Be Grateful and Show Gratitude to others and yourself

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Be grateful and why you should be grateful

With being and feeling grateful, you generate positive feelings. These have a good frequency with which you create. With being grateful you will create more reasons to be grateful.



Why Is Gratitude Important

As you think about what to be thankful for on a daily basis, you develop strong positive feelings. These increase the frequency with which you shape your life. So gratitude as part of your routine is beneficial. Gratitude makes you happy.


Why is gratitude important?


List of Content of Be Grateful and Show Gratitude

What is gratitude
How do we learn gratitude
What are the benefits of gratitude
Do you have to learn gratitude
What can you be thankful for
What can you be grateful for in general
What can you be thankful for today
Fall asleep thinking of what you can be grateful for
Show gratitude to certain people
Those who show gratitude are popular
Why is it important that you are grateful to yourself
How do you show gratitude to yourself
Enjoy the many beautiful littl things and be grateful for them
Have a gratitude book
What does the daily ritual of gratitude bring
List of gratitude
Optimism and gratitude
Gratitude Makes you happier
With gratitude you create a better life


What Is Gratitude

The state of gratitude means being grateful to someone, for something or to yourself.

Gratitude is appreciation for something that is valuable, meaningful, or brings joy.

What you can be thankful for is very extensive. It can be material or immaterial.

In most religions, gratitude is part of the regular ritual, whereby gratitude is shown to God.


Gratitude creates nice feelings


Gratitude develops a pleasant positive feeling

Gratitude can help against negative feelings such as envy, jealousy, hopelessness, anger, and it can help against depression.

Many people see what gratitude is too closely and sometimes wrongly. Gratitude means not just being grateful and showing gratitude to someone who has done something good for you. One should feel gratitude for oneself for everything that is enjoyable, from which a pleasant feeling develops. With this feeling you create more for which you can be grateful to yourself.

It is particularly important that you are grateful to yourself.

If you perceive something beautiful, pleasant, and enjoyable which evokes a positive feeling, your frequency increases double if you are grateful for it to yourself.

In my opinion, it is not gratitude that leads to a positive feeling, but the reason that can lead to gratitude. Though the gratitude reinforces the positive and wonderful feeling.

Gratitude is something you can have, but you don’t have to. You may or may not show gratitude for something or to someone.

Gratitude is a virtue that has been trained and can be trained.


How Do We Learn Gratitude

We learn from an early age if there is a reason to show gratitude to others. “Say thank you,” we are told by our parents. But we are not taught to show and feel gratitude toward ourselves when something is going well, we are experiencing something nice or we have done something well.

It is not very long known that everyone creates their own life and everything that happens. You also create the reasons to be grateful to yourself and / or to someone else. It is good to be made aware of these reasons. If you thank and reward yourself, you increase the joy about it and with it the frequency increases. The consequence is that you create more and more reasons for which you can be thankful and reward yourself.

If something positive, pleasant or beautiful happens in my life, I thank myself for it. Thanks goes also to the Highest, of which I am a part. I often send a kiss hand and say thank you. When I’ve done something well, I reward myself with a small present or a particularly good dinner.

I think it is very important if there is a reason to be thankful to yourself.


Gratitude improves your frequency


What Are The Benefits of Gratitude?

  • Gratitude makes you happier.
  • Gratitude makes you healthier.
  • Gratitude increases optimism.
  • Gratitude increases self-confidence.
  • Gratitude helps with sleep problems.
  • Gratitude lowers the stress factor.
  • Gratitude helps against depression.
  • Gratitude makes it easier to cope with crises.
  • Gratitude makes you more successful.
  • And much more …

Why this is so, is easily explained. Gratitude creates a nice feeling that improves your frequency. The better your frequency, the better everything is in your life. You are happier, healthier, more optimistic, more successful professionally and personally, and your whole life is better.

So read on to learn more about gratitude, especially the importance of being grateful and showing gratitude to yourself.


Do You Have to Learn Gratitude?

You don’t have to learn gratitude. You just have to do it. You have to think a little. Then, when you see how much there is to be thankful for, your perspective will shift. You will always discover new things and reasons for which you can be grateful.

When someone does something nice for you, say thank you. And if the reason to be thankful is a little bigger, give a small gift. You can give flowers, write a thank you letter, or send a card with words of thanks to someone you are grateful for.


Gratitude toward others and yourself


What Can You Be Thankful For?

Ask yourself

  • What can I be thankful for in general?
  • What can I be thankful for today?


What Can You Be Grateful For In General?

Far too many people fail to realize all of the comforts and beautiful things that they enjoy every day. They are used to it and never lose a thought that there is a lot for which they can and should be grateful. They focus their mind on what they seem to be missing instead of being grateful for all they have. Think about it!


Be grateful for all you have


Do you often think about things that you miss or about all that you can be thankful for?

Be grateful for your health. And if you have an illness, be grateful to be able to see a doctor. And if you practice gratitude, you will recover faster.

If you are reading this article, you have an electronic device and you are connected to the internet. You can be grateful for that. There are a few billion people who don’t.

Do you have a home? Be grateful for that, because not all people have a roof over their heads. Is your home heated in winter? Be grateful for this because many people do not have this convenience.

Do you have enough to eat? Be grateful for that. There are people who rummage through the trash every day to find something to eat.

How does it look in your closet? There are many people who only have the bare minimum of clothing.

Do you have a job – regardless of whether you are an employee or self-employed. Be grateful to have work. Being long-term unemployed is not pleasant.

Think of the many beautiful experiences that you have made in your life. Christmas, Easter and other holidays with the family. That you could go to school. When you were first in love. When you are in a happy partnership. If you have kids. …

The list of all you can be grateful for, could be incredibly long.

I could go on and on But I think I made it clear that there is a great deal that you can be grateful for.

Think about what you can be thankful for and make a list. Yes, it will take time, but you will feel happier with every line. And the next day will be particularly great.


What Can You Be Thankful For Today?

Was it a nice day today? Wonderful! Then there is a lot you can be grateful for. And so the coming day will be just as beautiful or even better.

Was it a bad day today? Then think a little more. There was and still is a lot for which you can be grateful. Too many people despair over just one little thing. If you turn something into a disaster that didn’t turn out as expected into a disaster, your frequency will worsen and the day ahead will not be so good. So it is better if you think of the beautiful things and be grateful for them.

You woke up in your cozy home. You had to eat. You have driven to work or worked at home. Think about it. I am certain that there is a lot you can be thankful for.

What nice moments did you have today? Has your partner taken you in his / her arms? Did you meet a friend? Did you make your kids laugh? And there is so much more to be thankful for.


Be generous with gratitude toward yourself.


When you fall Asleep Think of What You Can Be Grateful For

If you think about what you can be thankful for that day before you fall asleep, you will sleep well and wake up in the morning with a lot of vigor and in a good mood.

  • You will feel very happy
  • Sleep better
  • Have nice dreams
  • Wake up the next morning with positive expectation of the day


Show Gratitude to Certain People

How grateful are you to your parents for all that they have done for you? There is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These are the days when you show your gratitude to both mother and father. But does it have to be a certain day in the year that you show gratitude to a parent?

You can buy flowers for your mother and give her joy with them. You can ask your parents if there is anything you can help with.

Has anyone helped you with something? Have you shown your gratitude? Showing gratitude to others is nice and makes you feel good.

It is very important to be grateful to yourself and to be thankful to yourself when something positive and beautiful has happened in your life.


Those Who Show Gratitude Are Popular

Those who say thank you again and again and show their gratitude with small gifts are popular.

i am grateful for beauty

Why Is It Important That You Are Grateful to Yourself?

Whatever happens in your life, you are responsible for it. You create anything in your life with your thoughts and how you feel. Your thoughts and the resulting feelings generate a certain frequency. This frequency created your current life. You improve all this with being grateful for the wonderful things in your life.

If you have achieved success or something else positive and beautiful, no matter in which area of ​​your life, you owe it to yourself. You should be grateful for this. By showing gratitude toward yourself, you will continue to create positive and beautiful things. The act of gratitude to yourself will further improve your frequency and you will continue to create positive and beautiful things.

Showing gratitude to oneself increases self-worth and self-love. Both are important to be happy.


How Do You Show Gratitude to Yourself?

It is important to be grateful not only to others but especially to yourself.

It is important to be grateful not only to others but especially to yourself.

Unfortunately, we are not brought up to show gratitude to ourselves.


Gratitude toward yourself brings great benefits

Gratitude improves your frequency, especially when it is directed towards yourself. Therefore, be generous with your gratitude to yourself.

If you haven’t thought about being thankful to yourself and showing gratitude, then it is time to start.

  1. Every day you should think about what you could and should be grateful to yourself for. This includes everything that is beautiful and good in your life, no matter how small or large that thing is. It starts with the home in which you live, everything you own, every pleasant and beautiful moment that you have experienced and every success that you have achieved, whether professionally or privately.
  2. In the late evening or after you go to bed, review the day. Be aware of what you can be grateful for. Don’t take everything for granted. Be thankful for being able to sit comfortably at breakfast. Be thankful for having a warm home when it’s cold outside. Be thankful for having a nice place to work, whether in an office, shop or in your home. Be gratful if it was nice to meet a dear friend. Be thankful if you had fun shopping for groceries or whatever. Give thanks if the walk in the park was relaxing. You can be grateful to yourself for all of this and more. You created all of this.
  3. Say thank you to yourself for all the beautiful things in your life and give yourself a present from time to time. You have earned it. You will be happy about the gift and the gift will further improve your frequency.


Enjoy The Many Beautiful Little Things And Be Grateful For Them

  • I am happy when the sun rises or has struggled through clouds.
  • I enjoy nature, beautiful flowers, healthy lush trees and flowering shrubs.
  • I am happy about my beautiful clothes.
  • I am happy about my home, the morning shower, the breakfast, the good lunch and the cozy dinner.
  • I am happy about the beautiful interior in my home.
  • I am looking forward and am enjoying a walk through a shopping street.
  • I am happy when I leaf through a beautiful magazine.
  • I am happy when I meet friends for a glass or dinner.
  • I am looking forward to a lot more that I enjoy and am grateful for.

When I am happy about something, I am thankful towards the highest and to myself. After all, I created everything myself that I’m happy about.

Joy is a strong positive feeling. Joy increases your frequency, and that’s good. Be grateful for everything that brings you joy.


Have A Gratitude Book

If you enjoy writing something in a diary every day, add a paragraph every day with everything you are grateful for. Or have a gratitude book and write something into it every day.


What Does The Daily Ritual of Gratitude Bring?

It is good to practice gratitude daily or whenever there is a reason to be grateful for. Showing gratitude every day will improve your level of happiness and your whole life.

Those who are grateful to themselves and to others on a regular basis are happier, crisis-resistant, do not dwell on negative feelings, are successful in all areas of life and live better than those who are not concerned about gratitude.


List of Gratitude

Anyone could write a very long list of everything that he can be thankful for. Write such a list. Read it from time to time and keep adding something.

  • I am grateful that I live in a free country.
  • I am grateful that there has never been a food shortage in my life so far.
  • I am grateful that there are many stores with a wide selection.
  • I am grateful that I have lived in peace so far.
  • I am grateful that I live in a beautiful house with a garden.
  • I am grateful for good food.
  • I am grateful when I have managed to grow plants from a few seeds.
  • I am grateful that I own a car and can drive it at any time.
  • I am grateful that I am healthy.
  • I am grateful that I can move any part of my body.
  • I am grateful when I find time to train and that I then feel better than before.
  • I am grateful when I can take the time to take a walk.
  • I am grateful to have a lot of nice friends.
  • I am grateful that I have electronic devices that allow me to have contact with friends in different countries.
  • Etc. etc.


Optimism and Gratitude

Gratitude increases optimism. Those who are optimistic and who practice gratitude on a regular basis will increase their optimism.

Anyone who has a bit of a problem with being optimistic and being optimistic about the future will stir up optimism with daily gratitude.

As you realize that with daily gratitude to yourself and to others, you will become more optimistic and you will improve your life.


Gratitude Makes You Happier

It should be clear by now that gratitude makes you happier. When you understand that everything that is and that is happening in your life is your creation. And as you are grateful for the beautiful and positive things in your life, you will feel happier.

When you’ve done something well, tell yourself, “You did well.” And if it’s worth a gift, make yourself one.

Showing gratitude to someone also makes you feel good and happier.


With Gratitude You Create a Better Life

I mentioned earlier that with gratitude everything in your life will better. Practice gratitude on a daily bases to improve your life.

Thank You

. . .

What do you think of gratitude? How often do you show yourself gratitude? How do you show gratitude to yourself and to others? I am looking forward to your comment.

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