To Be Happy And Rich

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Being Happy Comes Before Being Rich

Why you first need to be happy to create everything that is necessary “for you” to stay happy. To create what you need to stay happy you need financial means. But if you focus on making money, it doesn’t come. You have to focus on happiness, a happy life, on what you want with anticipation. If you are happy, your dreams will comes true and all you need will come into your life.


Happiness must come from the heart and not be conditional

Happiness must come from the heart and shall not be conditional. Conditions limit your happiness and prevent you from realizing what you mean you need to be happy.

Do not use phrases with conditions, such as: If I had a home with a garden, then I would be really happy. Or: Would XY marry me, I would be so very happy.

Let’s change the above phrases: I’m really happy and I have a great next goal, a home with a garden that I am currently striving for. Or: I am completely happy. And I’m convinced that XY will marry me. I’m already picturing the festivities and how our life together will look like.

Do you recognize the difference?
Read on, I’ll explain it even better.


With a higher frequency you create
With a higher frequency you create


You do not have to be super-rich to be happy

You do not have to be a multi-millionaire or billionaire to lead a happy life. When you are happy, you create everything you need to stay happy. Not all people who are super-rich are happy. Search for videos of wealthy people and watch them. What impression do these people make on you? Some of them are happy, but not all. Happiness requires sufficient financial resources, but it does not have to be a fortune.

With rich I mean in this article to have financial means. Being rich does not necessarily have to do with money and wealth. It is also used in conjunction with other terms. Rich in knowledge, rich in experience, and more. So here’s meant being wealthy.

Make happiness a priority and set it above being rich. When you are happy you have a higher frequency that you need to create whatever you want.



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If you are happy and feel well, you have or look for a job that you enjoy. People who think that they want to enjoy beach life and going out in the evening, soon get bored and they are then looking for fulfilling activities. It’s ausually something they like to do. And so they earn more and more money with it. For example, they are surf instructors at first, then start a surf school, and soon they offer surfboards to rent and to buy. Or they offer a safari, then organize several safaris and then all-inclusive trips to exotic countries. Many of the young people can afford to enjoy the sweet life on the most beautiful beaches in the world thanks to a blog or other options that the Internet offers to make money. An elderly woman who chose a Spanish resort for her new residence opened a boutique with casual wear. It was an immediate success, because on vacation people have time and are more generous. Craftsman setting up their home in exotic locations, quickly succeed with their business. And these are, as mentioned above, just examples. But you do not have to go far to be happy. You can find happiness in your home town.


Tthe life that makes you happy
The life that makes you happy


How and where do you want to live?

What does the life look like with which you feel happy. Of course, this changes in the course of life several times. I’ll describe below how my life has changed over the years.

What does the life look like, with which you are happy?

Imagine how and where you want to live. Does it take you to an exotic country or just to another part of the city? What does a day look like in the life in which you are happy?

Lean back in your chair, close your eyes and visualize a day of your dream life. Be aware of how you feel from the moment you are waking up in the morning. Make certain that you are feeling great all day long. Look at the big picture and at details. What does your bathroom look like? And your wardrobe. The kitchen. Do you work at home or do you leave your house? What car do you drive? Make certain that you enjoy all you do.

The choice of “how and where” you want to live is great and so are the changes that come with your choice. There are many ways of how to live and many lifestyles. You have to find the right one for yourself. There are many professions from which anyone can choose. Then you combine work and private life in a way you enjoy.

The “how and where you want to live” can change over the course of life: Many young people are drawn to exotic countries until they find a partner and they then want to send their children to a good school. Usually they move to the home country of one of the partners and choose a conventional lifestyle. If the children are out of the house, rural life is preferred to the city and some are drawn back to an exotic land that they have learned to love in previous years.


With your frequency your life will change
With your frequency your life will change


You can feel even happier

If you live the life you are happy with, your dreams, your feelings and your frequency will change and thus what you perceive.

If you free yourself from dependencies during the realization of your happy life, you will get to know yourself better. You will realize your potential and that you are capable of much more than you are able to imagine today.

Only those who are happy and feel good can love and appreciate themselves. You will become what you really are. You will feel, move, and speak differently, your appearance will change, and more will happen. The reason for this is that you create yourself in the state of happiness as you want to be. You will live as you like and not as others expect of you, such as parents, acquaintances, superiors, and the society. We have been programmed to function a certain way. The moment you understand that you do not have to function as others expect from you, you will make other choices and you will feel so much better.


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If you are satisfied, you can not really be happy

Some of you may think that you are happy, but nothing happens as I describe here. You believe that you are happy. But deep down you know that this is not true. You add that you are satisfied with your life. If you are satisfied, you can not be happy. Satisfaction means coming to terms with things like they are. Satisfaction means standstill. This does not get you a good frequency. If you are satisfied, you are not happy, but just satisfied. You have many desires that you do not admit to yourself, because you can not imagine that you can realize them.

Satisfaction means coming to terms with things like they are. Who does that is not happy.

By no means do I propagate that you practice dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction has a much worse frequency than satisfaction. If someone is dissatisfied – with themselves and their lives, then depression is not far away. So delete the word dissatisfaction from your vocabulary and the state of dissatisfaction in your life. Being dissatisfied and having dreams are worlds apart.

Satisfaction keeps your frequency down and so you do not create anything that you would like to have. Many people make the mistake and confuse being content with being happy. You can read elsewhere on the internet that you need to be content to be happy. That’s totally wrong. With the state of contentment you can not create a better life, but stay where you are in a life you are not really happy with. He who is satisfied will never be rich. If you are happy, you will realize more and more of what you want. Happiness is the frequency with which you create what you want and need to continue to be happy.


If you are happy, you will realize more and more of what you want.

You can say: “I am completely happy and I have a wish in mind. I would like …………. Making it possible for me is my next goal, which I am already striving for.” Every step towards this goal will be fun, because you are filled with anticipation. You know that you will soon fulfill yourself this wish.



What is happiness?

If you are happy now, you can increase that happiness until your heart is firmly laughing.

Keep raising happiness until your heart is firmly laughing.

Being happy is good. But strive for being completely happy, so that you wake up in the morning with energy and you are looking forward to the whole day. Singing in the shower Dancing on the way to breakfast. Hurrying to your work, because you really enjoy it. All day long your spirits are high. You are fulfilling yourself new wishes with great joy. And while you are pursuing the achievement of one goal, you already have the next one in mind. And you are convinced that you will achieve this goal as well.

You want to get rich? Then set yourself the goal to become super happy and look forward to increase your financial success. Do not set as a goal to become rich. You first have to become super happy.



My idea of a happy life has changed drastically several times

At the age of 17 I wanted to study after my high school diploma. I loved it hear when people were approached with Mr / Mrs Doctor. Titles are very important in Austria, where I grew up. At that time I could not imagine that I could do the doctorate. I wanted to go that far until I could not go any further. After the high school diploma I had to work for a year in my father’s business. One year turned into three, so I was one of the older students. I had a Master’s degree in no time, and less than two years later I had a PhD. Soon I found out that this title is so much more than being addressed as doctor Herzog.

For a few years I worked in banking and stock exchange trading and then in international trade. This was interesting. Then there was a tragedy, whereupon I was mentally and physically exhausted and my body has given up its spirit. After a few days in the hospital, I was forced to take a vacation. I chose Southern California and stayed there for seven years. I really enjoyed swimming several times a day throughout the year. In the winter in the heated pool. The many parties could be nice, but that’s not one of my needs. I loved walking along the beach or going up the Doheny Drive. In the morning, the Los Angeles skyline rose above the morning mist, which looked imposing. But on the horizon you could see the filth of the big city. Everything was milk-coffee-brown.

After my return to Vienna, I thought that I would only live comfortably – until the end of my days. Even more comfortable than in Los Angeles. Then came the day when I became active again. I have been working on my ” More Success – More From Life ” course and have done everything I have recommended in the course myself. More and more it became clear that I wanted to lead a completely different kind of life. In the class I ask questions like: where, how and with whom do you want to live? I thought of my circle of friends who had bored me since I came back from Los Angeles. They looked older than me. Most of them were overweight and said about fitness that it was so American. I wanted to have friends with whom I have fun. I do not enjoy winter but more warmth. I did not want to go back to California, because I’m too European. So the answer to the question of where was: Italy. Already as a teenager I would have liked to live in Italy. But then I had other plans.

My first destination with the finger on the map was Genoa. That’s close to Monaco, which I know. And besides, I speak French. But I know from many visits that the Côte d’Azur is boring during autumn and winter and overpopulated in the summer. I kept my forefinger on the border between Austria and Italy and slipped my thumb from Genoa to Rome. It was about the same distance. Rome! La Dolce Vita! The Sweet Life! Especially far more southern and therefore warmer than Genoa.

I started to research. In the photos I found on Google I liked the south of Rome better than the north. Then I looked for real estate. The offer was great and the prices down. Soon after, I drove to the south of Rome. I loved the landscape, the little towns and villages, the food and the people. 4 stays from 7 days to two months and I had found my new hometown, land and several wonderful friends. I feel so comfortable in this area as nowhere where I have lived so far. I like the lifestyle, the cuisine and the friendliness of the people. I’m happy, as I was not in Vienna.

Since I live in Rome a lot has changed in my life. My lifestyle, my entire wardrobe, my daily routine, my circle of friends, and much more.


What we do with money makes us happy
What we do with money makes us happy


Never stop looking for new dreams and desires

Never be satisfied, because satisfaction does not make you happy. One must never give up looking for new dreams. You will always find new wishes that you want to realize. When you approach the realization of a new desire, you are immediately filled with new energy. There is no age in which one should not look for new wishes and set new goals. I was 63 years old when I moved to Rome. Maybe they are old wishes that you have not yet admitted or that you have forgotten. Decide to realize all those wishes now.

What makes us happy is not money, but what we do with it.

Do not chase riches that you measure in money, but whatever you experience with happiness and well-being. What makes us happy is not money, but what we do with it. Those who are at first concerned with being happier until they have optimized happiness will find a way to afford the happy life that they call their dream life.

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