Satisfaction is Stagnation

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Never be satisfied

Satisfaction Prevents Progress and Positive Change

Do not be satisfied. Keep your wish to live a better life, You can’t find happiness if you are satisfied. Happiness stays by itself. Satisfaction always comes with a BUT.

It was dissatisfaction which made us move out of caves and into homes with all the wonderful technologies that makes living so much better. Throughout known history of men there have been people who have been satisfied with how they lived and stayed. Thanks to those who have not been satisfied and thought about how to improve the conditions with and in which we live, our life became easier and better.

If all our front-runners had always been satisfied, we would still be sitting in caves in front of an open fire, and hold a branch with meat into the fire. Of course, there was meat only if the hunt was successful. A hunting success was not easy with the technical means at the time. The hunting tool consisted of a spear. Later, thanks to dissatisfaction, bow and arrow was invented. Besides, hunting was not only very exhausting, but also dangerous. With the spear, one had to get close to the animal and could be hunted and injured by the animal. If the men had no hunting success, they ate from women collected worms, roots and berries.

Without dissatisfaction, we would still today be walking anywhere. We would spend our free time looking for the bugs from the hair of our siblings. We would have no clue what is going on behind the next mountain. Many would not survive the winters, where it is difficult to find sufficient food. Imagine to live without telephone, train, car, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, supermarkets, online stores, and all other amenities of today.


Satisfaction prevents Progress
Satisfaction prevents Progress


Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction is Evident in All Areas of Life

If you are satisfied with your education after you’ve finished highschool, you will not go to college. And if all were satisfied with a minimum education, there were no doctors, lawyers, scientists. If you are satisfied with your apartment or your house, you at least have to do some repair work from time to time. And if you are satisfied with your furniture, your sofa is looking shabby. If you are satisfied with your clothes, it will not only be old-fashioned, but washed-out and worn out. If an entrepreneur is satisfied with his initial successes, he will soon go bankrupt.

If an employer says about an employee that he is satisfied with his work, he means that the employee could do a better job and be more determined.

If someone who is retired says he is satisfied with his life and his pension, I hope that he has had a good life and that he still enjoys life. But most pensioners say they are satisfied, because they realize they can’t change very much about their situation.

Whoever says that he is satisfied with his life, accepts the circumstances and does not dare to speak out how dissatisfied he actually is.

To be satisfied with life can have its good sides. Being satisfied is be comfortable. One does not want to have more, because he knows that he has to work more. Not everyone is willing to do more in order to have more.

I can be mistaken, but I find that those who say they are satisfied can’t stop nagging. These are the ones who envy others for what they would like to have. They pretend they are satisfied

Satisfaction means stagnation. Whoever stands still remains behind.


What does “being satisfied” really mean

Never be satisfied. Always think about how you can improve things and your life. It can be small things and it can be something which is life changing. Have desires and goals, and make plans on how to achieve your goals and how to fulfill your desires After you have reached one goal, look for a new one. And after you have one wish fulfilled, find a new one. Always keep going. Do not stand still, but go with the time.


Better Happy as Satisfied
Better Happy as Satisfied


Being Satisfied versus Being Happy

I am never satisfied, but always happy. Well, I am satisfied with my goals and wishes. As soon as I have fulfilled one wish I already note a next one. I have a wish list with three different priorities. The same goes for my goals. Once a goal is reached, I have already noted a new goal.

Satisfaction would be the search for more happiness, I recently read. But if you are satisfied, you can not be happy. If you are satisfied with your life, important ingredients are missing that are necessary for happiness.

If you are satisfied with your life, important ingredients are missing that are necessary for happiness.

To be happy you need a task. If you achieve something with this task, you’ll feel great. Having a special goal or a vision is nice. And it is wonderful to always have a few wishes. If you are satisfied, you don’t have a vision, no goals, no wishes, and you don’t think about improving your life.

If someone tells me he is satisfied, it is meant for the moment or that person is sick or is waiting for his death. Usually they would say that they do have wishes and then comes a But. This famous BUT means that he would like to have this and that, but he does not want to invest any effort to get it. You know those people. They mostly sit on a couch and eat chips.

I repeat myself when I say that: to be content does not mean being happy. So you have to decide whether you want to be satisfied or happy. I opt for being happy. That feels much better.


Wanting to have more is not a problem

To think of having more in order to fight against dissatisfaction is not a problem, but one should stay reasonable.

I am not for Buyeritis. People who can’t stop buying things suffer. They have a mental problem. I am absolutely in favor of shopping with reason.

With wanting to have more, I think of more education, achieving more in life, having more fun at work ,being more successful, earning more money, seeing more opportunities, enjoying life more and having more fun. There is so much more you might experience, if you are not satisfied.

Someone who is satisfied is usually also cozy and has no interest to work more in order to earn more money. Those people do not have many interests. You know, having a hobby takes some effort. People who are satisfied are not willing to do more as is necessary. After they come home from work, they eat something, sit down in front of the TV and that is it.

A discrepancy occurs, when someone wants more of something, but is not willing to do more for it.


Dissatisfaction awakens iIventors Spirit
Dissatisfaction awakens iIventors Spirit

Innovations are the Result of Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction awakens the Inventor Spirit

If you are satisfied, you do not think about improving anything. If you are dissatisfied, you are thinking about how you could change something so that it is better.

Look at the history of mankind over the last ten thousand years. A hunter and gatherer may have said: If we grow plants, we would not be hungry if we had no hunting success. If we find out how to preserve meat, fish and plants, we would have enough to eat all year round.

With wheels we could pull a cart. If we put a horse in front of it, we do not need much energy. If we were to have a vehicle powered by a motor instead of a horse, we could go faster. If we were to develop a vehicle with which we can fly, we could easily overcome larger distances and mountains.

I could go on with more examples. The conclusion is that dissatisfaction with a certain condition has led to progress. The elders may say they are satisfied with the current condition. All the older generations have said this. Would you look at the history in which century would you have been satisfied with the progress? Have candles light up a room, sit in front of an open fireplace, and read in a book? Would you like to go to the countryside where you can get done everything by walking?

I love progress and I have a gift to find new devices that facilitate or improve an area of life. Recently, I showed my mother, who is almost 90 years old, how to research in the Internet and find videos on many topics. She was fascinated. She has a tablet pc. She loves her mobile phone, with which she can call a cab from anywhere. A friend of hers shows on her smartphone photos of her grandchildren. And my mother is glad when she skypes with her grandson and his daughter. A next girlfriend enjoys her electro-powered car. None of these older ladies would like to do without one of the new technologies. They ask me what the future will bring.


Dissatisfaction inspires
Dissatisfaction inspires


Dissatisfaction does not have to be unpleasant

Think about what the reason for your dissatisfaction is and what you can do to make an improvement.

If you are not satisfied, because you want more of something, but you do not want to work more, you will be surprised what happens if you make plans. The thing is, if you’ve recognized the reason of your dissatisfaction and start getting active, it will be fun and not feel like hard work.

You have enough reasons to be happy. Look at your life and see how wonderful it is. And still, there might be something which leads to dissatisfaction. To create this desired something, you need a specific frequency. You can get this frequency
1. by imagining what you desire in a way as it is already part of your life. Repeat this imagination and your frequency will change.
2. If necessary, get active and you will enjoy it. As you are getting active to create what you wish, your frequency will rise further.
3. Be certain that you will achieve what you want.
4. If you combine imagination and action, your frequency will change until it is right and you will perceive what you have desired.


When you are satisfied

Are you satisfied if you have eliminated a reason for your dissatisfaction? You will be satisfied for a relatively short period of time. Do not worry you will always have new desires. As soon as you reach a goal, you can set a new one. As soon as you have fulfilled yourself a wish, you will have one or more new wishes.

Dissatisfaction is necessary to be happy. It keeps you going and lets you enjoy life more


Taking from others what you want

Taking from others what you want can be satisfying, but does not really make you happy.

There are people who take from others what they want. These people do not want to make an effort and do not pursue a regulated profession. They include, among others, thieves and con man. There are thieves who are proud of their abilities and pass it on to their children. This is the case with Italian pickpockets. They have to practice for their abilities for quite some time. They are satisfied if they have made a good catch. Also con men are satisfied, if someone falls on their false promises.

Here the term “satisfied” has a very negative touch. I think people who take something from others can not be really happy.

We should be able to create from nothing. We do not have to take anything away from anyone.


I am satisfied, BUT life could be better

“I am satisfied with your grades,” says the mother, “but if you would learn a bit more, it would much better.”

“I am content with my salary,” says a woman, “but it would be great if I could afford travelling in summer.”

To be satisfied always follows a BUT. Being satisfied always has a touch of dissatisfaction. So why, should we strive to be content? I do not see any gain or anything really positive in it.

Someone older, who had a great life, will never say with a bored expression that he is satisfied with his life. Far from i! He would say that he had a great and interesting life. This is what he might say: I have had a nice childhood and have enjoyed a good education. I was enormously successful in my profession and my private life was wonderful. I’ve worked a lot and I’ve had a lot of fun. There was ample free time and I was traveling a lot. And then he talks about all the plans he has. There is no space for satisfaction.

People who say that they are satisfied with their life, know that they are missing out on many things. They believe that they can’t have all they would like to have. Most of those people who say that they are satisfied don’t even try to get a bit more out of life.

Think about when you would use the word “satisfied“.
I am satisfied with my car, but a new one and maybe little stronger one would be great.
I am satisfied with my body, but it would be great would my ab be really flat.
There is always a but.

Contrary to satisfaction, happiness does not follow any but

I renounce being content, but not to be happy. If I am dissatisfied with something, I try harder to change it to the better. Dissatisfaction inspires.

I am happy. I am very happy. It were really happy days. There is no but if you are happy. Either one is happy or not.

Satisfaction does not exist in my life. If I am dissatisfied with something, I think about what I can do eliminate the cause of dissatisfaction or improve something. Whenever I am unsatisfied, I get going and change things.


Dissatisfaction Raises Your Frequency

Being dissatisfied is motivating which raises your frequency. If you then get active to resolve the cause of dissatisfaction, your frequency continues to increase. And if you have rectified the reason for your dissatisfaction, your frequency increases again.


What makes you unsatisfied? The Visualization System will help you create what you desire. You learn meditation and visualization. Both methods are necessary to create.


What’s your opinion? What is satisfaction for you? Are you satisfied or call it content? Or do you want more and strive for it?


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