Tips For More Happiness

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Read These Tips For More Happiness

More Happiness is an emotional state. It feels good to be happy. If you are happy, things work out fine. The reason for this is that if you are happy you have a high frequency. And with a high frequency things go well.

Whether you are happy or not depends on you alone. Happiness is a decision. It is your decision. Be wise and decide to be happy. If you are happy, you will have more and more reasons to be even happier.

Real happiness has no conditions. One does not need very much to be happy. If you tie conditions to happiness, it is superficial and the feeling of happiness does not last long. If you decide to be happy and stay in the state of happiness, all you desire will come into your life almost by itself.


Money does not make happy, but what you do with it

Having a lot of money does not make you happy. Though, to be able to be happy one needs a certain minimum amount of money monthly or weekly. The amount depends on where in the world you live. If you mean you might be happier if you have a new car, live in a new house, have new clothes, and have new gadgets, your happiness will be short lived. Soon after you got what you wanted, the joy about it fades and you have new desires. Happiness should be unconditional. The happier you are, the fewer wishes you have.

If you believe that a certain event or object might make you really happy, soon after you got what you wanted, the moment of feeling happy about it will soon be gone. Of course you shall pursue to fulfill your desires, but do not await long lasting happiness from getting what you want. Be happy from your inside and maintain that state.

Important about happiness is that it raises your frequency, Having a higher frequency makes you feel happy and perceive what you desire.

Listen to the Happiness 3A Subliminal once or twice a day for several weeks. The Happiness Subliminal will support you to become happier.

How to increase happiness
How to increase happiness


Tips On How To Be Happier

Follow the tips you like and enjoy and skip those you don’t like. If there is one tip which makes you say that it takes effort, do not quickly skip it. Think about the gain it might get you. Try it! It can make such a great difference in your life and elevate your level of happiness.

After you have followed the tips you enjoy and which are easy, go through the list one more time and try some of the tips that seem not so easy. They might bring the big change. Give it a try!

If you are happy you need very little. If you are unhappy, you have lots of wishes that usually stay unfulfilled. If you are happy it is easier to get what you want, because you have a higher frequency which is necessary to get what you want.


What You Can Do to Become Happier

Here are the tips for more happiness.


Be Who You Are

• Become aware that you are unique and special

You do not have to compare yourself with anyone else, because you are unique. There is not one second person like you on the earth. Being aware of your uniqueness can improve your level of happiness.

You have knowledge, skills, and traits which no one else has. Find the special knowledge, skills, and traits you have and be proud of them.

You might have a lot of knowledge about one subject.
You might be great in doing a handicraft.
Watch how people react when you enter a cafè, bar, restaurant or any room with other people. If heads turn toward you and people look at you, you have charisma. This is a very special trait, relatively few people have. You can develop Charisma.
Being punctual and reliable are traits.
And there are many more traits and skills.

Become aware how special you are! Think about that. Take a little time and write down what distinguishes you from others.

• Do not Compare Yourself With Others

Do not compare yourself with others. You are unique and still you can improve you knowledge and skills, your looks, your heaths, your spirituality and you can do quite a bit to live a better life. Become aware that it is yours and only your life.

Do not compare what you have with what others have. Think about what makes you happy. Think about your true desires. Getting what a friend has, might not make you happier, because it is not your true wish.

Think positive - be optimistic
Think positive – be optimistic

• Think Positive and Be Optimistic

I have written many articles about thinking positive. Whenever you become aware of thinking negative, immediately stop the thought and think of something positive. If possible do something you appreciate or plan to do something you appreciate. You can also look at beautiful images that make you feel better.

Fact is that you can train your brain to think more positively. Focus on positive thoughts. Think of or do something that is positive or beautiful several times a day. This will change your life to the better and make you happier. Easy right? But why do so many people hold on to negative thoughts? Sure, they don’t know what they are doing to themselves. But how much do you need to know that thinking positive makes you feel better? Every person has made this experience often enough. Being positive and optimistic has so many advantages. Being negative has only negative sides and negative effects.

Be and stay positive as often as you can and you will soon see the difference.

• Look For The Positive Side

We live in a world of polarity. What is positive is also negative. In other words: Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You always have an almost infinite number of possibilities from which you can only choose one at a time. Sometimes it seems that you have made a wrong decision. Later it turns out that without this decision you would not have achieved an important goal. It is important making experiences. Sometimes it is that a wrong decision has made you make an important experience. This experience can be important to make another decision which is important for the rest of your life. Think about this!

Think back to the bad moments of your life and look for the positive side that resulted from the bad incident. You will find it. Sometimes a bad incident leads you to the right path in life. If we are making a mistake or facing a difficult time or a problem, we learn from it. Think about what you have learned because of a certain incident that seemed negative at first glance.

A few years ago I went through tragedies. Before the tragedies I have been okay, but not really happy. The tragedies have change quite everything. It took years when I finally found my path. I have a different work. I have moved to another country. And I am now very happy in a way I could not even imagine.

Life can be very wonderful if you are on your path.

• Use happy memories for more happiness

Remember happy moments, also recall the feeling you had. This will increase your frequency and thus your happiness.

If you think to a lot of positive and happy moments and things, you will experience more positive and happy moments and things. It is your thoughts that generate a certain feeling and a certain frequency with which you create.

On the other hand, if you think about a lot of negative memories and things, you will continue to experience a lot of negative things. It is on you if you focus your thoughts on positive or on negative things.

Think about when you were really happy. Write down everything you can think of. Keep this list and bring these moments of happiness into the now more often. It will increase your happiness and you will have more happy moments.

Expect to have happy moments. Always be prepared to experience beautiful moments. Get up in the morning knowing that many wonderful things are about to happen. The positive expectation contributes to the fact that a lot of beautiful things will actually happen.

• Think of What You Really Want In Life

How would you like to live and what are your desires? Skip any limitations when you think about that. Just think about what you really want. Do you have wishes that you have pushed aside, because you thought that you will never be able to afford them or whatever the reason was. You will feel better and happier the moment you are aware of your true desires. There are ways to attain them. You only have to make a plan and get active.

I thought that it is too difficult to live in a country with another language, other laws, other, and other customs and traditions. And one day I decided to move. I made one step after the other. Many people helped me with the language and with many other things.

Whatever you want in life, you only have to make the first step and then the next. If it is your path, things work out.

• Think Of Solutions

People often despair when faced with a problem. They dig the hole even deeper by thinking of the problem incessantly. With this approach their frequency goes down and things are getting worse. If you are facing a problem, think of the solution. Ask yourself how your life would look without the problem or how things would be after the problem is solved. Then ask yourself how you can solve the problem? Think that every problem has a solution. This is important to get your frequency up. With a higher frequency it will be easy to solve the problem.

Whenever life looks dark and you let it happen to feel down, things are getting worse. Get yourself into a good mood instead, which raises your frequency and things will be getting better quickly. Whenever you are facing a problem, imagine your life after the problem is solved. Problems are challenges that make you learn and improve.

• Stop Doubting, Worrying, Anxiety, All Other Negative Emotions and Do Not Think of Negative Events of the Past

Live in the now, not in the past or the future. Of course you should have plans. Believe that you will achieve them. Your believe is in the now.

Doubt, worry and anxiety ruin your happiness and prevent you from achieving your goals. If you stop doubts, worries and anxiety, you will have a clear view that things will work out. You will achieve your goals and all that make you feel happier.

If you become aware of having any negative emotions, think of or do something positive, beautiful and joyful. Negative emotions and feelings drag you down, lower your frequency and make you feel unhappy.

Do not think of negative events of the past. They are in the past. Keep them there. You now live in a new reality. And the next moment is another new reality. Do not take negative memories with you into the next new reality. It is your choice what you will experience. Choose something you appreciate and enjoy. Only you can improve the level of happiness. Live in the now and look forward to something better.

• Smile often

To smile often is a great tip which I have given in many of my articles. Try it and you will know what a difference a smile can do to your well-being, your happiness, and your life. I do not speak about one smile a day. Put a smile on your face in the morning and keep it until you go to bed. This approach will raise your level of happiness and your frequency. I repeat myself, saying that a higher frequency makes a big difference.

Enjoy Life More
Enjoy Life More


Enjoy Your Life More

• Do What You Enjoy

Do what you enjoy whenever possible. Find a way enjoying tasks you do not like so much. But get them done. The moment those tasks are done, you can do what you enjoy.

Find out what you love to do most. This can be an interest or just some little things you enjoy doing. If you make money with what you love most, you will feel great most of the time and finally make more money as with a job you don’t enjoy, but believe that you make more money. You will put more time and more effort into a job you appreciate and as a result you will be more successful.

Listen to the Enjoy Life More 3A Subliminal

• Know What You Enjoy Most

Know what you enjoy most. Take at least a few minutes each day and do what you love most. If you need to quickly cheer up, imagine that you do what you enjoy most for a few moments or longer if you can.

In case you do not know what you enjoy most, do the following. Make a list of all you enjoy doing. Some people enjoy playing or listening to music. Some others enjoy chatting. They go to a coffee house where they meet people with whom they are chatting for hours on end. Or they stay on the phone with one of their friends. There are people who enjoy shopping. My mother had clothes in her filled cupboards that she has never worn. But she has enjoyed buying them. There are people who love reading. There are people who love thinking about solutions. Edison is an example for this. There are people who love sports and could do the kind of sport they enjoy the whole day long.

I loved reading. Into my forties I could read the whole day and long into the night. Today I need to take breaks every two hours or so. And I enjoy having a bigger variety. Reading helped quickly against anger. If I feel anger today, it is very light. I then look up fashion magazines online. In my breaks I enjoy to go swimming, to do some workout, to go to a café, to go for a walk in a shopping street or shopping center, to drive to another town and visit the farmers market, and to go for lunch or dinner with friends. From time to time I enjoy going to a museum or to an art gallery. I live in the Metropolitan City of Rome. There are many museums and countless art galleries. I could write a book about all I enjoy to do. Find out what you enjoy to do.

• Enjoy Your Morning

First thing in the morning I do some workout or go swimming. Then I have a strong coffee, I have the radio running, have a look in the internet, and take things easy. In the morning I enjoy being undisturbed. No one may speak to me, before I am dressed. Before or after the coffee I have a shower and a beauty ritual which makes me feel good. Meditation and workout also comes before or after the coffee. I try not to have absolutely the same routine each day. I do things as I enjoy it. I look forward to the smell and the taste of the coffee. I enjoy the shower and my morning beauty ritual. I am dressed and ready to go at eight or later. If I have to be ready earlier, I get up earlier. I need some time for myself in the morning.

If you are usually in a hurry in the morning, get up earlier to have some time to appreciate your shower, some workout, meditation, your breakfast, and whatever you like. If you enjoy your morning, the whole day will be better. A good morning is part of happiness.

• Enjoy the Time Before You Fall Asleep

I am writing down what I have to do next day before dinner. So it is off my head. Don’t do that later, because it makes you think of work and tasks which is not good. After dinner I go for a walk, I read something in the internet or in a book, or I work little bit more. When I go to bed, I am looking for a radio show on Youtube, with a subject that interests me. I am not watching TV and do not have a TV in the bedroom. Watching a movie with crime or horror makes nightmares, which makes you feel awful. I am looking forward to listen to an interesting show. I always learn something new and I like to expand my knowledge.

It is good if you do something in the late evening which lets you calm down. I have friends who listen to really nice music which is called music for dreaming. Reading a book or leafing through a journal is also good. Writing your journal and thinking back how good the day was, is fine too. What did you like about the day? What have you accomplished? Be thankful for all the good and wonderful things.

• Enjoy All The Little Things

Enjoy the little things of everyday life. Every moment you enjoy something gives your frequency a push up. A higher frequency lets you perceive more what you enjoy and will improves your level of happiness.

There are people who only see the big things for which they envy others. They make themselves unhappy. They overlook all the joy there is in their lives and they hold on to negative emotions and feelings. Negative feelings keep you in a low frequency which prevents that you get what you desire.

There are innumerous things you can enjoy. Enjoy nature. Enjoy flowers. Enjoy a sunny day. Enjoy the freshness of a rainy day. Have fun walking in the rain. Enjoy the warm shower in the morning. Enjoy your morning coffee. Enjoy your meals. Enjoy a special food that you have bought to celebrate that very day. Enjoy music. Enjoy working out. Enjoy colors. Enjoy getting dressed nicely. Enjoy calling a friend. Enjoy writing a real nice comment to a blog post that you have liked to read. Enjoy meeting a friend for a glass or a coffee. I could go on and on like this and I sure you too.

• Enjoy Beautiful Photos and Videos

Look for websites with beautiful photos. This can be a website with art. For example the website of a museum or of an art gallery. On the internet you can visit lots of museums around the world. Or look for websites with landscapes and gardens. Also photos of interior design, fashion, makeup, or sports can be very nice to look at. Buy a magazine with lots of photos from time to time and enjoy looking at the beautiful photos. On the internet you can literally go on a sight seeing trip in important cities all over the world. Look for videos that are beautiful and inspiring.

• Enjoy the Nature

No video can replace nature. Enjoying nature is energizing and makes you happier. You take longer breaths. So you get more oxygen and feel better. The beauty that surrounds you is enlivening. When it is sunny, feel the sun on your skin.

Go to the next park. Go for a walk and look at the plants. Look well and become aware of the beauty of each plant. In spring they have a light and full color. In summer the color becomes darker. In autumn the color of leaves get all kinds of colors between light yellow, rusty red and dark brown.

Trees and stones have energy. If you get near them, you can get some of it. This is one of the reasons why people who climb mountains are so energetic. When you go to a park next time, put your back to a tree and relax. If it is warm, sit down with the back to a tree. You will become energized. You will feel better and happier.

• Have Flowers In Your Home

Have 2 or 3 pots with herbs in your kitchen. In winter you might give them some extra light with light bulbs for a few hours each day. Have plants in the living room. Buy some cut flower from now and then and put them nicely arranged on the dinner or couch table. Looking at them will cheer you up.

• Celebrate From Time to Time

It doesn’t need a special occasion to celebrate and it must not be a party or take a lot of effort. Have a special dinner at home or in a real nice restaurant. Decorate the table and have some special food. Celebrate this very day. It is unique. Enough reason to celebrate.

Be aware how special you are
Be aware how special you are


Be Aware Of How Special Life Is

• The Best Day Of Your Life

How does a great day for you look like? What is the routine of that day? Write it down. Then compare with how you live now. What can you easily change to live a special life? What do you have to do that you can live every day as you want?

Having enough time for your morning routine without having to hurry. Having time to workout. Having time to meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. Having time for breakfast.
Going to work which you enjoy. Being able to take little breaks and a bigger one during lunch time.
Meeting friends after work or going home and spending special time with your family. Enjoying a good dinner at home or out and afterwards taking it easy or going to an event.

If you can’t live your special day on an every day basis, maybe you can from now and then.

If you would like to be on vacation for good, you will enjoy it for a few weeks. Not having a task with a goal gets boring. You can’t be happy if you are bored. Young people start to coach others in a sport, they open a store, or they start a website or blog which they monetize. It feels good to have a goal and pursue to achieve it.

I have my website and blog. I enjoy writing articles and making products. When I was looking for a building site in the south of Rome, Italy, I was shown a farm with olive and fruit trees. Suddenly I imagined what kind of plants I would additionally plant. From one moment to the other my life has changed. I did not think about working more. And here I would literally buy work. A friend has 100 olive trees. When he harvested olives, I helped for a few hours. I felt so very good. It was about feeling the nature, knowing that this will become something important for life, and then moving. After work I was invited for lunch. That whole day was one of the best days in a long time.

• Dream A Bit Each Day

Take a few moments each day, if you can more often, and think of what you really want in life or of something beautiful, something you appreciate. Close your eyes and envision it. Enjoy it as if it really happens or as if you already have what you want.

When you are at work, you can go to the rest rooms. There you can close your eyes for a moment and dream. If you have your own office, you can dream again and again. Do it! You are visualizing your dream life.

When you dream of wonderful moments and things that you desire, repeat dreaming of these things often, you get the right frequency and your dreams can come true. Dreaming is something really wonderful. After having dreamed of something you want as if it is already part of your life, you will feel good and happy, because dreaming of something good makes your frequency go up.

When you dream of a goal as if you have already reached it, it will be easy to achieve it. You will achieve even bigger goals with little effort.

• Do Something Special Each Day

Do something which is special for you each day. Though it should not be the same each day. Be creative and have a variety of things. It can be that you buy a flower. It can be that you take a few minutes to look for something special in the internet. I sometimes look at a fashion magazine online. Sometimes I go for a walk down a street. I drive to the sea and take a walk along the beach. I drive to another town and walk through the shopping streets or a mall. I go for a coffee or a glass. I order something online or buy something I like in a store. I go out for dinner with a friend. I drive to a larger town and stay over night. I put candles around the pool which looks romantic. And so on and so forth. Each day I do something out of the ordinary which makes the everyday life special.

• Bring More Variety Into Your Life

Make changes. Making changes in your daily routine is good and even important. Do each day something differently as you are used to. It is good for your brain and will keep your thinking flexible.

My morning routine is swimming and then a coffee while I am looking up emails, read the headlines of the news, and am browsing a bit in the internet. It happens that I am working out first thing in the morning and then I am meditating a little. I am making little changes in my morning routine. Usually I go grocery shopping once a week to a super market. Going to a framer’s market is special. I am surrounded by little towns. From Tuesday till Saturday there is a farmer’s market in another town. It is fun to go to a farmer’s market. You not only get fresh produce which the farmers have harvested in the morning, but you are also chatting with them. The farmers offer you food to taste. This can be a piece of sausage, some cheese, or some wine. They are also giving recipes. I love to try new foods, new dishes, and new recipes. Even though I am a raw foot eater, I do cook every other week or so. When I have guests I never offer them raw meat. I always cook for them. Every 4 to 6 weeks I go to Rome or Naples. In the bigger cities a lot is going on that you have no chance to do the same twice. There are so many super markets, cafés, and restaurants that it is easy to always choose another. I also do not get dressed the same style each day. Usually I am in jeans and a T-shirt. I also have elegant suits, dresses and fancy outfits.

There are so many possibilities to do at least one thing differently each day. It is getting you out of your reserve, makes you feel more at life. It is a really good thing to do which will make you happier. Try it from today on. You soon will feel the difference.

• Make Your Own Wish Video

Have your own wish video and watch it daily. It will remind you of that you want and it will get you to be active to get it all. You can’t lose your focus if you watch your wish video daily. It is the same as with dreaming what you desire. Also watching your wish video will get you the right frequency. So it will be easier to achieve your goals and get what you wish. With Mind Movies it is easy to make a Wish Video.

How to make a wish video you learn in the Visualization System.

Have goals and be organized
Have goals and be organized


Have Goals – Get Active – Be Organized

• Have a Goal, Make a Plan How To Attain It, and Get Active

Having one or more goals and being active to achieve them, is fulfilling. Make certain to have found your true goals. Plan to reach them. Have a general plan and divide it into shorter term goals, until you know what you have to do next. Get active and do step by step what has to be done to achieve one goals after the other. Having goals and being active absolutely raises your level of happiness.

• Be Clean and Organized

Unclutter your home, all rooms, all cupboards, and drawers. Get rid of what is old or what you don’t need anymore. After all the old stuff is out of your home, you will feel the difference. Clean your home. Get and stay organized. To live in a clean and organized home makes you feel good.

• Do Every Task Well

Some people think they have to be fast. This is not good. Do things in your pace. It is better doing a task slower and well as if you do it quick and it is not done good. Do them well. Try to do it better as you believe you can. You can always do things a bit better. The better you do something the better you feel about it.

• Get Tasks That Have to Be Done Out Of Your Way

If you get things you dislike done quickly, you feel good about having it behind you. If you procrastinate, you do not feel well. Having it done, you do not have the thought: God, I got to get this done, but I really don’t like to do it. And this thought is working in your mind and makes you feel bad. Get it done and behind you. You will feel happy to have done it.

Take life easy
Take life easy


Take Life Easy

• Find Ways Not To Be Busy All The Time

What makes you be busy? You have to balance work, household, family, fitness, and friends. This is not always easy. If possible, get help wherever you can. Have other family members help with the household.

• Chill Out At Least Once A Day

Have some time each day to chill out. For me it is in the morning and during dinner time. I have a lady friend who works and has family. She has someone who cleans the household. Her husband does the grocery shopping. The only time she has for herself is in the early morning. She gets up half an hour earlier as her husband and children. This half hour is only for herself.

• Do Not Watch The News

I wrote often that news are negative and make your frequency sink. A low frequency makes you depressed. I listen to the morning news in the radio. I get to know what is important. I do not watch the whole news on TV. When I travel I have a look at the headlines online.

I know people who do not even read the headlines. They say that they don’t want to know what is going on in the world. It does not make any difference to their everyday life. I understand well what they mean. Those people live happily ever after. Think about it! What difference does it make if you know about a war, a natural catastrophe, or anything that has happened somewhere far away? And then, what can you do about it? You feel happier if you don’t know it.

• Getting Older Has Advantages

Scientist say that with getting older one is happier. I can assure you that this is true. I say that from a certain age on you don’t have to have any more. You can if you want. Yes, you have to sleep, eat, pay your bills, and taxes. Everything else is your choice.

When you are older you have made the experience often enough that after things got bad they get better. I know that every problem has a solution. I take everything so much easier since I am older.

I could write a lot about the topic of the advantages of getting older. I am much happier today as I have been with thirty or forty.

Have a daily routine
Have a daily routine


Have A Daily Routine

• Get Up Early

People who get up early, are more successful and happier as those who sleep longer. Getting up early means between 4.30 and 6.00 a.m. Try it for a few days. Well, it takes a few weeks to really get used to getting up early. But you get the idea what difference it makes. Everything is fresh. You get a great feeling that a new day starts. You hear the birds singing which is very beautiful. You might see the sunrise. Most importantly, you can work without being disturbed. The early morning is the time when you get a lot done. This is the reason that successful people get up early.

• Start Your Day With Meditation

Meditation is a great way to start a day! Get up, wash your face, make a few movements of our body to wake up little more, and then start meditating. You will be so positively surprised what a great start of a new day this makes. If there are any problems, you will know the solution, and the answers to questions. You will get out of the meditation with calmness and a smile. And meditation raises your frequency and therefore your level of happiness. I teach breathing and mantra meditation in the Visualization System.

• In The Evening Write Down What You Have To Do Next

When you write down what you have to do next in the evening, you know where you start your work in the morning. It saves time! If you focus on the task you have to do, it will be done quicker. To put your full focus on what you do is a time saver. The quicker you have done your work, the more time you have to chill out and to appreciate life.


Be Health Conscious

• Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods makes you feel better and this improves your happiness. Stop eating processed foods. Eat natural foods. Natural foods are meat, fish, poultry, salads, vegetables, fruit, nuts.

• Do Not Just Eat But Celebrate

Do not eat quickly. Instead celebrate each meal. Eat slowly and be conscious of the color, form, smell, and taste of a food. Appreciate each dish and each meal.

• Are You Overweight

If you are overweight, lose some weight. Do it slowly. People, who quickly lose too much weight, quickly gain it back. Your body needs time to get used to have lost a little weight. The slower you lose weight the better. If you lose excess weight, you will feel better and happier. Listen to the Lose Weight 3A Subliminal, eat more protein, enough fat, salads, and some fruit.

• Work Out Each Day

Working out really makes you feel better and happier. You should work out at least 30 minutes five times a week. Going for a walk after dinner is good. You can think about the day without being disturbed and the movement is good for digestion.

• Get Enough Sleep

You need to get enough sleep dayly to have enough energy for the day, to be in a good mood and happy.

During a vacation you can find out how much sleep you need. You might need more sleep as usual during the first two or three days. When you then sleep without an alarm, you find out how many hours of sleep you need. When you come back from your vacation, make sure that you have the time you need to sleep daily. To sleep well, it pays to go to bed early enough.

• Get More Knowledge and Improve Your Skills

Having more knowledge makes you feel superior. Read books and articles on the internet. Show interest to a variety of subjects. Get more knowledge of the subjects that interest you most. Do something to improve your skills. To have and gain more knowledge feels really good.


Increase Your Knowledge

• Find Special Interests

It is nice and fulfilling to have a hobby and to devote some time to it. And fulfillment brings some extra happiness. Do you have special interests? If not find them. It should be something that makes you forget the time. It should interest you or be fun for you.

• Learn Something New and Learn Something New Each Day

Learning something, makes you feel good. You can learn a new language, something about a science, a sport and so much more. When you start learning something new, it seems difficult at first. When it gets easier, you will be proud of yourself. Being proud is a good feeling. Learning something new is fun and it raises your level of happiness.


Be Creative

Doing something which is creative, makes you feel happy. Look at people who are creative at work. They are much happier as many others.

• Reading A Book Improves Your Creativity

Reading a book improves your creativity. A novel is like another world in which you submerse while reading.

• Painting, Drawing, and Making A Handicraft Object Is Creative

There are many ways to express your creativity. Take a piece of paper and draw whatever comes into your mind. For women: It feels so good if you paint your face. And with a good makeup you look and feel better. Make handicraft objects. If you have children, do it together with them. When you made something that is useful, it is fulfilling. Also with gardening you can be creative. Or decorate your home nicely. Make some decoration for the dinner table tonight.

Do something creative from time to time. We need to be creative. Being creative will make you happier.

respect and love
respect and love


Respect and Love Yourself and Other People

• Be Compassionate

You are the most important person in your life. You have to first love yourself. Only if you are able to love yourself, you can love others. It is good if you think about how others feel. I do not say that you should try to feel as another person does. You should think about how this person might feel. Then think if you could do anything which makes this person feel better. This could be that you cheer other people up. Maybe you help someone with something. It is worth thinking about it. It definitely makes you feel happier if you help someone.

My mother has a walking problem. She walks very slowly. It happens often that someone is stopping the traffic until she has crossed the street. When she goes to a café in winter, often someone helps her out of her coat and put it on again.

• Give and Receive

Giving and receiving is good. There should be a balance between giving and taking. Take what you receive, show your thanks, and also give something in exchange. If you are a giver and if there are people who only take, stop seeing them. Give a beggar some money. You’ll probably get a wonderful smile back. This smile is a gift and improves your happiness. Take some sweets to the office and offer them to your colleagues. Give compliments to others. Make sure that they are meant. Tell friends what is great about them.

• Help Others

Take the opportunity whenever you can to help others. If someone takes advantage that you like to help, make a full stop. If you need help, do not take it for granted. Always thank the person, who has helped you. As mentioned above, there must be a balance of helping and being helped.

• What You Do To Others You Do To Yourself

Treat others as good as you want to be treated and as you treat yourself. Treat yourself well. There are people who do not treat themselves well. They get their good china only when they are awaiting guests. Why not use it for yourself? Think about how you treat yourself and how you could treat yourself better.

• Stop Criticizing Others and Yourself

Speak about others nicely. Do not criticize others and also not yourself. I know people who don’t stop speaking badly about others. They seem to only see the mistakes of others. Everyone has also good sides. Also speak about those. If you are someone who constantly criticizes himself, stop it today. Accept yourself as you are with all the good and the less good sides. Do the same with others. Criticizing can be positive, if it is helpful. This is not criticism but good advice.

If you criticize your appearance, become aware that it is less important as your radiation. The radiation of a person is the beauty inside. If you are a happy person, your radiation will be positive and strong. I have seen men and women who where not beauties, but they have been surrounded by other people. They have a wonderful radiation which draws other people toward them. So take yourself as a whole and be aware of your inner beauty.

Meet positive and happy people
Meet positive and happy people

• Meet With Happy People

Meet with people who are happy and who have a high frequency. Be nice to those and appreciate them. Get out of the way of unhappy and mostly negative people. I mean those who can’t stop nagging and always find a reason for talking negatively. Or those who are lamenting endlessly and ask for pity. These types of people are like poison. Then there are people who take your time and energy for no specific reason. Get rid of them!

I had all these negative people in my life and they did a lot of harm to me and my life. I had one neighbor who called me several times a day to tell me why she feels sorrow. There was not one day that she would not have several sad things to tell me. When I did not answer the phone, she called to make the telephone ring again and again, until I answered. Nothing stopped her. One day I said that I sue her for constantly disturbing me. Today I give the phone number of negative people a low ring tone and do not even listen to their messages. After some time they stop calling. You do not need these people in your life. It is your life. Do not let others destroy it.

If you got rid of all negative people, you will more and more meet positive ones. They will make you feel good and happy. How you recognize these people? Easy. They usually have a smile on their face and they express themselves positively. Already their greeting is uplifting. Enjoy your time with these people.

• Make Friends and See Them Regularly

To have friends and see them regularly is an important part of happiness.

My thinking has changed quite a bit. It got way more positive. All the changes of my thinking have made me move to the south of Europe. During the time of the changes, I have stopped all friendships with those in whose vicinity I did not feel good. In the south of Europe I quickly have met lots of wonderful people. We meet for a glass, go out for lunch or dinner or invite each other for a glass or a dinner.

People who do not make you feel good, pull your frequency down. This brings problems and makes you unhappy. Get rid of friends who do not make you feel good. Even if you know them for many years. You soon will make new friends. You will feel the difference and see it in your life.

Most of the friends of my mother, now 87, have passed away. She has made new friends who are younger. She meets them twice a week for coffee. When she comes back home she is in a wonderful mood.

There are many ways to make new friends. Talk to people whenever possible. Go to have a glass or a coffee, to concerts, to sports events. You will quickly feel if it is a positive person who could become a friend.

Have friends on Facebook and comment on their posts. Do not just post your own stuff with the hope that your friends see it and give you a like. Participate on the wall of others too.


People In The South of Rome Are Happy

The south of Rome represents agriculture and small towns. People there always have a smiling face and seem to be in good spirits, Months ago I wondered why and this is what I found:

  1. There are almost exclusively family farms. There is teamwork of parents, grandparents, children, and also uncles, aunts and their children.
  2. They all work much. In addition to a restaurant, there is a grocery store and agriculture or a hotel. The chef in the restaurant is a family member, two others are waiters. While the restaurant is closed, they work on the field or in a store. Who has a day job in an office, works after hours on the field, in a store, or in the restaurant.
  3. They take frequent breaks. In the morning they go to one of the many bar-cafés for a café and chat with friends. For lunch they take enough time. In the afternoon there is a coffee break or they have a Campari with soda. Dinner is before or after the guests arrive.
  4. Offices and shops have three hours lunch break.
  5. They care for family and friends.
  6. They have goals and strive to achieve them. No matter how big or small a company is, they can be found online at least on Google Maps and on Facebook. Many have a website where they advertise with photos the restaurant and the food. Those who wish to receive a newsletter, are described new dishes and festivities with details.
  7. People in the south of Rome do not get the idea to walk through life with a long face.

Conclusion: A lot of work, regular breaks family ties and friendships. having goals and trying to achieve them, are important to be happy.

I think that many people in central and northern Europe do not really know what to do with their leisure time. They also rely on the social assistance from the state. In southern Europe, people work a lot, still there is sufficient time for family and friends. Help comes from family and friends.

Listen to the Happiness 3A Subliminal once or twice a day for several weeks and whenever you need a little push to feel happier.

These have been a few tips on how to become happier and raise your level of happiness. There are many more. Leave a comment if you know another tip.

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