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Why You Can’t Dissolve Your Internal Blocks

You must not find out what mental blocks you have. Internal blocks are part of the programming of the subconscious mind. You can not clear or resolve them. Looking for them is just pointless. The only effective method against internal blocks is programming yourself with positive and supportive information. This way you are overwriting your internal blocks with positive thoughts which have a high frequency. The more you deal with positive thoughts, the weaker the mental blockages get.

Psychological blocks are also false beliefs. Yes, we have all mental blockages and false beliefs. Many use this fact as an excuse. They think they have to find their mental blocks that are responsible for all their suffering and misfortunes. If one can’t blame anyone else for his misery, then mental blockages are used. “I have a mental block, which is why I have been unemployed for years.” Or, “After work I’m so tired that I can do nothing but eating.” Some people mean that disaster and depression have been caused by internal blocks. They do not see a way out, unless they find the mental blocks and how they got them. But they are harming themselves with this approach, because the more you deal with something, the stronger it becomes. Readers and customers ask me how they can get rid of their blockages. In this article I explain what you can do to reach your goals and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Forget your internal blocks. Focus your thoughts on what you want, plan how to realize your goals and get active. Feel joy that you will soon get what you desire. Your mental blocks will vanish by itself.

If you research internal blockages, you get to read advice that has been written without sufficient knowledge. It is not true that we need to recognize our mental blockages in order to dissolve them. Trying to do that is wrong. Even psychotherapists move around in their patients’ old memories to tell them that they were programmed incorrectly by their parents. It does not matter if they are using hypnosis or talking therapy, this approach does not help against internal blocks. If you find out what kind of blocks you have, can make things worse.


What helps against internal blockages
What helps against internal blockages


Some people give tips against internal blocks as for example that small encouragements might help or a weekend trip. This and similar advice can make a difference for a short time, but otherwise they are not really helpful against psychological blocks.

It can be temporarily easing to tell all the woe and pain to a psychotherapist or a friend But if you want to leave behind the woe and pain of your past, you must focus your thoughts on your positive future. Positive thoughts have thought energy with a high frequency with which you create your reality.

Whoever wants to leave behind the woe and pain of his past must work on his positive future with thoughts and imagination.

People who live a difficult life with a lot of suffering can change it to the better by thinking of a better life and being certain of a positive change. They have to know how this better life looks and have to have an imagination of it. They then can change the suffering into joy. The misfortune into happiness. Weeping into laughter. Failure into success.


Internal Blocks Restrict Our Thinking

Internal blockages restrict us in our thinking, feeling and acting. Everything seems difficult. When one watches the news and sees how much evil in the world happens, he could despair. The general media does not explain that everyone creates his own reality. Do not let the news spoil your happiness. With beautiful thoughts and looking at beautiful things, you can build up a life of joy. If you do not believe that, give it a try.

If you have physical discomfort, mental blockages can be the cause. This has long been known in medical research. The factors that can have caused a disease that are beyond your psyche, such as too much hard work, too much and too fat food or trouble at work, are in your hands. If a blockage had arisen due to a wrong lifestyle, it makes sense to make necessary changes. It is about your health, which you can not buy back with money. Should the reason for the health problems have mental origin, it is not really necessary to look for them. What really helps is conditioning of a new programming, which I explain below in this post.

What really helps against problems caused by mental blockages is conditioning of a new positive programming.


Overwrite internal blocks with positive thoughts
Overwrite internal blocks with positive thoughts


Could You Become Rich Overnight Would You Not Have Any Mental Blockages

Could you become rich overnight and would your life change from the ground up would you not have any blockages? What do you think?

Some of you would like to be wealthy, but without doing anything for it. They believe that the only reason which is holding them back from becoming rich, are their mental blockages. They are looking for a quick fix which clears their internal blocks and then – so they believe, they will become rich quickly. Unfortunately, this is a total misconception. No one can make changes in your life for you. And with doing nothing, nothing happens. And the Get-Rich-Quick Pill does not exist.

One can learn how to overwrite internal blocks with new and positive programming. But visiting a course is not an option for most blockadians, because it costs money, time, and effort. They seem to have a blockage when it comes to learning something new which might be life changing. Since the end of school the interest to learning something does not exist. They do not understand that they could learn methods in a course with which they can program themselves anew and change their lives to the better. With the terms “conditioning” and “visualizing” these people can not do anything. How should conditioning and visualizing help against mental blockages? Mental blocks stop one from moving forward in life and visualizing should help against it? If this is your belief, you will stay stuck and not much will change in your life.

It is true that you are wrongly programmed and that this has caused mental blockages. But nothing happens when you know exactly what has caused your inner blocks. Too often one does not recognize the inner blockages that make his life difficult.

Is there really no way to resolve psychological blocks, you might ask. The reason for your internal blocks can’t be undone. There is nothing which could make anything unheard, unseen or un-experienced. Your memories are stored in your subconscious mind. Not all are bad and you wouldn’t want to lose them all.


So What Can You Do to Change Your Life Positively

If it is not possible to dissolve mental blockages, what can be done to change one’s life positively, earn more money and have a better life?

What has caused your internal blocks is part of the programming of your subconscious mind and remains in your memory, which you can always retrieve. But it is important how you feel about these memories today and in the future. You can and you should work on it. Do not dwell on old memories. Focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve and what you want to have. Don’t think of misery of which you have enough, but of happiness, joy and success.

If you are conditioning what you want to achieve, the part of the programming that has prevented you from reaching what you want is overwritten. Your brain structure will change. Dendrites and synapses which deal with the blockages and wrong programming are weakening. With the new programming new dendrites and synapses are created that help you achieve your goals. They will become stronger the more you condition the new thoughts and thought patterns.

Your brain structure changes when you deal with what you want to achieve in your life. This is called neuro-plasticity.

Stop making mental blockages and false beliefs responsible for lack of success and misery. Take your life into your own hands by controlling your thoughts, conditioning positive thoughts, thinking about what you want to achieve in life and being certain that you will soon achieve it.

What you can imagine, can become your reality. Strengthen the belief that you get what you want with imagination and visualization. With repetition the new beliefs are conditioned. Conditioning means that it becomes part of your programming.


Forget your internal blocks
Forget your internal blocks


What Do You Have To Do To Dissolve The Dendrites Responsible For Mental Blocks?

And again: I mention the terms conditioning and visualizing. You get physical condition when you exercise daily. You condition a new programming with daily repetition of visualizing what you want.

You have goals that you would like to achieve, but you believe that internal blockages prevent you from doing so. You must be absolutely convinced that you will achieve your goals, you will then do everything that is necessary and you will reach them. The conviction that you achieve your goals must be mentally practiced. With practice you condition the conviction of success.

There are methods that help you condition success. These are
1. Subliminals Also subliminals must be heard daily for several weeks to become effective. In some cases this is enough. But usually you have to also visualize your goals.
2. You have to visualize the achieved goals as part of your reality. You have to do this once or twice every day. This is how you condition to become certain that you will achieve your goal until they become your reality.


Visualizing and Conditioning Solves Internal Blocks

By researching the term visualization, you will learn that athletes and artists use the method of visualization. For athletes it is part of the training and artists visualize during the rehearsals and as preparation before a premiere. With repeated visualizations they condition that they will succeed, until they are certain that they will succeed.

If your life is dark, bring color and joy into it. You know how you would like to live. Visualize that. Do not look for psychological blockages and destructive beliefs. Instead, see how wonderful your life is. With the joy you get a higher frequency, which will change your life in all areas to thebetter.

If you want to achieve great goals, you will have to visualize them daily. Only this way can you become certain that you will definitely achieve them. You will then do everything that needs to be done, with ease. If a task is difficult, you will not feel that it is difficult. There will be things that are helpful that will come into your life and you might believe that it happened by chance. But that’s not the case. It is a result of thought energy thanks to repeated visualization.


Generate Thought Energy with High Frequencies
Generate Thought Energy with High Frequencies


We Create With Thought Energy

We create with thought energy and its frequency. Every single thought has a certain frequency. When you change your thinking, your frequency changes and so does your life. With positive thoughts everything becomes brighter, more beautiful and better.

If you say that you can not achieve a goal because you have an inner block that prevents you from reaching it, you create low frequency thought energy. If you want to dissolve these blockages, you do it with thoughts of success and joy. These kind of thoughts create higher frequency thought energy. Forget that you have internal blocks and forget that you have to resolve them. Instead, focus on the thought that you will achieve your goal with absolute certainty. Feel the joy of it. Spend the day with the absolute conviction and the joy that you will have reached your goal soon. Your thoughts will have a high frequency with which you create what you desire.

If a doubt creeps into your mind, wipe it away immediately. A doubt can destroy any effort. Doubts have only disadvantages. Remember that a doubt is a thought that has low frequency energy. Stop doubt immediately. If a complication appears on the way of realizing your goal, see it as a positive challenge. A challenge will let you learn, which is a benefit. If you can not solve a problem by yourself, look for help. Never forget that every problem has a solution. When you meditate, the solution will appear in front of your inner eye.


Mental Blocks are Complex

There are different types of mental blockages. They have disturbing influences. They are called blockages because they block us in our progress. There are many reasons for blockages.

For example, parents might have said something, maybe repeatedly, which has caused a blockage.
You’re too stupid for that.
You’ll never be able to succeed.
You will never achieve anything in life.
We can’t afford that.

Teachers, religious representatives, the media and also acquaintances and friends can have caused mental blockages through certain statements which they repeat. Mental blocks can also arise while you are making a terrible experience.


Focus on your positive future
Focus on your positive future


Internal Blocks are Given Too Much Attention

There is way too much written about mental blockages. I repeat myself here to make this really understood.

What you are thinking about very much will become your reality. In your brain dendrites that are responsible for this kind of thinking, become stronger. If you are convinced to have internal blockages and dwell on them, you are making things worse. You mean, your parents have not programmed you correctly and you are not properly prepared for the life you want to live. That may be right. However, it is up to you what you make of your life. If you read a lot about destructive mental blockages and are mentally reproaching your parents, you generate low-frequency thought energies and dendrites that are responsible for these negative thoughts are getting stronger. Put an end to all thoughts related to your internal blocks. Now your new life begins. With positive thoughts your frequency will increase and your life will improve continuously. Think about that.


Overcome Your Internal Blocks

If you have often negative thoughts, stop thinking them. Think instead of something enjoyable. Why is it so difficult to think of something beautiful? It has to do with the frequency. When you have a low frequency, being near someone who has a high frequency is almost unbearable. This is why people who have lots of internal blocks and who’s life is a mess, prefer to meet people who’s life is also a mess. Great people and beautiful things have a high frequency..

When you have a low frequency, being near someone who has a high frequency is almost unbearable.

Do every day something which you enjoy. Get yourself used to look at beauty. Look in the internet for beautiful images. The easiest is landscapes and flowers. Fashion, travel, interior design, and gardening websites have beautiful photos. Go for a walk in a park or, if you have the possibility, in the countryside. Go to the streets with the expansive shops and look into show windows. Go to newly opened cafés and bars. Go to places that are clean and beautiful. Buy yourself flowers from time to time.

All problems, all the misery, all aches and pain, feeling down and depressed have to do with your frequency. When you are looking for how you can solve your misery, you too often get to read about internal blocks. I have mentioned that we all have some blocks, but the more you dwell on them the worse they get. Get yourself into a higher frequency. Do it slowly and do not give up.


It Is Up To You To Overwrite Your Inner Blocks With Positive Thoughts

Do the following to eliminate your internal blockages:

1. Write down how you want to live. Include feelings. Describe your dream life in the present tense. Make sure everything is formulated positively. This description is the script for your visualizations.
Example: I enjoy living in my designer house. I like that it has a lot of glass surfaces and that the walls are white.
That the engine of my car is silent is fantastic.
2. Start to visualize your dream life today. Repeat the visualization once or twice a day.
3. Make a rough plan. Which of the things contained in your vision will you realize first? What do you need to learn? What has to be done until you live your dream life?
What can you do immediately?
4. Become active today.

You may say that you can’t do much of what is necessary to realize your dream life. Keep calm. You will step by step learn everything necessary or you will get help. What is important is your thought energy with increasing frequency, which you generate with the right thoughts.

With the Visualization System Video Course, you learn 8 visualization techniques. Practice all of them and you will attain one of your goals after the other.

Change yourself and your life to the better. You will generate thought energies with high frequencies and create your life according to your desire.

Forget about mental blocks and deal with positive thoughts. You will create positive thought energy with high frequencies.

Enjoy your life!


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