How can I be happy with problems

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How can I feel happy when I have many problems and worries?

You first have to feel happy, then it will be easy to solve your problems.

If you are constantly thinking about your countless problems and be worrying,, it is no wonder if your life is a misery. You are used to have problems. You hardly can imagine life without them. Would you not have any problems, you would kind of miss them.

Any change, including getting used to a better life, is accompanied by discomfort. Our system always tries to avoid discomfort. However, a life without problems is better and it pays off to endure a bit of discomfort. You feel discomfort until you got used to a better life. But read on, I still have much to say in response to the above question.

One reader wrote what I say to lying politicians and about the conditions in politics? Nothing at all! Politicians have always been like that. This topic is not worth my time or my thinking. Go to elections. You can not do more in politics. A discussion about it is making a bad mood, which you should avoid. There are more interesting and beautiful things to think and talk about.

Other readers wrote that horrible things have happened in their lives. In mine too. People who have had a bad time and continue to think of what has happened in their past, should not be surprised that their lives are not going well, but that everything is getting worse.

The past has passed, unless you keep it up with your thinking.

The past has passed, unless you keep it up with your thinking. If you have had many problems in the past, maybe even illnesses- and don‘t stop thinking about all that, you will have problems and illnesses today. We create with our thinking. Thinking about problems and illness, is creating new and bigger problems and make the sickness worse.

Stop digging in the past. Think and talk about the now.

Stop rummaging through the past. Think and talk about the now. Stop being a problem thinker, start thinking about solutions. Look for the positive, how to make your life better, and think about things that are enjoyable.




Role models who think positive despite their bad fate

Think of Stephen Hawking. He could only type one letter at a time into a computer that spoke for him. Yet he was a famous physicist, cosmologist, and author who taught at the University of Cambridge. He said that the true reality happens in mthe ind.

His illness was severe and yet he was always joking. If he wanted to say something, he signaled to his colleagues, who then waited until he had typed into his PC what he wanted to say. It has happened often that it was a joke, with which he has made everyone laugh. That he had bitched and pitied about his fate is unknown. Take him and people like him as a positive example.


I have brought my life from disaster into a better life

For quite a few years until about 2010, my life was a disaster – high costs, debts, illness and things got worse. Several years earlier I got myself out of a trauma with constantly forcing myself having a good mood and smiling. I had read about positive thinking, but I had not fuly understood what negative thinking does to my life. I kept telling myself that evethings would get better. Again and again I had to tell myself to smile. Smiling makes a difference, but it is only part of the solution. I was unhappy. Being unhappy and smiling is like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the break.

I asked myself how I want to live and made a plan how to change my life. The first point on my plan was setting up a website. The second was, having my own products. I attended a coaching course online and I started working on a course. I worked on it for two years. During this time I have changed my thinking. I could watch that I made problems myself. I also watched that with getting active, my life changed. Thinking positive is one part of the solution. Only with getting active things really change.


You create with your thoughts
You create with your thoughts and how you are feeling.


You create what you think about

We create with our thoughts and feelings. If you do not stop thinking about your problems, ypu get more and more of them. I have debts and so many worries and I can‘t think of anything else, I was told With thinking about problems you have a negative radiation and attract people who are also problem thinkers. Happy and successful people will go out of your way.

Problem thinkers have many problems. Positive thinkers enjoy their lives.

If you realize that there is a solution to every problem, your thinking will change.. You solve one problem after another. And you avoid having more problems with your thinking.

Jesus said;
“If you believe that what you wish will happen, then it will happen. Everything you pray and ask, believe that you have already received it, then it will be yours. ”

Read the sentence again and think about it.

You say that you have debts and many problems and absolutely cause for concern. So you will have a lot of debts that are getting higher, and more and more problems that are getting bigger. You say that you can‘t stop worrying and you can‘t think about happiness and well-being. With this kind of thinking you can‘t improve your life. If you think about your problems solved and try to feel as you will then feel, you will see solutions and get active to solve your problems.

It is not easy to become a solution thinker. If you try again and again thinking positive, things will slowly get better. You first have to change your thinking and how you feel, then your life will change. You do not need a special reason to be happy. Being and feeling happy is a decision. This decision is the most important step to change your life positively.

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If I have a problem, I’m looking for a solution.

A few years ago, I was in debt and my profits could not cover the high monthly costs. I stopped all non-essential expenses, worked from early morning until late at night. Whenever I could I was smiling and told myself that I am fine and happy. I made a Wish Video which is part of the Visualization System that I watched twice a day and I also listened to Subliminals. In my imagination I was without debt and my income was slowly rising. Then I managed to sell something that allowed me to pay all the debts. That was a confirmation that I was going the right way. For three years it was really bad. All in all, it took me six years until I was on the way to live my dream. But already during these six years things got better and better.


Find the right frequency to perceive your dream life
Find the right frequency to perceive your dream life


Have a good look at your life

You have a roof over your head, enough to eat, your apartment is heated in winter, you have enough clothing and you have family and friends, You might also have a car, a tv-set, electronic devices such as a notebook and a smartphone. So you do not live that bad Even if you have lost all your belongings and you are on the street, you can‘t make a positive change, if you don‘t stop thinking of your misery.

Take a look around and realize what is in your life. If you are not on the street, you live better than famous kings in the last centuries. But NO, you do not see what’s good in your life. You see what is missing. You continue thinking negatively – which leads to a life with problems, debts and worries.

How can you think of things that are positive, beautiful and pleasant when you are used to thinking about problems? That is how most of us were raised and what most of us are used to.

Think about how your problems and debts have arisen:
Why do you have debts????????????
What do you need to live a happy life?
All that with which you have created debts, most probably not!
What can you do without until you are debt free?
What can you do to earn more money to get rid of your debts?

Example: A friend of mine and her husband work also on Saturdays. She is cleaning and her husband works in gardens. An acquaintance has a blog, which he monetizes as an affiliate marketer. Evening after evening and on weekends, he writes posts in which he offers products from Amazon. Meanwhile, he earns thousands of Euros a month and has quit his job. What can you do to earn extra money? Think about it and get active.

Each approach of a solution is better than complaining.


See your problems from different perspectives

How do you see your problems and which solutions do you come up with?

Think about how would a homeless person see your problem and how would he solve it? And think about how someone who is wealthy would solve it? How would your mother or father solve the problem? What do your friends say about your problems and what solutions do they have?

How will you see these problems in a few years, long after they have been resolved, and what solutions would you come up with in retrospect?

For every problem there are several solutions.


Find the right frequency

If you have an older radio where you are looking for a channel with a rotary knob, will you stay on a frequency where you only hear cracking whenever you turn it on? With your life you do that.

If you continue to turn the knob on the radio, you will come to channels that are not clear since the transmission is not strong enough. So you keep going until you find a channel where you hear music or a talk show clearly. It may be that it’s a channel with music or a talk show that you do not like. Would you stay on that channel, which you do with your life? No, you go on and search for a channel with music or a talk show that you like.

Why don‘t you do that with your life? Maybe because you’re used to hearing croaks and cracks, and nobody told you that you need to look for a different frequency?

Look for the frequency on which you perceive a beautiful life.

Search for the right frequency! How to do that, I’ve explained often enough. Go to the blog gallery and look for articles that have to do with frequency, being positive and happy.  You have to feel well and happy. And if you feel as if you are already living your dream life, then you are on the right track.

Become aware of all the good things in your life. Appreciate all the beauty and goodness.

One man says that he has an old car, but he can‘t afford a new one. Another man says that he has a car that is older, but he can drive wherever he wants. One sees the negative, the other the positive. See the positive! There always is a positive side.


Think positive and create the right frequency
Think positive and create the right frequency


Habits are stronger than the desire to live better

You probably know the story, which I will tell you, because it was a movie. A man – let’s call him Jack, ends up on the street. Soon he became friends with like-minded people. He was begging some money to buy something to eat and drink, and created a cozy bunk under a bridge. There are also some of his comrades sleeping. Most of the day he lingers around. He does not have any work that he has to do, no responsibilities and no worries. He can indulge in idleness. In the evening he meets his friends and they talk, laugh and drink beer.

One day Jack inherits a fortune. He is found and taken to a mansion, which is part of a large estate and now belongs to him. There is a lot of staff, including a butler. The buttler tells him what he has to do. In the morning he is awakened. The bath is prepared. The clothes are ready. The breakfast is set. Then the agenda of the day is read to him. He has to meet people who do not have his wavelength. = They are on a completely different frequency than he is. When he is finally brought back to his mansion with a long limousine, he is brought a whiskey and not his beloved beer. Every week he gets to see a sheet of paper from which he can see the profit of his company and the amount of his fortune.

The life he lives for a few weeks would go on and on. But he is not happy and does not feel well at all. He is not used to this life. He also longs for his comrades from the street. He lets them all come. But they dislike the house, the food and the whiskey. They are eating and drinking and then they are leaving.

A few days pass and then Jack leaves the house. In the evening he is meeting his friends and they celebrate the reunion. Finally Jack feels well again. He is in his usual environment and lives the life he is used to. His camp under the bridge is still there. And he resumes begging for some money and his usual daily idleness. Over with the daily agenda. He is again in charge. He does not have to get dressed up every morning and then meet with people with whom he does not enjoy to be with. He does not have to drink wine and whiskey, but he can enjoy his beer. He lives his usual life.

Do you recognize yourself in this story? What are you used to? What is the difference between your today‘s life and the life you would like to live? How much do you have to get used to living better? I did not say it would be easy. But once you have figured out what you need to do to feel good and happy, everything will get better. It’s basically a shift in your attitude.

You have to get used to a better life. This can take a few weeks.

How do you start the day? With a sigh that a next bad day with many problems starts? Or are you looking forward to a new wonderful day? What does a morning greeting from you sound like? Grumpy or joyful? Do you often look at the clock and can‘t wait to get away from work? Or do you enjoy your work and you are focused on what you are doing? What are you doing in the evening? Do you meet with friends and are you together getting upset about the rest of the world and then come home with a bad mood? Or do you meet with friends and have fun, or do sports, and then come home where you spend a nice evening with your family?

Think about what you are thinking about, that will model your day and your whole life. What thoughts you think, is your decision. How a day in your life looks, depends on your thoughts. If you have problems, then look for solutions and look forward to the positive outcome.


Thinking positively and feeling happy is a matter of practice

At one point in my life I had a trauma, I did not have any work and I was alone. At that time there was no internet. I went to a bookstore to the department of self-help books. I read that smiling makes a big difference on your well-bing. They explained that you should fix a picture with a smiling face somewhere to where you look often. It was not easy to find a smiling face. I flipped through several magazines until I found one. I attached it to my vanity mirror, so I had to look at it. It really made me smile. Whenever I left my apartment, I put on a smile. Thanks to smiling I met a group of people who have been fun and this made a big difference in my life.

For several months I told people I‘ve met what I had experienced. With telling the story over and over again, it was kept alive. One day I thought about it and stopped. There are always better things to talk about. And then, friends are not trash bags for your misery. When I began talking about positive events, I more and more forgot the bad events and felt better.

More and more, my thinking has changed, less and less often the old memories came up. Today they belong to a past that has nothing to do in my life today.


What makes you happy?

Ask yourself the question: what makes me happy? Write down everything that comes to your mind. Meeting with friends for a drink. Driving an expensive car. Watching the sun go down. A dinner by candlelight. A worldtrip. Looking at the starry sky, maybe together with someone you love. Do this on a Wordfile. On your list are things that take little or more time, things that cost nothing, a little, or a lot. Then, arrange your list. Put on top what you can do right now.
Do at least one thing daily that makes you happy and feel good.

A bath with a fragrance, a book, and a glass of wine.
A dinner by candlelight. If you are single, invite someone.
Meeting with friends for a glass and having a good time.
Make a colleague a compliment. That does you both good.
Find an interesting documentation or a movie on YouTube. Make yourself comfortable while watching it.
Run for 30 to 60 minutes in the next park. You will feel better.
Be creative and let yourself come up with more ideas that make you feel good.


Avoid people who are mostly negative

Avoid people who complain incessantly, call for pity, throw their problems like garbage at others, politicize and rant about politicians, often talk about catastrophes, talk incessantly about illness and their ailments, criticize others and more.

These people have a low frequency. This is like an infectious disease. If you talk to such people, you will feel uncomfortable- These people have a negative impact on you. Other people feel that and then avoid you.
If you have friends who are mostly in a bad mood, tell them that they are not doing themselves any good and ask them to come to the positive side. If they continue with their negative garbage, stop seeing them.

People who are in a bad mood, have a bad aura that has a negative effect on others and vice versa.


Dreaming is free, so dream big

You say that you can‘t imagine thinking of anything other than your misery. Really not? Don‘t you have the wish that you feel better and maybe some or all of your dreams come true?

Close your eyes and imagine your life with all you want. Dreaming costs nothing and there is nobody who could keep you from dreaming. That is way better than rolling over problems. Turning around problems brings more problems.

Dreaming makes dreams come true.

Create a beautiful story for your dreams and dream of it several times a day. It is best to write down this story that represents your dream life. Read your story once a day. With dreaming = imagining or visualizing, you change your thinking and your frequency. With a higher frequency, your life will change.

What is more important to you? To mentally deal with debts, problems and illness or what gives you well-being and joy? That’s a decision. Decide to be happy and to live a better life.

We create with our thinking and how we feel. With your thoughts you can control how you feel. What you think is your free decision.

Decide to think of something nice and positive. This has a positive effect on your life.


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