Positive and Negative Thought Patterns

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Thought Patterns Are Habits

How many times does a negative thought sneak into your mind and ruin a few hours or a whole day. Your good mood is destroyed and your frequency goes down. Then something bad happens and you say that you knew that this will happen. The next day you dwell on that negative thought and an other one comes into your mind. With repetition the negative thoughts are conditioned and become habits and that is called negative thought patterns. What happens then is that more and more goes wrong in you life. You become bitter. Your old friends go out of your way. The changes in your brain attack your body and you get sick. You get sick often and lose your job. Finally your life is a total mess. All this because you dwelled on negative thoughts that sneak into everyone’s mind. It depends what one does with them. Read on to find out more.


positive and negative thought patterns
positive and negative thought patterns


You, your thinking and your body work together. If you don’t know and not understand that fact, and continue to entertain negative thoughts, you are on the way to ruin your life and your health. It is your choice: Happiness or disaster. Too many choose the disaster. It is easy to let all kinds of thoughts pass through your mind, dwell on negative one’s, and let it happen to get depressed. Nagging, wining, and feeling sorry for yourself, does not take much effort. But this kind of approach is wrong and is messing up your life. To make yourself happy, keep the happiness, and have more and more reasons to be happy, takes some effort. If you do what it takes to be and stay happy, you will be rewarded with a happy, fulfilled and abundant life.

We all have negative thought patterns. Some people believe that they have a good reason to think negatively over and over again. But it is like beating yourself up over and over again and you wonder that you are in pain.

Some people believe that they have a reason to think negatively over and over again. But it is like beating yourself up over and over again and you wonder that you are in pain.

There are people who catapult themselves into a disastrous life. It starts with some negative thoughts which they dwell on. Some of those thoughts become negative thought patterns. As a result something bad happens. And then more bad things happen. And those people talk about those bad occurrences through years. They can’t stop wining about how bad life is to them, not knowing that they have initiated it themselves.


We Have Been Conditioned

We all have been conditioned by each of our cultures, mores, traditions, religious beliefs, and history, to think in specific ways and we got certain thinking patterns that are more destructive as helpful.

Christians are conditioned to live with fear. They are told that they are born with sin. Well, there has been a time when you could pay yourself free from sins. Those who did not do so had to fear to be burned or roasted at stake. Christian Children are told that God is looking at them at all times and if they make a little mistake, which they call sin, he gets angry and they will be punished. If it is really bad what they have done wrong, the devil comes and might take them to hell. Many people live with this fear their life long. The conditioning of fear produces a number of negative thought patterns with which you can’t live a happy and fulfilled life.

The conditioning of fear produces a number of negative thought patterns with which you can’t live a happy and fulfilled life.

My grandfather was against the totalitarian regime of the 1930ies and early 1940ies. A few of his friends have been in a concentration camp during most of these awful years. He had several heart attacks, because he was afraid that he might be next. When my grandmother went shopping with my mother, who was at the age of 8 till 15, they did not speak a word. This way no one could claim that they might have said something against the regime. My mother has often said to me that I should not say this or that in public and that I should be careful what I say. I believe that her mother has been telling her that. It was seven years of being conditioned not to say something wrong and being frightened. And she has conditioned me to be careful about what I say. This means that thinking patterns are given to children and possibly to grandchildren.


conditioning of fear is a negative thought pattern
conditioning of fear is a negative thought pattern


We have been told to stay away from snakes, because they might be poisoning and could kill us. We are told how ugly spiders are. Is it really in our genes that we are afraid of snakes and spiders or is it childhood conditioning?

These are only examples of fear-making, which creates deep and long lasting negative thinking patterns. Children are easy to program. Once this programming is conditioned, it is very difficult to change.


thinking negatively over and over again is a negative thought pattern
thinking negatively over and over again is a negative thought pattern


Negative Thinking Patterns stand in the way

Negative thinking patterns prevent us from developing fully to become as amazing as we have been made for. Taking advantage of all our incredible capabilities in our thought and in real world would so wonderfully guide us through a fantastic life. But negative thinking patterns are in the way to create a fantastic life which we could actually live.

Watch your decision-making! Is there any kind of fear which is guiding you to decide a certain way and not for something you really want? Isn’t it those negative thinking patterns that are in charge of your decisions? You would love to move to an exotic country, but you say to yourself that in your home country the social system is great and then you can await a pension. So you stay at home and whenever you are reminded of your dream, your heart is bleeding and you feel frustrated. Your unhappiness is growing, until you are a sick old moper.

It is never too late to make changes and you have to start making changes in your thinking.

What decisions would you have made if you would not have any negative thinking patterns? How would your life have developed? Think about it!

• Would you have chosen another profession?
• Would you live somewhere else?
• Would you be surrounded by other people?
• How would you live?
• How would you spend a day?

When you have to make a decision next time, think about how you would decide would nothing be in the way. I mean absolutely nothing. Not even this: I can’t afford it. And also not: And what if it doesn’t work out? Then think about why your decision is different. What are the reasons?


Negative Thoughts That are Thought Patterns

There are quite a number of negative thoughts that are or can become habitual.
Some examples:

• Thoughts of fear of making a mistake
• Thoughts of fear of the future
• Thoughts of fear that a plan might not work out
• Thoughts of hurt of the past
• Thoughts of not feeling good enough in comparison to other people
• Thoughts of being way better as some other people, because they are different than you are


Can You Avoid Negative Thought Patterns

It is almost impossible to avoid having at least some negative thought pattern. Everyone has some.


How Can You Stop Negative Thought Patterns

Negative and destructive thought patterns are part of the programming of your subconscious mind. You can change any part of your programming. You have to learn and condition new thought patterns that are overwriting the old. I prefer the word overwriting to overriding.

You have been given information that is provoking fear or limitations several times or over and over again. Because of the repetitions it has become a negative thought pattern which is also a habit and a belief. During your childhood you could not avoid the negative programming. Later on you have also not been conscious that you are negatively programmed.

You can observe yourself if you have negative thought patterns. If you are reacting negatively whenever you are in a certain situation, you have a negative thought pattern. Thinks about your decisions and ask yourself, why you have decided for this and not for something else.

Become aware of negative thought patterns. How you are feeling is telling you what is going on in your mind. Watch how you feel in certain situations. Then change your thought habits and watch how things are changing to the better.

Become aware of negative thought patterns. How you are feeling is telling you what is going on in your mind. To change how you feel think positive.


cheer yourself up when you do not feel good
cheer yourself up when you do not feel good


You can’t always find the reason why you suddenly don’t feel good.

• You might not know what kind of negative thought patterns you have.
• A negative thought might have come into your mind by chance and be gone little later.
• A negative thought might have been provoked by something in your surrounding, something you have seen or heard.
• You are not aware that you had a negative thought.

Because you can’t always find the reason for not feeling good, I find it best to cheer yourself up the moment you are aware that you are not feeling good.

What I do when I do not feel good is that I do something I enjoy, until I am feeling better. This can be that I
Force my face to a smile or even laugh
Have a look at my Wish Video – takes 3 minutes
Meditate for a few minutes.
Work out for a few minutes.
Watch a Youtube video,
Have a look at a magazine online
Decide to go shopping later on – this does not mean that I always buy something
Decide to go out for a coffee or for dinner
Do some shopping online or have a look at stuff on Amazon (Amazon Affiliate Link)

How to make a Wish Video and how to meditate you learn in the Visualization System.


If you know some of your negative thought pattern, change them one after other.

• If you believe that you are not as good or great as anyone else, think again. You are unique and exceptional. Become conscious of who and what you are. Give yourself compliments for what you do good.
• If you believe that God is watching you, then think again. Do you really believe that God watches all beings and punishes them when they make a little mistake? You know well what is right and wrong. And if you have made a mistake, forgive yourself.
• Whenever you get this feeling of unease, take it easy, think of something beautiful, and smile. Tell yourself that you are great and that life is wonderful. It can only get better which it will when you think positive.
• When you wake up in the morning tell yourself: A new and wonderful day is awaiting me. Something great will happen. I shall not miss it. And then look out. Believe that something great will happen and maybe it will.


make positive thoughts habitual
make positive thoughts habitual


How Can You Get More Positive Thought Habits

How can you change negative into positive thought patterns or stop some of your negative thought patterns, replace them with positive ones or get more positive thought patterns?

Make positive thoughts habitual. You will act upon your new positive thought patterns and things will change to the better.

I am certain you have quite a number of positive thought habits. The more positive thought patterns you have, the better. The more often you think positive the sooner positive thinking will become a habit and you will have created more positive thought patterns.

You can do more then just thinking positive and wipe negative thoughts away. You can raise your standards and do it in all areas of your life. Pep up your life little by little and raise your standards and subsequently your lifestyle.


Little Changes to Feel Better and Think More Positively

• At work: Try to make things better and become aware of having become better.
• Your appearance: Check your body. What about your figure. Is it okay or does it need some correction? Are you holding yourself upright? What about your haircut?
Check your wardrobe. Buy a new outfit or part of it. If you are a woman: Add a shawl which has a fashionable color. Change your makeup.
• Fitness: Do some workout each day. It could be a few minutes before dinner or in the early morning. On weekends you have time to do a little more.
• Your home: Do a special house cleaning. Get a new poster on the wall or a new carpet which refreshes a room. Buy a beautiful book with photos which you put on the table in the living room. Your guests will love to browse through it and give you a compliment for your good taste.
• Evenings: Have a special dinner from time to time at home or go to restaurant.
• Do things differently as usual. Be creative.

These activities make you feel good, which makes you think more positively. You get yourself into a positive spiral. The positive thoughts create something positive, which makes you feel even better. And this goes on and on. Positive thoughts that make you feel good and something good happens.

With all the little changes you give your subconscious mind the order to help you raise your standards and change your life to the better. You can be certain that it will happen.


Bigger Changes to Feel Better and Think More Positively

Meditate daily. Meditation brings a big positive change for your well being.
Visualization: Combine meditation and visualization. Manifesting what you want will be easier and quicker.
Have a Vision and a Life Plan and pursue your big goals.


big goals need positive thought patterns
big goals need positive thought patterns


Big Goals Need Positive Thought Patterns

If you have a goal, you better be certain to achieve it. Why would you constantly doubt and not believe to achieve your big goal? Thought patterns of doubt and disbelieve are destructive. You could work hard and long hours and not attain them just and only because your thoughts and beliefs are not in line with what you want. Stupid, right? If you have a goal, no matter how little or big it is, be certain that you will reach it. Think about it! All there is between success and failure is a thought pattern. Believe or doubt that you will attain your big goal? It is your choice.

Positive thoughts and beliefs make you take the right actions that lead to success

Positive thoughts and beliefs make you take the right actions that lead to success. If you believe that you will certainly achieve this one goal for which you work, things will happen which will make it easy to achieve it.

You can control your thoughts. With the control of your thoughts you control your feelings, the frequency you are in and finally the result. It is on you to be certain or not. Sure, something can happen short before the success is obvious. Losers give up at that point. Winners know that a little twist is missing. They find out what it is. They know they are winners. The big difference is your thoughts. Think about it again.


Condition Positive Thought Patterns

Conditioning positive thought patterns has incredible advantages. In certain situations others might despair, but you stay in a good mood and you will overcome difficult situations with ease. You can feel what happens in your life. You can control your thoughts, which do regulate what happens. If things are fine, you feel good. If you let negative thoughts pass your mind, things will not be fine, your feelings might go into the despair mode and things get worse.

Your actions depend on your thoughts. You can pursue another approach if something doesn’t work out. You can get yourself do things which change your life to the better and you start thinking more positively. You of course can do both, think positively and get active and your life will change to the better quicker.

What Kind of Positive Thought Patterns can you condition?
Start each day with a positive attitude and make this habitual.
Be certain that you reach your goals. Make it a habit and a strong belief.
Be certain that you will attain your vision. Make it a habit and a strong belief.
Get an I-Can-Do-It Mindset. Practice it, until it is a habit and a belief.
Be and stay in a good mood. Keep a smile on your face.


Avoid Poisoning Feel-Good Patterns

I know people who are really not doing fine. When they get together with others, they make jokes, laugh or talk in way as if they are super-rich and very happy. But one can feel, see and hear that they are performing and that this performance is a lie.

Laughing in front of others and because of others does not bring any change. This kind of a behavior makes you feel at unease. You are lying not only to others but also to yourself. The truth is that you are not certain that you are on the way to improve your financial situation and your life. This way you can’t change your programming. You are rather making things worse, because your subconscious mind understands very well what is going on.

When I propagate that you should get yourself into a good mood and make yourself feel good, you have to do it for yourself and not give a short performance for others. The feel-good attitude should come from within. It should be real. You can fake it until you make it, but there must be certainty in your thinking that you will make it.


Stop negative and destructive thinking patterns and replace them with positive enriching ones.

All Starts With A Few Thoughts

Your thoughts can do miracles. But they have to be true. You must be certain that you will manifest what you want and you have to get active.

I, for example, am on the way to be more successful. I am certain about it. One of the actions is that I am writing this article and will soon publish it. Earlier I had a talk with someone from the autoresponder system I use and with the architect who is watching over the project of my new home. I enjoy my work and still I do things to cheer myself up. Yesterday I have ordered some beauty stuff and some clothes. Later on today I meet someone for dinner and afterwards we go to a vernissage. There is alternately work and fun in my life.

I have often written about the basic recipe for positive change and improvement of your life, which is:

Thoughts – Feelings – Frequencies – Perception

The starting point is positive and constructive thoughts. They are commands to your subconscious mind. The result of your thoughts is feeling good. This generates a certain frequency, which makes you perceive your reality with the changes which you have triggered with your thoughts.

You can change your thoughts and your thought patterns. As a result your life will change. But do you know how you want to live? You need to know in order to have the right thoughts to attain your life goals and get what you want. With your conscious thoughts and knowing what you want, you can create a new and better life.

Be conscious of your thought processes – you can direct changes. It is on you to change thought patterns and your behavior.

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