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Readjust and Make Changes

Become aware of changes of you, your routine and your life of the past months and years and if necessary make adjustments, which means necessary changes.

Adjusting means aligning and brining into balance. It is important to adjust the measuring instruments and balances. But not only. Over the years, a number of changes happen, whether something is not anymore hundred percent balanced, and then produces false results or something else does not work out anymore.

On open farmers markets it happens that a farmer deliberately changes his scales. If an error is discovered by the market supervisor, the exhibitor will be penalized and the scale readjusted, ie the supervisor will bring the scale back into compliance with the standard.

Readjustment is necessary if the settings have changed or the environmental conditions have changed noticeably.

If something has changed in your life, one or more things in other areas of your life could also have changed. Unfortunately, these changes do not always have a positive effect on your life and your well-being. You have probably made changes in your daily routine and they can be not so good. For example, if you become a mother or father, the daily routine changes drastically. Positive habits may have fallen into oblivion. If you start a new job and the working time changes or you are very tired after work, your old routine is gone. Because of the age one becomes inert and stop the healthy routine. You shall become aware of these changes and readjust them.

Become aware of the changes in your life and decide how to readjust.


Readjust Your Routine
Readjust Your Routine


Adjustments Were Necessary in My Life

I am in the midst of major changes of my life and adjustments were necessary.

It was essential to make changes in my life. It got boring. It is nice to meet with friends for a glass or to eat and you go to the restaurant, where you always meet. And so it is always the same. You go shopping in the same shops. You stroll through the same shopping streets. That there are no varieties and no alterations is not good for the brain. The brain should always be fed with new information and new experiences. Also movement and all kinds of changes are good. Yes, I constantly get new info in the internet, but this not enough. Not for me.

For three years, I again and again thought about what I could do against monotony and boredom. It was when I remembered an old great wish that I immediately made the decision to move to another country. With this moment came movement into my life and my brain. I made a plan, made preparations, and started packing. I got rid of everything that is old or is no longer needed in my new life. Next I finished the packing. Then I sold the apartment. Most of my belongings went to a warehouse. What I needed during the coming months was brought to my temporary home by a forwarding company.

During the time of packing, some positive parts of my daily and weekly routine got lost. Now I have to wait several months before I can move to my new home. It is located 1,200 kilometers (= 750 miles) south of my old home. They speak a language that I must learn. The landscape is different. The food is different. The people look different.

So I had to readjust my routine. What do I keep? What do I change?


In these areas I had to make adjustments and changes


1. Workout

For some time I have neglected my body. To workout again was necessary and needed to come back onto my weekly routine plan. That I have too little time for working out is an excuse that is not to be accepted. I have weights with discs with me. And I bought a abdominal wheel-roller, which I use in addition to ab exercises.


2. Skin Care

With over 60 years, the skin needs more care and regular massage. I have researched and found that there are quite a few new gadgets for skin care on the market. Have you heard of Needling? With a Needling device many small wounds are made. The healing process stimulates the skin renewal. It smoothes wrinkles and minimizes scars. It helps women and men look younger. But this is just one of the beauty devices into which I have invested. A second is an ultrasound and dermabrasion device.
As far as care products are concerned, I am always up to date. Since twenty years I have subscribed to the Allure magazine.


3. Nutrition

My diet was great. I’m a raw eater. I have been travelling a lot during the past few months and this will not change during the coming months. While travelling, you can not always eat raw. Besides, I am always curious and in restaurants I choose dishes that are unknown to me. It happens that I eat a little more than my body needs and is accustomed to. In order to stay in balance, I have to eat a little less at a next meal, which is not easy. I want to prevent to lose my figure which is quite all right.

At my new home, there are some foods that are unknown to me or which were not available in Vienna. These include vegetables and fruit. I like lamb. In Vienna I had to drive a little further where it was available. At my new home, Italy, lamb is offered in all supermarkets. In Vienna I rarely ate fresh fish. Near my new address there is a fish market. However, I assume that I will have to get up early when I want to buy fish. There are also many “seductions” which I will try from time to time.


4. Clothes

I already have bought a new wardrobe. I used to have many pieces of clothes in black. Most of it went to the old clothes collection. The black was replaced by a very light gray. And I combine the light gray with many colors. A look into my wardrobe is now “illuminating”


5. Friends

With my good old friends I remain connected by email and Skype. In the new home country I have already made new friendships. The café and restaurant visits with friends are no more. Instead of friends, my Convertible-PC is on the table.


Readjust yourself anew
Readjust yourself anew


What Has Changed In Your Life and In Your Routine

What Has Changed In Your Life

What has changed in your life in recent months and over the last five or more years? What of these changes should you adjust?


1. Work

Are you satisfied with your work? Is it time to ask for a salary increase? Should you look for a better paid job?
You might have gained enough experience to become self-employed. What are the reasons that you are not making this step? Are these reasons justified or should you rethink them?


2. Leisure Time

Do you spend enough time with your family? What can you change so that all family members are happy or happier?
Do you have time for your friends? Meeting with friends is a nice change.


3. Workout

Are you doing enough sports? What about running after work or a walk after dinner? If you do not have the time to go to a fitness center, buy yourself weights. They can be stored on the floor of your wardrobe. If you exercise twice a week for about thirty minutes will already make a difference.
If you have the time going to a fitness center once or several times a week make it part of your weekly routine. Or sign up for a bi-weekly martial arts or yoga training.


4. Skin and Body Care

Have you used the same shower gel for years? Then it will be time to choose another one. When using hair shampoo, it is necessary to use a different one from time to time.
What about your razor? Does he need a new razor blade or should it be thoroughly cleaned? Or is it time to buy a new one?
Since when do you wear the same haircut? Very often you can determine the age of a person due to the haircut. This is especially the case with women. A tip from me: Go to another hairdresser as usual and say you want a new haircut.


5. Nutrition

The vegetarian and vegan diet is not recommended by doctors. If you do it right, and that is eating a lot of lentil dishes, then it is all right. I am not for vegetarianism or a vegan diet, because one can only get enough protein with plenty of lentils and they are not my preferred choice of food.
You do not have to make too big changes to eat healthier. In case you have changed your diet, make sure you get enough high quality protein. Protein-rich foods are meat, poultry, chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese. The second-most important macro-nutrient is fat. Is sufficient fat in your diet? Good fats are in nuts, olives, avocado, and in some fish. The vitamins come after protein and fat. Vitamins are in vegetables and fruit. Bread, pastries, biscuits, pizza, and pasta you can omit. Wheat turns into sugar after you ate it.

What does your figure look like? How did you look five or ten years ago? Are you still slim and crisp? Or does your body urgently need an adjustment? What hangs over your pants must go. Eat salads instead of noodles, rice or potatoes. That makes a big difference. Do not go on a diet, because you will then have to face the yo-yo effect. It is better if you do without a meal twice a week or eat two hard boiled eggs instead of a rich dinner. Stop drinking sweet drinks and beer. You will lose weight slowly, but it will be permanent.

Look through your shopping cart before you go to the cash desk. Should you put back one or the other food and instead choose something healthier? Adjust your diet and choose fresh foods. Few foods that are packaged or canned are healthy. Read the labels!


6. Wardrobe

What does your clothes and shoes look like and what is going on in your wardrobe? When did you last go through your wardrobe? When I packed my belongings, several oversized bags filled with old clothes went to the clothes collection. If you wear clothing that you like, but overlook that it is no longer good, it is time to say good bye to it. Give away the good old pieces. It feels nice to wear new clothes. The same applies to shoes. Old shoes are not good for the feet.


7. Your Car

Since we are talking about clean-up and readjustments. How does it look in your car? Should you clean up the trunk and clean the whole car inside thoroughly? It is your decision.


Readjust yourself and Your Routine
Readjust yourself and Your Routine


Has Your Daily and Weekly Routine Changed

What has changed in your daily and weekly routine during the last year and the last five or ten years? Think about it! And then write down all the changes that are not positive. Adjustments might be urgently necessary.

Until three years ago you went to a gym twice a week. You have stopped and have not replaced the workout in the gym with working out at home. Plan a workout into your weekly routine and get used to it.

As a student, you took a snack at noon and in the evening. It was enough to feel satiated. For a few years you have lunch in the office and in the evening an extensive meal at home or in a restaurant. This has become noticeable – I mean your figure. Get used to a tinier meal at lunch. And minimize the portions in the evening.

Years ago you read more. Today you are sitting in front of the TV or the laptop and you are watching videos. Think about reading again.

Think about the changes of your routine over the past few years and how you can adjust negative changes to live healthier and, above all, better and enjoy life more.


What Do You Have to Adjust In Your Routine?

What do you have to adjust in your routine so that you and your life get back into balance? Some adjustments are definitely necessary. Go through all areas of your life and rethink your habits and routines.

Be aware of the changes in your life. Stop the words: Years ago I … and replace them with: I train regularly – I eat deliberately fresh food. I am controlled. And so on and so forth.

Review your life changes and your routine once a year. What has changed? What is positive and what do you need to readjust?

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