Inner World and Happiness

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Inner World and Happiness versus Outer World & Negative Emotions

There is nothing outside of you

Imagine that the reasons of negative emotions are illusions. Imagine that there is nothing outside of you. In your inner world everything is possible. Imagine that everything you want is in your inner world. Imagine that no one out there makes you angry. It is only your thinking.

Now imagine you eliminate all reasons of anger, jealousy, envy and greed. This means that you would have to eliminate all which is outside of your self. Would you eliminate everyone, who makes you have a negative thought, do you believe that you would be happier? Eliminate the negative emotions, show more understanding and comprehension for others.

inner vs outer world
Whenever you feel a negative emotion, spend some time alone in a relaxed state of mind, get into your inner world and think about the reason for the negative emotion. Was it a certain situation or a person that you blame for the negative emotion? How can you make peace and eliminate it? The negative emotion not only costs you energy, but holds you back to achieve and get what you want.

Allow others having what they want and be happy with them. A happy person radiates happiness, from which you will profit. As you are free of envy, but filled with joy, you will feel happy anyway. Thanks to the positive attitude and the positive emotion, your frequency of vibration will be high and you will perceive what you want. So it is a win – win situation.


It is on you. You can control your thoughts and how you feel and therefore your perception. You can imagine a better inner world in which you are happy.
Does this make you think?

Let others have something, which you don’t have and instead of envying them, be happy with them. If someone made you angry, forgive him! If it was you, for example you made a mistake, forgive yourself.

Think that positive emotions raise your frequency of vibration, which is important to get what you want.

Whatever you can do to raise your degree of happiness, is of advantage to you.

I wrote this text after having listened to HH the 14th Dalai Lama. There are words and full sentences from him. You find more about his teachings on his website and look for his teachings.


In the Inner World we are one

This concept is difficult to retrace. Look at it from the perspective of vibration. Whenever you have a negative thought, you are in a low frequency. If you are in a low frequency, you are unhappy. The moment you have positive thoughts, your vibration rises and you are feeling better and happier.

Being thoughtful toward others and helping others, makes you happy. Isn’t this reason enough, to be more compassionate, as HH the 14th Dalai Lama says?


Think of the proverb: What you do to others is coming back to you. No matter if it is something good or bad, what you do to others, it is coming back toward you.

Some rich people have made the experience that the more money they gave to help people in need the more money came back. This means that their assets gained in value, when they donated large amounts of money..

This is a real story, even though it sounds like a fairy tale. An immensely rich man lost his wife. After she was buried, he decided to give away most of his money to people in need. It was Billions of Dollars. It did not take long and his assets have been estimated quite a bit higher than before he gave most of his money away. He continued to give and his wealth grew.

The more he gave the more he got. He said that he should have known about this principle much earlier in his life and he might not have had to work as hard as he did most of his life.
To become a little selfless, does not mean to give up your self. You will become happier. Let me explain.

You should eliminate negative emotions such as anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, and envy. If you entertain any of these feelings, you make yourself unhappy and your frequency of vibration, which is relevant in the process of creation, sinks. With a low frequency, you can’t get what you desire.


The Inner World is all there is

The inner world is all there is and the outside world is an illusion, some scientists say.

I think that the inner world is most important and more important than the outer world. I find it possible that the inner world is all there is. Surely it is what stays. Consciousness stays, matter will vanish.


What is in the Inner World?

In your inner world all is stored what you have experienced, all you have learned and all you know, all what you have perceived.

In the inner world space, time and gravity do not exist. The inner world is open to all possibilities. As you are looking into your inner world all possibilities are there, though you can only perceive one.

The inner world has no questions. It has all answers. Your inner world has answers to all questions, to questions you have and to questions all others have today and at all times.

What is in the inner world, cannot be measured, but you can find all measurements in your inner world.

Your inner world overlaps the inner world of others and there is a general inner world in which the inner world of all of us is part. Another perspective to see this is: There is only one inner world, but you perceive only what you focus on and what is in harmony with your life and your thinking.


The Inner World has no beginning and no end

The inner world is endless. Your life expands when you go to your inner world often. Your point of view about this life will change profoundly.

In the New Testament Jesus says that his realm is not from this world. I believe that what he meant was the inner world. When you look at it, it is clear, because in your Inner World you find happiness and peace. What you experience there is your choice. As there is no time and no space, you can be anywhere at any time. Can we find the source, the absolute in our inner world? I believe, yes.

When are you in Your Inner World?


Many believe that you can be in your inner world only when you are in another state of mind, as for example the alpha state of mind, in which you are when you are relaxed. They are certain that you can experience the inner world solely when you are in the theta state of mind, where you are during the dream phase, short before you fall asleep, short before you wake up and while you meditate. Others think that you only have to be in a calm state of mind.

In your inner world you do not have to create anything, because anything is already there, you only have to choose, which you do with your focus.
We humans have a free will. We can choose consciously. Though our choices are dictated by the unconscious mind and this is our programming. If you want to change anything in your life, you have to change your programming first. it takes weeks of repetition to change a part of one’s programming.

Your choice in the inner world can become your reality in your outer world. Many people have made the experience that when they focused their thoughts to a specific desire that it then materialized in their outer world. This makes us come to the conclusion that we should live more in our inner world and make the right choices there. It will change our outer world.


Happiness is a decision and found in its pure state in the Inner World

Happiness is a decision. When you always choose happiness in your inner world you will find happiness in your outer world. In most religions they say that you should make your choices in the inner and not in the outer world.

People who do not believe in an inner world and who decide to create more and more matter in the outer world, recognize the existence of the inner world on their death bed.
If you put conditions on happiness, you just can’t become happy. If you feel happiness after a wish in the outer world was fulfilled, it is short lived. What you perceive in the outer world comes and goes. Nothing will make you always happy. Your world within is pure happiness. It is an eternal happiness.

There is one very important fact about the inner world. The more time you spend within your inner world, the calmer is your mind and the happier you are. Looking at people, who are meditating a lot, radiate an always existing happiness.

Maybe we should give this lasting happiness that we find in our world within another name. It is the happiness which has power. It lightens up the life of someone who has found it..


Our Inner World is pure consciousness and Lasting Happiness.


Spend more time in Your Inner World.


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