Be Aware of How Special You Are

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and make sure your children know how spedial they are

Do not take bullying serious. It is not worth it!

A young, very beautiful woman has committed suicide, because she has been bullied online. She took the bullying against her, instead of seeing a compliment that some people took their time to look at her facebook wall and write comments. Only people who think that they are minor, are bullying others. And of course they are talking others down, below themselves.



How very sad. It is sad that this woman took the bullying so serious and it is sad that there are people, who think so little about themselves that they are filled with envy and believe that they will feel better when they are bullying and harming others.

It is sad that the parents of this beautiful young woman have not made her understand how special she is. It is sad that the parents of this young woman could not give her the inner strength that she would have needed, when she was bullied.

Bullying can be verbal, physical and per internet and the number of cases are climbing. People who are bulllying others want to harm and they choose others who are weaker than they are. Peope,, who are bullying, have little education. Bullying almost almost stops in college.
Understand that only when there is something special about you, others talk about you. The worse they are taking about you, the more interesting you are. If no one talks about you, you are not interesting enough. When people look for something negative, it usually is, because there is something very special about you and others do not think as great about themselves.

The best weapon against bullying is ignorance. The second best is humour. The worst you can do , is to show that you are hurt.


I have been bullied many times. When it is per telephone and the caller doesn’t  know my language , I say: “Please, call later. I not understand. At 6, husband at home. Call again.” They never call again. When I have no opportunity to make a differenece with language, I say: “Oh really? You think so? Interesting. go ahead.” When the person they wish to bully,is not shocked, they give up and are looking for someone else.

Do not show people, who want to bully you, that they are able to control your feelings!


If you have a lack of self esteem, do something about it, become aware of how special you are and raise and strengthen your self-esteem. You can use subliminals and imaginations.

Have you ever been bullied? If yes, how did you feel and what did you do?


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