imagine how your life will change when you have a partner and many friends. Make a plan and take action. Once you are focused on these activities, you will forget that you are alone. Use the time to learn something new, do sports, take care of yourself, organize your home, etc.

Your Life is Formed in Your Head

The real life that you shape with your thoughts takes place in your head. Probably the most important fact in this article. What you see in the outside world is a projection of your thoughts that have a specific frequency. Remember, Einstein said, and he’s not alone in this: reality is an illusion, albeit a stubborn one.

The real life that you shape with your thoughts, takes place in your head.

Positive Thoughts create a wonderful life.

Always keep in mind that you can only create a beautiful life with positive, beautiful thoughts. Whenever you have negative thoughts, fears and doubts, rethink the matter and find reasons for positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings

Decide to Think Positive

It is your decision whether you feel sorry for yourself or take charge of your life and get rid of the reasons for self-pity. Write down all the reasons that prevent you from thinking positive. Ask yourself what makes you unhappy and find a way to feel happy.
Read: 30 tips on how to improve your mood.

You are unemployed and cannot find a job. No company wants to hire you. What can you do good? Where can you offer this service and make money with it?
You are overweight and sick and therefore you sit alone at home. Slowly change your eating behavior. Start eating less. Both body fat and illness take place in the head. Think yourself lean and healthy, do something to lose weight, and live healthier. Listen to the Think Yourself Slim 3A Subliminal twice a day for several weeks. A Subliminal has a supportive effect. You still have to change your diet and eat less.

Thoughts shape your life

Thoughts and Feelings are Interdependent

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings.
You can only think positively if you feel comfortable and happy.

You have to think positive to be happy. You have to feel happy to think positive. You control your emotions with your thoughts.

If you wait for one or the other thing that would make you happy, you will wait forever. Waiting is like doubting. It does not lead to anything because it does not have a good frequency. What you want already exists. You have to be convinced, which changes your frequency, then you will notice it. Dream about it. Talk about it. Look forward to it.

Positive Thoughts create pleasant feelings that have a high frequency.

In order for you to feel good and happy to be able to think positive, you have to consider the following points:

  1. Eat natural fresh food. – Avoid industrially manufactured and packaged food.
  2. Eat what you can eat raw. – These foods are made by nature for human consumption.
  3. Exercise enough. Exercise at least 30 minutes five times a week. Did you know that running and other sports create happiness?
  4. Get enough sleep.
  5. Make yourself small joys daily to give yourself an extra boost of happiness.
  6. Fall asleep with nice thoughts and when you wake up think about a nice day.

Listen to the Control Your Emotions 3A Subliminal twice a day for several weeks.

Focus your thoughts on desires

How I Manage Positive Thinking

There are always problematic situations in my life. First I wonder what I can do to improve something, how to solve a problem, and take action. For example, I transferred my website to a better account. An expert has tried to make the individual pages open faster. My website was offline for days, which was not good. My thought was that it will get better soon. A tenant usually owes rent and operating costs for months. Then I have to write and talk to him. Next I send him a hearty reminder. In between I tell myself that it will get better somehow.

Especially when there are several major problems that cannot be easily solved, I focus on pleasing things and make myself little pleasures.

I have recreated my life by controlling my thoughts and keeping them positive

A couple of years ago I have decided to change my life drastically. While I wrote down how I wanted to live, I kept making improvements on my life plan. The first point was: I want to live in an apartment with a lot of light. … and I want a swimming pool to be able to swim in the morning. So I need a house. If a house, then with a garden. The garden has to be so big that no neighbor can look into the windows. So the house has to be in the country. But I don’t want to miss the advantages of a big city. So the house with the garden must be close to a big city. After moving several times, I know how much work that is. So I thought I move to the south and maybe I have a view of the sea from my house. I checked Google Maps. Genoa or Nice? I immediately noticed that Rome is not much further away from my hometown than Genoa, but is more southern. Then came the details: a completely new wardrobe, a new car, new furniture and after I will live in a new environment, I need a new circle of friends. My new friends should like to go out and be fun.

Out of the blue I saw myself sitting at a table in front of a café on a street that was slightly steep and I heard a lot of laughter. Two years later I sat there and realized that it was the street from my imagination. The building ground I bought is so big that there are several tens of meters between my house and the next two neighbors and other neighbors are hundreds of meters away. I have a straight view of the sea. I have a completely new wardrobe. My friends like to be out and about, are very warm and funny. What is currently missing is the new car.

There were many hurdles on the way from Vienna to Rome. Still, I never gave up positive thinking.

Think about how you want your life to look and direct positive thoughts to it.

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