Arrogance Can Bring Benefits

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Know How and When to Use Arrogance

Know how and when to use arrogance to your advantage as for example for more respect. With arrogance in moderation and at the right time, you can gain benefits. Exaggerated arrogance, on the other hand, is unpleasant for others and makes you unpopular.

Arrogance is expressed through a certain facial expression, voice, behavior, and body language. Exaggerated arrogance is mostly a sign of an unbalanced and not solid personality and a lack of self-confidence. Arrogant people can be overbearing, haughty, complacent and conceited. Since arrogant people hold their head high, they are considered cocky.

Not everyone perceives an arrogant person as arrogantly. Whether and how much one finds arrogance in a person is subjective. Those who have a strong self-esteem have little problem with arrogant people and are better at dealing with them than someone who does not have a very strong self-confidence. I have been told several times about someone, he or she is arrogant and I did not agree. Of course, it depends on how one interacts with an arrogant person. But there are some who are impossible.

Arrogance is classy
Arrogance is classy

When a young male inflates like a cock and does not give up his exaggerated arrogance during the conversation, I abruptly end the conversation and leave. If you say something to an exaggerated arrogant person, he usually reacts with a cheeky remark. His personality is not yet mature and he tries to counter this with from his point of view clever statements. By abruptly leaving him, I make it clear that his behavior is unacceptable. If you say something, you only receive another naughty statement. They want to challenge the interlocutor with their arrogant statements. It is better to save every word. These guys need a few more years to fully grow up and develop a more solid personality.

When talking to people who have a blatant attitude because they are superior and have a balanced and developed personality, I ignore the arrogance and treat the person with kindness. Mostly, the arrogance fades pretty fast.

Meet arrogant people with self-confidence and restrained friendliness. However, be aware of the different types of arrogance.

Self-Confidence against Arrogance
Self-Confidence against Arrogance

Arrogance Is Not Always To Be Criticized

We need to change our thinking, especially in those areas where we need to be in control of ourselves and our lives and not to be controlled by outside influences. We have to stop functioning like puppets. We are told that we should be good, work hard, make no claims to life and be content with the circumstances. No matter how long you research, you will always read how important satisfaction is. This is important for a few super-rich who have us under their thumb. If the masses are satisfied with what they have, there is no great revolution to fear. To be satisfied is not good. Only when you are dissatisfied you have desires, set goals, become active to reach them, and achieve more in life. A next topic is self love. We should not love ourselves and work for our own benefit, because we could free ourselves from the threads that move us like puppets. But it is only when you love yourself that you can love others. Above all, it is important that who loves himself wants to control himself and strives to lead a happy life.

Also arrogance is one of those traits that we should not have. We should be content, not love ourselves and not be arrogant, that is, feel superior to others. Arrogant people want to win and often do. They are working hard to be superior to others. Some young people are not yet able to control their behavior well that they exaggerate arrogant behavior. That is how arrogance got a bad name.

Arrogance has different reasons. To be a little arrogant does not hurt anyone. With arrogance in moderation and at the right time, you can create benefits, such as get more respect. It is your life. Take advantage of your options to your advantage. Of course, without harming anyone else. If you are doing well, you have a beautiful radiation and everyone who is near you benefits from it.

A little arrogance does not hurt anyone. With arrogance in moderation you can create benefits, for example get more respect, get a job or be more successful with your own company.

Reasons for Arrogance
Reasons for Arrogance

Arrogance Has Different Reasons

The Reasons For Arrogance

  1. Arrogance because of being insecure
  2. Arrogance to protect yourself
  3. Arrogance because of superiority
  4. Arrogance because of exaggerated sense of self worth
  5. Arrogance to gain respect

1. Arrogance Because of Being Insecure

There are people who seem arrogant, but they are insecure and shy. They try to compensate their insecurity with pretended self-assurance, which appears arrogant. The greater the uncertainty, the more unpleasant the arrogant appearance can be. They are mostly teenagers who are good looking. If you approach them in a friendly way, they soon lose their arrogance. Only a few do not let in others. At festivities they stand aside and watch the action. Who speaks to one of them, notices the timidity and uncertainty. This kind of arrogance settles with the years and with increasing self-esteem.

Arrogance as protection
Arrogance as protection

2. Arrogance to Shield and Protect Yourself

People, who have a high profile and are often addressed by strangers, create a necessary distance with arrogance. They want to look aloof. It makes the work for their bodyguards easier. They do not interact arrogantly with people with whom they have regular contact. Their arrogant behavior is solely a shield.

If someone is unpleasantly attacked in a conversation, he can use arrogance as protection. Women who are often addressed by men shield themselves with arrogance. Does not always help, but with some types it is successful.

3. Arrogance Because of Superiority

People, who think they are better than others or are better in one or more areas, behave arrogantly to emphasize their superiority. These people have the arrogant nature deeply programmed and can’t drop it. They have always been like that and will stay that way. Many of them are superior because of hard work, achievements, high self esteem, and their arrogant behavior. Some of them just seem arrogant. People, who are arrogant because of superiority, are best met with a slight arrogance. Only people who’s self esteem is low have a problem dealing with them.

There are two extreme ways to deal with these people. A) You take the arrogance of your counterpart seriously. B) You act amused by the arrogance of your counterpart. Whether you choose A or B depends on how important the conversation and the relationship with your arrogant counterpart is to you. With the variant B it can happen that the arrogant person gets angry and breaks off the conversation. If you are in a negotiation with this person, it can have dire consequences. Watch your counterpart for a few moments before you decide how to behave.

This is my suggestion: Choose variant A and also be a little arrogant. Raise your head a little, raise your eyebrows, have an air of indifference, and mimic an English aristocrat. Do not exaggerate or you’ll make a fool of yourself. If you have decided on variant B, you can exaggerate and mock yourself a little. If you recognize the superiority of your arrogant counterpart, behave respectfully. These people will also pay you respect. The same is compensated with the same.

I have explained at the beginning of this article that arrogance is not solely negative. A little arrogance can appear stylish and noble. Just don’t exaggerate it that it might disturb others. The reason for arrogance must not be to feel superior to others. It is enough if you feel to be great and special in general.

4. Arrogance Because of An Exaggerated Sense of Self Worth

This kind of arrogance has a bad reputation and is unpleasant for others. It is usually younger people who value themselves and their achievements too high and often far higher than those of people with whom they communicate. They behave deprecatory towards others. Usually, to appear better as they really are. I think that people, who exaggerate arrogance and have an unpleasant behavior, are not very intelligent. Their personality is not solid, their self-esteem is not strong, and they have a need for admiration. A condescending grin and raised eyebrows are the hallmarks of this type of behavior. They enjoy using pungent statements and hurting others. It takes years that their arrogant demeanor settles down.

My behavior towards this kind of arrogant people: First I try it with friendliness, If I do not succeed, I turn around and end the relationship, if one exists.

If you have a boss who behaves with arrogance because of an exaggerated self worth, stay friendly and act as if you fully acknowledge his accomplishments. He can be younger and you might have more knowledge in your field. Remember that your friendly behavior costs nothing. Do not make him bad behind his back. He could find out. After all, your job could be at stake. It is worth swallowing exaggerated arrogance of a superior. It can be that this young man has knowledge in other areas which you don’t have and he might make career in the company. If you have been friendly to him from the beginning, you’ll have a friend who is in the higher management.

If someone who is arrogant because he overestimates himself loses his job, he usually collapses like a house of cards. He then thinks less of himself. It takes some time until he gets back on his feet and starts looking for a new job. When he gets back up, his exaggerated arrogance comes back.

This kind of arrogance often decreases with the years or their arrogance turns into arrogance because of superiority. They get more knowledge, make important experiences, their self-esteem gets stronger, their personality gets more solid and balanced, they know how to deal with their self worth, and often enough they have a accomplished something to be proud of themselves.

Arrogance and Respect
Arrogance and Respect

5. Arrogance to Get More Respect

Many respond to some arrogance with more respect. A little arrogance should not and must not be unpleasant for others.

Many respond to some arrogance with more respect. A little arrogance should not and must not be unpleasant for others. With some arrogance you can stand out from others. This kind of arrogant behavior is more about being noble. You have seen films with English aristocrats in the early 20th century. They exaggerate nothing, neither their facial expressions, height and volume of their voice, nor friendliness or aloofness.

This is how arrogance works to gain respect

Make sure your back is straight. Do not hold your head so high that you look down on others. Pull your eyebrows up a little bit. Have a restrained smile on your face. The corners of the mouth do not go up. That’s a friendly face, but not more. Always keep this restrained smile. Speak in a calm way. Emphasize the words well and speak a little slower than usual. Come what may come, you keep your facial expression, your voice and the quiet way of speaking. Do not let anything disturb you.

A detached demeanor that can be said to be arrogant protects you from being addressed by people you do not want to come near.

A detached demeanor that can be said to be arrogant protects you from being addressed by people you do not want to come near you. Be friendly to your friends. But you do not have to behave like that if you get in contact with strangers. When I go alone to a café-bar, I greet friendly. If someone starts to talk to me, I am kindly distanced during the conversation. I usually get more respect.

If you are dealing with someone who is maliciously arrogant, stop communicating with him. If you have something to say to him, do it succinctly and then turn around. If possible, avoid this person.

Arrogance in moderation
Arrogance in moderation

Arrogance Has Many Nuances

A little arrogance does not hurt and can be advantageous. On the other hand, everything you exaggerate is not good. Arrogance does not bother me so much as that many people lack the necessary amount of self-confidence. Too many people are not holding their back upright. They go slightly bent or tilted forward. What’s happening? Look at your posture. If you do not walk upright, pull yourself up.

Stop worrying about others. Look at yourself first. If you are happy with yourself, you must not care about what others are thinking about you. As soon as your posture is upright, you too might seem arrogant. And why not?

If someone criticizes your behavior and maybe says that you appear arrogant, then rethink your behavior and if you agree with it, stick to it. You are the boss about yourself and your life.

If you are a little arrogant to get more respect, then treat others with respect.

If you are a little arrogant because you want more respect, then treat others with respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ask yourself how you would react if someone came with your attitude. A little arrogance can look classy. A little too much is unpleasant and can make you disliked.

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