Control Your Mind and Your Body

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Control Your Mind and Your Body and you will Control Your Life


we use 100% of our mindYou have heard the sentence that we only use 10 percent of our brain. That is a sentence that has been taken from a scientific article, leaving the rest. We are using 100 percent of our brain. 90 percent is used subconsciously and 10 percent consciously.

It is good and necessary that we are not conscious of all that is in our mind and all that is going on in our mind.

The problem is not that we are using only 10 percent of our mind, but that we are hardly able to control our conscious mind.


What can you do to control your conscious mind?

While you meditate, you forget your physical body and you are more conscious of your mind and also of the immense knowledge there is.

Usually we let our thoughts come and go. Only a few times a day we are consciously controlling them. Watch your thoughts and become aware of what is going on in your conscious mind.

It is said that if you focus your thoughts on something you want, it has a high possibility to become manifested. The creation process happens in the mind.

Doubt and fear are contra-productive. Most people know that and still we are constantly doubting, have fears, let negative thoughts go through our mind and sometimes we entertain negative thoughts for quite a while.

If you want to control your thoughts, you have to be mentally calm, let go of doubts, fears and negative thoughts. Entertain your mind with positive thoughts, with joy and beauty, with what you want to achieve in life, with your vision, goals and wishes.


Your mind has power

Be conscious of the power of your mind. To use this power, you have to control your mind.

Train yourself to stop negative thoughts the moment you are aware of them and replace them with the thought of something you want, of love and joy.

Meditate daily for about 20 minutes. If you meditate, you will need less sleep. So the time you are meditating is not lost. You gain time.

Never stop learning something new. Learn a language or find a new interest and read something about it.
Mind and Body are connected

If you train your mind to control it, you shall also train your body. Train your body for at least 30 minutes five times a week.


It is important what you put into your body and mind

Choose well
• what you are listening to,
• what you are watching,
• with whom you are meeting,
• what you are talking about,
• how you spend your time,
• what you are drinking and eating.


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Control Your Mind 1A Subliminal

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Mindful living will make a difference in your life. Give mindful thinking top priority.


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