Wrong Decisions

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Wrong Decisions are never wrong

There are no wrong decisions, only opportunities to grow

Are you afraid of making a wrong decision? Well, most people are. But making no decision and not taking some risk is the worst decision you can make.


wrong decisionsLook at the life of people you admire. They make decisions and take risks. Not all has worked out well in their life. Some of the great people report later in life that quite a few of their decisions have turned out wrong, but so much wonderful experiences would not have happened without the wrong decision.


I went to school with a woman, who is afraid of almost anything. She has married and has two children, but apart from that she has missed a lot of what life offers. She never went on a vacation, because so much could happen on a trip. She does not watch videos on YouTube, because she is afraid of getting a virus. Her focus is on risks, not on pleaser and fun. What a sad life!


Taking Opportunities are risky

Every decision is an opportunity.

Life consists of innumerable possibilities. You have to decide for one at a time. The decision for one can be right or wrong. If it turns out that you made a wrong decision, the chance is that something wonderful happens, which would not have happened without the wrong decision. The wrong decision is like an obstacle on the way to what you want. After you have passed the obstacle, you arrive at your destination.

Do not be afraid of making wrong decisions. Take advantage of what life offers. At the end of your life, so my father said, you will only feel sorry for all you have not done.

I have often made a wrong decision in my life. But would I not have done it, I would have missed so much, which was wonderful.

Do not be afraid of making wrong decisions. Make decisions and take risks, but focus on what you want and your life will be wonderful.

Whatever decision you make to get to your destination, is the right decision. You might have to surpass bumpiness. Then the way goes on to reach your destination. There is not really a wrong decision you can make. Taking no decision means to be stuck and you miss part of what your life offers to you.


What Counts In Life Are The Experiences you make

What counts in life is the experiences you make. Experiences are always positive. They have a value, even if they seem to be negative during the time you make them. From experiences you learn.

This means that if you have made a wrong decision, you have made an experience, which made you learn something that is important to continue your way to reach your next goal and to finally reach your destination.

If there is time for research, before you make a decision, do the research. But do not be one of those who do not decide for any of the choices they have, because they are afraid of making a wrong decision.


Think back at moments when you have made a wrong decision and what has happened afterwards. What would have happened, would you have not made this decision?

We are imperfect, but always attempt to be perfect, but we can never reach perfection. Only with practice we can get better. If we don’t even try, it is not a stand still, it is a downturn. Edison was asked how he feels to have had so many failures when he tried to find the right material to make a light bulb light up. He answered that each test was one step further toward success.


Not matter if right or wrong, every decision is one step further toward success.

Edison did not call it a failure, when he has made a wrong decision. He saw in his wrong decisions development.


Wrong decisions are not really wrong. They are part of wonderful experiences which make a life full and they are a step further to success.

Do not be afraid of making a wrong decision. You might miss an experience that makes you develop and profit.
There are no wrong decisions, only opportunities to grow.



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