We Are Forced To Change With Changes In The World

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How Will Your Life Change While The World Changes Dramatically

You should ask yourself how your life will change. More important is the question: How do you want that your life changes? You can only control your life and your reality. It is on you what you will make of it.

See the positive side and take advanage of the opportunities that the changed world offers to all of us. A return to usual will not happen. So we have to adapt to the changes. It is a challenge. For some this was and is not easy. Others have turned or will turn their lives around. They have made changes in several areas of their lives. Only those who are flexible in their thinking, can make it.

It’s like natural selection. Those who don’t want to change and adapt to a new world are faced with major problems. It’s like with Covid-19. Those who have taken care of their health are hardly infected. Overweight people are most at risk. Some know about their illness, others find out about it in the hospital. Those who survive have serious health problems.

Only those who are flexible in their thinking, can make it.

Have you thought about what you have to do to survive and prosper in this different world? Or do you feel sorry for yourself? There is only one person who can get you out of a difficult time. And this is you.

You might wonder that I am writing about the future, while the COVID-19 pandemic is long not over. Wear a mask when you are in a store. Desinfect your hand before and after shopping. Keep distance to other people. Be very careful, but put your focus onto a better future and look forward to it. We create with our thoughts and how we feel.

Success in Life can help you change as you want.
Work on yourself to make your own economy and to be strong to do the necessary changes and to live a happy life.


We Are Forced To Change


We all have to change our lives. You too.


What Has Happened So Far?

It was shocking when borders were closed, airports, hotels, businesses, stores, shopping malls, and schools shut. It was called lockdown and people had to stay home. We could only go to buy food and other necessities.

Generations before us have seen the world wars, the influenza virus pandemic, and the hardship of the 1930s. Economically, those were tough years worldwide. Younger generations only knew the little problems of everyday life. Again and again there have been a few years in which the economic situation was difficult for some. This was mostly local.

Now the younger generations were faced with worse the first time in their lives. To put the blame on someone, is not the solution. Everyone needs to find ways to live with the pandemic, its effects, and think about what they have to do that life will again be good in the future. Those who await that the state or some other people will care for them today and in the future, will be the losers.

People who work online and those who sell all that is necessary to work and to communicate online have won during and after the pandemic. Companies who sell online have had more sales than before the pandemic.

In business, private, and for education, online platforms are now used more than before the Pandemic. Many people have worked from home. School was done online. A lot of shopping was done online. People who have never used an online platform for communication and shopping, started using them.

Many people will continue to work from home and less large office spaces will be needed. The value of property for offices in large towns will fall. People who can work from home, move out of town. And urban apartments as well as the rent will also decline in value.

Streets, trains, busses have not been crowded at rush hour during and after the lockdown. And it will probably never be as crowded as before.

There will be fewer flights until the very end of the pandemic and maybe for some time longer. A flight may be filled to maximum 50 percent, which makes a ticket more expensive.

During lockdown education was done via the Internet. Some school lessons may also be held online in the future. University and college studies will be chosen near home and not so much in other countries. Quite a few lectures will continue to be given online.

Business meetings have been held as video conferencing. Many business trips will continue to take place via video conferencing. This will change the airline and hotel industries.

People who never bought products online, where forced to do so and others bought more online. Stores that have no online presence can‘t compete anymore and will close for good. Some stores will close and continue selling online.

Many people took more care for their health. They understood that this is crucial to survive. They chose good foods, bought more vegetables, and cooked with more care. They went for a walk and worked out. Losing weight became more important than ever before.

What happens with sporting events, theatre, and other events where people can hardly distance from each other?

Fitness clubs have been closed. Better not visit until the risk of infection is over. Some of them offer classes online.

For restaurants, cafés, bars, and nightclubs it was difficult during lockdown and after. The social distancing meant for them a 50% cut of their income. And then many people did not go out even after the lockdown.

During the lockdown of so many countries, the world had a break from incessant air pollution. We all got a taste of how it would be would we use clean energy. Will we make sufficient changes in the future to keep the air clean?

Many people are unemployed and in some countries these people suffer. More people will become entrepreneurs than ever before. Some will be successful, quite a few will struggle, and some of them will fail. But not everyone is able to start a business. Those will become part of the poor class.

We are forced to change. You too.


Take Your Life Into Your Own Hands


Many People Have Used The Time During Lockdown

They have spend a lot of time with their children, homeschooled and played with them.
Some people have learned something new in the internet.
Some have worked out more, lost body fat and weight.
Some went for a walk daily which they haven‘t done before the lockdown.
Many cooked and ate better foods and more vegetables.
Some took time to think about their future and have made plans.
Some have decided to become entrepreneurs.

How did you use this time? Did you do something that brought value to your life?

How Much Will Our Lives Change After The Pandemic?

Our lives will not be the same as it was before the pandemic. That is sure. But how much will our lives, work and private, especially our free time change? And how your life? What do you think?

It will take some time for the economy to recover. It is not possible to predict how long this will take and how bad it will get. Not all people will suffer. How about you?

Blaming others for our difficult times gets nowhere. Everyone has to take his life into his own hands.

What will change in international trade? Will we still be able to buy goods from countries around the world? Think about all the foods and beverages from around the world which are offered in the markets. Will we continue to buy a lot of cheap goods from China, leading to more unemployment in our home country? Or will we buy more goods from our country? What do you think?

Quite a few people will mostly work from home.
Many Business meetings will be held via video conferences.
No more heavy traffic in the morning and evening. This will be a thing of the past?
Will airline traffic diminish? We can‘t answer these questions today. Maybe the answer is yes for some time.

We will use more VR, virtual reality, sit at home and have the impression to be in a classroom, office, coffe house, bar, at a party or at an event. But how will VR change our perception in general, our behavior, and our mental health? Will it help that we do not have to miss too much what we have been used to before the pandemic?

Will we visit a doctor per video call? Not having to drive or walk to him, not having to sit in the waiting room. And we will not get into contact with patients who have critical illnesses.

The course Success in Life can help you change as you want.
Work on yourself to make your own economy and to be strong to do the necessary changes and to live a happy life.


We have to adapt to the changes in the world. You too.


How Will Life Change In The Future


How Will Our Individual Lives Change?

Will our work ethic improve?
Will we behave differently towards others, such as being more helpful?
Will we cherish our lives more?
Will we use our time better?
Will we have foods, necessities, and other products delivered to our doors and go less shopping ourselves?
Will we eat better foods? Lots of fresh produce? Stay more at home for meals? Cook ourselves?
Will we continue to go to parks for a walk and enjoy nature?
Will we travel less?
How about care of elderly people? One day we all will be part of this group!
How will our psyche change and how our attitudes in different areas of life?
Will we get used to new habits, that is necessary to live in this “new world”?


Many Of Our Habits Will Change Long Term

People who did not want to use the internet or at least not very much, have been forced to use it quite a bit.
We now communicate more online. Part of this will stay.
Where and when we work and how we commute to and from work has changed temporarily. For quite a few people this will stay.
Will we continue to eat more at home and choose fresh healthy foods?
We could not travel far. Some of future travels will be done virtually. The travel industry will change.


We have to change our future. You too.


Have you Changed Some Of Your Habits And Which Of Them Will Stay?

We could think about what we could do better in the future. For example:
Ask yourself how you can help the community. You could offer to chat online with people who live alone and are afraid to go out. You could go shopping for elderly people. And there is a lot more you could do.


How Do You Want That Your Life Changes?


There Are Questions We Should Ask

As we use the internet more, we can be controlled. Governments can misuse their opportunities to control indiviuals.


How Will Your Life Change?

The pandemic will last 1 to 2 years. During this time you have to live differently than before. Are you wondering how you will live when COVID-19 is over? Do you want to go back to your old life? Or will you keep some of your new habits? Think about it and take notes. With these notes you can plan your future life – better, happier, more beautiful.


We have to change lots of our habits. You too.

I Have Changed My Life Already Before The Pandemic

As if I knew what was coming, I changed my life even before the pandemic.

I always enjoyed living in big cities. A few years ago I suddenly had the inspiration to move to the country. I wanted my house to be far away from neighbors. I wanted to sit undisturbed on the terrace and I didn’t want anyone to be able to look into my windows. It became an olive grove. There is enough space to plant several fruit trees and to create vegetable gardens.

I can’t explain why I suddenly wanted to live in the country. I never had any interest or pleasure in gardening or working in a forest. Today I realize that I must have had a premonition. The future is about going back to nature. Spend more time in the fresh air. Grow your own fruit and vegetables. My neighbors have chickens and their own eggs. Whatever else happens, I don’t have to worry about a food shortage. When things get worse, I don’t have to go shopping often to minimize the risk of infection.

My life is completely different. Everything is still new that will become a habit with the coming months. Many of my old habits had to go and I will have new habits. It‘s a new life in a new world.

The course Success in Life can help you change as you want.
Work on yourself to make your own economy and to be strong to do the necessary changes and to live a happy life.


Enjoy What Is Important In Life


Will The Future Be More Country Life?

Did you consider to move to the country and enjoy more what is imortant in life?

Recently I have listened to a video of Linda Molton How, were a remote viewer told her that he had to look at the world in 2050. He said that there are no towns anymore, but agricultural land. He saw few people. It seemed to him that each family had a lot of land. He could not answer the question of what had happened.

Linda mentioned that Elon Musk plans to send at least a Million people to Mars. „What does Elon Musk know what we don‘t,“ she said.

What do you think about all this?


Of course there is a lot more to write about our future and all the changes. But I think in this post are more than enough questions which we need to answer. All our lives will change in the short and long term. Do not wait until you are forced to change. Get active to change as you want.

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