UFO Sightings and Disclosure

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UFO Sightings are a part of Ufology

The reason that I am writing about ETs, also called EBEs (extraterrestrial intelligent beings) is their thinking which seems to be quite different from ours. The more developed their consciousness is, the more their thinking fascinates. They do not limit their thinking, but are open for infinite possibilities. Think about this for a moment. No limits! No “buts”! We humans should throw away our blinders that hinder us to see all there is. I am often shocked about the limited imagination of many people. They say that what they can’t see they can’t believe. I have written an article that you first have to believe to see it.

Sightings of UFOs and for us unexplainable phenomena in our airspace have been kept secret for many years. They are examined by a number of organizations and individuals around the world. Not in mass media, but in alternative media you get a lot of information about UFOs and ETs. Not all, but many of the UFO sightings are of extraterrestrial origin. What fascinates about extraterrestrial spaceships is their highly developed technology and that some UFOs fly and change direction and velocity with the change of frequency caused by thoughts, which is hardly understandable and imaginable for us.

What is fascinating with extraterrestrial space ships is the highly developed technology, more so the highly developed consciousness and control of thoughts of aliens.


On December 16, 2017, the New York Times has published an article on the black budget for the study of UFOs. The British Ministry of Defense has released a part of its UFO archive years ago and called the UFO phenomenon UAP – unidentified aerial phenomena. Soon after the article in the New York Times was published, all the major newspapers, magazines, and television stations around the world announced the news. The article in the New York Times online includes a video of a fighter jet with the pilot’s voice. He talks with a colleague about the sighting of a fleet of UAPs, about the incredible speed of a UFO, the ability to maneuver, and the ability to suddenly stand in the air. Here’s a second NY Times article about the Pentagon’s secret UFO program.

The reason for the secrecy of UAP sightings was that the US wanted to prevent Russia from hearing anything about the UAP incidents. The extent of UAP sightings is now slowly becoming known. I repeat: “slowly”! This is what has happened short after the second world war: A group of aliens wanted Americans to stop generating and testing nuclear weapons. We could eradicate all life on earth and make the earth uninhabitable, they said. But Americans did not stop their nuclear weapons program. UAPs appeared over the nuclear weapons areas and switched off the functioning of the atomic heads. During tests this happened far above the earth. One to several UFOs appeared near the atomic heads. A beam of light was directed at the warhead. Then the warhead fell back to earth without detonating. The many UFO sightings and the alien interventions in the nuclear weapon’s program was kept secret. Though Americans did not know that it was similar in Russia.

The absolute secrecy of UAPs is now likely to be lifted in the US and we will learn much more about it in the coming future.

On March 21, 2018, Emery Smith was interviewed on Fade to Black and two weeks later on Coast to Coast am, both times by Jimmy Church. He told of giant underground laboratories in the US where hundreds of scientists work. He has autopsied about a thousand aliens and also investigated UFOs. Well, then they are no longer UFOs, but what do you call them then? Airships from ETs? They are quickly brought into hangars with a certain atmosphere, otherwise they and the crew disperse. Just as our smartphones and notebooks respond to facial recognition and fingerprinting, ET airships work with the DNA and frequency of the pilot. So these airships are biometric. Emery Smith has put DNA of the pilot on his skin and so he has managed to enter ET airships. The cooperation of some species of aliens and humans should be good. Aliens work in the underground laboratories and humans are on mega-ships of the ETs or their planets. So the interest to get to know each other exists on both sides. We already know that the DNA of a person staying in the space outside of the Earth changes. The DNA of all those who have been in space is modified and so the DNA of their children will be different.

We have an interesting time ahead of us.

ETs are open for infinite possibilities
ETs are open for infinite possibilities

Reported UFO Sightings Worldwide

See reported UFO sightings worldwide on the live UFO map by UFOStalker. – You can move the map with a finger or the cursor. Click on a UFO and you can read the report. On UFO Stalker you can also report a UFO sighting.

UFO sightings have always existed. The first written recording of a UFO sighting was 3.500 years ago. And UFO sightings were engraved in stone a long time ago.

UFO Sightings and Phenomena in the air
UFO Sightings and Phenomena in the air

UFO Sightings from Antiquity to Today

There are thousands of years of evidence of UFOs and ETs around the world. The first UFO reports are painted in caves and engraved in stone,

The first UFO sighting with a written report was in Egypt, about 3,500 years ago, during the reign of Tutmoses III. See Wikipedia.org

Several sightings were reported and recorded during the time of ancient Rome.

During the Middle Ages more and more UFO sightings were recorded in Europe, the Middle East, China and Japan. There are paintings by famous painters from the Middle and early Modern Ages, where you can see a UFO in the sky. Since the early Modern Ages the records are more detailed, which will be due to the invented book printing.

From ancient times to the end of the 19th century, we did not have any aircrafts. Most people could not imagine that we will one day develop airplanes, helicopters and spaceships. The UFO sightings were unexplained phenomena and have not been linked to EIBs, /extraterrestrial intelligence beings.

The Christian Church has told us that we humans are the only intelligent creatures in the universe and all heavenly bodies revolve around the earth. Scientists who claimed that the Earth was a planet which orbited with other planets around the Sun, were burned at the pyre. It is not so easy anymore for the church to keep knowledge hidden from people. Today it is the mass media, which informs us falsely or inadequately. Too many people believe that what they read in newspapers or see in the news in television is right and true. Why are we not informed of aliens in the newspapers and television? One reason might be that only a few people would be able to provide evidence of the existence of ETs. These people, however, are subject to secrecy. More and more people are looking for information about UFOs, ETs and aerial phenomena on the Internet in alternative media. You can find thousands of websites and countless videos that deal with the subject.

At the end of the 19th century the first abductions by aliens were reported. During this time, there was a UFO crash in Texas.

In 1917, when shepherd children in Fatima saw an apparition of a woman, there were several UFO sightings over Fatima. In the meantime the handwritten records of a priest from the time was translated and the case was investigated. The results are quite different from what the church has told us and has made us believe.

UFO Sightings From 1870 To Today

UFO sightings from the 1870s to today are well documented.

Since there are photo cameras there are pictures of UFOs. With video cameras and then with the possibility to record a video with a phone, there are countless videos with UFO sightings, which you find on YouTube. Unfortunately, some videos are fake.

The first pilots who reported UFOs were discharged. It was an unwritten law of the airlines and also the military that one has to be silent about UFO sightings. Some pilots have begun to talk after retirement and have sent written reports to organizations who investigate UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena. It can no longer be concealed that pilots are constantly seeing UFOs. There are thousands of pilots who speak about their UFO sightings. Some have feared they might collide with UFOs. They say they know everything that can fly that has been built by man. So they can distinguish FOs of extraterrestrials from our airplanes. They also recognize that there is a variety of flying objects that are of different types of aliens.

Even astronauts began talking about their UFO sightings and encounters. An example is Edgar Mitchell, who has written several books about his experiences with UFOs. If you want to read more about Edgar Mitchell’s experiences with UFOs and ETs (Amazon Affiliate Link). Interviews with him can be found on YouTube.

UFO Hotspots and UFO Records

Around the world are UFO hotspots, where nearly every day UFOs are seen.

The ECETI Ranch is such a hotspot where a UFO conference takes place annually.

Other hotspots are Mount Shasta in California (Amazon Affiliate Link), Sedona in Arizona, several locations in Nevada, Nazca in Peru, Stonehenge in England, and there are UFO hotspots in Northern Europe, Mexico, Canada, Russia.

There are daily hundreds of reported UFO sightings worldwide and also reports of encounters and abductions.

In spring 2017, mummies were found in Peru with three fingers and three toes. One species of the mummies is humanoid, the others are reptilian. The DNA of a humanoid mummy is more than 90 percent identical to that of a human being.

Report A UFO Sighting

MUFON short for Mutual UFO Network deals with the investigation of UFO sightings and UFO encounters. If you want to report a UFO sighting, you can do this on the MUFON website. Report a UFO sighting.

CNES – Center National Détudes Spatiales also examines unidentified flying objects and phenomena in the airspace. Among the CNES reported airspace phenomena, 30% are unidentifiable, so not human.

UFO Sightings and Encounters with ETs reported
UFO Sightings and Encounters with ETs reported

Famous UFO Sightings, Encounters, and UFO Crashes

The main UFO sightings, encounters, and crashes can be found well documented on Mufon historical.

Aurora Texas, crash,1897 – The UFO had fallen into a farm. The ETs were buried in the cemetery of Aurora. The water from the well which was near the crash site made people sick. It was radioactive as well as the area around the crash site. The well was filled with sand and the fields near the crash site were not reused. A few years ago the tomb was emptied and relinquished to prevent an ET interested in digging the remains of the corpses.

Maury Island 1947 – An interesting case because there have been several witnesses.

Roswell,1947 is the most famous UFO crash in the history of ufology. The newspaper of the region reported the UFO crash. The following day the newspaper announced that it was only a weather balloon. Some ufologists claim that two UFOs have been involved and several ETs have been recovered. It is presumed that at least one of them has survived. All wreckage parts as well as the ETs were probably brought to Area 51 by the US military.

Washington DC, 1952 – On July 19, seven UFOs were seen over Washington from the airport’s radar. They also flew over the White House. A pilot saw six fast moving lights. From a radar tower an orange-red light ball was seen.
On July 26, a flight attendant in a plane over Washington saw strange objects in the sky. This sight was confirmed by a man of a near military base. Several flying objects were noticed in the radar of the national airport in Washington. A pilot of the Air Force tried to chase four lights, which suddenly turned around, surrounded him for a short time, and suddenly disappeared.

Exeter, New Hampshire, 1965 – A large round object with fast moving lights was seen over a farm by several witnesses, including two police officers.

Kecksburg crash, USA, 1965 – From six US states and Canada several thousands of witnesses, as well as several pilots saw a fireball that lost metal parts. It looked as if the object would crash. Then a crash was reported from Kecksburg, near Pittsburgh. The object had a ribbon of hieroglyphs that resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs. The US Army secured the crash site and drove the object away by a truck. Then they claimed that there has never been a UFO crash.

Piedmont Missouri, 1973 – The police in this rural area received reports of over 500 UFO sightings within two months.

Tehran, Iran, 1976 – A UFO was seen in the radar and with the naked eye. Two fighter jets of the Iranian Air Force were sent to the flight object. When one of the jets wanted to bombard the object, the instruments of the jet failed. An espionage satellite could also capture the UFO. This UFO sighting was well documented and investigated.

Rendelsham Forest, GB,1980 – For three days lights from the nearby US Air Force station were observed. A round spaceship of extraterrestrial origin landed in the forest. It was seen by two US Air Force officers who have been near. They approached the unusual round object. One touched it and suddenly had a binary code in his mind. At home he wrote it down and had it decoded by a computer specialist. It contained a message for humanity, which however is not quite understandable.

Anchorage, Alaska, 1928 – The captain of a Boeing 747 of the JAL freight airline discovered three flying objects which accompanied the Boeing for a few minutes. The objects could not be confirmed by the radar. One of the three UFOs had a gigantic size, the Japanese captain said in an interview in 1986. He assumed that this was a mother ship. After the 1986 interview the incident was investigated with the radar records of the time of the incident. In the radar images something could be perceived very shortly, but not enough to confirm the sighting.

Today there are on average a hundred UFO sightings reported every day, some of which are of alien origin. Sometimes there are several to thousands of witnesses for one UFO sighting.

Today there are on average 100 UFO sightings reported every day, mostly with photos, videos and good written documentation.

UFOs Are Not Always of Extraterrestrial Origin

After the Second World War aircrafts were further developed for the military and often show similarity with spaceships of extraterrestrials. It is assumed that American aircraft manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop are working with extraterrestrial technologies. This is probably also the case in Russia and other countries.

The highly developed jets of the military often surprise with unusually fast speed and their futuristic shapes. Man-made aircrafts however, can’t suddenly stop and stay standing in the air, make unusual changes of direction, and suddenly disappear.

ETs are highly developed
ETs are highly developed

Behaviour of Extraterrestrial Flying Objects

UFOs of extraterrestrials behave differently than our airplanes and helicopters.

The behavior of extraterrestrial flying objects is unbelievable for our imagination.

• They can move so quickly that the human eye can hardly follow them.
• They move quickly in all directions in a way a man-made aircraft is unable.
• They remain at a point in the sky for minutes. This is not possible by man-made aircrafts. It is possible for helicopters to stand at one point but they can not rise as high as UFOs.
• They defy the laws of physics, especially gravity.
• Interdimensional phenomena from another dimension or another parallel reality are sometimes briefly perceptible to us or to certain people. For example, some of the UFO sightings can be perceived by some people in a group, but not by others in the same group. This depends on the frequency in which a viewer is.
• In some crashed alien flying objects or spaceships no propulsion system was found. A proof that they really move by mentally changing their frequency!?
• Sometimes only flashing lights are perceived.
• When several FOs of ETs appear, they seem to form themselves. Damon T. Berry wants to recognize star constellations. Very often you can see the three main stars of the Orion belt, which are very bright and can be seen with the naked eye on the night sky. The three pyramids in Giza, Egypt, are to be arranged after this Orion constellation.

Shapes and Appearances of UFOs of ETs

Round UFOs
Triangular UFOs
Cigar-shaped UFOs
And other forms
The round forms appear mostly metallic, the triangular form often black.

Solid UFOs
Hologram-like UFOs – You could fly through them. In the Second World War, pilots of both sides made the experience that flying objects were flying through them. Both sides feared that the other side has developed a phantom plane that was meant to cause terror and chaos. Imagine a plane is flying toward you. You are afraid you will soon die. But the flying object flies through you. Even though nothing has happened to you, you are still in great fear.
Lights in various shapes and colors, which may be made of plasma.

The appearance of extraterrestrial flying objects is manifold.

Alien UFOs Give Us Signs

Extraterrestrial UFOs seem to form themselves in a way that resembles star constellations, as if they were telling us where they came from. Damon T. Berry explains this phenomenon in the video series Knowledge of the Forever Tme. Part one to seven can be viewed on YouTube. The eighth part is available on Amazon Prime.
The Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 8 (Amazon Affiliate Link).

UFO Sightings by Pilots and Astronauts
UFO Sightings by Pilots and Astronauts

We Can Not Be The Only Intelligent Being In The Universe

Still today there are many people who believe we humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe. The fact that there are an infinite number of habitable planets, probably an infinite number of universes, parallel realities, and several dimensions is unimaginable for most people and bursts at a limited and fixed imagination.

It is clear that we humans are not the only intelligent beings in the universe. On the contrary, there is a very large number of highly developed beings that are far superior to us.

Scientists say that it is impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in space. There are more heavenly bodies in our universe than sand grains on all the beaches of the world. This is a number that can not be understood by any human being. Far more than half of the celestial bodies are planets. Many of which are habitable. The number of inhabited planets alone in our universe will be several billions. Though only a few hundreds of different types of ETs come into contact with planet Earth.

In the 1980s special forces of the American military had a thin booklet with illustrations and descriptions of approximately 300 different alien species. Today we speak of 900 different species. I believe that this is due to the fact that we have more knowledge compared to decades ago.

Trade Between Us and ETs

I have heard in a Youtube video that there are agreements between governments of the world and several different ETs and that there are trade activities. ETs are interested in humans because of our engineering skills and related products. Unfortunately, humans are also very popular as slaves and are trading goods, as on earth for thousands of years.

Are There More UFO Sightings Today Than in Previous Centuries

Today UFO sightings are reported and documented in writing. It may be that today there are not so many more UFO sightings as in previous centuries and millennia, but the possibility to report them is easier.

Aliens Have Landed On Earth

Around the world are buildings that were probably build by or with the help of extraterrestrial. To mention the many buildings and evidence here would be beyond this article.

Top of this list are the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. 3.000 year old writings were found in which it is explained that canals were built up to the construction site and the stones were delivered by ship. Nevertheless, the idea that the gravity of the stones was lifted during transportation and construction is not so easy to wipe from the table. The pyramids consist of several million stones and one of the stones is so heavy that it could not be transported with our today’s heavy transport vehicles. If you would like to learn more about pyramids and how they were build, you should also note that the building plans of the pyramids required knowledge of high mathematics and astronomy. Pyramids of Giza Videos or Pyramids of Giza in books (Amazon Affiliate Links).

In tombs in Thebes, Egypt which are three to five thousand years old, are paintings that look like aircrafts, helicopters and spaceships.

Remember the Nasca lines. There are also lines that remind us of a runway for aircrafts. Read more about the Nasca lines in books by Erich von Däniken (Amazon Affiliate Link) and his research on extraterrestrials and evidence that they were on Earth.

Tiahuanacu, Bolivia, with its precisely worked stones as we would not achieve it with our modern technology, seems to be the work of extraterrestrials.

Not All Flying Objects Are Of Alien Origin

Not all UFOs that are seen are of alien origin. UFO stands for unidentified flying objects. They can also be flying objects that are man-made with highly developed technology.

Until we had flying objects ourselves, UFO sightings could have only been of extraterrestrial origin. People have explained what they have seen with the imagination of their time and they have also drawn and painted what they have seen.

Crop Circles

Corn circles should also be mentioned. Aliens want to send us a message with the mostly geometric forms in wheat fields. Unfortunately, we can not yet decipher and understand them.

The first time the appearance of a crop circle was recorded by a lay assessor in France in 1590. A group of men and women had been accused to have destroyed a wheat field.

In 1678 the corn circles in the UK were called the work of a mowing devil.

Since approximately 1980 between 150 and 300 grain circles are reported annually worldwide and often at the same time of the crop circle appearance also one or more UFOs are seen.

Crop circles are investigated by experts of ufology and by scientists. There are different explanations. The wheat straws of crop circles made by humans show a different buckling than those of ETs. Most of the crop circles seem to originate from ETs which may send us messages as mentioned above.

Disclosure of The Existence of Aliens

For many years Dr. Steven Greer puts time and effort to attain a general disclosure of the existennce of ETs.

Disclosure of the UFO and ET phenomenon with Tom Delonge, US National Security Advisors, an aircraft engineer and other high-ranking personalities have established a company with Tom Delonge, In his introductory speech Tom Delonge says that we must assume that extraterrestrial beings have a very different way of thinking than we humans. On other planets other laws of physics will apply and we should be more open to other ways of thinking and to unusual knowledge. He also mentions that ETs communicate telepathically, albeit not exclusively. When communicating telepathically, thought frequencies are sent out and so you do not have to learn languages to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of different ET races. Luis Elizondo, a former officer for global security, said in the event with Tom Delonge that the UFO and ET phenomenon could not be concealed any more. It’s real.

More and more countries release UFO documents and files that have been classified, even if only partially.

We can learn from ETs
We can learn from ETs

Conclusion On The UFO and ET Phenomenon

Aliens think differently than we humans. The more developed they are, the more their way of thinking is different from ours. When I research the subject of how to change yourself and your life, I have encountered knowledge about aliens and their way of thinking. What interests me most is their thinking and how well they control their thinking. Listening to a channeling I learned that each fraction of a second we move into another parallel reality. It is on our thoughts into which parallel reality we move next. What one can imagine is possible. Only those who are not deadlocked on known ideas can be really creative. We must open up to the endless possibilities there are. Everything seems to be infinite, the micro- like the macro world.

One thing is clear, we can learn a lot from highly developed intelligent beings. Let us be willing to learn.

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