Enjoy Life More and the Benefits of Joy

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The more you enjoy life, the more reasons you will have to enjoy life more

When it comes to enjoying life, many people make a long face. “How should I enjoy life, when I am not happy?” one woman wrote on a blog. When she was asked, why she is not happy, she answered: “How can I be happy, when I do not have what I would like to have?” She was asked what she is missing. “A house with a swimming pool, I would like to be able to travel more and I need a new car.” She continued and offered a list of her unfulfilled wishes. This woman was married with a man who loved her and had two wonderful children. She lived in a very nice apartment with a balcony. She had work. Most importantly she was healthy and she could not name one great problem. She had lots of reasons to be happy. But she was not. She felt unhappy. With this feeling, you can’t create what you want.

We are not missing so much material things, but time to enjoy what we have and we have forgotten how to appreciate the time we do have to enjoy and feel how happy we really are.

We should enjoy life more and celebrate more. Start your morning with a special breakfast and have the table nicely decorated for dinner. Spend time with your family and friends. When you live alone, you have a bit more time. You can go out more often and meet friends or new people. If you are alone at home for dinner, have music or TV- accompany you during dinner time. Have a candle on the table. The warm light of a candle is cozy. Buy flowers for the table.

Enjoy your life! Think About how you can enjoy your life more and do something about it.

When it comes to travelling, it must not always be an overseas, several weeks long vacation. Already driving out of town can be a great change from everyday life. Do you know the area about an hour drive from your home? Have a look at a map and fix one town or village, which you could visit next Sunday. Look up if there are sights or a museum, you could visit.

Little Joys of Life make a Big Difference
Become aware of the Joys of Life

Little Things can make a Big Difference

We all take too much for granted. Many people forgot to appreciate the many little thins and little moments which actually are extraordinary. Watch how the nature changes with the seasons. The joy of a phone call with a friend or a loved family member. A good meal. Waking up in the morning and looking forward to what the day will bring. The smell of coffee, of fresh fruit or after putting a roll into the oven, the smell of the freshly baked roll. While getting dressed, feeling the material of the dress, t-shirt or blouse, of the skirt or trousers on your skin. Choosing vivid colors on a rainy day will make you feel better. Having fun with adding a colorful shawl. Be more creative to have more fun and enjoy life more.

Leaving the house with a smile on the face will make people, who cross your way, smile back. The joy of recognizing people, when we enter the office building, greeting them cheerfully and maybe saying something special: “Always great to see you.” And giving compliments “Oh, you are looking gorgeous in this dress. You will make them feel better, which will make you happier.

Buy a flower on the way to the office and put the vase on your desk. Be conscious of the beauty of the flower, of its shape, color and scent. Colleagues, who see it, will appreciate it with you.

Go for a glass on the way home, where you meet with friends or make new friends.

Little things can make you enjoy life more. Think of what you could do next, which you enjoy.

If you did something good or your idea has been successful, then be pleased with yourself. You do not have to be told, that you did a good job. You should know it yourself. Plan to celebrate in the evening or reward yourself with a little present. You have earned it and you will enjoy it.

What you enjoy makes you happy. The feeling of joy and happiness raise your frequency. With a higher frequency you will perceive more of what you want to enjoy life more. It is a positive upward spiral.

Some of you have to go buy groceries, then rush home, be there for the kids and cook dinner. Still you might buy some food you love to eat and look forward when you finally can sit down to rest and enjoy the delight you bought just for yourself. You might have the luxury to go for a drink and meet friends or go window shopping and maybe buy a new outfit or a little something that you enjoy.

Be More Conscious of the Joys of Life

When you take everything for granted and if you think that you are unhappy then make a step into a life which you enjoy. Be conscious about the wonders of life. Look around. There is so much which brings joy.

If the sun shines, enjoy the warm rays that are touching you ever so softly. If it is raining, enjoy the fresh air. If it is cold, be dressed warm and go have a cup of hot tea. A cold winter day can be romantic. You can always find beauty and joy.

Enjoy spring and watch the plants start to bloom. Enjoy summer with all the fun it offers. Enjoy autumn with the harvest and the rich colors of the trees. Enjoy winter, winter sports, and the special festivities.

Have a look at all you have and all you are able to do. Become aware that you have all you need to be happy and to enjoy life. Happiness is a decision and to enjoy life is a philosophy.

When you are conscious about all you have and about the fact that life is wonderful, you will be much stronger when a problem comes into your way and it will be easier to find a way to solve it.

Why You should Enjoy Your Life More

The reason why you should enjoy life more

When you enjoy life more, your emotional frequency rises. The frequency is responsible for what you perceive. When you enjoy life more, your life will change to the better. What you do will work out. What you need to achieve your goals will come into your life. It will be easier to achieve your goals. There will be more and more reasons to enjoy life more.

There are people, who are unhappy that they are not able to fulfill themselves their wishes. Others are happy and all they wish seems to fly toward them. The difference is the happiness factor. When you have a positive attitude and you are happy without a special reason, things happen which make you happier.

Decide to be happy and do whatever comes into your mind to enjoy life more.

The Benefits of Enjoying Your Life More
Benefits of enjoying your life

What is the Benefit of Enjoying Your Life More

Here is the explanation, why enjoying your life more is so beneficial.
I will explain this phenomenon in several steps.

The first step is about your thoughts and emotions

Your thoughts generate a certain emotion and this emotion generates a certain frequency. And the frequency lets you perceive what you have thought about.

You should eliminate negative thoughts, because negative thoughts let your frequency drop. As a result nothing works out and your life is a mess. Whenever you find yourself thinking a negative thought, whisk it away and think of something positive, something beautiful, something you enjoy.

Thinking positive and feeling good and happy will raise your emotional frequency. The result is that whatever you do, works out and whatever you wish comes into your life.

Visualizing what you want, helps. Visualize the moment in which you already have what you want and feel the joy about it. Repeat once or twice a day. To perceive your first wish will take some time With practice your wishes will be fulfilled faster and faster. Most people have to get active to be able to fulfill themselves a certain wish. Visualizing helps, but has to be combined with action. You learn how to visualize and several visualization techniques in the Visualization System.

The second step, why you should enjoy life more, is about the emotional frequency

Take an old radio, where you have a button, which you have to turn to find a specific channel with music. When you are in between two radio channels, you hear nothing or a cracking noise. With turning the knob you change the frequency with which the radio channels transmit their program.

When you are not in the right frequency, you can’t perceive = see certain things, which are there, but outside of your frequency. When you raise your frequency of vibration, you start seeing what you could not see earlier.

You raise your frequency of vibration with feeling great and your life will change to the better. You feel great when you enjoy your life.

Enjoy Your Life More
Enjoy your life more. It will raise your fequency

What can you do to enjoy your life more

Very important to enjoy life more are little things such as

• Look forward to a great day the moment you woke up.
• Enjoy meditating in the early morning.
• Enjoy your morning coffee or tea.
• Enjoy nature, enjoy looking at plants.
• Buy some flowers for your home and enjoy looking at them.
• Enjoy listening music of your choice.
• Enjoy meeting with friends.
• Enjoy a nice dinner with your loved ones, with friends, or even alone.
• Enjoy going for a coffee.
• Buy a magazine and enjoy reading it and looking at beautiful photographs.
• Look for rhythmical music and dance.
• Enjoy taking a hot bath with a scent.
• Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine.
• Go window shopping.
• Call a friend and a family member.
• Have a full-body massage.
• This list could become endless. Add what you enjoy.

Enjoy planning your next vacation. Here is something important to understand: If you can’t afford this dream vacation, but you are filled with pleasant anticipation, something might happen that you will go on this vacation. You might win the vacation or someone might invite you to join him on this vacation.

Enjoy looking and buying a new outfit. Going for a shopping spree is fun and raises your mood and your frequency. Learn how to go shopping in your mind with the Endless Shopping Magic. The price of this course is so low. You surely can afford it. You will enjoy this course and it will change your life positively.

Make a list of all which lets you enjoy life more

Write down all that comes into your mind. Whenever you have a new idea about what makes you enjoy life more, add it to the list.

I have a word file on my desktop with all I can do that is enjoyable. I have addresses of shops that I appreciate to go to. Addresses of cafès and restaurants. There are real farmers markets on certain days of the week. This is very fun, because they offer little bites, you can taste wines and have a chat with other people. Yes, it is noisy and a lot of fun. Sometimes I am driving a few miles to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant which is new for me. Every few weeks are festivities in the center of my home town or somewhere in the area, which I attend. Every single day I do one or more things which let me enjoy life more.

Whenever possible, do something which lets you enjoy your life more.

Enjoy Your Life More
Enjoy your life more. It will raise your fequency

How to Live a Much Better Life and Enjoy It More

You can transform your life that it is your dream. The reason that you have problems in life is, because of past conditionings. Changing your conditioning will make a big difference in your life. How is this done?

The Plan
1. Find out what you want to change.
2. Make a list of how you want your life to be.
3. Visualize what you want twice daily.
4. Subliminals help you change your conditioning.
With changing your conditioning, your wish-list can be realized much quicker.

Find out what you want

Write down every thing that you need
For example:
Pay open bills
Get car service or
A new car:
Lose body fat
Get better organized
Get more focused
Get a better paid job

Make a List of everything you want
For example:
Material wishes:
$ 10.000 per month more to spend
A new and larger apartment

Personal qualities you need or want
Feel happy most of the time
Have joy with my work
Enjoy your workout
Enjoy healthier food
Achieve goals quicker

Turn the lists into goals
Be specific
Write down what is most important
Write it as if the goals are already accomplished.
Make short sentences

I enjoy my work as an entrepreneur.
I am very successful.
My monthly profits are $ xxx

Print out a copy of the list with all your goals.

Each morning upon awakening, read your list of goals. Read it loud. While you read, imagine that each goal is already accomplished. Before you go to sleep, repeat this process.

Already this process can transform your life. But there is a quicker and better way to get what you want and live a much better life which you will enjoy more.

What you should pay attention to, when You Live Your Dream

You have reached your goals. You live in your dream home. Your monthly income has gone up extensively. You have created a new image. You are successful and you feel it. You are happy and you enjoy your life.

You enjoy all the beautiful aspects of life. This includes good nutrition, with which you increase your wellbeing. Choose genuine organic food. That vitamins and important nutrients are not lost, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits raw and when you cook, do not overcook. Walk by the shelves with packaged and ready-made-food and go straight to the meat-, fish-, fruit- and vegetables sections. Drink a lot of water, tee, natural juices, good wine and if you like occasionally a beer. Try to avoid industrially produced drinks, especially sodas.

Sport is a must to stay fit! Only when you enjoy sports, it will be good. Try different kinds of sports. Choose one or more you enjoy.

In case you are not able to do any sports, an extensive walk is also good. When you are not able to walk, exercise the kind of sport you enjoy in your mind. Close your eyes und see yourself running across a meadow, workout with weights, perform a fighting art or whatever you are up to do with joy. You will be surprised about the results of your mental practice.

Relaxation and Wellness: Everything which is good for your body is also good for your soul. Examples: A bath with aromatic additives, to crème your body with a crème or oil, a full body massage, spending time in a hot tube or whatever you enjoy. Do something which makes you feel good daily or at least once a week..

Physical discomfort: You can’t fully enjoy your life, if you feel physical discomfort. Try first to get relief with the help of organic means, before you take chemicals (industrially produced medicine). See a physician if needed.

To make yourself happy make others happy. Surprise your partner or friends with flowers, little presents or an invitation for a dinner.

Show your happiness and thankfulness. Think that there are people, who need help. Donate joy, hope, and also material means such as clothing, in certain cases food and of course money. When you see a street musician, give him some money and enjoy his music.

What is important for you to enjoy your life more?

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