You Make Experiences Not Mistakes

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Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Don‘t be afraid of making mistakes. They are educational experiences. It depends on you, whether you perceive an experience as a mistake or as a wonderful experience which lets you learn and evolve.

Many people only see the mistake, which is narrow minded. They see the mistake and can‘t forgive themselves. And if it was someone else, who has made a mistake, they are looking down at him. See instead the positive side. Thanks to a mistake you make an experience, which lets you learn and further develop. Don‘t think about what your life would look like, would you not have made the mistake. You soon will see, what will result due to the error, which is basically an experience. And this experience will take you on a new path. Read about the difference between mistakes and errors.

A mistake is an experience that takes you on a new path

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If You Fall Off A Horse Get Back Up

If you fall off a horse, because you have made a mistake, get back up and make it better.

For a few years I went to a riding school. My horse was a little peculiar. He was called Pushkin. During the first lessons, I fell from the horse. And it was not the last time. It was suddenly, what scared me and of course it hurt. The instructor told me why Pushkin suddenly got on its hind legs, to throw me off. Although the riding lesson was almost over, he added that I should get immediately back on and show Pushkin show, who’s master of both of us. Pushkin was easily captured. I got back up and made it better. Pushkin threw me off, to make me aware of a mistake. How should he otherwise criticize me? I have learned to have Pushkin under control and to let the reins loosely each at the right time. Pushkin threw me off when I made a mistake. He was a good teacher.

If you fall off the horse, ascend again right away.

We make expeiiences not mistakes
We make expeiiences not mistakes

Replace The Word Mistake With “Educational Experience”

Each of us has chosen this life, to make certain experiences. If would say that every moment is an experience. And yet with our thinking we can control what experiences we make.

There are experiences which we find great, and others that are difficult to cope with. But it is the unpleasant experiences that are great because we learn from them and become inwardly richer.

Think about times when you’ve made a mistake. It was an experience through which you have learned. You don’t know what your life would look like, would you not have made this mistake? Don’t think about it. It is better to think about what has happened in your life due to the error and the experience which was resulting from the error.

We make no mistakes, but experiences which help us to evolve and lead us on our path. Stop saying phrases, like: “Would I just not have done that” or “Would I have done this differently”. Think about what you have learned from the experience you have made and how you have benefited, because of a mistake.

We Learn Through Experiences

People who lead a simple life in which they can make only little mistakes, do not develop further. Many parents make an effort to prevent that their children make mistakes. They do not do their children a favor. Many people are never trying new things or going a certain path, to prevent making a mistake. As a result they do not make those wonderful experiences that would lead them further in life If you have guts, you are trying to do lots of things and therefor you are making mistake by which you learn, evolve and become experienced. People who experience a lot, become successful, and later can look back on an interesting life.

Let us have those two kinds of people get together. One who prevents mistakes in the first place and another who wants to live a rich life. One warns the other against becoming self-employed. He says: “I would never want to become self-employed, because so much can go wrong. Don’t make the mistake to terminate your job. Stay employed.” The other may answer: “All entrepreneurs make mistakes again and again. They then search for a solution.” And this man dares to start his own business. He knows, it will be not easy. His friend stays in the same company, does the same job for many years and receives the same salary, with the usual salary increases. His life has no big ups and downs and is not interesting. The other has built a company. There have been little and big ups and downs, hard and beautiful times. He has made many minor and major mistakes and has always found a solution. In comparison to his friend he has developed in many ways. He has had a varied and interesting life.

Exchange the word mistake with experience
Exchange the word mistake with experience

It Takes Courage To Make Mistakes.

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If you put a finger into a hot soup as a kid, you have made the experience that one shall not put a finger into something that smokes. Would you not have made this mistake, you would not have learned how it feels when you put a finger into something that is hot. This way you have learned to be careful. It was an important experience.

With many small experiences arising from mistakes, we learn and develop further. That starts from young age and stretches through the whole life.

With experiences arising from mistakes, we learn and develop further.

Experiences Change Your Life Path

In my life have been moments where I told myself that I have made a mistake. Soon something nice has then happened, what would not have happened without the so to speak “mistake”. When I think back, I see that all my mistakes were good. They have been experiences that have directed me to where I am today. Some of those experiences have been difficult to swallow. But it has been those, who have made me get stronger and develop.

If you believe you have made a mistake, do not despair, but be convinced that it was necessary so that you will be directed to your life path. See errors as experiences and corrections of your life path.

Mistakes are experiences and corrections of your life path.

Your Path Leads You To Your Destination

Each of us has a specific life goal, which we do not know, before we have reached it. Each life goal consists of several tinier goals. Over the years you become aware of some of your tinier life goals. If you trace the path back, you will understand that you could not have reached some of your tinier life goals without having made certain misstakes and experiences.

Do not blame yourself, when you have made a mistake, but welcome the experience you make thanks to the mistake.

Nothing happens by chance. All has a meaning.

If you have made a mistake, try to recognize the experience or experiences that are of value to you and how this changed your life. It has all its good.

Making mistakes you learn and develop
Making mistakes you learn and develop

We Learn Through Mistakes And Experiences

If you have made a mistake, you learn from it. Above all, you learn to do things better the next time. If you have left the cake too long in the oven, it got a little burned. Next time, you know the exact baking time. You have been too fast in a curve, got on the brake and your car went into skidding. You have learned not to step on the brakes in a curve, but before, and in the curve step on the gas pedal. There are countless mistakes from which one learns. Some of these actually wonderful mistakes are small and others are life changing.

We also learn from mistakes of others. An acquaintance has founded a company, and he has bought too many goods. With a higher quantity he has negotiated a good price. What he has not sold right away, is now obsolete, because there are new models on the market. The goods take space and are a cost factor. You too intend to start your own company and you now know that shopping for products is complicated. -A girlfriend fell in love with a cool guy and they got married six months later. After a year, she was divorced. You have envied her when she married this cool guy, while your boyfriend wanted to wait before getting married. Now, you share his opinion that it is a good advise to first get to know each other better. Yes, also by observation of our environment, we can learn from mistakes.

Experiences are often results of mistakes
Experiences are often results of mistakes

The Many Big And Small Mistakes One Makes In Life

We all got a bad grade at school and maybe even more than one. Later on in life, we no longer remembers some bad grades. Unfortunately, some parents are taking the school grades of their children way too seriously. Thus, they can damage the psyche of the child. Some children commit suicide when they have bad grades. It is unbelievable that they are less afraid of death than of their parents.

To make the right decision in finding a job, has more weight. The behavior is somewhat important during a job interview. But what the heck, if it doesn’t work out. The next interview will be better. And there are other jobs.

You can make the next mistake in the choice of your spouse. But then – if it really doesn’t work out, you can get a divorce.

It is really a bad mistake if you drive too fast and all of a sudden is a tree in the way. This mistake might throw you into another dimension.

To act thoughtlessly is always a mistake. The experience of acting thoughtlessly is that you should think before making a decision or before acting.

The Fear Of Making A Mistake

The fear of making a mistake or failing, can make you sick. This fear keeps many people from doing something they enjoy. Actors, musicians, fashion designers, writers, starting a company or whatever, requires courage and it requires courage to express yourself, whereby you can make mistakes. At this point people fail, because they fear of making a mistake or fail. The fear is often greater as the desire to pursue one’s dream job. What a pity!

Although the necessary skills for the favorite profession are there, it comes to procrastination and doubt. It is not at all easy to wipe away the question: “What if I fail?” Sweating before the audition or performance often accompany actors, singers and musicians and often enough for a lifetime. Poets are procrastinating before they send their work to a Publisher.

The fear of making mistakes prevents that people live their life fully, be professionally successful and reach a higher lifestyle. On the way to career and success are always ups and downs. Mistakes are inevitable. Due to errors or failure, you will realize what you need to improve, what you have to practice some more time.

To be successful in life having a good and strong self image is important. If you have a strong self image, even if you are criticized by others, you still believe that you are good or even great. And if you make a mistake, you try again and again. Strengthen your self-image and self-confidence, dare more, do not be afraid to make mistakes, and live your life fully.

Criticism Can Be Positive But Also Negative

Many, as I too, are criticized again and again on YouTube. There are people who believe that they are anonymous when they use fictitious names. They are called trolls. They have no YouTube channel, but spend some of their time writing nasty comments. It is observed between the lines that the criticism is not real, but the troll wants to hurt, because he thinks about himself very low. Of course, there are also positive and even beautiful comments. In the offline world, there are also two kinds of critics. The first kind wants to bring your attention to what can be improved. This kind of criticism is well meant and therefore positive. The second type of critics is comparable with the trolls on the Internet. It comes from people who want to make another down. The main reason for this is mostly envy.

There are people who take criticism or failure very much to heart. If it is a criticism that makes you aware of what you can do better, it is worth thinking about it. But otherwise, it is best if you ignore criticism. What one doesn’t like, might be liked by another and perhaps even more.

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Better making mistakes as never doing anything
Better making mistakes as never doing anything

And If You Make A Mistake

And if you make a mistake, maybe a big one, forgive yourself and try not to make it again. It is far better to have tried something, even if you have failed, and try something new again, as never starting or tackle anything which makes you learn, develop further and which makes your life interesting.

It is far better to try something, even if the possibility is great to make mistakes or even fail, as never tackle anything.

You Should Not Repeat A Mistake

It is enough if you make an experience due to an error once. But it is not always easy not to make a once made mistake again. If this happens, do not take it too serious. People make mistakes and it happens that they repeat it.

Admitting An Error Indicates Personal Size

Many people push their mistakes on others or on circumstances. Who admits to his mistakes indicates personal size.

Who admits his mistakes, recognizes them, and will search for solutions and better ways. With recognizing mistakes, one takes responsibility for his actions, which, in turn, shows personal size. Who is willing to take on more responsibility, makes usually more money.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes If You Speak A New Language

I live in Italy, but arrived only a few months ago. I’ve never learned Italian and don’t have time to learn the language. However, nobody speaks a language other than Italian here – in the South of Rome. So, I have to make myself somehow understandable. I speak French, which helps a little. But it does not always work out when I pronounce a French word in the Italian way. I also try it with English words. I understand less than one-tenth of what the others say. One of my girlfriends speaks a little too fast for me. Even though I carefully listen I understand almost nothing. She then says: “Capito!” She says the “you understood” not as a question, but as a statement that I should have understood. And I: “Aaah, NO!” I understood a few words, but they did not make any sense. So I say: “Once again more slowly.” She begins to explain again. I repeat a few words. “Exactly!” she says.

Would I be afraid of making mistakes be it linguistically or in my search for my new home, I could not make my dream to live in the South of Rome come true. The people here do not make fun about my bad Italian, but find it great that I try to do my best.

No matter what your dream is, dare to realize it. Get started. Do whatever you want, and all what has to be done to live your dream. You will make mistake, from which you learn and make great experiences. There will always be reasons that you can be proud. And you will achieve your goals and live your dream. Others who have fear of making mistakes, who don’t start anything, who do not pursue their dreams, stay where they are.

Many Inventions Have Been Made Thanks To Mistakes and Errors

Many inventors have made unexpected inventions just looking for a solution. They have not stopped to try different things. Many have not been the solution for what they were looking for. You can call them mistakes or failure on the search for a solution or recognize them as new ways. A few turn out to be inventions. Many inventions have been made by chance.

Edison has tried it with thousands of materials and alloys until his first light bulb has burned. He said it would have needed thousands of attempts until he had found the solution. Most people give up too soon. Edison had registered more than 900 patents in the course of his life.

Mistakes have a positive aspect
Mistakes have a positive aspect

In A Higher Dimension, There Are No Errors

In our space-time continuum and the three dimensionality, there is polarity. Polarity says that there is good and evil, right and wrong, and that everything that is a little good, is also a little bad and vice versa. In higher dimensions polarity does not exist. There is no good and evil, right and wrong, but everything is neutral.

If I Consider Decisions Whether They Were Right or Wrong

When I think back and wonder if I have made a wrong decision or made a mistake at several points in my life, I always come to the same result, namely, that my decision was not an error, but that it was right. Well I did a few minor mistakes that I could not prevent, as my knowledge in those days was insufficient. I have forgiven myself to have made some mistakes. No one is perfect, neither am I.

Allow yourself making mistakes. It will happen that you make mistakes if you pursue your dream. But if you don’t start, not try doing anything, your life will be boring and you will stay where you are today. It is your choice. Pursue your dream and don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Sure, you can write much about mistakes and errors. The bottom line is that we should not take them so serious as some people do. We should instead consider the positive side of each error as I always emphasize. Everything has its good and a positive aspect. If you do not see the good and the positive aspect, wait a little and you will understand.

You can see everything from different angles. What is an error for one person, is a good lesson and a positive experience for others.

See errors from the positive side and realize how you benefit thanks them.

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